GROUP RP PLOTTING Protection from the Shadows

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  1. This would be in some alternate dimension:

    As you walk, you notice your shadow beside you. It may seem like it's just simply that, your shadow. The thing that the sun makes when it's beaming down on you. Little do you know, shadows have a world of their own. See, every shadow is assigned a human that they must protect at all costs.

    That doesn't mean being protected from muggers and such, it means protection from things far worse than that. Things that humans can't see.

    Have you ever felt a sudden cold presence? Walking down the street, you feel like someone is watching. And then, as suddenly as the feeling was there, it's gone. That is the doing of your shadow. Your shadow is always with you, even if you don't see them.

    Sometimes though, a shadow fails. This is when their motto "protecting you at all costs" comes into play. Sometimes, whether you die or get seriously injured by the unseen enemy, to save you, your shadow merges its soul with yours. You become one. This is where you get people that see "ghosts" and such. They're seeing everything their shadow can see. Then, when another enemy comes, their shadow takes over and kills it.

    Shadows hardly ever fail though. They're better than the best.

    (So, what do you guys think? Should this be a jump-in or OOC?)
  2. I'm a fan of the idea, but I think it bears expanding a little: Do the shadows have a personality and a consciousness, making them playable characters, or are they more like sentient equipment? Also, is there a plot to this setting? Are the shadows being killed off by something impossibly stronger? Is there some kind of secret group of people who are fused with shadows? You say that the shadow takes over; could this be compared with multiple personality disorder?

    I'm very interested, but also still very curious.
  3. I second Minibit. I need a little more on the setting to know whether Axel (i love the guy ^^") should be completely human or not. Of course, the shadows are the same gender as their charges...or are they? Just a thought. I love the concept and I can see myself playing in this one.
  4. Honestly, I'll have to think about some of Minbit's questions, but for now:

    The shadows do, in fact, have their own personality or conciousness. I never thought much about it, I just thought the people who have fused with their shadows should remain anonymous and continue about their lives normally (with a few perks), but the thought of them being in a secret group seems pretty cool. No, it should not be compared with multiple personality disorder because the shadows only take over when there is danger. Though, they have aquired the shadow's sight of the "shadow world" (I'll call it that), like I said above "the people who see ghosts". This can be misinterpreted as MPD, however.

    They will be the same gender as their human.

    As of now, there is no ultimate plot to it, which is why I have it here ^^ So, if you have an idea for a plot to go with this, feel free (I'm still brewing some myself)

    (I'm gonna change the prefix to PLOTTING >:3)
  5. alrighty then
  6. Interested. So, would this be modern day? Just randomly throughout a city or something? Or would it be more so an older time period?
  7. It would be modern day, though I was considering a sort of futuristical setting, but I think it'll just be modern
  8. ooooh a lot to work around.
  9. That's quite alright with me, I was just curious.
  10. Axel or Jace.....Axel or Jace....Jace AND Axel? so many choices @_@
  11. Jace AND Axel? Do it *smug-evil face* xD

    Yes, I've decided it'll be modern day. (I'm too lazy to think of new technology for the futuristical x_x) So, I was thinking maybe everyone could have two characters, one shadow and one human (unless you talk to someone and decide that they will be your shadow or vice versa) That way, if the shadow and human ever have to merge, it'll be easier.
  12. So....we're not going to do this anymore?
  13. Well, I still have some things to plot out ^^; When I put up the OOC, I'll tell you guys.
  14. it's been a weeeeeeeek~

    it's driving me nutzeh.