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  1. I'm a senior in high school, and my prom is tomorrow. Well, not my school's prom, the prom I'm going to, which is at a different school. But that's unnecessary information.

    Anyways, I didn't learn about the date early enough to take it off work. So I just hoped and prayed that I wouldn't work tomorrow night.

    But I do, as my schedule told me two weeks ago.

    I've been more or less frantically searching for anyone to take my shift at work and now, the day before prom, i've come to the realization that I have no one else to ask.

    So this leaves me in a very uncomfortable situation: do I call in sick tomorrow for work and go to prom, or do I cancel on my friends and go to work?

    There's so many factors for me to consider. One: it's a Friday, and I'll still have to go to work the next day, which is damn suspicious. Also, my work will then be a person short, which makes me feel incredibly guilty. Two: my friends have already purchased my prom ticket for me and, while I'll pay them back, that's $20 I would prefer not to waste. I also asked my best friend to prom and he'll be upset if I can't go. Not to mention the rest of my friends who will be expecting me.

    I have a responsibility to my job, I know, but I also won't have much time with my friends this coming summer and I'm moving out of state for college in August. I'm only able to see them every other weekend or so since I moved about an hour away last year. But, still, my job....

  2. Can't you explain this to your boss?
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  3. ^ This. o.o
  4. Prom.

    Call in sick and go to prom. I nearly skipped my senior prom as well, but thankfully my friends dragged me by my ears and forced me to go.

    You'll have plenty of other days to work. This is your last chance to have a high school prom night.
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  5. Prom.

    Prom is a one time thing you have. Work happens everyday.

    Just go and have fun there.
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  6. I agree, go to prom. It's something you only really get to experience once, and you'll face nothing but work once you graduate. Enjoy being a teenager while it lasts.
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  7. I say work. Makes more monwy
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  8. I wish. I once tried to explain that I had a funeral to go to and they still made me come into work right after it. I imagine prom would be even harder to explain, much less get off.

    @ everyone else
    Thanks for the input and advice! I decided to call in.~
  9. Well... This was the fastest resolved Consueling thread I've seen yet.

    Congrats, and have fun at prom. :)
  10. Make sure to update the thread afterwards to let us know how it goes~
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  11. I know I'm late, but I think this is worth pointing out:

    Personally I think you should go to your work, and that's mainly because you're risking to get fired if they figure out that you called in sick and then went out with your friends.

    A lot of pictures are taken on proms, and not everyone will be so kind as to not upload them on social media (actually most will upload them without a second thought). A lot of them will say which date it was and what a fun prom it was, and you might be in one of those pictures. You might not even notice that you happened to end up in a picture. If your boss or someone you work with comes across such a picture with a date on them just days after you called in sick for that day, you will be in trouble. Even if no one at your job knows anyone at that prom doesn't mean they won't stumble upon it, and just because you don't think anyone at work knows of anyone at that prom doesn't mean it is an absolute truth. There might be someone knowing someone without you knowing of it.

    It is up to you if you think the risk is worth it, but think about this. No work = no money. Are you able to handle the consequences if they figure you out?
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  12. I know it's late as you already decided, but I say it's worth taking the risk. We often end up feeling regret over not taking risks, rather than the other way around. And even if your boss did find out, would they reprimand you for it? I mean, in some way, probably, yeah, but would they go so far as to fire you? As far as I can tell you live in the USA, where prom is a HUGE thing - I'm sure any normal person wouldn't blame you. Unless your boss is like a hateful person or something, in which case, that sucks :/
  13. If you're actually financially dependent upon the job, then you've made a poor decision and could be screwing yourself over big time. If that's not the case, then you'll probably be okay even if you do get into trouble for this. For future situations like this, make sure you take a look at your priorities (such as being able to pay bills > a night of fun) and ensure that you're actually following them. That's generally a better method of decision making than asking a bunch of strangers on the internet who don't know much, if anything, about your life.
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  14. Being honest I do agree with redblood and Jorick, it's risky and may not be worth it.

    However, having not seen this thread until (supposedly) the call was sent in, it seemed pointless to them berate them for the action right before Prom.
    At that point the lie had been made, best to let them at least enjoy the Prom at that point.

    Also note though that I had never bothered going to my schools Prom.
    So I honestly don't even know the value/importance of it, or if it's an experience one should miss or not.
    I mean, I never went and I clearly lived. But still, no idea as to if it actually is a great experience or not.
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  15. I never went, either, since I just wasn't interested. But I can understand how it's a pretty big deal to a lot of people, not to mention a one-in-a-lifetime-experience.
  16. Personally for me it always looked like Prom was just media exaggeration.
    Though there's enough people who like prom that I'm thinking they has to be something I'm missing.
    Granted during the time of my Prom I had no girlfriend that I could physically take there.
    Like, I did have a girlfriend, but we were 1000's of miles apart. So Prom wasn't a possibility.
  17. *shrugs* I can see why a lot of people like it. It just wasn't for me.
  18. That's just it, you dont need anybody to go to prom with. You just go and soon enough you'll find SOMEONE to talk to. Prom is for the senior class only (unless a senior and junior/sophy/freshmen are going as dates/friends.). It's like a one big get together before you all get shipped off after you graduate, and its the last one you'll ever have with these people.

    That's why people think it's a big deal, because for most of them it's the LAST highschool dance they'll go to. I went to mine with my friends and to be frank I'm glad I went. I was not really big on going to dances or school events, but I'm glad I went. It was probably the most fun and entertaining dane I've been too. THEY HAD MASHED POTATOES IN MARGARITA GLASSES FOR GODS SAKE. The food was so good, it was like the best part lol
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  19. That might be part of the reason I don't really get it.
    Everyone I knew/got along with didn't go to Prom either, and I still know those High School friends to this day.
    Hell, three of them are due to show up at my house in an hour for a tabletop game, with a fourth joining in online from her dorm room.
    That and I never went to any of the school dances (they weren't common anyways), so there wasn't any pressure from it being the last one.

    Though the food is tempting... I like good food. :3
    I'm thinking it's just a case of I don't have the same draw/interests that most others do, combined with the fact I was under little risk of losing said high school friends in the first place.
  20. I'm just going to throw my two sense in:

    Personally I would choose work as I have my family to think about. On the other hand, if I was in your position I would choose prom without a second thought. Sorry, but friends to me are just as important as family and time with them is priceless.
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