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  1. Projects and YOU!!!!

    Hello, Iwaku! This is Revision, your friendly neighborhood Project Manager. Did you know that there are many ways members can get involved in making Iwaku even more awesome than it already is? It starts with roleplaying and being awesome people, continues when you start to make friends, participate in groups, and chat in general or cbox. But there is even more! When you get involved in an Iwaku or Group Project, you are enhancing the site for everyone! But how do you get involved? Well, that varies. Let’s start with the simplest way:

    Joining the Iwaku Community Volunteers!
    We are always looking for new people to bring in a fresh perspective and volunteer to make Iwaku a more friendly, super cool place! Stop by and see what needs work, toss around ideas, and get to know your fellow volunteers!

    Even if you don’t want to join the group, you can still:

    Post New Board Games
    Post New General Topics
    Greet Newbies
    Participate in or Create Challenges
    Join and Participate in Other Groups!
    Get to Know New People
    Make Polls
    Post in Threads that Don’t Have Any Replies

    If that isn’t enough for you and you want to participate in other areas that need your help, then read on!

    The Newsletter is a mostly staff run project that is produced for you every month, arriving in the Announcements section on the first. However, just because it is staff heavy doesn’t mean you can’t offer something. Feel free to send a PM to the staff if you wish to have a one time segment in the Newsletter OR submit directly through the article submission form. The requirements? That your segment is RP or Iwaku related. Some ideas are:

    RP “Weather Forecast”
    RP Review Corner
    Around Iwaku
    Forgotten Threads Worth Knowing About
    Anything else you can think of that would fit with the theme of the Newsletter

    Radio Show
    The Radio Show is our monthly youtube presentation of some of the more fun and creative parts of Iwaku. Run by the effervescent Kitti and the ever perfection seeking Rory, the Radio Show strives to bring members entertainment! The radio show always needs volunteers to be interviewed or come up with fun, Iwaku related member content. Head over to the group today, or talk to Kitti if you have an idea for something fun!

    Roleplay Academy
    Run by the perspicacious Ozzie, the Roleplay Academy is a great way to get involved in the community. Whether you stop by to pick up a few tips, to find a mentor, or to discuss post length, it is a wonderful way to learn and, if you feel up to it, give back to the community. Here are some of the wonderful things you can do in the Academy:

    Create an Exercise
    Write a Workshop
    Start a Discussion
    Have a Friendly Debate
    Post in an Ongoing Discussion
    Sign up to be a Mentor or be Mentored

    The Masquerades are a great way to get to know others’ play styles without any presumptions based upon who you are playing with. You don’t even know who is in the room til the end! You may find you love RPing with someone you wouldn’t have thought to ask. Though this is fully staff run, you are invited each month to participate in the role playing! Bring your character, a mask, and your Sherlock Holmes detective skills!

    Genre Festivals
    Run by Revision, the Genre Festivals are a bimonthly event that lasts an entire month and is dedicated to a genre or sub genre of Roleplay, literature, and media. After the success of the original Science Fiction Festival, the group was created to promote future festivals! Go check it out, or simply do some of the following during the festivals:

    Post Genre Related General Topics
    Write Genre Related Blog Posts
    Start a Discussion in the Academy About Playing in that Genre
    Create a One Shot Themed Challenge
    Draw, Sketch, Sing, Write, and Post in the Museum
    Participate in a Genre Specific RP or Run One of Your Own
    Join in the Fun of a Chat RP

    Iwaku Wiki
    Did you know that Iwaku has its own Wiki? Lovingly maintained by the wonderful Diana, it is a repository of knowledge and some of the best things Iwaku has to offer. If you have a workshop that will benefit all of Iwaku or an awesome resource, the wiki is the place to submit it for approval. Some things you can do to enrich the Wiki, and thus Iwaku, are:

    Submit a Workshop- Click on the link here and select Article in the create new section. Then just hit “Go” and type away. Hit “Save” when you are done and it will be reviewed by one of the friendly staffers!
    Submit a Simple “How To” Guide- Click on this link and follow the instructions above to create an article. Just the link has changed.
    Submit an FAQ about Iwaku- Click the link for submitting a How To and instead submit your FAQ!
    Submit a Roleplay Resource- Anything that can be used by the community, such as a world, setting, species design, or list of links can be submitted here!

    There are many other ways to contribute to Iwaku, and several will be mentioned in the future. That doesn’t mean you can’t start participating and being awesome right now! So go, have fun, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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