PSA: Free RPG Day June 19th, 2010

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  1. ((*Kk, thanks guys!))
  2. Eve

    As my laughter begins to subside, Pen-Drop - or Penelope, as she’s taken to introduce herself as - invites me to come closer to the group. Once I managed to get my laughter filed down to only the stray giggle and silent shudder of the shoulders, I did as she suggested and stepped closer to the trio.

    “Eve. And, while calling you ‘Pen Drop’ is enticing, I suppose I can refrain from such a feat.” I offered a smile to the group. “It’s a pleasure to meet each and every one of you. Although, I have had only the pleasure of two formal introductions, if I may call it such. Demi and Penelope... And I Believe the last of this accumulating group is... Helen. Yes?”
  3. It's like free comics day, except they hand out useless RP Booklets and Rulesets.
  4. Jason

    He nodded. "Agreed. Why would I tell you and spoil the surprise of figuring it out yourself? I'm a spy, it's kind of what I was taught to do."


    "So was I, but I couldn't figure it out."


    He kissed her more and rubbed her back, romantically.
  5. Anya was walking straight into people and things, unaware of things till she was finally done with her search, “Found one. Few streets over and they have fresh strawberry cakes.”