Promises made in the storm are always forgotten in the clam.

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  1. "Kain Kenji Miyazaki, Get your ass back here now, sunrises in 3 hours I want you back before it rises or else"

    Her father yelled through her speaker of her Iphone as she made her way through Tokyo airport . She had changed her number at least twice since leaving her family home 2 weeks ago, How he got her number, She didn't know.

    "But Father..."she didn't even start to make her case before he cut her off again.

    "No buts young lady, you have responsibilities that need tending to and you making your poor mother worried"

    Kain let out a frustrated sigh as she placed the phone on top of her baggage, ignoring her father ranting as she booked her self in for her 3 am flight to new York. Her mother would get over it. She was Immortal after all.

    "There you go Ma'm, enjoy the flight"

    The hostess smiled warmly at her. Would she freak if Kain told her that she could see the vein on the side of her neck as it pumped blood through her body and how much she would to latch onto it and suck her dry.

    "Ma'm your ticket"

    The hostess repeated giving her one of the fake smiles most hostess gave people. Kain tore her gaze from the poor women neck. Fuck she was hungry, the bagged dear blood she had earlier in the limo didn't help at all. It was going to be one long flight.

    "I am sorry, day dreaming"

    She laughed at herself as she grabbed the ticket from the hostess offering her half a smile as she Picked up the phone her father still ranted on not even Noticing her absent.

    "Did you hear me Kain, I want you home"
    "Yes Father i heard you, and no i am not coming home, i have to go my plane it boarding"

    she ended the call cutting off her father protest as she dumped her handbag and emptied her pockets into the plastic blue tray as she lined up the airport security check, looking around tapping her fingers against her hips she spotted what looked like a 23 year old arguing with the a security Guard who waist line had seen better days, she couldn't help but smile as the guard made him strip of his shirt. Kain enjoyed the view of the tattooed muscled back.

    "Look there she is, hey honey come over here for a moment this guard doesn't believe my story"

    Kain was stunned for a moment, was he talking to her, she looked around to see if she was just seeing things out of blood lust.

  2. I was running around the streets of New York city. I was trying to find a place to hide. When ever I see some thing bad I report to the police. Doing this has made me a enemy of the small local gangs. I made a sharp turn right but the alley was a dead end. Shit I don't have time for this. "Hay wh..." I was punched in the teeth trying to talk it out.

    *crash* *ding,ding* I fell to the floor landing on some thing sharp. " AGHH... humh humh" I screamed in pain my breathing shadowed and rapid. IT HURTS, O GOD DOES IT HURT. My mouth is searing in pain and my back is gushing blood. I could drown whit the amount of blood in my mouth.

    " You thought you could mess with us. First we are going to beat you an inch of your life. Then we are going to have fun with your sister."

    No he just didn't. You scum you trash you think you can win. I get up slowly looking at my enemy. Three of them in a standard formation. The left with a bat and the right with a knife. The center with brass knuckles and what looks like a gun in his pocket.

    " You shouldn't have let me get up. Now I'm done playing around." As I threaten them they move in closer.

    "You think you can threaten us. You probably don't have the strength to beat one of us."

    " One is all I need."

    "Pretty bold statement. Now lets see you back it up."

    They rush towards me. I drill my fist in the center. I was stabbed in the right arm and hit with a bat to the left nee. I then punched the center in the face as he falls. I was then hit in the back of the head and stabbed in the ribs. My vision is getting blurry and I can't breath. I fall to the ground and reach into his pocket. If I'm going you are comeing with me. I wiped out the gun out of the pocket shooting them both in the left side chest. Is this the end. Am I going to die by a bunch of thugs.

    " Brother pleas don't die. I need you."

    "Sis" No it cant be your ... DEAD. I must be dieing. She looks so beautiful. She would look like this at this age. I want to hug you and kiss you.

    "Brother pleas don't" Alright anything for you so stop crying. I'm in the ally again with tears rolling down my face. I start crawling to the street.

    "O MY GOD!! SOME ONE HELP THERE IS SOME BODY HURT!! CALL 911!!" Some pair of lungs. Shit now i can't make it to the airport. I need to pick up my family. They are going to kill me if they find out I'm in the hospital again...
  3. *Beep* ... *Beep*

    So annoying


    What happened? Why am I here? Its dark and cold…the air is thin.


    " When will he wake up!"
    "Sir we will notify you when he regains consciousness."
    "He shot two boys and one is in critical condition."
    "We know sir but..."
    "But nothing he needs to be questioned!"

    So it’s all coming back. Where is the clock? There, good I still got time. I guess the clocks go back. I got to get out of here their going to come soon.
    I pull myself out of bed and go to the window. It’s just the first floor I can walk out. As I crawl out the window the plug is pulled out and a alarm is made. I limped as fast as I could go the air cold brushing my hot skin.

    "He's gone police quick he's gone!!"

    Too late and too bad I know this neighborhood. There is a sleeping homeless man. I take the rags, jacket, and cash. I look like crap but this will do.
    I walk two streets and hail a taxi.

    "To the airport pleas."
    "Alright the meters are running."

    I don't have to worry about the police. They are looking for a teen escaping a hospital not a homeless man heading to the airport.

    "We are here. That totals to 25$"

    I give him the money. The wounds didn't open again.
    Sitting down in the airport waiting for my family to come in.

    "I guess I will take a nap."
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