PSA: How to make your Iwaku 'Safe for Work'

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  1. Hello! and welcome to another thread detailing how not to be a pain in the bum ^^

    Now a lot of you might already know about this stuff so I wont go into strenuous detail (lie) about every intricate bit of information, but basically this is a fun little PSA about NSFW and If you're unfamiliar with that acronym, it means 'Not Safe for Work' which relates to the steamy risque stuff we might find on the internet.

    Some of you might already know about this stuff, but for our newer members it's always great to thrust (pun not intended) a brand new PSA in the faces of our esteemed community so that everyone can get on the same page, and hopefully remain out of the clutches of our pack of wolves that make the majority of the Security team.

    Right so let's get to it!

    As I mentioned before NSFW relates to the risque side of the internet, but many in the past have had trouble distinguishing what kind of thing constitutes as NSFW. Fortunately! I'm here to explain it. Things that fall under this category are anything that you would imagine getting trouble for if you were looking at it while at work, hence the name 'Not Safe for Work'. Any images that show genitals and or any links that'll take you to genitals or overly revealing imagery are all things we'd like to avoid seeing on Iwaku.

    Immediately some of you might be like:


    "We have a Libertine and Liberteen section though.... "

    Yes, yes we do, however the Libertine and Libeteen sections are for RP that might 'incorporate' sexual themes. Those of you who have read the Terms and Rules will know that there's a rule explaining that Iwaku is not a masturbatory tool, and so with that in mind we ask that anyone taking interest of roleplaying in those sections keep their images tasteful. So anything that has naked boobs, nipples, vaginas, penises, butt holes or showing something covered in jizz... all these are things you'd want to avoid.

    "Ahh now I understand, but what about spoilers?"

    Good question me! now I'll explain spoilers ^^

    The use of spoilers usually comes into play when an image is teetering on the edge of being too NSFW but not quite enough to warrant removal, although there is a difference. For example drawn NSFW images can be put under spoiler but real life images aren't allowed at all. Now I know this is confusing but we ask that people use common sense and good judgement in choosing what constitutes as an image that needs a spoiler, what doesn't, and what straight up doesn't belong here.

    You can actually post a nude picture of a drawn character image within a spoiler, however if that image is being screwed by an over sized penis, dripping in jizz, attacked by a tentacle monster or has genitals dripping in fluids then... yeah that's not good. Try to keep them tasteful as possible. This also applies to character in the gallery, just as long as there is a warning on the thumbnail.

    "Thanks for clearing that up"

    You're welcome! Now the final thing I feel needs to go over is to explain that if you happen to accidentally find yourself getting a talking too by one of our friendly neighborhood wolves Security staffers, you wont be in a heap of trouble unless you're repeating the mistake or spamming it up the walls. But keep the following places in mind when choosing your images so hopefully we can all avoid being torn to shreds getting a stern talking too.

    NEVER Use NSFW images in:

    - Avatars
    - Signatures
    - Roleplay Ad Banners
    - Character Gallery
    - Group Icons

    It's not too much to remember, however if you have any questions or doubts about something, feel free to approach a staffer and ask about it. We're not gonna boot you up the butt for asking a question, so please feel free to come to one of us if you're having doubts.

    If you've made it this far in this PSA, I applaud you as you're a real trooper. But thank you for reading and continue being your awesome selves.
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