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    The Story
    It's the year 4057 and our world has advanced significantly in technology, medicine, energy, and lifestyle. Dreams and ideas that seemed impossible have become a reality in the new age of science. We have begun to explore outside our solar system, establish liveable bases or colonies on the moon and other planets, hover cars and plasma guns, teleportation, and other amazing feats have occurred world wide. New discoveries, new sciences, new everything. Everything is grander. The world you once knew is now gone.

    Recently new advancements in the study of dimensional travel has come to light. The leading or head scientists of HartTech Inc. have begun advancements of the new science and creating technology centered around dimensional travel. After many months of working on the studies and technology, the media began making light of a proto-type interdimensional machine that can send an individual to different unknown plains of existence. Though Aceheart Inc. has actively rejected all notions centered around this rumor stating that there is no such thing.

    They Lied.

    The head scientists James and Erin Hart have actually successfully drafted blue prints for a machine that will tear open a rift into the fabric of reality. Unfortunately, they have yet to actually get the contraption to work, and even if they did the rift would be to unstable for anyone to travel through. It was so frustrating. How could they stabilize it? It should be easy for them since it seemed to be only just a step beyond teleportation. It could be done if they worked hard enough. So they keep moving onward, striving to finally claim dimensional as a very real. They kept moving, unprepared for the evil lurking in their shadows. Unknown to the corporation, an evil terrorist organization known as simple ACE wanted to steal their blue prints and studies for themselves to gain control over the economy, and possible the world.

    They Succeeded.

    It was Career Day. Parents all over the world were taking their children to work to spend time with them and show them how much they enjoyed their work. This was the same for both James and Erin who had brought their eight year old girl Alicia to work with them. They spent all day giving Alicia a tour of the labs, showing them how they tested their proto-types, the advertisement team, their co-workers, and everything else you'd find at HartTech. Of course, little Alicia was excited and loved everything her parents had shown her. Her parents were happy with her curiosity and interest in their profession. They had hopped their little girl would follow in their footsteps since she had the mind and capabilities to do so. Alicia spent all day learning about the corporation into the night. She was in the lounge watching the TV hologram, flipping stations out of boredom. She wanted to go home, because she was tired and had school the next day, but her parents had to stay late due to some mishap down in the lab. When the power suddenly cut out, and Alicia couldn't get the lights or Hologram to work again she left the room. Something just didn't feel right, and she quickly became frightened. Wanting her parents, Alicia made hast to the lab where her parents were working. When she found the lab in shambles from a ransacking, Alicia began to cautiously sneek around the building. Eventually she came across two strange people walking down the halls. She over heard something about the captives being held at the landing bay, and immediately went there to see if her parents were there. Nothing her parents had taught her prepared her for what was about to happen to the poor girl.

    Her Parents Were Murdered.

    Right before her eyes. The smell of blood filled her nostrils, and her head reeled. She had always been the faint of heart when it game to gore, and watching her parents heads split open and bleed out was enough to cause her to faint behind the large crates she had claimed as a hiding spot. Of course it wasn't a very good hiding spot since they did a sweep of the whole landing bay before finally departing. The intruders cleaned the area, making sure to leave not a trace behind, and began loading crates and bins full of gear, parts, papers, and blue-prints onto an A-9 Star-cruiser. When they came across Alicia's unconcious body, they revealed her to the head of the operation. Feeling pitiful for the young girl, the head decided to bring the girl along. Reasoning the notion with the idea that she could be of service when the time was right. After all is said and done, the organization ACE did a sweep of the young girls mind, erasing her old memories with new fake ones. Instead of being the daughter of the leading scientists of HartTech Inc. she was now the daughter of ACE's founder, CEO, and Head. She grew up on a lie, and brainwashed into volunteering for ACE's "Project: Wonderland".

    Project: Wonderland.

    It was unclear as to where exactly the Head of ACE heard of this strange realm known as Wonderland. Though he seemed determined to get there. Of course, the small group of six "volunteers" were never given any details as to what exactly their mission was after they successfully landed on the other plain of existence. They trained for years not knowing, until the day finally came for them to make the jump.

    Important Note
    Please let those playing the volunteer members post first. After the jump, I will allow those playing wonderland characters to enter the role-play! For those of you playing volunteers I am having it so the jump separates the team into even groups!!! We have six volunteers total so even groups work!

    @Princess of the Teacup
    You will be the first few to post. Please post daily and as much as possible with in the next few days. We have to finish the jump so the others can start as well. If you don't I have full right as Game Master to man handle your character as I please. Below is the pairings and where each pair will drop.

    Alicia Acehart & Reecila Evanica
    Will land in the center of Wonderland. Near Clock Tower and Hatter's mansion.

    Keeya Neil & Zachary Mallik
    Will land in the country of spades, the Lost Forest.

    Satoko Akemi & Tyberius Payton
    Will land in the Country of Diamonds, near White Queen's Castle.
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