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  1. [45 minutes ago]

    It had been three days sense Mister Rhodes had called in the police to inform them his daughter had been kidnapped by DaVinci a country wide crime lord, and not more then fifteen minutes after his call, he he died in a mysterious fire that claimed his house and his life. Micheal was flipping from police channel to police channel as he scanned the net for any activity, and click. That's when he got it. One of DaVinci's men made an unsecured call to his security detail confirming the location of the drop off. They were selling the girl to some Russian millionaire who was paying quite the hefty penny for this beautiful innocent girl, all so he could taint her and throw her away like trash when he was done. Micheal grabbed his uniform and got ready. He quickly suited up in an all black swat uniform that hugged his muscular tone tightly and a tactical mask, Similar in look to a gas mask, designed to protect his face from blades and arrows. He then grabbed his gear, two police batons strapped to his thighs, and a black steel combat knife strapped to his chest. After getting his gear he ran to the parking lot to find his chrome black 1970's dodge charger waiting for him. He climbed inside and turned the key quickly the engine coming to life letting out a loud roar before tearing out of the parking lot to follow the passing by police cars heading for the meeting.

    [10 minutes ago]

    DaVinci gripped Melinda's hair tightly in the palm of his hand as he dragged her nakd body out of the room she'd been locked in for the last few days. He had taken her by force from her father as payment for his debt's and then promptly took his life not soon after, just for the laugh's. He had taken her to his private storage facility where he had her stripped down, tied up and locked in one of the store rooms with no light food or water. As he dragged her out of herr room her body was to weak to fight back and only managed to struggle slightly letting out whimpers of pain as he dragged her by her hair. He dragged her into an almost empty room with three windows, and a single metal chair with no bottom to hit in the center of it. He hoisted her up and set her down in the chair roughly before tying her up, strapping her knees and ankles to the legs of the chair to keep her legs spread open, so the customer could examine his purchase, and her hands tight tightly behind her back. Not more then five minutes later a large heavy set man with a scruffy grey beard and cold blue eyes stepped in greeting DaVinci in Russian. They conversed back and forth for a few minuted before the large man stepped forward and stooped down to take a closer look at Melinda. He reached out to her and ran his finger's along her inner thigh and up between her legs to her womanhood before smiling as he felt that she was still an innocent. He pulled his hand away slowly before standing up to reach out and touch her breast.


    As the large man reached out to touch the girl again an arrow came splitting through the window across the room and piercing through the palm of the mans hand stopping half way through. The man looked at hi hand for a moment before screaming out in pain as his body guards grabbed him to take him to safety. But as they began to head towards the door it Busted open and two police officers, dressed in all black blocked the doorway with riot shields. The men stepped back stunned by the police's sudden arrival but there shock grew even more when from the far window Behind Melinda shattered open and Micheal hit the ground rolling hard. He stopped as he rolled to his feet and stayed low for a moment eying over the men in the room before breaking into a full on dash and leaping over Melinda he landed bringing his elbow down over the rather large Russian man's head sending his face crashing into the concrete floor with a wet thud. Micheal didn't give th body guards any time to react before he threw out a flurry of punches into there chests Before reaching up to the man on his left and slamming his palm into his nose in an up words direction killing him. He then spun into a round house kick slamming the heel of his combat boots into the mans chest sending him flying back into the riot Shields before being pushed back into the room and in an instant Micheal Brought his arm out into a close line, wrapping his elbow around his throat, causing his legs to fly up and for him to slam on his back. Micheal turned to see DaVinci Watching him with malicious intent before his gaze turned to the girl. Micheal slowly rose unsheathing his knife before walking up to the girl and cut her loose as she dropped to the floor frightened and sobbing. Micheal slowly removed his mask to reveal his face and he looked right into her face saying "I'm police chief Braunstern and I'm getting you out of here." He then slipped his shirt off and slowly slipped it onto her body covering up her nakedness, revealing his muscular tone barely hidden by the tank top he wore underneath.

    He then stould up to face DaVinci before charging him pulling out his batons. He twirled them quickly around his arms as The man stepped back grabbing a baseball bat located behind him, and as he went to swing he barely made a arch before Micheal's baton's stopped his and then flew into a flurry of blows acorss his chest. In one fluid motion Micheal lifted his leg and brought his foot down into the mans knee cap bursting it and bending the mans leg the entirely wrong way as he screamed out in pain. He then began to swing his batons angrilly slamming them across hsi face over and over again saying "You have! The Right! To Remain! Silent! Anyhting! You Say! CAN! AND WILL! Be Used! AGAINST YOU!" his final blow sending blood flying from his mouth and splattering across the floor as his men swarmed in and pulled him off of him. The quickly dragged him away from DaVinci and began inspecting him and his men for any injuries, meanwhile Micheal slowly walked up to Melinda and scooped her up in his arms saying "It's OK, Your Safe now. I'm going to take you somewhere safe for now." As he spoke his words and carry'd her weak body she slowly passed out in his arms and like that was dead to the world.

    [1 day Later]

    She slept for an entire day before finally the smell of coffee, eggs, bacon, and sausage biscuits woke her. She was asleep wearing nothing more then a pear of boxers and a rather over sized black t-shirt and was gently buried under silk sheets and soft warm comforters, completely oblivious to the man sitting out in the living room enjoying a cigarette and his meal waiting for the girl to finally wake up.

    (BaBlam! Let me know what you think of that beginning I wanted to experiment with different times so I don't know How well it came out.)
  2. (That was an intense beginning and I think you started off spectacularly! Really! I can definitely see a difference in your rping skills between now and when you and I first started rping. I honestly think you've gotten better; the proof is in this beginning! The time thing was a pretty nice touch, too; I'm going to be honest, I didn't notice it too much because I usually separate and space out events into certain times in my head, but when I actually saw the times posted there, I thought it was neat. ^.^ Good job!)

    Melinda suddenly jerked awake when the nightmare she was having became so intense and frightening that her mind finally snapped her out of the terror. The smell of bacon, eggs, coffee and other breakfast foods assaulted her nose, but she was a little too preoccupied with her surroundings and her current state of dress. When had she gone to bed in a pair of boxers and an oversized t-shirt? How did she end up in that bed? Where was she? What time was it? What DAY was it? The trauma of the past few weeks was reeking havoc on her currently sensitive state of mind and she scrambled up in confusion, still completely oblivious to the man in the other room.

    "W-Where am I?" she asked herself in a frightened whisper, looking around in a panic, "Did that man buy me? Am I still being held hostage? No, nonono, this can't be happening! Daddy...My daddy, no!"

    She attempted to get out of the bed, but her weak legs gave out on her and she fell to the floor. She tried scrambling up, but was too confused, too disoriented, to do anything more than just fall again to the ground, tears springing to her eyes in her panic.
  3. As soon as Micheal hear the sound of the girl screaming he was throwing his cigarette out the window of the kitchen but at the sound of her hitting the floor he broke out into a dash. His feet flying across the ground as he dashed through the house to find the girl lying on the ground sobbing. He quickly scrambled up to her and scooped her up in his arms holding her to his bare chest saying "Hey, heyheyhey, shhhhh, calm down. Your safe, I promise, No one's going to hurt you, just calm down." His arms stayed wrapped around her gently as his hand came up to rest on the back of her head comfortingly and he rocked back and forth trying to calm this girl, crying in his arms. he had only rescued her a day ago, and he knew she'd be disoriented and clearly frightened. For now all he could do was comfort her and hope that she wasn't going to stay like this. After rescuing her he brought her home with him and cleaned her off and clothed her. She had no where to go so he took it upon himself to house her. He felt like it was only right o give her a place to stay.
  4. The man holding her was not the same man that was going to buy her. Fighting to stop her crying, Melinda took very deep breaths to calm her frazzled nerves and looked up at the man who held her in his strong arms yet comforted her as gently as the wind. Through her blurry vision, she suddenly recognized his face, the same one she peered into the night she was almost sold as a sex slave. This was the man that lead the search to find her and ultimately the one to save her. She remembered it almost clearly now and in her realization, she stopped crying and just stared at him. She was trembling, but she listened to his words and his voice, promising her that it was going to be okay, that she was safe. Her golden eyes studied his features, her flowing dark brown hair falling around her shoulders and framing her beautiful, caramel colored face.

    "You...You" she stammered out quietly, her hand unconsciously resting on his arm when they loosened just slightly from around her.
  5. Micheal looked down at her unable to smile saying "Yes. I did. And now your safe." He looked down at her as she shook gently in his arms. Her body was weak and tired and she needed to eat something. He slowly and gently reached under her and lifted he off the ground gently pressing her small body into hiss chest as he walked to the living room. He slowly set her down on the couch and grabbed the fleece blanket lying over it and brought it up her body to her waist covering her bare legs. He looked down at her for a moment before noticing her staring at his scars that dotted his chest. The scar that arched down over his face was unavoidable but his chest he could hide those. reaching down and scooped a shirt off of the floor and slipped it on to cover up the scars on his body, and to avoid making her uncomfortable. He turned to her one last time before saying "You need to eat. Wait there." He then walked to the kitchen making her a small plate. He wanted to get her a little of everything before slowly walking back out with the food and a small glass of water saying "Eat slowly, It's been a few days sense you ate. Don't push yourself. You've got plenty of time to rebuild your strength."
  6. Melinda stared up at the man who rescued her, his stony face and commanding voice intimidating her to some extent, along with those scars that littered his body. However, all fear went out the window the minute that food was in front of her and as she grabbed the plate, she sat at the coffee table on the floor and began to eat. She ate slowly as he had instructed of her, but it was difficult considering how hungry she was. The man that kidnapped her had starved her for what felt like five days, zapping her energy and most of her will to fight.

    Looking back up at the man, she noticed him just standing there, straight, proud and tall and in that moment, he reminded her of how her father used to stand. Tears sprang to her eyes as her heart broke and her stomach lurched. She stopped eating and looked down at the floor, taking the fleece blanket to wrap around her body, covering her head as she curled up into herself wordlessly.

    (Can I share a concern with you? I was wondering if you could be a little more careful to not give my character too many actions from your end. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when my partner starts taking control of what my character does or says or feels. For instance, the line about her staring at the scars; it bothered me some because I wanted to be the ontle to write out if she saw the scars or not. If your intention was to bring acknowledgment to the scars, then perhaps the sentence could have said "Remembering that he was shirtless, Michael quickly scooped up a shirt from the floor and pulled it on in an attempt to keep her from being frightened or intimidated by his markings." That's just my suggestion. If I've done the same to you, I apologize and I will do my best to avoid that in the future. Thank you for listening and I hope you can understand. ^.^)
  7. (I'm so sorry If i took control too much, I was just writing what felt good and what felt like would be a driving force in the rp to push it forwards! I'm So Sorry! T__T)

    Micheal watched silently as she pulled the blanket over her head to hide herself, and for a moment he began to walk away to let her cry it out, but with a sigh He walked over to her and sat down next to her wrapping his arms gently around her placing his hand above her head on the blanket saying "Shh, It's okay. It's Okay to cry, Just let it out. I'm here if you need me." He had dedicated his last few days to finding this girl,and at her rescue he felt like he had failed her. They had stripped her down and starved her before stringing her up like a piece of meat to be examined. He had been to late. To late to save her from that, and to late to save her father. He had been there when his father's house burned down. He had rushed to his place to talk with the man when he first got the distress call, and when he arrived the house was on fire.

    Stupidly he went in to help the man, and instead of saving the man, he found him burnt to a crisp in his bedroom. Micheal barely made it out alive, the only evidence of his escape being a small burn on his back just above his right hip where a beam had collapsed and landed on him. Micheal couldn't do anything about the past, Now all he could do was help her, and comfort her. He stayed there his arms wrapped gently around her as she stayed there under the blankets. His thought's were quickly interrupted however by a radio in the kitchen ringing out "Hey Captain! We got DaVinci here, but he refuses to talk to anyone other then the girl! The hell do we do?" His eyes shot to the kitchen and back to the girl for a moment before his arms unwrapped around her and he stood up walking quickly to the kitchen a fire rising in his chest and as he picked up the radio he yelled into the Mic "You tell that sick freak that I'm the only one he's going to be talking to, and I'll get what I want out of him whether he play's along or not!" He was more pissed now then anything. 'The nerve of that freak. He stripped her down to sell her into slavery, and now he wants her in a room with him alone so he can talk? Fuck him!' He thought to himself angrilly as he pressed his hands against the marble counter and angrilly sighed trying to figure out what To Do.
  8. Melinda had remained rooted to the spot, the name DaVinci playing over and over again in her head. That man...he was a monster, a monster who had kidnapped her, starved her, humiliated her and nearly sold her off into human trafficking. She remembered those cold eyes of his, that malicious smirk, his evil laugh as he set fire to her house with her father still inside. He already had her, why the hell would he go through with killing her father? Now she had no one; she was only 18 and alone. She didn't even have a job because her father had promised her a peaceful easy life until the day she would leave for university. She felt like her life had ended before it even begun.

    Standing up, the blanket still over her head, she slowly made her way into the kitchen, where her savior was standing, his head downcast and his palms on the counter. Swallowing thickly, her heart thumping in her chest, she opened her mouth.

    "...What...does he want?" she asked quietly, her voice a little raspy from disuse, but still soft and sweet.

    (It's okay. Thanks for understanding! ^.^)
  9. Micheal turned to face the young girl for a moment his eyes wide with shock before he said "Were trying to get information from him, but he says he'll only talk to you." He slowly turned to face her before saying "Don't worry, Your not talking to him, I am." He nodded to her for a moment before looking out the window. He wasn't going to force this girl to talk to the man who had previously tortured her and held her captive. Instead he would force him to talk, against regulations. His fists could be rather persuasive and he already was looking for an excuse to beat the man. There were few things he didn't like, but slavery, and abducting young girls, definitely made that list. He turned to look at the girl before picking up the radio saying more calm then before "Lock him in the black room. I'll come in tomorrow to interview him" Hethen turned to the girl again before saying "Are you ok?"
  10. Melinda swallowed the lump that was in her throat as she nodded slowly, then quickly, looking up at the man as he loomed over her, "Y-Yeah...I'm fine. I am now anyways."

    She then looked around, not exactly sure what to do with herself or how to handle the silence that had settled over them for a time. She eventually cleared her throat a little bit and turned her golden eyes up to him, trying to be appear as strong as she possibly could, though it just looked like a pathetic attempt to look put together after a terrible ordeal, as if she was trying to force herself to pick up the pieces of her life and move on within the span of ten minutes.

    "I'm...sorry for being a nuisance to you like this," she stated, her eyes faltering and eventually dropping down to the floor again, "You've probably been taking care of me all this time...and I have no right to ask anything more of you now that I'm awake and functioning. You've done your job already; there's no obligation for you to do anything more than that."

    She glanced up at him, but then looked back down as shame filled her features when she realized how pathetic she sounded and that was the exact opposite of how she wanted to sound; "I don't want to burden you anymore, so maybe I'll just can't remember your name," she finished lamely and quietly, tightening the blanket around her shoulders.
  11. Micheal slowly and silently walked up to the girl placing his hand on top of her head staring down at her as he said "Your not a burden. Your going to stay here until you can ACTUALLY get back on your own two feet." He looked away from her for a moment unsure what to do with her before saying "My name is Micheal, But everyone calls me Mich." This time he gave her a warm smile before leaning over her and kissing the top of her head gently and warmly before saying "Now go eat, I have some stuff to take care of."
  12. She felt her cheeks turn a scarlet red after he kissed the top of her head, her golden eyes staring up at the older man that practically engulfed her smaller stature just by standing next to her. She nodded gratefully at him before turning around to do as he said, slowly making her way back to the living room and sitting down at the coffee table to continue eating her breakfast, which, unfortunately, had started going cold. She didn't care; cold food was better than no food at all. She ate silently yet contently, her mind wandering to the man named Michael, or Mich as he had said, and his warm kindness. She hadn't known any kind of police officer to show such care to a victim after they have rescued them; usually, they try to help the victim find someone to stay with before dropping out of their life completely. Mich letting her stay with him until she was better physically and mentally? That was something competely new to her...but welcomed and appreciated.

    Not to mention how she thought he was handsome, as gruff as he was.

    While she was slowly indulging in her meal, a small, mewling sound caught her attention; like a feline trying to speak. Looking around, she turned her face towards the open window to see a small kitten in the sil, peering in at her and stumbling from disorientation and confusion. He was white with grey spots all over him and he looked hungry and completely helpless...kind of like her. Standing up, she shuffled over to the window and took up the kitten in her hands and cradling him against her chest, cooing to it gently as she stroked his soft, fuzzy fur.
  13. (OH MY GOD! I love cats! I'm thinking Mich would be a cat person, but with a twist . . .)

    Micheal slowly walked to his bedroom and changed from his pajamas into his black combat pants and a black form fitting t-shirt that hugged his muscular tone tightly. He then grabbed his police belt and clipped it on and slipped his badge onto his belt making sure it was visible from the front. He then grabbed a pare of sunglasses before stepping out of his bedroom and in an instant . . . "ACHOO!" 'what the hell? Why did i sneeze? Wait, that could only mean one thing . . .' As Micheal stepped out of his bedroom and rounded the corner to the living room that's when he saw it. 'A cat.' He stared at the cat for a moment before sniffling to himself saying "Cute cat, Where did you get it?" He liked cat's in fact he loved them, his only problem was . . . he's allergic to them. He stared down at the cat for a moment before walking up to the girl and reached down to scratch it's head gently before sneezing again. That wasn't very fun.

    (Yep, he's allergic! XD AHA! What a twist to add some light heartedness to him.)
  14. (Ahahahaha! That's so cute! He's mom is allergic to cats...I think she's allergic to anything with fur therefore we don't have anything with fur, haha. Sad llama.)

    "He was in your window," Melinda responded, pointing towards the open pane with a slender finger, "He was mewling...and he looked lonely."

    She looked down at the kitten in her arms, petting and scratching his little head as he meowed again and then climbed up the front of her shirt to nuzzle into her neck. Melinda giggled and snuggled with him, biting her lower lip before chancing a glance up at Mich.

    "Um...can I keep him?" she asked, already dreading the answer though she held on to a small, sliver of hope, "He's so small...and he's probably all alone. Even if I did let him go, his mother wouldn't come back to care for him because he smells like a human now, so he would just starve to death anyway. So...can I keep him?"
  15. The man fought off the urge to smile for a moment before actually forcing a sigh placing his hand gently on the top of her head saying "Yeah, you can keep it." He then walked to the door saying "Hey I've got to run some errands So I'll be back in exactly ten minutes, Lock this door and don't leave. Why don't you take a shower while I'm gone." He gave her a small smile finally before stepping out and shutting the door behind him leaving her with her new cat as he made his way down to the parking lot and climbed into his car pulling out of the underground garage and onto the street. His apartment was a rather large apartment, it had a master bedroom, a king sized bathroom with a bath and shower. It came equiped with a large fireplace and kitchen with marble floors. He had a large flat screen TV mounted in the living room with two reclining chairs and a couch that reclined in all three sections. Overall it was a cozy apartment.
  16. Following his instructions promptly, Melinda ran towards the door and locked it as soon as it was closed. Then, just because she was paranoid and rightly so, she went around locking any windows or other doors that she saw just so she could feel safe. When the apartment was secured, she sighed in relief and slumped down onto the floor just as the kitten came teetering over to her, meowing and pawing at her leg. She smiled, deciding to do two things at once: she went to go get the kitten some milk to drink, filling a little saucer up with the white liquid, and then took the saucer and the feline into the bathroom. She planned on having a bath just like Mich had suggested and set the saucer down on the floor beside the tub along with the kitten. Melinda then went about finding a towel for her to use and some body wash before filling the tub with hot water and bubbles, stripping herself nude, and slipping inside. The warm water seemed to just wash away her anxieties and traumas, at least for a little bit, as she lounged in the large bath that Mich let her use. Peering over the side of the tub, she saw the kitten happily drinking up the milk he was given and, with a smile, the young girl reached out and pet the kitten's soft fur with her fingers.

    "I think I'll name you...Storm," she said gently, smiling down at the defenseless little creature.
  17. Micheal drove down the road listening to his police scanner before making his way to a large clothing outlet. Walking inside he looked around at all the womens clothes before letting out a large sigh scratching his head as he examined all the clothing sizes and what would fit before a young woman walked up to him and said "Can I help you find anything officer" Micheal slowly turned to face the woman a little hesitent before saying "Yeah, I've recently had a young girl come into my care, and She has no clothes, So I need to get her some clothes." He slowly pulled out a picture of her that he had taken from her house. After a couple minutes she had helped him pick out quite the handful of clothing before he bought them and started back towards his apartment. Getting to the apartment It had only been ten minutes sense he left, so he unlocked the front door walked in and tossed his keys on the coach noticing every window was locked tight. Micheal slowly walked into his bedroom where the bathroom was and tossed the bag of clothes on the bed before flopping down heavily against the mattress. He'd slept on the coach the night before, and He had a feeling he'd continue to do that for awhile. That's when he noticed the girls laughter coming from his bathroom. He slowly walked over to hte bathroom before knocking gently saying "Hey it's me. You in there?"
  18. Melinda retracted her hand and nearly dove back under the water to hide herself when she thought he was going to walk in and see her nude frame. However, when the door didn't open, she slowly rose up just a little, peering over the side of the tub and took a calming breath.

    "Uh, yeah, I'm in here," she answered him, looking down at her new kitten and smiling, "And Storm's in here, too."
  19. Micheal sighed before saying"Hang on a minute." He then Grabbed the bag of clothes and walked back to the door, cracking it open just enough to reach his arm through and place the bag on the floor by the door saying "I got you some new clothes sense I have no doubt that my clothes won't fit you very well." He then pulled his arm back in before closing the door and leaning against it saying "Hey . . . Who's storm?"
  20. "The kitten you're letting me keep," she answered, washing off the soap from her body before jumping out of the tub and draining the water, "He's white with gray spots and he reminded me of a cloudy day before it storms. So I named him Storm."

    Melinda dried herself off and searched through the bag of clothes to find an assortment of undergarments, jeans, shorts, and shirts. There was a lot of rustling going on in the bathroom, but after a few minutes, the young woman emerged dressed in a new pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and socks. Everything fit like a glove and while there were many cute clothes for her to wear inside the bag, she still felt very subconscious about her body, especially after having a man string her up naked to let another man touch and feel her against her will. She swore that she could still feel hygiene phantom fingers inside of her, violating her. As a result of that trauma, she felt the need to cover up, to protect herself against the invisible hands. She stood before Mich, looking at her jeans shyly, before smiling.

    "Thank you...for buying these for me," she said gently, bending down to scoop Storm up in her hands as he came teetering by her.