INTEREST CHECK Proximity RP (aka more dumb angels vs demons stuff), also looking for co-GM

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    Angels and demons are energy-based entities hailing from two different planes of existence; for easy reference, we'll call them Heaven and Hell, but they're not the Heaven and Hell you know of from religion. One does not contain all the good souls of deceased humans and the other is not the place bad guys go to suffer after they die. All they are, are the original homes of the beings known as angels, and the beings known as demons.

    Angels are not all good, and demons are not all bad. They're as varied as humans, with their own personalities and motivations. They do, however, hate each other, but not for any philosophical purpose; it's completely practical. Angels kill demons just by being around them, and vice versa. They are each other's kryptonite, the one thing that renders them vulnerable. So because of this, they've been each other's mortal enemies for like, millenia.

    The only time they are immune to each other's presence, is when they're possessing a human host. Done properly, possession is a mutually beneficial symbiosis. The angel or demon becomes immune to the threat of their opposing force's deadly energy, and gets to experience human sensations, something they never get to do in their natural state; in return, the human, while undergoing physical transformations, gains powers from the union.

    The problem is, angels and demons don't want to share the human world. They hate each other, and have been fighting for control of the human populations for ages. Angels have gained ground historically through the spread of Christianity, Catholicism, and similar outbranching belief systems, which are essentially propaganda designed to bias the humans into believing that angels are good and demons are evil. However, there have been regions of the world which do not know demons as the sinister beings of evil from the bible, but as spirits of power that can benefit them.

    In modern times, a lot more is understood about these beings; the scientific community and the populace at large are now aware that they're not truly heavenly or demonic, but simply energy-based lifeforms with symbiotic abilities. many of the younger generation are even volunteering readily for demonic possession, finding the physical transformations and accompanying powers 'cool'. it's a situation that many angels and demons find ideal as they slowly learn to coexist. But there still remain extremists on both sides, who foster continued religious fanaticism in order to try and maintain control, and wrest the planet away from their ancient enemies.

    So basically, the plot would be that an angelic bad guy is attempting to usurp control somehow and lead like a world-wide jihad on demons and demon-possessed people. I haven't figured out exactly how this works yet, it'd probably be a lot easier if I went with a fantasy-past setting instead of modern seeing as that's my forte, but I'm trying to branch out here so give me a little credit. I'd like to put heavy emphasis on the fact that the bad guy could be either an angel or a demon, as both species are as flexible and diverse as humans; however, I felt that an RP with an angelic antagonist would be better for gameplay, and wanted players to be primarily either demon-hosts or regular humans. (I'd explain further but this thing's so huge already ahhhh!).

    There would be supposed to be fight scenes, cuz, I mean, seriously--people are supposed to gain powers from being angel-hosts or demon-hosts, what's the point if you don't get to fight each other and blow shit up with said powers? But beyond that I haven't figured much out.

    Is anyone interested in this RP? Would there be anyone willing to co-GM it with me and help me iron out the details I'm having trouble with?
  2. I'm running a vaguely similar oneXone RP like this called Angels of Donegal. ( )

    I think that you might be better off staging this in a fantasy universe, as when you start getting into the science and influence of things in modern society, things start becoming very sticky and subjective. Within the constraints of a fantasy-verse, you can more throughly explore regions that are devoted to the angels, and others that are more inclined to demons, and explain why these differences occur. That way, you avoid the stickiness of saying that if you're from the Scotland Catholic church, you're on the side of angels, but if you're an Indian practicing Hinduism, you're on the side of demons.

    I think the big question I have is; what's the real different between angels and demons? I like the fact that its all morally grey, but there has to be some reason for their feuding beyond "we are able to kill each other, awesome." Do angels follow a strict moral code or have a culture and society that's distinctly removed from demons, and conflicts with their own? I think the Angel!BadGuy needs to see some threat from the demons that's greater than anything that s/he has seen before, and is thus reacting to feeling threatened by going a little crazy. A well intentioned extremist, so to speak.
  3. No, it's not, "we are able to kill each other". It's "if I go near this guy, I will die".

    Angels and demons are deadly to each other just by being near each other. Their energy is like poison to one another. As a typical rule, any given individual angel will be much more powerful than any given individual demon, but demons greatly outnumber angels, so a balance is maintained, but here's what happens if you put them together:

    Situation 1: One angel in the presence of one demon.
    The angel's radiant power incinerates the demon within moments, in a blaze of agonizing pain.

    Situation 2: One angel in the presence of multiple demons.
    The cloying power of the demons poisons and corrupts the angel, consuming it. Also agonizing. The more demons, the faster the effect, and the more painful it is until they die.

    They can't control it. They can't choose to turn off their power and be able to spend time around each other and interact. When angels and demons mix, without the use of human hosts through which to channel their powers, someone dies. Always, without fail. That's why they hate each other.

    As for the stickiness--the stickiness is part of what made it interesting to me. Who still believes the old stories spread by the angels and demons to try and convert people to their side? Who follows which belief, as so many were spread by both? It's stickiness I want to get into somehow.
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  4. Ah. My apologies then; I must have missed wherever that was written in the original post. Sorry for the confusion!

    ...I still think an initiating event is a good idea for antagonist angel; something worse than what he's seen before from demon kind. Just my two cents, though.
  5. Nah dude, it's cool. I was rushing to get the important things typed up and posted today, and my explanation probably suffered for it; my internet time is very limited.

    Something could happen like that to provoke the angel. The thing is, I haven't worked out the specifics of the plot. It was part of the reason why I'm looking for a co-GM, you know? I wouldn't need a partner if I'd already figured everything out. XD
  6. I'd be interested in this rp. It sounds really cool and the aforementioned 'stickiness' actually intrigues me a lot. I'd love to play.