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  1. Have you ever participated in a public protest or demonstration of any kind? What kind of protest/demo was it? What was the subject?

    An obligatory note that we are not here to debate the validity of the things people have protested in the past, just to tell our experiences.

    I have participated in a few annual silent protests against abortion, we held signs and had to be a certain number of blocks away from the hospital building.

    I also stood in the gallery at City Hall today to show my support for the change of a local bylaw that was stifling secondhand shops in the downtown core.
  2. I haven't been in any protests where people stand and hold signs, or march or anything, but I have signed a number of petitions.

    The most recent was a petition for City council to send their new bag fee for a vote. Not that I mind the concept behind the bag fee, but under Colorado law it would have qualified as a tax and by state law all new taxes in Colorado (state, county, city) have to be put up for a vote by the people in the jurisdiction for which they are proposed.

    The petition was less about the bag fee and more about the fact that city council needed reminding that they do have to do things legally.
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  3. While I was working at gamestop, I went to NATGAT, the national gathering in Philadelphia on the 4th of july, 2013.

    I spent two nights, the 2nd and 3rd of that July, in the parking lot of the Quaker house in center city, painting for a donation to the vets for peace. I donated the painting to the vets on the 4th and interviewed them for stories and signatures of their services and sacrifices to the country.



    I met tons of wonderful people, I was fed and protected by a hoard of internet friends. I was happy and excited to be a part of something so fun and free. I had a very bad heat stroke just before I donated the painting and many people came to my aid and gave me water and took very good care of me, and one of our group members was a certified nurse.

    It was a rush and I'll never forget it. I was born in Philadelphia, and that was the ONLY moment of my entire life, that I was ever so proud to have been born there.
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  4. I protested against raising the price of school food by $0.25 since people kept on stealing food due to the fact that it was ALREADY TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE


    I changed the world for the better.
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