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    City of Prudence
    Rosewood Manor 1892

    he Rosewood Manor housed the only vampiric community in the city of Prudence. It sat hidden away in the far outskirts of the city, residing in a clearing of the forest near the center of the wooded flats. It was an ideal location for their housing, being away from the human community, as to not be tempted nor be discovered. It was forbidden by law to feed from the humans in Prudence, ordained by the Coven leader Cornelius. His reasoning was never questioned, for the Coven all knew the reasoning for the rules by which they adhered to.

    Vivienne Latreal, tall and beautiful with soft black hair that fell in loosely curled tendrils down her back sat quietly in her chambers, foot tapping against the hardwood floor as she gazed idly out the bay window of her second story bedroom. Her focus drifted into the star-specked inky black sky which always gave her a small feeling of insignificance. Her chest felt tight that evening, her brother had not been in contact with her all that day and she was fit to burst with anxiety. While she enjoyed her mental privacy it was quite unlike Lerick not to check in with her at various, and frequently very inconvenient, times of the day. His lengthy absence may have been deemed suspicious if she had not known her brother to be very level-headed and loyal as he had always been since a young child. In the late evening of around eleven she had still heard or seen nothing of him. However, as if her nagging thoughts were being answered by a higher power she felt his presence. Vivienne’s foot stopped suddenly, her ears perked and she closed her eyes, concentrating minimally. Lerick had finally come into enough proximity for her to feel his aura. She took this opportunity to lash out mentally.

    You have some explaining to do brother. Usually it is I who is so kindly checked in upon and yet here you are, hours after nightfall might I add, and no one here at the manor knew of your whereabouts or if you were even alive. The simple disregard towards my anxiety is unlike you brother. Vivienne strewn quickly inside Lerick's head, her mental voice stern while her face remained serene.

    She stood from where she was seated, and walked to the large floor to ceiling window, placing her forehead against the cool glass. An unusual pain stirred in the pit of her stomach, her hand fell against it softly before she sat back down in the high-back wooden chair near her window, waiting impatiently for her brother's response.

    Lerick rounded a corner; hands tucked deep in his coat pockets, and then almost frowned. There was a human. A human girl and she walked alone. She was alone and humming to herself as she trotted down the road, her mind filled with ridiculous fantasies of unrequited love and the chivalrous acts that men rarely practiced any longer. Her shadow was strewn long against the ground, cast by the hazy glow of the tavern window, as if reaching toward him, the calm hammering of her heart beneath her chest ringing in his ears, and the scent of her life wafted in his nostrils, reminding him of the one thing he hated about being immortal; the requirement of a lot of self-control.
    The pale light of the moon bathed her features, reflected in her gray eyes and carefully touched the pale gold that was her crowning glory. Not that Lerick was attracted to the female human. At the moment, he had been more amused at her foolishness to roam the streets alone with an inviting smile pasted on her lips. Had she not heard of the killings? Lerick looked away. He himself wanted to know more about the incidents that had been stirring the vampires and the werewolves. He did not know why, but somehow he had grown a great distaste for his wolf brethren that he wouldn't be surprised if these abnormalities had been caused by them. Though most of his kind carried at least some dislike of the werewolves, as they did vampires.

    Absently, he reached for the watch in the inside pocket of the coat, checked the time and cursed under his breath. It was a few minutes past eleven and he had yet any contact with Vivienne. Time seemed seamless when it continued on for ages. Somehow he could hear her nagging though he was nowhere near her. Lerick quickened his pace and walked past the young girl who seemed too lost in her own thoughts to even take notice of him.
    Once he was sure he was alone on the streets, Lerick gave in to the privilege of his vampiric endowment and hastily got to the manor in a more than timely manner. When he stopped, the dark brown coat flapped once behind him then his sister's voice rang in his head. Of course she would feel his presence at once. Oh I'm alright, dear little sister, no need to worry.He assured Vivienne silently. His lips stretched to a sheepish smile as he pushed the tall double doors open. Just then, he felt his sister's brief distress and in an instant, he was standing beside her.

    "Are you alright, Vi?" He was looking down at her; a deep look of concern had suddenly replaced the smile he had previous. Vivienne felt calmer as his soothing aura enveloped her with a feeling of warmth and safety. Though, it didn't fully quell her unease and she shook her head slowly, looking up into her brother's eyes. He was one of few members of their Coven that knew of her small psychic ability. She wasn't one to see into the future, or tell someone's fortune or any nonsense such as that. No, her ability was more she had accurate inclinations of impending events; good or bad. It was a gift that carried over with her into her new life, and perhaps had allowed the strong mental rapport with her brother when she turned him all those years ago.

    Looking away from Lerick, Vivienne stood and walked over to her large bed and sat, staring down at the floor blankly. Her bed's dressings were made up from lack of use from not sleeping; vampires never do. She scrunched the smooth crimson silk blanket in her hands nervously, biding her time in telling her brother of her intuitions. Her head finally raised, her eyes meeting her brother's from across the room briefly before she looked back down.
    "Something isn't right brother. This unease has not ceased for a fortnight now. There is clearly something very wrong if the event has not yet to occur for fourteen days. Wouldn't you assume the same?" Vivienne asked softly, looking to her brother once more. "It is starting to affect my health, I have felt sluggish and fatigued even though I have fed many times. If I continue on this way our blood supply will soon diminish."

    At first glance, it was hard to tell that something was wrong with his sister; Lerick noticed her as he watched her grace the marbled flooring with her dainty steps. Her shadow, like the young girl’s, stretched long across the floor while the flames of the candles in the room seemed to shiver at the caress of the cool night breeze from one open window. He was resting his hand, still, on top of the back rest of the chair where her sister sat earlier.

    Quietly, he watched her blank stare at the floor, opened his mouth to reassure her, but closed it again. Lerick decided to walk up to his sister's bed. He then placed an arm around her and pulled her against him as a lover would. Her telepathy was one thing that connected her, but he believed that there is a string greater than her gift that connected him to her. She was his sibling. She will always be his sibling, no matter what. And for that very reason, he would always stand by her.

    His voice was soothing when he said, "Everything will come to pass." Still, somehow, it was hard even for him to believe that. There was something amiss, and it was greatly affecting Vivienne. "Don't worry much about our supplies, Vivienne. I can..." His voice tapered off as he looked down at her troubled eyes. If she had not been a vampire, he was sure to see ugly lines beneath her eyes, but being an undead did have its benefits. "Take what you need, we won't run out of supplies, I promise." He finished.

    Vivienne felt comforted when Lerick had sat beside her and held her close. He was the only person who could ever make her feel safe in her times of need. She couldn't recall any other Coven member giving her that security though they had all tried. As far as any lovers were concerned, she didn't have any, nor did she ever look for them. There had been men who attempted to court her, but their attempts were feeble at best. Perhaps it was because she still pined for the man who betrayed her, her old-no…if he were alive, which she knew he- with all his power and cleverness, had no doubt he was very much alive- then they were still legally married. Separated perhaps, but still married. Though she doubted that by this time he hadn't found another woman after leaving her for dead on their kitchen floor. Vivienne hadn't accepted the truth of what he was very well, and now she lived as the same horror who had taken her humanity. She could only imagine the hatred he would have for her if he were to see her living as what she was.

    If in that moment they were human, Lerick's embrace would have been warm and soothing. However it had been a very long, long time since Vivienne had felt the warmth of a body. That was perhaps the only thing she missed about her human life. Her life as one of the creatures of night could only be a cold reminder of what she used to have. She was, however, grateful that her brother had given up his life shortly after she was reborn to be with her. She doubted greatly she would have carried on her undead life the same if her brother had not been there to support her and keep her out of trouble.
    There was a close howl that caused Vivienne to stand out of her brother's embrace and walk quickly to the open window. The breeze that drifted through the close knit screen carried the distinct smell of dog...of werewolves.

    "Why are the wolves so close to our Manor?" Vivienne asked under her breath, more to herself than to Lerick. It wasn't until she saw the beasts tread forth through the wood, basked in the streams of moonlight, did her chest tighten with more anxiety. The large pack had encroached upon the Manor slowly. She could barely at first make out what the leader was carrying on its back. As the pack stayed back and hid amidst the trees, the leader carried forward and dropped the large item before the walls of the Manor. The pale figured fell like a rag doll to the ground, stained dark in the dim light.

    "Cordelia..." Vivienne hissed in anger and shock, spinning around to face her brother, eyes wide. "Why did Cordelia leave the walls tonight?" She inquired in a frantic voice. Surely her Coven sister had not ignored that she wasn't to leave the walls without an escort. Cordelia, Vivienne, Lerick and a few select others were considered Nobles amongst the Coven, next only to the Elders, and were supposed to be protected at all times outside the walls. It looked like Cordelia didn't want an escort tonight, and it had cost her dearly. Vivienne placed an open hand upon the glass.

    “Lerick!” Vivienne screamed aloud, feeling the presence of her brother fade to a further distance outside.

  2. Soon enough Nathanael emerged from the eastern woods he was trying to keep a close eye on Cordelia but she was too fast for him. "Lerick, What happened?!" taking notice of her body. He knelt down and felt for a pulse, "She's still alive but barely, she needs blood fast." Looking up he saw Vivienne, "Lerick go to your sister, I'll deal with this." He was being protective of the coven and he didn't want her to see or hear what he was going to do next. "You had no right to attack her." he said to the wolf who brought her body back. "We didn't attack her, something else did, we found her unconscious. You should thank us or the other's would have definitely killed her." Nathanel sighed "Alright, I believe you but keep your kind away from here, the treaty still exists. I don't our leaders knowing and I don't want to start another fight." Picking up Cordelia's body, he brought her inside, "Lerick, Vivienne! I need blood, a knife, blanket and a wet cloth stat! By the way where are the other's? A council meeting is being held tonight at midnight, I thought word got out."
  3. Vivienne stood a few feet away from where Cordelia's body was dumped, a mixture of emotions on her face. Her eyes darted from her to Lerick then to Nathaneal, who had scooped her near lifeless body into his arms. Lerick approached her, his head hung low, no specific emotion ruling his face.

    "They say they didn't attack her, they found her bleeding out." He stated calmly, glancing back as Nathanael started on his way toward the Manor.

    "I'm not so sure I can believe that, but the real problem here is that she was out without an escort, without even letting anyone know she was gone." Vivienne narrowed her eyes at Lerick accusingly. "That could have been you." She scolded.

    Lerick hung his head again. "Vi...you know I can take care of-"

    "She thought that too, apparently." Vivienne interrupted. "And look where it got her." She paused, staring hard at her brother. She bumped the bottom of his chin with the crook of her finger in a command to lift his head. Her eyes met his and her gaze was stern as she continued. "I cannot lose you Lerick. We are all that's left of what once was."

    Vivienne broke her gaze and followed behind Nathanael, and Lerick did the same, saying nothing in response to her plea.

    "Lerick, Vivienne! I need blood, a knife, blanket and a wet cloth stat! By the way where are the other's? A council meeting is being held tonight at midnight, I thought word got out." Nathanael grumbled.

    Lerick nodded, "I'll get them." He responded before disappearing around the way.

    "It did, but apparently she and Lerick have this notion that wandering the forest at night without an escort is beneath them. Cornelius made our rules for a reason. There are other people out there besides the wolves that we have to worry about. Just because we have a treaty with the beasts does not mean we are safe!" Vivienne sighed loudly.

    Lerick returned with the requested items and handed them to Nathanael.

    "Nathan..w-..." Lerick swallowed the lump in his throat. "Will she be alright?" He asked, leaning down next to Cordelia, awaiting Nathanael's order for his blood.

    Vivienne glared down at the tawny haired girl, her eyes closed and mouth caked in thick, dark arterial blood. She could only think that if wasn't for Cordelia, Lerick wouldn't be allowing such stupid decisions dictate over his logic and regard for the rules of the Coven. She could feel nothing but resentment for the girl, even in her near death, for all she could picture was Lerick's lifeless body laying there in place of her.
  4. "I think so." he cut of her clothes to wear the wound was, "Look's like she was shot by humans. Guess they mistaken her for a deer or some other animal". He cleaned the wound, taking the bullet out and putting pressure on it to stop bleeding and then using his own blood to heal the wound. "Blood." When he was handed the blood, he poured it into her mouth slowly. "That should do it." placing the blankets over, "Vivienne, stay with her. Lerick, come with me." ordered Nathanel once Cordelia was safe and her heart was coming back to normal.

    Nathanel was a guard and diplomat of the coven. He always carried out Cornelius' orders and laws making sure everyone was safe. "You should be happy that wasn't Vivienne out there. I don't know what I would've done if you or I lost her. I did a terrible job protecting her out there, even though I kept close watch on her." Seeing Cordelia in such a state made him realize that he had a thing for Vivienne. They made their way to the council meeting and we're right on time.
  5. Vivienne snarled her lip up at Nathanael at his request to watch over Cordelia. She wanted to join the Council meeting, not babysit the fledgling. Her eyes returned to the girl after they left the room and she watched as the wounds starting to heal now that the bullet had been removed, though at a slower rate than she had witnessed before. Vivienne reached for the bullet that now lay beside Cordelia. She hissed as it charred her skin, as if it were previously heated over a flame. She touched her fingers together, examining the burns which also took noticeably more time for the cells of her skin to turn over and heal.

    Silver. She mused in her head, eyebrows furrowing. It seemed too odd for a human to just coincidentally have silver bullets in their gun when coming face to face with a vampire. Humans had been taught in their fairy tales that silver was an Achilles heel to werewolves, not vampires. It was not a well known secret that silver could also hurt a vampire, just so like a werewolf. In fact, crucifixes, holy water, garlic, they did nothing. The only true way to kill a vampire would be burn them completely with fire, expose them to sunlight for an extended period of time, or leave silver embedded in their body.

    Silver's biological make-up did not mix with vampire or werewolf blood. It would be like if you poured acid upon cloth, it would slowly disintegrate into nothing. Imagine the same, from the inside out of a vampire's body. They would be alive until near the very end.

    But why silver? Why such a precious metal for a bullet? Humans knew not that vampires really existed, or any supernatural creature for that matter. It was just a strange coincidence...


    "You should be happy that wasn't Vivienne out there. I don't know what I would've done if you or I lost her. I did a terrible job protecting her out there, even though I kept close watch on her." Nathanael scolded.

    Lerick frowned. "Vivienne wouldn't be that ignorant...unfortunately I can't say the same for Cordelia or I. Do not blame Cordelia, it was my idea to get some time away from the Manor before the Council meeting." He lied, but did not show it, and followed Nathanael to the Council meeting room.

    Cornelius stood at his podium at the front of the room, the circular table filled with Council members. All were there except one, Vivienne. Cornelius noticed. As Lerick shut the door he shook his head to him before sitting.

    Cornelius cleared his throat, seemingly understanding and fully aware of the situation. The room fell silent before he spoke.

    "My children, tonight posed a tragic example of the news I am about to reveal to you. We seem to have a new enemy, one that we figured would come with time. And the time is now." He paused, looking around at the confused faces. Hushed whispers were exchanged but quieted before he continued once more.

    "There seem to be a growing community of humans that are well aware of our existence, and are determined to make us...extinct. We nearly lost a member tonight as result of their uprising against us. It was a careless mistake. But let it be a lesson to you all that my rules are in stone and they are implemented for a reason. Do not stray from our customs, they are in your best interest." Cornelius cleared his throat once more.

    "The humans pose no serious risk to us, yet they are a risk. They have gained knowledge of our weakness to silver. Something that is hard to maintain and control in the midst of battle. Silver is debilitating once exposed to our insides. We will burn from the inside out, as all of you already know. Extraction of silver requires in most injuries the aid of another. Let this be a warning that no tolerance will be held for anyone who disobeys the laws of Prudence. That is all." Cornelius bowed slightly before departing the room.

    Lerick turned to Nathanael. "Shall we check on Cordelia?"
  6. Nathanel turned toward to Lerick, "I think we should." As they walked back to where Vivienne and Cordelia was he heard Cornelius calling them back and telling them to bring Vivienne with them. He wanted a word with the three of them after they were done.

    "Vivienne, how is she? And Cornelius would like to have a word with all three of us?"