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  1. So I watched a trailer to the new game Prototype 2, pretty interesting ~nod~


    So the song is by Johnny Cash, good, good.

    One thing wrong, why is Mercer forty years old and a creep!?!?! I demand reason for this!

    And um...lost train of thought so thats all I gotta say.
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    Prototype 2 is going to be the greatest game ever!!!!!!!

    Mercer though, I have no idea why he looked like that in the trailer.
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    It will be great, wish it followed the story from the first one, in the new one what Mercer did is like nothing, never existed from what I hear. I thought he was the good guy in the first game now he is suddenly the bad guy?!?!
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    Well it actually follows from the first game. In the first Prototype Alex was just trying to find out who he was and kill his enemies for changing him. In the end ("SPOILER!!!!" PM for the ending) making him the villan.

    Then Sgt. James Heller comes back from over seas to find his family dead, he blames mercer(who really was at fault) and hunts him down.
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    Seen the ending xD. Didn't really make Alex evil and bad like that trailer showed him to be.

    He is at fault sure, but still, Heller has every right to hate him. I would, but if he found out that Alex was turned like him then maybe, just maybe he can forgive him for it, or have an epic final battle.
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    In the end, we saw Alex rebuild himself on a Crow and when you listen close to him talking, he actually gives hints to him being the Anti-hero. He never cared to save the city at all XD
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    Doesn't make him evil, the city hates him, why should he care? xD.
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    To be fair he did unleash a merciless plague on New York just for his own gain XD
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    Not his fault he become a Symbiote also. xD.

    He didn't create it on purpose but once he figured out he could use it he did, then well military took notice of him so well he gained power. Yeah, he is kinda a bad guy but an evil smirk? Don't remember that.
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    Lets also not forget the innocent people he slaughtered :p
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    Symbiote being itself has a mind of its own, then again most of the time your controling him, pretty sure you kill innocents in the next game too xDD.
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    lol he's done it on his own as well xp
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    I as well am excited for the next Prototype but I was confused. Is the new guy Sgt. Heller(?) already infected with the virus and he becomes like Mercer or does he get infected after coming home? Because from what it looked like Mercer attacked him and infected him or something.

    Also the one thing I found extremely annoying in this video was the fact that Sgt. Heller was wearing a 2 ID patch. So that means he is in the army. I couldn't exactly tell (Because I have to watch the video in shitty quality or else it takes decades to load.) but I believe he was in ACU's as well. Now in the video he had his sleeves rolled up. That is something that the army doesn't do. Just the Marines and I think the Navy. Anyways the Army has yet to allow it, so I found that to really irritate me. But I doubt it will bother anyone else. XD
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    Sgt kind of gives it off, yes, he is indeed a blackwatch[I believe?] soldier, he either gets infected by mercer during one of his missions or after he finds his family dead when he returns home, not sure yet. Whole game pretty much seems like it'll be about enacting revenge upon the man who turned him, and with those powers in tow with himself he can do that very thing.
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    I really hope it allows us to play as the human version of him for a while. I think it would be fun to have to fight infected and do missions for blackwatch with only your rifle to protect you and of course your fellow soldiers.
  16. Moved this thread to General Chatting, since you all seem to be having an actual conversation rather than screaming angry words and insulting each other's mums.

    The original Prototype had some great gameplay but the storyline was pretty much non-existent at the best of times and unpleasantly against the 'DESTROY FUCKIN EVERYTHING' tone of the game when it did rear it's ugly head. Prototype 2 seems like it's going to address this. The trailers have shown a character with genuine motivations and an interesting backstory, so maybe people will actually be able to relate to him as opposed to him being some sort of violent, personality-deficitent berk like Mercer.
  17. Seems so, Mercer is abit crazy, I thought he was a good guy at first then well not so much.
  18. The dialogue in the first game was just horribly off for him. I can remember him rambling on at one point about how awful it was how so many people had died, right as I was driving a tank through a group of pedestrians firing indiscriminately.

    Hope they sort that out in the next game.
  19. They probably will, I remember always running around in Super armor and smashing things with the super fists or using muscle mass, I got bored xD
  20. The original Alex Mercer that rleased the virus was a sociopath and obviously a bad guy, after his reanimation he was more of an Anti-Hero; he didn't like what was happening, but he couldn't stop it and he had his own problems so more of a grey morality dude. As time goes on he becomes darker and darker to the point where he is the antagonist. He infects Sgt. James in the hope of using him as his second in command in his plan to spread the virus further and further. James has only the purpose of revenge against Alex Mercer. He was never Blackwatch, simply a US soldier. He is more of a grey morality man at the beginning, but we will see if he becomes darker like Mercer.

    Also I wonder when they are going to bring in Pariah..hmmm