Pronunciation of "One X One"

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  1. It's been bothering me ever since I started on Iwaku. How do I pronounce this? I'm currently pronouncing it as "One ex one" but it could also be "one cross one" or "one one", if you go by Hunter X Hunter being "hunter hunter"
  2. I don't think it really matters how you pronounce it, as there's no "right way" to say one x one. Everyone says it differently, and everyone knows what is meant if they hear a different pronunciation.

    Generally, I switch between "One ex One" and "One on One".
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  3. The "x" is always pronounced as an "ecks" to me. Whether it's "one x one" or "Jessie x Buzz" or anything else.
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  4. What Kylulu said. I typically stick with one ex one, but sometimes I say one on one.
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  5. One xone, where the x is pronounced as in xylophone.

    (Okay, I actually pronounce it more as "one ecks one", but hey, the alternative I just posted is pretty intriguing, right?)
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  6. I'm like Kylulu, except I more often say it like

    "One on one"

    "Hunter ecks hunter"
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  7. Thanks all! I think I might use the One Xone idea just for the hell of it :P
  8. It's not about the pronunciation, it's about the execution. The first One symbolizes the yin, or the darkness, exists completely because the other One is symbolic of yang, or the light.

    The X is there as the invisible line that both separates and connects, without one there is not the other, without the other there is nothing but nothing.

    It's One on One.
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  9. I say One on One. O__O

    But Hunter ecks Hunter. XD
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  10. According to a note in the manga, it's meant to be pronounced Hunter Hunter. It was the first thing with an X in it that popped into my head when I was trying to research the pronunciation of the X, I haven't got round to reading it myself, but several people and sites were all agreeing on Hunter Hunter.
  11. One on One ftw

    but hell if i know what its actually supposed to be
  12. I've always just went with "One on One" without really giving it any thought. It just came naturally. :p

    But who cares anyway?
  13. I find that I use numbers more than the words themselves. "1x1" works better for me I guess.
  14. Wait...

    1x1 was about One on One roleplaying?


    Shit, all this time I thought everyone on Iwaku was just stumped by the easiest math homework ever....
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  15. I think I'm the only person in this ENTIRE forum who reads aloud the words "one x one" as "two player RP."

  16. I always say either "one on one" or "one to one", but I never say the 'x' in it. *_*
  17. I read it as "One by One", the same way I'd read multiplication when I was learning elementary maths. Now that I write that out, it doesn't make sense — "One on One" seems to be the intended implication.