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Proposals with Food

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Stacisaur, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Yet another Yahoo! article I came across before bed.~


    So. Alright now.
    We've got Pizza Hut with a deal of providing limo service, a ruby engagement ring, flowers, fireworks, personal videographer, with breadsticks and a medium pizza for some who place their order early. Coming down to a total of $10,010.

    WHAT?! XD
    When I think Pizza Hut, I don't think engagement. >.>'
    But... Now that I read that over, that's not a bad package.
    But also, it's an engagement.
    I would think someone can do something A LOT less expensive, and MUCH more special than that. >.>'
    Makes me wonder how much they are getting so far.~

    The cupcake thing is cute!
    So much money though. o.o''
    And the last bit about the lady swallowing the ring through the milkshake made me smirk. >:3

    So, apparently, according to this, food makes engagements more enjoyable. Kinda?

    What do you guys think about all this stuffs?
    I'm curious. xD <3

  2. Awesome.

    Also, a note to my future wife: Save the money and just get me the Pizza and bread sticks : )
  3. Don't hide the ring in the marinara sauce!
  4. I always wondered if in Louisiana if anyone ever proposed by putting a ring inside a king cake instead of a little plastic baby....

    That would be cool....

  5. Yay for my home state. The baby is cute and small and its in the most delish type cake ever.

    Just take your time chewing....slowly...slowly...

    *has past memory lapses* T ^ T
  7. A ring holding the Taco Bag closed.