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    It's time for the jump.
    Are you ready?

    Teaser (open)

    The Story
    It's the year 4057 and our world has advanced significantly in technology, medicine, energy, and lifestyle. Dreams and ideas that seemed impossible have become a reality in the new age of science. We have begun to explore outside our solar system, establish livable bases or colonies on the moon and other planets, hover cars and plasma guns, teleportation, and other amazing feats have occurred world wide. New discoveries, new sciences, new everything. Everything is grander. The world you once knew is now gone.

    Recently new advancements in the study of dimensional travel has come to light. The leading or head scientists of HartTech Inc. have begun advancements of the new science and creating technology centered around dimensional travel. After many months of working on the studies and technology, the media began making light of a proto-type interdimensional machine that can send an individual to different unknown plains of existence. Though HartTech Inc. has actively rejected all notions centered around this rumor stating that there is no such thing.

    They Lied.

    The head scientists James and Erin Hart have actually successfully drafted blue prints for a machine that will tear open a rift into the fabric of reality. Unfortunately, they have yet to actually get the contraption to work, and even if they did the rift would be to unstable for anyone to travel through. It was so frustrating. How could they stabilize it? It should be easy for them since it seemed to be only just a step beyond teleportation. It could be done if they worked hard enough. So they keep moving onward, striving to finally claim dimensional as a very real. They kept moving, unprepared for the evil lurking in their shadows. Unknown to the corporation, an evil terrorist organization known as simply ACE wanted to steal their blue prints and studies for themselves to gain control over the economy, and possibly the world.

    They Succeeded.

    Click the link above for the full story, and more information regarding the Role-play.

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  2. ! Still Open To New Players !
  3. ! Needs Two More Players !
  4. This seems cool, is there still room?
  5. Sorry there is not. If someone drops out you will be the first to get a spot ^^
  6. The positions for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum opened up if you are still interested! ^^
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