PS Plus Price Increase

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  1. Sony's getting a lot of heat for increasing the price of PlayStation Plus and I can definitely see why.

    These videos sum up my thoughts pretty well:

    I've been a Sony fan ever since the PS2 and they have been fucking up ever since the PS3. This price increase is fucking retarded. Especially when you consider the fact that PSN has HORRIBLE security, customer service, and stability. In fact, I have to get fucking PSN cards because I'm too scared to put my information on there! Then there's the selection of free games that's worse than Steam Greenlight. And the lack of good exclusives compared to what they used to have in the past. Nintendo knocks them out of the water in that area. Why did Sony even make PS Plus necessary for playing online? That's literally the only reason I have a subscription. I'm not sure about renewing my subscription honestly. This is just fucking ridiculous.
  2. They only did it because Microsoft did it. Sony is the ultimate copy cat company. If another company does it and it works, they'll copy (that Wii remote thing for example)

    And if another company does something that fails, they'll not change, and brag about not doing it. (PS4 not going Xbox one route)

    And if something succeeds but is controversial, they'll wait (like price increase)
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  3. Good points there. But the difference between Sony and Microsoft is that Microsoft actually offers good games for free, their servers are secure, and their customer service isn't shit. They've actually improved while Sony just keeps getting cocky and ahead of themselves.

    The only reason Sony is even on top now is because of Microsoft and Nintendo screwing up with their respective consoles.
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