PS3's Anyone?

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So I'm an avid gamer and always looking for new people to play with regardless of skill level. Modern Warfare 2 and Border Lands are my current PS3 addiction. If you want to play just add me. xmelesiox is my PS3 name.

Or if anybody has any suggestions as to what my next PS3 game I should buy is that has good multi player features. I'm looking at White Knight Chronicles for its online play.

I've already picked out my next PC game of Star Craft 2. Oh if only the wife didn't budget my gaming allowance.
Depends on what games you like to play and if by multi-player you mean online ^^
Sparky and I play tower defense games together on the same system, among other things.
Have you seen Demon Souls?
No I have not seen Demon Souls. I'll go look it up but there is only so much you can get from their videos. Is it pretty cool?

And yeah, I mean Multi Player. Single player is fun, but, most games that are purely single player don't have the replay value of Multi Player ones.
Currently not online with it due to other issues....but my ID is CardboardBoxie. Feel free to add me & I'd be glad to play with you sometime. I don't have it yet but Borderlands is on my to-do list.
Ooh, yes, Borderlands was a great game.
Demon Souls is a lot of fun, you partner with random people to play and even if you're not currently playing with someone, they can leave hints on the map for other players on how to pass a section, etc.
It's not great if you have one friend you want to play with (from what I've heard) due to the fact that you cannot select who you join with, but if you just want to play with someone it's decent for that. A lot of fun, but a very hard game especially to learn it. Once you do learn it though, it's great fun.

As for other games, I've been told Red Dead Redemption is great and we just picked it up.

I can doublecheck with Sparks to make sure he's all right with me telling people his ID since we share ;D
Man, I really, REALLY want to get Demon's Souls ;_;! Mostly for how challenging people make it sound!
Checked out Demon's Soul and it looks pretty awesome. I might have to pick it up soon.

I'm still playing Border Lands and I have all the expansions. My only problem is I'm looking for people to play it with. When you jump online generally you just get people who want to duel or are to dumb to realize where you need to go for the next quest. Even with my mic they just don't seem to understand. Quite sad. Single player is fun but I like the added difficulty and better guns found on multiplayer.

I've tried out Red Dead Redemption on the X-Box and it seemed pretty cool. I'll probably be getting it for my PS3 but I have a few games ahead of it on the ol' wish list.

Next time I jump on my PS3 I'll be adding CardboardBoxie
I'm alright with being added as well, just so Kit knows. I suppose since it's only PS3 gamers here, what the hell. BotanicalPoison is my handle. I'm online on it at all times, as I never turn it off. I use it for all sorts of things. I was personally quite avidly disappointed with Borderlands. Not because the game wasn't fantastic in and of itself, but I followed the entire lead up to it when it was only going to be for PS3 and Oh my GOD It looked intense. The hive creature was something you had to climb its leg to get on its back and take down from thousands of feet in the air. Things like that. So when they announced it would be dumbed down (severely and without any consideration for their dream) for the Xbox, it was rather depressing what it became. They had initially 500,000 weapons with unique sounds, looks, and abilities, as well as 500,000 individually stylized pieces of armor to make your character look and play differently. Then came Xbox and it's mediocre Playstation copying technique. A sad day for Borderlands. Still, all in all it was great.

Demon's Souls is AMAZING. The graphics are incredible, though I wouldn't say top notch. However, being an online supported game of such scope, I wouldn't call them terrible either. The difficulty of it is intense, and it's nice to see a game company have the balls to make a game that's actually difficult. Another great perk is that you can fully sculpt your own character, and you can play through as many times as you want from the beginning -- so you can make a character with full "99" stat listings all the way down, though the time spent for that is not necessary. Definitely worth every penny!

Red Dead Redemption is also really good, has a wonderful old west feel that they pulled off quite spectacularly. I also like that while they took the mechanics of Grand Theft Auto, it doesn't have the GTA feel. You're an ex-outlaw looking to better your name in order to save your wife and child from being killed. Good, solid story. And the many things you can do on the side make it well worth the purchase -- people have paid 30$ for card games on a system before, and this has blackjack, texax hold 'em, and many other fun side games to do. Outlaws to stop that are rampaging through towns, or you can choose to help the law or the outlaws when you see them being chased. Herd cattle, tame horses, have a good old fashion bar brawl, etc. And I'm quite thoroughly enjoying the game.

If you like little cheap games off PSN, Deathspank, Pixeljunk Monsters, and Savage Moon are all very good. The latter two are tower defense, and Pixeljunk is a multi-player game (PHENOMENAL for it by the way. Kitti and I enjoy playing it for hours at a time). I can go into more detail on video games, but ... I don't want to bore you all needlessly. And I apologize for my critiquing games, I'm a bit cynical at heart. It's what I do.

Remember, BotanicalPoison. Hope to see invites!
Hey, I'm all for reviews. Part of my previous job was to review and decide what games we should purchase for the Game Center. Unfortunately, the game center only had X-Boxes and PCs. Unfortunately, we're shutting down the GC cause it just isn't making the money it needs to so no more free game reviewing for me.

I'm definately going to be checking out Demon's Soul sounds right up my ally. A difficult game is fine by me.

Red Dead Redemption has been on my list even though westerns aren't really my thing I have played it on the X-Box and it does have my interest.

I haven't played any of the mini-games for PS3 yet. I was using Game Fly and playing a hoast of games but I ended up cancelling so I could just purchase a game every other month. But I might have to check out Pixeljunk.

I'll be adding both of you next time I get on my PS3. Hope you guys have Modern Warfare 2 cause I need party members.