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    • Located deep in the woods is a mansion, owned by a few very rich Men. These men come and go as they please- and some even live in the mansion. Nobody but them knows about this place... well, except for the ladies kept here.

      The females and males kept here are called 'Pets,' because they posses animal-like features. (Like, Neko's.) There are both male and females kept here. They're well fed, well dressed, well taken care of. The men who own the house pay a selected few to take care of these Pets. They're given shelter, and safety from normal people who would shun them for their differences.

      And, what do they ask for in return?

      While these men are here, the Pets must cater to every need. Whether it be sexual, which it usually is, or not.

      1. No one liners. Those are no fun.
      2. Please use anime pictures for you looks.- In addition to this, if your image includes nudity, please place it in a spoiler.
      3. Your character can have any kind of animal features you want (cat, dog, Meerkat, mouse, whatever.)
      4. Only males can be the people who own the house, but the pets can be either female or male.
      5. No more than 3 characters per person.

    • For the Dominant Males:
      [Insert looks here]
      What Pets call them:
      Age: [20-35]
      Do they live at the mansion, or visit?:
      Room in Mansion:

      For the Pets:
      [insert looks here]
      Age: [16-25]
      New Arrival or have been here for a while?:
      Room in Mansion:
      How they were taken/recruited:

    • Owners:
      1. Wilhelm (N0VA)-28, Master/Daddy.
      2. Chester (unicornx)-26, His Majesty/Master.
      3. .
      4. .
      5. .
      1. Riley (LexieLove)- 17, Cat.
      2. Brianna (Kitsune)-16, Dog.
      3. Laura (Haruka)- 18, Bunny.
      4. Hunter {brown hair} (Gladis)- 17, Cat.
      5. Chase {white hair} (Gladis)- 17, Cat.
      6. Jordan (Supernova)-20, Canine/Wolf.
      7. Florence (unicornx)-22, Tiger.
      8. .
      9. .
      10. .

    • The Mansion is located deep in the woods. The woods stretch on for miles, but a quater of a mile out on each side of the house, there is a fence that is electrified at all times. This is what keeps the pets in.

      Kitchen (open)


      The kitchen is always fully stocked. There are also cooks available at all hours of the day to prepare whatever meals the pets and masters are in the mood for.

      Dining Room (open)


      This is where all meals take place. Servers serve the food, and refill drinks. A Daddy sits at each end of the table, with their pets occupying the seats in the center.

      Living Room 1 (open)


      There are two living rooms. This one is basically a sitting room, where everyone is allowed to hang out.

      Living Room 2 (open)


      This is the second lving room. The difference is that there is a TV in this one.

      Bathrooms (open)

      There are 4 bathrooms, 2 on each floor.

      This is the 1st bathroom, it is on the bottom floor.

      This is the second bathroom. It is on the 1st floor. There is no shower- only sinks, a bathtub, and a small sitting area.

      This is the 3rd bathroom. It is on the second floor.

      This is the last bathroom. It is on the second floor.

      Pets Bedrooms (open)

      All the bedrooms for the pets are on the second floor. I will update this as pets sign up. Click on the name to see the room.


      Master's Bedrooms (open)

      These are the bedrooms for the masters. They are all on the 1st floor. I will update this as masters sign up. Click on the name to see the room.


    Here is my character:
    Name: Riley Hart
    Age: 17, almost 18.
    Gender: Female.
    Animal: Cat
    Kinks: Threesomes, gangbangs, bondage, being dominated, being forced to do stuff with another girl while being watched, being watched while masterbating, bondage, being called "Kitten" or "Baby Girl", roleplaying, toys, teasing.
    New Arrival or have been here for a while?: Been here for a while.
    Room in Mansion:
    How they were taken/recruited: She was on her way to cheer practice, and was abducted.
    ~ Hated it at the Mansion at first, but now she only minds it when she's being used.
    ~ Loves to swim, despite being a cat.
    ~ Can't cook to save her life.
    ~ Before coming here she used to hide her ears and tail, but now she doesn't.
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  1. This is a very awesome idea, I am unsure why it didn't pick up. I am not a huge, huge, fan of this genre thanks to a certain someone but I am willing to give it another shot. Give me some time and I will have a character ready.
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  2. I assume it's me huh? sorry about that.
  3. ~Looks~

    Brianna Thomas

    16, almost 17



    Having control, being used, orgies, roleplaying, being watched, food, teasing her partner, semi-public/public places, being cooed at like a real dog (EX: "Who's a good doggy? Who's a good girl?"), gangbangs, nonstop, being 'punished', bit of bondage, kissing

    New Arrival or have been here for a while?:
    Been there for a while

    Room in Mansion:

    How they were taken/recruited:
    Stumbled on the mansion while on her way to work

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  4. No, not really. The person is gone and I hope it will stay that way.
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Wilhelm Van Mortifier

    What Pets call them?

    Master, Daddy (Whatever they find sufficient, he does not have a preference)

    Age: 28

    Kinks: Dominant Women, Slutty Girls (When the mood hits him), Lingerie, Women with large hips, ass and breasts, Women older than him

    Do they live at the mansion, or visit?

    He usually visits but sometimes he stays for a few days to a month.

    Room in Mansion:

    Other: An extremely secretive, mysterious and calm person he rarely engages in conversation with men/women unless need be, when he becomes nervous and angry (which is very rare) he is extremely aggressive and vengeful, he will take it to the point of combat and death. Extremely selfish when it comes to women, he likes no-one messing with the woman he likes and he will go as far as torturing them and killing. His an extremely stubborn man and his word is always final, no excuses. Nothing is known about him beside his obvious personality and dressing order, he dresses in expensive suits and rarely in fashionable jeans and hoodie... on his hands are almost always a type of glove/s. Besides seeing that he is fairly rich and on the high tier it is rumored that he came from a poor family and as he grew up he made the money he now has, it's noticed that he is a owner of several companies but there is something else that is also a income for him but that is to unraveled in the future.​
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  6. Accepted! Great! :)
  7. Oooo I like the mysterious background. Accepted!
    Oh, but the picture for the bedroom isn't working. If you could fix that, I'd really appreciate it. :)
  8. Fixed, it seems pictures stop loading after awhile which is strange. You should be able to view them now. :-)
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  9. Um, im still pretty (no, really REALLY) new to this type of RP, and I'm just sort of curious to explore this field as well.So advance apoligies if a bunch of stuff kinda sounds off or just doesnt make any sense> <;;

    (Without tattoo thing on the arm)
    Name: Laura Smith
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Animal: Bunny

    Kinks: Being dominated, Teasing, Foreplay, Cos/Roleplaying, Bondage, Threesome, Dancing, Being watched, Showers

    New Arrival or have been here for a while?: New Arrival

    Room in Mansion:

    How they were taken/recruited:
    Was on her way home to her apartment when she somehow blacked out and was somehow brought in the mansion.

    Laura is hot-tempered and can be rather cold.She can be a bit rude ad would speak her mind.She could be disobedient and unwilling when it comes to "obeying the master (s)" at first, but eventually she does what's she is told.Truth is, she could be slightly easily embarrassed, but at the same time could be pretty slutty.
  10. [​IMG]

    Hunter(brown hair) and Chase(white hair)




    Hunter: Biting, Licking, Clothed Sex, Group, Threesome, Being Watched
    Chase: Biting, Licking, Collar, Dirty Talk, Ice, Threesome
    (the lists are probably longer but that's the only thing I can think of. -w-)

    New Arrival or have been here for a while?:
    They'be been there for a while

    Room in Mansion:

    How they were taken/recruited:
    The twins come from a very bad home environment. They were offered a way to get away from there and thus agreed. Little did they know what living at the mansion would truly mean.

    Nothing, really. X3​
  11. Accepted!
  12. Accepted! :)
  13. We just need a few more owners before we start :)
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Jordan 'Wolf'
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Animal: Canine, moreso a wolf
    Kinks: BDSM (not too heavy besides being tied up), restraints, toys, leashes, daddy kink, threesomes, rough sex, dirty talk, nonstop, denied, biting
    New Arrival or have been here for a while?: Been here for awhile, since he was about 17.
    Room in Mansion:
    How they were taken/recruited: Jordan saw an ad for money and he was led there on accident but decided to stay there.
    Other: None.
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  15. Ooooh, mind if I join?

    N A M E ; ;
    Chester Emmanuel Rodriguez
    W H A T - P E T S - C A L L - H I M ; ;
    His Majesty (He demands to get the royal treatment)
    A G E ; ;
    K I N K S ; ;
    Dominant from the bottom || Passive-Aggressive Men || "Thick" Women || Teasing (half the time that's all he'll ever do) || Threesomes (Very picky)
    D O - T H E Y - L I V E - A T - T H E - M A N S I O N - O R - V I S I T ? ; ;
    He visits fairly often and stays no longer than a couple of weeks, sometimes less depending on his rough "schedule".
    R O O M - I N - M A N S I O N ; ;
    O T H E R ; ;
    Not much is known about Chester other than that he hails from an immensely wealthy family of three children; him being the youngest and only boy. Growing up in a sheltered and very closed-off environment, he and his sisters were raised and groomed to be the refined faces of their parent's company (though he was the one that snag a position as the CEO). He spent most of his childhood studying in locked rooms and being tended to by countless servants, private tutors, and of course, his family. He is the embodiment of the phrase 'all work and no play'.

    N A M E ; ;
    Florence Cain
    A G E ; ;
    G E N D E R ; ;
    Cisgender Female
    A N I M A L ; ;
    K I N K S ; ;
    BDSM (Only if she's dom) || Violence || Taking Control || S&M || Big Hands || Dirty talk
    N E W - A R R I V A L - O R - H A V E - B E E N - H E R E - F O R - A - W H I L E ? ; ;
    Has been here for a while
    R O O M -I N - M A N S I O N ; ;
    H O W - W E R E - T H E Y- T A K E N / R E C R U I T E D ? ; ;

    Willingly went there just for the hell of it, it's not like she has a family to worry about her.
    O T H E R ; ;
    Generally calm and nonchalant to the things of her surroundings, Florence projects an air of confidence and nothing short of sophistication. Though her thirst for danger and thrilling adventures make her a very unpredictable and destructive individual. Somewhat a loose canon, if you will.​
  16. Accepted! :D
  17. Both accepted! Well done.
  18. May I join? I think I'll either be a master or a corruptible virgin femboy.
  19. May I reserve two female pets, please? One will be a gray wolf and the other will be a grizzly bear. :3
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