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  1. Edgar hide behind a bush watching his one true love enter the school. 'She is so beautiful," he thought to himself, 'And today she will be mine and mine alone.'
    Edgar quickly took a few pictures of her before she entered the school. He admired everything about her, the way she talked, walked... just everything about her was perfect. He finally move out of where he was hiding then accidentally bumped into something... well actually someone. It felt like a brick wall. He paused for a moment then looked up at those familiar, emotionless dark grey eyes. Bryce. He tensed up a bit.

    Bryce flashed Edgar his usual scowl, "Hey moron watch where you are going will ya?" Bryce was the type of guy that was rough around the edges. Mysterious, unreadable. He was quite handsome though and well built. He was the type of guy that girls usually fangirl over, he had always had flings though, but never a serious relationship. He never let people in easily.Bryce continued to glare down into those pathetic hazel eyes

    Edgar looked away nervously,
    "S-sorry about that Bryce." He said then quickly scurried into the school.

    Bryce rolled his eyes and muttered, "Wimp..." then he walked into the school heading toward his locker, he looked over at her she was only a few lockers down but damn he really didn't care for her. He looked across the other side of the lockers where Edgar was, he has known for quite some time now how odd Edgar was... and the way he looked at her was honestly kind of disturbing, but he decided not to get involved. None of his business whatsoever. Although he did wonder how come she hasn't figured it out yet.
    He smirked in amusement as he watch the scene before him.

    Edgar breathed in the deepest breath he could, trying to gather up all the courage he could then nervously walked over to the love of his life. He tapped nervously on her shoulder and gave her a nervous smile, "H-Hi..."

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  2. Kat sat drawing in her notebook of the dream place she wish to live in. Sighing she felt someone watching her and look around but all she saw was Bryce. The one guy she hated and he was always where she was. She went back to drawing and jump when someone tap her shoulder making her fall off the bench on her back on the ground. She groan look up saw Edgar "uh hi Edgar" she wince sat up her shoulder in pain now and she held it. "Just give me a second to stand" she breathe and felt uneasy around him. Why did he just walk up like that? It was strange she thought but instead she smile softly. "Help me up?" She held her good hand up for him to help her.
  3. Edgar looked at her a little surprised, "Oh uh.. S-sure! Sorry about that..." He said and help her up, it took him a little bit but he was eventually able to help her up.
    Bryce rolled his eyes, That kid was truly pathetic.
    Edgar cleared,
    "So, uh Kat... there is something I have been wanting to ask you for quite some time now. And um," He blushed a deep red, clearly nervous. Finally he took a deep breath and blurted out, "Will you go out with me!?! I am madly in love with you!"
    Bryce blinked, ok even he knew she wouldn't go for a dweeb like Edgar.
  4. Kat stood held her shoulder nodded her thanks. She look at him shocked by his words. She step back and was little freaked out by what he said. "Um that is uh sweet Edgar but I'm sorry I'm just not that into you. But we can be friends yes?" Something was off about him and it freak her out. She saw Bryce watching and hoped he would come save her. She gave the please come save me look.
  5. Bryce seen the look in her eyes and figured he may as well step in now. So he casually closed his locker and walked over to them casually. He was was just about to pass Edgar when he 'accidentally' bumped into him.
    Bryce gave him a fake glare and scowled, "I swear to fucking god kid if you keep bumping into me I am going to kick your ass."
    Edgar looked at him scared, "S-sorry!"
    Bryce rolls his eyes, "Yeah you better be. Now beat it." And just like that Edgar ran off.
  6. Kat breathe relieved as Bryce came and Edgar ran off. She grab her bag and look at Bryce. "Thanks Bryce. I gotta get ice for my shoulder. Um this is weird to ask but have you ever felt like someone is watching you like a stalker?" She didn't know why she was asking him but if anyone can protect her it him.
  7. Bryce raised an eyebrow, "No I haven't had any stalkers," he thought for a moment, "But if I were you I would watch out for that dweeb. On the way in I caught that kid behind a bush watching you."
  8. "He was watching me!" Kat said freaking out. She felt dizzy and light headed and grab Bryce arm. "Bryce" she whisper fell to the ground passed out unconcious from shock.

    A hour later she woke in the nurse off ice pack on shoulder and groan touch her head. "What happen?" She whisper
  9. Just before Kat passed out Bryce managed to catch her and sighed. He could tell just by the look in her eyes that she was going to pass out. He looked around and noticed the hallways were cleared and scooped Kat up in his arms and went to the nurse.
    When she finally woke up Bryce had his back leaned against the wall with his arms crossed frowning slightly at her, "You passed out."
  10. Kat sat up look at him. "Oh sorry" she mutter and stood roll her shoulder wince it would be sore for a bit. She put the ice away and look at him. "You didn't have to stay. I can tell you didn't want to so just go" she grab her bag to leave
  11. Bryce shrugs as he followed after her, "Eh, it kept me from going to class. Plus I might have ended up punching that dweeb in the face for being so annoying."
    As they left Bryce did feel as if they were being watched... probably that Edgar kid again. He let out an irritated sigh then looks at Kat and smirked, "That kid is pretty. I even admit you are out of his league."
  12. Kat chuckle "I can see you do that" she walk our and stop felt like they were being watched. She look at him raise a eyebrow. "Oh I am. I'm out of a lot of guys league even yours" she grin and look around. "Bryce you wanna get food? I don't want to be on campus's right now" she was getting nervous thought she saw Edgar behind the wall. She set her bag down and walk over to the wall to look hoping she is just being paranoid.
  13. Bryce smirked and rolled his eyes, "Please woman, you are not my type," he paused for a moment at the mention of food, "Actually I am kinda hungry and I don't wanna be here. So fine by me. We can take my motorcycle." He said as they exited the school. Bryce looked at her as he hopped on his bike.
  14. Kat chuckle "uh huh sure" she tease him. She follow him and got on his bike put her arms around his waist. "were not going to die right?" She ask little nervous.
  15. Bryce rolled his eyes, "Oh relax I am a good driver thank you very much." He said as he drove off. As he drives he yells loud enough for her to hear him, "So tell me, would you rather be on this motorcycle with me,or be at school having to deal with that Edgar kid?"
  16. Kat held onto hm as he drove. She listen and chuckle lean closer to his ear so he can hear. "With you. I rather be anywhere with you then with that Edgar kid. He scare the hell out of me" she chuckle smile rest chin on shoulder.
  17. Bryce chuckles, "Thats what I thought," He said as he parked into a fast food restaurant and hopped off the bike then waited for her and flashed a smirk, "But you should feel lucky you have a stalker now." He joked.
  18. Kat got off and roll her eyes. "Lucky? I'm creeped out. I swear he come up to me again I'm yelling rape" she walk inside stood in line. "I think he been following me for a while. Should I tell the police?" She ask Bryce look at him scared
  19. Bryce frowned, he could tell she was terrified. He let out a sigh, "Well first off they will just tell you there is not much they could do right now cause there is not enough evidence," yes believe it or not Bryce knew this type of stuff, "You can't do it right now because you don't have the evidence. What you need to do is write down all the things he does on what day and time then once you get enough evidence then you can go to the police."
  20. Kat sigh and nodded listening. "Okay I'll do that. But if I end up dead tomorrow it your fault for not letting me go to police" she chuckle and order her hamburger and fries and drink. She sat down waiting for her order and gasp seeing Edgar. She grab Bryce arm "Bryce I see him he right there" she pointed outside but no one was there.
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