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  1. It had only taken so much time for Misami to actually prepare herself, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror, a slight pass of nervousness on her normally serene features. This was her first real job and so far, she had never been more nervous in her entire life. She began to recall some olf japanese proverbs, but none of them seemed to alleiviate her anxiety. She was in an academy full of supers, and some of them could very well kill her off with a snap of their fingers. She grimaced for moment reflecting on the thought. "Am I sincerely thinking about death?... She straightened herself, on the porcelain sink for a second, and looked into the mirror, she had to be ready, she had to be the one to make sure the students were comfotable, but really, was she the right choice for this type of job? She looked away, her hands gripping the sides in a feeble attempt to muster some confidence.

    That doesn't matter now, the students are looking up to me..."

    She straigtened her tie, and pressed her hand down on her collared shirt. Her auburn hair fell in curly locks, over her eyes, she looked much younger than she actually was, but most Japanese women were presented in such a manner. She sighed and then resumed her duties, she was to walk out into the main entrance and greet the stuent population. On the way to the podium across the hallway, away from the bathroom, her colleagues had already started their round of gossip. " Now we have to teach freaks, how to be 'normal'. Jesus we aren't a mental hospital, I don't see why we can't just kill them off and be rid of them..."

    Rina tried to come to grips with the comments made, but her anger made her composure slip easily. Though a soft smile was still visible on her face, their was an obvious inderlying layer of anger in her voice. "Excuse me, if you have a problem with the students you have yet to meet, then I suggest you leave...."

    It was none other than Semaine Greer, the man she had been responding to, he took a sip of the hot latte in his hand. "Who are you to be adressing me?..." he asked, somewhat offended by Rina's sudden turn. She walked closer to him, that annoying simile stil on her face. "Your boss..." she whispered, before turning away towards the main entrance, the podium only feet before her, she stepped up, not even daring to look down due to her fear of heights. But by the sounds she could clearly hear that the place was absolutely packed. She opened her eyes taking a peek at the massive crowd of students, conversating and sharing the innerthoughs of society. She pipped up at the excitement lolling in the air.

    " Student! Students! Welcome to Proleon Academy, you all are amoung the first to witness the new renovations to the school property! Here you will be safe from the dangers of society, laws regarding the genetic segragetion has no effect on you, in fact, you are most precious to the government. Here, we will teach you to hone your powers, and prepare yourselves for adulthood with your genes! Classes start tommotrow at 9:00 am, though for today, you can all relax and get accquainted! Enjoy your stay..."

    She bowed the lower half of her body, as many Japanese men and women tend to do when showing respect to others, she walked away from the podium, fast, the entire speech had been involuntary, she said the things that were strictly on her mind, nothing from the paper she had writen yesterday evening, she sighed relieved that the hard part was mostly over. She looked at Semaine Greer, who smirked at Rina's obvious difficulty. "Try to get yourself accquaited with them as well, Greer..."

    He snorted at her, "As if....". Rina frowned at the spectacle, and merely masaged her temples, after that speech she needed a little reassurance.

    (All teachers can start exploring the school and greeting with students if they want >.<)


    A cigarette was tugged safely behind his tongue, he had yet to light it, yet his sister had already applied her lighter to the tip of the cigarette, her lighter nearly scared the officers driving the vehicle in the first place, her hands handcuffed and offering her brother a light, as if the officers hadn't searched them throughly enough, one of them grimaced for a moment, thinking back to the genetic segregation, almost wishing the dictation had been ruled on supers, so he wouldn't have to deal with the twins, as he turned his head towards the two in the backseat, Rasiel grinned, his cigarette poking out in his direction, Rasiel blew out the smoke, using his free had to remove the cigarette from his mouth. Boy, that made him turn red.... he turned back in his seat angry, why? If they had could have escaped so easily from the handcuffs, why not escape from the two. Of course the twins were correlated with Seigi and his gang, before he went on his murdering 'justice' rampage, that had been the main reasonswhy the twins were so sought after. Their faces were broadcast around the world, as 'accomplices' to Seigi's legacy, when in reality they knew nothing, they were nothing but a bunch of delinquents, showing off for as much attention as they could gather, after all teenagers tended to become distracted in only short bursts of moments. His partner continued to drive without any disturbances, no doubt that he was absent in the situation, he had not felt the same way about the genetically disabled, in fact, he wanted to keep out of such business. " His loss..."

    The car stopped only feet away from the entrance, which was surrounded by a vast amount of shrubbery and garden, although the futuristic design would completely knock you out of context with the building, the female twin, he recalled her name being "Rhea" , she quickly turned sideways to the door opposite of her, raising her feet up to her knees, and kicked the door off its hinges with merely her feet, the action had jolted the detective, but he tried to remain calm, they would have nothing but air blowing into the vehicle, he grit on his teeth for a moment, and then simply let the process work itself out. "Damn these kids are pretty fuckin' annoying" before he knew it, Rasiel had already been outside, waving back to him like an idiot, and then switching to a middle finger, Rhea was in tow with both their bags in her hand, no doubt it hadn't even felt heavy. He turned to his partner, and told him to drive away in a quiet tone. He was relieved that this would be the last time they would meet, he desperately hoped so.

    The twins walked into the entrance, which held more students than they expected, some of the students even had the audacity to immediately recognize them from interviews on national television, Rasiel was soaking in the attention while Rhea ignored the looks. Today was the first day, and they meant to make their marks.
  2. Sean was dropped off just after the speech, though it was doubtful that he would have listened anyways. He was too busy staring at the building in shock. It wasn't until Kor, the white bird that always had a home on his shoulder, pecked him in the head lightly to snap him out of his stupor. "Huh? Oh, sorry... I was just wondering how many times I'm going to get hopelessly lost here." he said to the feathered creature. Kor responded with a series of chirps that made him chuckle. "Don't worry, I'm not going to ignore any directions you give. You've got a better eye on the world than I do." he explained, grabbing his stuff from the back of the car. Kor hopped up onto his head so he could sling his backpack and laptop bag over his shoulder, smirking a bit as the bird got comfortable in his hair. "You know, powers or not, people are going to think I'm nuts for talking to you." he joked, Kor letting out an almost scoffing chirp. "Yeah, I know. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you to leave unless it's for something really important." He reached up and gave the bird an affectionate scratch under his beak as he started to make his way towards the main doors.

    The closer he got, though, the more uneasy he felt. There were other people with powers here... Most of which, he could already tell, were more destructive and dangerous than his own. As if he could sense the tension, Kor let out a quiet chirp and started grooming Sean's hair, which was enough to distract him for the moment from his uneasiness. "It'll be alright, right? I mean, the faculty here should stop any trouble before it starts, right?" Kor let out an affirmative chirp and got comfortable again.
  3. Sen had her hawk like eyes focused on the headmistress, an emotionless sneer on her face. The heat inside of her veins was boiling normally as she turned sharply and headed to her dorm room, slowly as she watched her surroundings curiously. She was anticipating her last two years at Proleon to be worth being optimistic about at least for the time-being. A small sigh escaped her lips as she felt her pet howl to her, she didn't want to bring a Husky to her school because she had no idea what the rules about pets were. Terrasias took off her jacket to reveal her black tank-top, she finally got her room with her black tattoo that spread from one forearm to the other glowing dangerously. Sen sat on her bed and gazed out to the place where the speech was held, noticing that most of the students chose to stick around. She lay down and stared at her ceiling silently, not wanting to interact at all. She got up and unpacked her clothes, being neat and organized for the first time as she wasn't quite comfortable here.
  4. A lone, jet black car pulled up outside the orphanage. I had been waiting on the front steps for almost 30 minutes. A man in a black suit and dark sunglasses stepped out of the car. "Taylor Allen Acy?" He addressed me. "Yes sir," I replied. Might as well make an impression if he's from the government. "I'm here to take you to Proleon Academy," he said in a hushed voice, almost as if it was a secret. 'Duh, I've been waiting for 30 minutes,' I wanted to say. Instead I simply said, "Alright, lets go." I picked up my few belongings and stepped toward the car. The man offered to put my belongings in the trunk, so I handed them to him.

    After what I assume to be at least a 2-3 hour drive, we arrive at a giant building, that looks pretty new. I can see other building in the back, this place must be massive. I step out the car and examine the building while the man retrieves my belongings from the trunk. I see him coming out the corner of my eye and turn to him. "Thanks," I say quietly, still in awe of the building. "Enjoy your time here." He says as he walks away and gets back into the car. 'I guess I missed or am missing the orientation,' I think, slightly mad at the government for making me late.

    I walked in through the big, glass, front doors, and was immediately directed into the orientation. I walked in and was in immediate shock at the sheer number of people. I was a very small kid as is, but on top of that everyone else had to have more dangerous and dominate powers. 'This is gonna be fun..' I mumble to myself.
  5. Waving goodbye to her parents Christa looked in awe at the large buildings towering in front of her as she surveyed the campus where she'd now spend her time for who knew how long, it was a beautiful place and so large she would probably get lost several times before learning the layout. Even though the town she'd lived just outside of was relatively large the amount of students all around her and more coming were equal if not more than the population in her home town, it was quite overwhelming to say the least but also exciting and like a small adventure after living in a sleepy town, here she would also be able to use her powers openly without hiding in woods or indoors. For Christa, who wanted to be as free as the wind she could command this was like being set free after years in imprisonment, however nice of a prison it had been.

    Dressed in cargo pants, boots and a black t-shirt under a short jacket Christa was already feeling the difference in warmth between England and here, stopping to pull off her jacket and hanging it over her shoulder bag before continuing on her way together with the other students towards the orientation. Walking in silence she stared at the academy, the uniquely shaped round buildings with walkways for each floor, a building that grew wider for each floor giving it a strange look, most was made with glass and steel yet it was a beautiful sight as the sun reflected of the glass and the large pond outside one of the buildings.

    Joining the rest in the large, round room Christa looked up on the podium and listened to the principal give her greeting speech, it was short and to the point instead of dragging on and becoming boring thankfully and soon they could leave to start getting aquainted with the school. Christa swept back her dark hair with one hand and started searching for the dorms so she could pack up her bags that should be in the room she'd been given, as she walked she dug threw her bag to find the papers regarding the dorms including her room number, directions and general rules and so on. On her way she grew more and more curious about the other students, what kind of powers they had and what kind of persons they were and which one of them she'd live close to.

    Having finally reached her room, and learned that she'd better go a bit early to the classes to come on time, Christa packed up her clothes, school things and personal stuff in her room, letting the window stand open slightly to let the wind in and fresh up the air, the curtains fluttring slightly. When she was done she slumped down in the arm chair to rest before leaving her room and look at her dorm and later the academy campus and buildings.
  6. It seemed everything was already over. People were talking and there seemed to be nothing organized going on. People streaming in and out. I decided to go look at the dorm listings. I hoped I wasn't with someone I would hate. I went past rows and rows of doors until I came upon the door with the listed number. I walked in and dropped my stuff on the floor. The dorm was actually pretty nice. I walked over to the window with a view of the other parts of the school. 'Wow,' I mumbled.

    I plopped down on a bed and waited for my room mate, or something else to rouse me.
  7. The speech was refreshingly short but also to the point. Daniel pondered how quickly the principal had exited the stage and the words she had said. Her words had flowed well and sounded very natural, as if she wasn't just repeating something she had been rehearsing. Pairing this information with the principals nervous exit, Daniel thought she may be a person of quality character. He sincerely hoped that was the case if she was going to be the one to run this school full of students who's existence was pretty much taboo.

    When the principal left the stage, the multitude of students erupted into murmuring. It brought Daniel out of his thoughts and caused him feel some dread. Social interaction with his peers. He grimaced at the prospect and started getting up from his seat. Before he could make it far out of the aisle, a teacher called out to him and Daniel reluctantly turned around, seeing the teacher approach him with a hand extended. At least it was an adult, he seemed to relate better with adults rather than people his own age. The teacher talked to him primarily about his father and how great a man he was to be risking his business empire by being such a strong advocate for the Genus people. Daniel agreed with him whole heartedly but politely excused himself, shaking the man's hand and bowing himself out of the conversation.

    Phew, made it out.... Daniel's belongings had already been taken to his dorm, now he just had to figure out where it was. It didn't take long to find the list, there was a small crowd gathered which wasn't hard to spot. Politely, Daniel excused himself politely through the crowed until he came to the list. Scanning the list he found his name and that of his room mate. Rasiel Xior, that name sounds familiar. Unfortunately Daniel couldn't place it but he felt it was no big deal, so he once again excused patiently through the crowd and toward his room.

  8. Sean made his way to the dorm assignments, hoping that he wouldn't do anything stupid. He was really... intimidated by the idea of other people with powers being there. Once he got his dorm number and the name of his roommate, he headed towards the dorms, hoping that he was going the right way. After what felt like an eternity of wandering the campus he finally sighed and poked the bird on his head, waking him. "Hey Kor? Wanna help me out here? I have no idea where the room's supposed to be..." he said, sighing. The bird let out a chirp and took off. It wasn't long before there was a loud chirping outside of Taylor's door.

    Sean had to jog to keep up with the bird, and after a few minutes of loud chirping he finally got there. "Thanks, but you don't have to yell... I don't want people getting mad." he explained to the snow-white bird, who just let out a quiet chirp and landed on his shoulder. He knocked on the door before opening it slowly. "Anyone here?" he asked, hoping that his roommate wasn't some psychotic fire user, or would freeze him in the spot, or would punch him hard enough to knock him through the building... The amount of panic that was growing in him was obvious. He hadn't even thought that he didn't even know his roommate's powers, or if he was dangerous. Great timing, thinking of that while he was walking through the door... "Hello?"
  9. Nikki sat through the speech with surprising alertness. Thank god it was short or she doubted that she could sit still for much longer. She wanted desperately to light up. Hopefully, it wasn't against the rules here. And if it was, it didn't matter anyway. She would still find a way.

    She couldn't help but roll her eyes at the speech. She had no intention of getting acquainted with anyone here. They all looked like goody-goodies. Her eyes flight around the room looking from face to face. Occasionally she spotted someone who could have potential to be somewhat ok but nobody who she really wanted to talk to. There was however two people who stirred up some vague recognition in her mind. She struggled to remember but couldn't pin point it. They looked like they might be alright though. She'd just have to see.

    After the speech, Nikki picked up her bags and worked her way through the surprisingly large crowd. She hadn't expected this many kids to go here. As soon as she got out, she headed straight outside. She would visit her room later. Right now, she needed to just breathe and have a light. She made her way around the building so that she was relatively out of sight before lighting up. She stood there, with her cigarette in it's usual position hanging out of her mouth, as she leaned against the building just watching the people. As she stood there, she couldn't help but to think about the boy and girl who she had faintly recognized. Who were they? She tried to find them in the crowd but it was too dense to see. She shrugged and just tried to figure out how she would survive this year.
  10. I was lying in bed when a loud chirping come outside the door. "Why now?" I asked myself as I was almost asleep. It continued, but I could make out another noise, footsteps. They were coming closer. I sat up and looked at the door, wondering if it was my room mate. The sound of the footsteps got closer, until they were outside the door, then suddenly, stopped. "My room mate," I mouthed. I sat up taller on the bed, waiting to greet them. The door slowly opened.

    "Hello?" he called out. "Hey," I tried to sound friendly, didn't want him to think I was mean, or weird.
  11. Danny wove through the halls like he'd been going here for years. Before he came to the school he had looked up the blueprints and maps of the school and had been looking at the school map while waiting for the orientation to start. Occasionally teachers would greet him and talk to him about some of the impressive work he's done. This happened several times, which Daniel endured with patience until he made it to his room finally, passing by a student with a bird on his shoulder. No student greeted him with the same enthusiasm as the teachers had, no student greeted him at all. Being used to not interacting with kids his own age, Daniel didn't even notice.

    Before touching the doorknob, Danny wanted to make sure he didn't blow it up. Sometimes his body would absorb small portions of kinetic energy and if he wasn't careful something might get blown away. After a particularly destructive accident, Daniel had come up with a method from reducing the chances of blowing things apart. He converted the kinetic energy his body had gathered and converted it to static electricity. The result was the hair on his arms stood on end and a small arc of electricity passed from his hand to the doorknob. With that settled, he walked into the room and looked around to see his bag and suitcases set on the ground near a bed. Removing his jacket and setting it on the bed, Danny started unpacking his clothes and things, putting them in drawers or hanging clothes up in the closet.
  12. Sean jumped rather violently when his roommate spoke up. It was enough to startle Kor, who gave him a sharp peck on the head and flew off to the corner of the room. "Ow!" he complained, before looking over at his roommate. "Uh, h-hey..." Smooth entrance, that one. "I guess you're who I'm rooming with? I'm Sean." he said, trying to sound friendly. After a few moments he stepped the rest of the way inside and set his bags down, scratching his head awkwardly. "Did Kor wake you up? Sorry if he did, he can be kinda loud sometimes." he explained, forcing a small smile. Feeling awkward enough already he started to busy himself with unpacking his bags, hoping he didn't make too big of an ass of himself.
  13. "I guess you are my roommate, " I say with a smile. I could tell he was nervous. "I'm Taylor," I grinned. "Oh, Kor didn't wake me either. I guess I shouldn't be going to sleep now anyway." I tried to comfort him. I wasn't one to judge much. He seemed pretty nice, I mean at least I wasn't with some hot headed, kill-you-if-you-look-at-me-wrong guy. Maybe living with Sean won't be too bad...