GROUP RP PLOTTING Prometheus...?

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  1. So, some of you might have detected that I have a lingering obsession with this film... not only a disbelief at how flawed it was... but a zealous desperation to see the good in it...

    I wake up in the morning, and more often than not my thoughts go to it... to wondering how it could have been improved... to theorising how I, as a writer, would have executed such a story...

    So... as therapy and homage to a franchise that shaped the dark and allegorical parts of my psyche... I propse this:

    We do Prometheus as it should have been done. We play the crew, we take the mission, we land, and we portray the Engineers as they should have been portrayed. We make the story mean something. We make a direct prequel.


    Elizabeth Shaw - protagonist infertile religious scientist chick who carries our emotional investment

    David - creepy ambiguous synthethic who can communicate with teh alienz (and follows basic logic)

    Meredith Vickers - straight-laced ice queen who stops people acting like retards (and can run sideways)

    Captain Janek - gungho, down-to-earth captain (who doesn't have a hair-trigger death wish)

    Peter Weyland - greedy old guy who seeks immortality and abuses his power (and doesn't pointlessly hide away on his own ship)

    Charlie Holloway - heroic scientist dude (who is NOT stupid enough to take off his helmet in an alien bio-facility)

    Fifield - bad tempered, tattooed mapping expert (who DOESN'T get lost easily)

    Millburn - nervous geeky biologist (who knows better than to pet a rearing vagina-monster)

    Chance - Suave pilot who likes to make bets (and isn't suicidal)

    Ravel - Asian co-pilot who likes to make bets (and isn't suicidal)

    Ford - Female crew medic (who doesn't randomly forgive people for clubbing her in the head)

    Mercenaries 1,2,3,4 - Faceless redshirts ripe for character development (who hopefully won't be killed by an inconsistent zombie)