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  1. ❝We live in a world where demons cry and angels lie.❞

    The Setting:
    || Asian District || Russian District || American District || English District || Latin American District ||

    Eden's claim to fame is their definition of utopia: Where the citizens are maybe not ecstatic, but entirely satisfied with their government. This was achieved by distraction, if you give the citizens something else to think about then why would they be concerned about the governments doing. If you offer them any information they seek on the government via long and scholarly yet still bluntly truthful website then why on earth would they be infuriated? Eden is a country where longevity is praised.

    There are districts in EDEN. Each district is a representation of Eden's version of it. All the districts were set out originally how the culture is but is changed and shaped by the citizens desire. Most districts keep all holidays and traditions.

    The standard Eden house is smaller in width but commonly very tall. A poor person would have a one-story home, a average family has a three-story home, above average individuals have four to six-story home and the rich receive sky scrapers. This is consistent in all districts except the Austrian district, but it was hit by a bomb so that doesn't really count does it?

    A key fact about EDEN is that when using the country as a noun and not a adjective or a plural it is capitalized. Another fact is that people in EDEN have maps that say EDEN is the only continent in the center of the world and is massive but there are smaller insignificant islands such as Africa, Australia, Iceland, Greenland and etc. Nobody is allowed to leave the country and see however. (The earth in all actuality looks much like it does today and EDEN would be the America's all put together minus all the islands). Citizens of EDEN also believe that the planet they live on is actually Jupiter. (If you showed someone a map of earth today they'd be like, "Oh that's earth, the place with pollution problems right? It'll destroy itself. I'm so glad we live on Jupiter.")

    The Technology:

    Eden's main technological advances would be found in supermarkets and homes.

    The first is E-wall. It's one wall of a particular or set of particular rooms that is 'smart'. It has the function of a tv, intercom, radio, music player, alarm, web surfer, security interface and instant streamer. You simply need to talk to it and it can obey your command. It adapts to it's owner(s) as well. So a lonely old man might have an E-Wall with a woman's voice that often talks back to him or holds conversations with him. A politician might have a E-Wall that's brief, to the point and has the voice of a bumbling female secretary.

    The second is E-shelves. In large supermarkets the shelves are vending machines. You simply enter your supermarket card which records the total of your purchases, slip it into the machine and when you're done with that row of shelves you end the transaction and move on. The shelves can weigh, bag and give you a sample of whatever you're getting. At the check-out you simply hand them your supermarket card, they tell you your total and you pay in the currency which is comprised of mostly bills, not many credit/debit cards or coins: Edens.

    The People:

    Eden's standard of beauty is currently pale and thin with always flawless hair: It's a sign of money. It's a general consensus that everyone likes the pale and thin people. Though in different districts you'll find different spins of this standard. People usually walk or take The Train which is comparable to what you would find in Tokyo. It's good to at least own a car but people walk most places they need to go if they're close enough and if they aren't in a medium to large group. The rich always get around in cars in limousines however. The poor also need to get to different jobs quickly so they tend to use cars more.

    Names play an importance. First names are never 'Bob and Stan'. It's always 'Phoenix, Odyssey, Larynx' or something else unique like that. Last names follow a system. The endings -son -ston -ford, -child and -ton indicate your family has money. Having no ending but a prefix indicates you're of royalty (Royalty works like it does in Great Britain. There are various royal families but they hold little political power). Though if you're adopted you loose any ending your adoptive family while still taking on their last name.

    Examples of names:

    Odyssey Fairchild, Aunex Thompson and Lillica Stanford, Agamemnon Harringston, Zenith Hampton, Corinthian De Silva

    The culture:

    The culture is something where longevity is praised.

    TV shows are 50 minute intricate tales that can't be recorded or replayed. You must go to a theater or buy the dvd in order to see what you've missed. Movies are on average two to three hours and can only be viewed in a theater. In the Asian district variety shows are popular which are fifteen to thirty minute shows with a certain host where they do a certain thing and they get certain people to come in and do these things and they're usually celebrities. The same episode of a variety show can appear up to five times in a day.

    Songs are customarily three to five minutes long. Famous artists correlate directly to artists today. So yes, enjoy having your character suffer through Justin Bieber's five minute rendition of 'Baby' on the radio. Speaking of radio, radio shows are very popular. Celebrities usually go to the radio station and sing the song instead of it just being played through the internet or a CD.

    Project Valkrye

    In this I will cover Valkrye, Owners and the actual Project​

    Valkrye: A male or female that is equipped with one power which is most likely very broad. Valkrye powers aren't normally name but they know and identify it by the basic-ness of what it is. For example a Valkrye could be able to use fire. They can do whatever they know how to. If this Valkrye only knows how to make a sword of fire that's all they know how to do.
    A Valkrye has no name. They simply one day have consciousness somewhere with memories of a childhood leading up to that point that they 7:10 times know is fake. A Valkrye is named by her Owner, whenever he or she gets one. The Valkrye usually usually takes on the Owner's last name as well.
    A Valkrye is identified by a few things. First is his or her number. There are exactly five-hundred Valkrye per city and the lower their number is the more powerful they are. This basically means that Valkrye #4 has better knowledge, control and preciseness with their power than Valkrye #400. A Valkrye from another city has a f before their number to identify they aren't from the city along with whatever number they left the city with. Second is, if they're winged, their Owners potential. A potential of an owner is simply how much power they can offer to complement a Valkrye's strength. Owners do no fighting but direct the fight. An Owner's potential can go up to five hundred and the bigger the number is the better. Low numbered Valkrye want High potential-number owners. A Valkrye has a tatoo on their wrist, a empty circle of varying colors with their number and masters potential
    Owner: A male or female that has winged a Valkrye. They usually aren't aware of Project Valkrye until they are in it. To wing a Valkrye is to make the yours and to wing them you must kiss them on the lips. This often happens accidentally or a Valkrye tries to be human and kisses someone because they love them. After a person becomes an Owner sometimes they are targeted by Valkrye that try to kiss them because of their high potential. Owners often own only one or two Valkrye but the major leaders of the project have a plenitude of them
    The Project: The project ends in a certain city when only one team of an Owner and Valkrye remain. The project only ends in that city when the Owner has only three Valkrye so if a large team was the only one remaining the Valkrye would be forced to kill each other off until there was only three. Then they move on to another city and the Valkrye's numbers change from one to three in order of how strong they are and they become foreign Valkrye. If a Valkrye's master dies then the Valkrye become unwinged. The project is vague. All anyone really knows is snippets. Generally it is known the project ends when there are only fifty Valkrye left. What nobody knows is what happens after that. The person of project Valkrye is Mr. X who is an eccentric man who often hacks televisions and E-walls to give information and if a city stays silent or peaceful for too long he starts up action.

    The Plotline:

    This roleplay will start with introduction posts from everyone and then Mr. X will make an announcement. I will keep track of time via time-periods like morning, afternoon, late evening and night. This roleplay will be mainly driven by the antics of Mr.X and what he has in store for everyone.
    Fights work like this: You have one-hundred health. The Owner and Valkrye both roll a die with their post and added together that total is subtracted off the other persons health during an attack. After a Valkrye reaches under fifty health points they are incapacitated by the rules and a Valkrye could end the fight and walk away with one win in their stats or finish them off. This should tell you characters can die. If you're inactive for too long your character can be killed off by me. Valkrye with numbers under a hundred roll a ten sided die and Valkrye with numbers from a hundred-and-one to three-hundred roll a six sided die. All others roll a four sided die.
    Also in fights if you kiss your Valkrye to give them more power then it's kind of liked you winged them again. The Valkrye's health is cut by ten but they can roll a die with two sides more than they could originally. A Valkrye usually changes clothes when winged but not always. These clothes are usually symbolic of their power. For example a Valkrye who uses fire could wear all red.
    In a fight, a Valkrye can put up a translucent box the color of their hair around the area they are fighting in so normal humans can't see or enter that area. If a regular human walked through the box they wouldn't know it because it would look just like the real world. For the people in the box it would look like the human disappeared on one end but re-appeared on the other.
    A Valkrye's clothes change when they go into fighting mode. Glitter surrounds them and when it dissapears they're wearing a uniform of sorts. It looks like a school uniform and though people come with different uniforms sometimes it all has PV on the chest area for Project Valkrye.

    Unwinged and Winged Valkrye work like this: If you create a character that is winged that character can not be winged by another one of your own characters but by another character. This can happen in the roleplay or before it starts. A Valkrye may force someone to kiss them without their permission using powers because a Valkrye could easily over power a human. A human however would not likely be able to kiss a Valkrye without their permission.
    The process of winging a Valkrye is through a kiss. The Valkrye begins floating and tilting horizantally and beautiful wings appear on them but if you look closely the wings are unattached to their body. This usually evokes a emotional connection in humans but not always.

    Stats work like this: A master, when trying, can see something above a Valkrye's head. The first number is the Valkrye's number, the second number is their masters potential and the third numbers are wins, assists and losses.

    Available Roles
    Information: You can not be a Valkrye with a number under 22 unless you get one under the category of Special Roles. You can't be an Owner with a potential over 350 unless you get a Special Role. Also you can't be a Owner with over five NPC Valkrye unless you get a Special Role.

    There can be an unlimited number of regular Owners

    There can be an unlimited number of regular Valkrye

    {RESERVED} #24
    Available Special Roles

    :Category: The Most Powerful Owners Of A Certain General Region
    [BCOLOR=#ffff99]This area is full but feel free to have a regular Owner[/BCOLOR]
    {Ryuuji Takasu} Of The East
    {Your Chara's Name} Of The West
    {Your Chara's Name} Of The South
    {Altid Amias} Of The North

    :Category: Powerful Valkrye Slots
    [BCOLOR=#ffff99]This area is full but feel free to grab a regular Valkrye[/BCOLOR]
    {Cecilia Nerumi} #6
    {Arius Lavari} #7

    {Ellesandra Rhett} #10
    {Nova} #20
    {TEN} #21
    {Aiden} #ƒ1

    Rules About Choosing Powers​
    • A Valkrye's power is BROAD. It isn't something specific though maybe your Valkrye only knows one specific thing to do with it. The only cap I'm putting on powers is your power can not generally cancel other powers out.​
    • A Valkrye can only have one ability. Since it's broad you could perhaps have power over Nature and that includes being able to heal wounds using Nature or whatever but only one general ability​
    • If I have questions about your power or feel it is Godmodding I can and will say something​
    Rules About Posting​
    • Posting expectancy is pretty simple. I want you to post where your character is needed. If you're in the middle of a fight you should be posting pretty regularly. If you're simply out on an errand feel free to slack off a bit. I WILL, in fact, be keeping time as mentioned before so if your character is absent for a while you should sum up why they were absent in your next post.​
    • I expect you to post at the minimum five lines. If you truly can't think of anything just describe your characters appearance or what they're thinking about or their surroundings to fill up space​
    • On the bottom of your post please insert a spoiler. In it include your characters inventory, tag anyone you're with or interacting with along with either a link to or a brief description of your character's appearance. This being said you can not randomly pull out a sword if it isn't in your characters power or inventory.​
    • Romance is literally always encouraged but either fade to black or take it to private messaging if you're doing anything naughty. Iwaku rules about sexual content apply​
    • Iwaku rules in general apply​

    Character Sheet: Add pictures wherever you see fit but there must be at least one. Things with asterisk are optional

    Basic Information​

    Status: (As in romantically. List any partner or romantic interest)
    Location: (The general cardinal direction you live at within Akihabara, the city you live in)
    Species: (Human or Valkrye)
    Valkrye Statistics (Delete this if you're not a Valkrye)​

    Owner's Potential:
    Teammates: (List additional Valkrye your Owner has if applicable, if they are NPC's just list a number)

    Owner Statistics (Delete if you aren't human or an Owner)​

    Valkrye: (If you have NPC Valkrye list a number)
    Fights Participated In:
    Fights won:
    Fights lost:
    *Attitude Toward Valkrye: (Annoyances, Objects, Partners, Loves, Friends, Family, etc.)
    Personal Self
    *Things That Stress You Out:
    *Unrealistic Dreams:
    Life Accomplishments: (What your character is proud of)
    *Thoughts on humans: (How your character feels about it)
    *Thoughts on society/government: (How your character feels about it)
    Thoughts on yourself: (How does your character feel about themselves)
    *What other people think about you: (Self-Explanatory)
    *Warning Label: (If your character came with a warning label what would it be?)
    House: (What is it like? If you're unwinged then you live in an all expenses paid hotel or on the streets)
    E-Wall: (What's it's voice and how does it regard you?)
    *Flashback: (Write a flashback about any significant event in your characters life, length doesn't matter)
    Relationships: (If your character knows, even barely, any other character how do they feel about them)
    Valkrye/Owner Availability: (Are you open to acquiring a Valkrye/Owner before the roleplay starts?)
    *Information: (Anything that needs to be said about the above)
    *Additional: (Anything else you want to say about your character?)

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  2. Altid Amias
    ❝Learn what you may because I don't prefer to repeat myself.❞
    Basic Information

    Name: Altid Amias (He was adopted so bears no suffix. It is well known his adoptive family is loaded however)
    Nickname: Altid of the North
    Age: "Twenty-One years as of now."
    Gender: "I'm a man, do you require evidence hn?"
    Sexuality: He goes by the motto "Who I fall in love with is who I fall in love with"
    Status: "I can foresee nothing of the sort, at this moment anyways."
    Location: "North-East, If you must know."
    Species: "Hn, Human. That is a blessing to Owners across the world."

    ❝I can't stand those who are content with being weak.❞
    Owner Statistics

    Valkrye: "Fifteen I suppose, my most significant being TEN."
    Potential: 427/500
    Fights Participated In: Over a hundred. He won out from a different city and started over in the neighboring one where he's been in one fight.
    Fights won: About ninety in the previous city and one where he is now
    Fights lost: Maybe twenty in the previous city and none where he is now
    Attitude Toward Valkrye: He feels a connection to each one of his Valkrye that he can't explain, he just wants them to be safe. He trains them hard everyday and tries to be cold to them so they won't grow too attached to him. Previously in the other city he saw them as soldiers but when he and his team of seventy in the previous city were the last ones left it scarred him for life to have to watch them kill each other down to only three whom he now keeps sacred.

    ❝Everyone is mortal by blessing. Immortality would be the cruelest thing of all.❞
    Personal Self

    Likes: Walking, White roses, Winning, Quiet, Kittens, Secrets, Nature, Night-time, Dim lighting, Literature, Board and Card games
    Dislikes: Being cornered, Loosing a Valkrye, Not knowing something, Being outsmarted, Being helpless, Russian food
    Fears: Having to witness someone he loves die
    Things That Stress You Out: "This damned Project."
    Goals: To win the Project by being the owner of all fifty of the Valkrye needed to be left to finish the Project then to become a loving father to his future children.
    Unrealistic Dreams: Sleeping in a bed of white roses, Killing Mr. X
    Life Accomplishments: Winning out from another city
    Thoughts on humans: "Humans not involved in the Project are lucky yet naive fools. Ignorance is bliss correct?"
    Thoughts on society/government: "We are satisfied with oppression because we haven't the time in a day to stop it."
    Thoughts on yourself: "I am the ever heartless Altid of the North. People tend to have misconceptions of me but those people are meaningless in their entirety. I do what needs to be done swiftly, precisely, accurately and without emotional involvement. I can not stand cowards as I am a man who plays offense."
    What other people think about you: People see him as a uncaring and cold man who cares nothing for the people around him. People also think he's a bit of a playboy. This is partially because out of his fifteen Valkrye ten are women. People who aren't aware they are Valkrye think they're his mistresses. Also since he kisses them often to have them train while being winged (and though he could simply kiss them on the lips for a single second it's his motto to go hard or go home and he's a damn good kisser) people tend to think he's just frisky.
    Altid has a calm composure when making decisions and deciding on actions while fighting or just regular talks. He has great leadership abilities, is smart, decisive and effective, but lacks compassion about “Useless” things that he was taught to only be in the way. He is also very unyielding in his views, and refuses to give any thoughts to any views that opposes his. He doesn't feel remorse for the death of other people but feels remorse for the people left affected by it.
    Due to his upbringing, he views the worth of individual's value from their achievement rather than artificial concept like money and power. Altid has developed the belief that there is no future for the weak, so the strong ones must take the lead.

    Altid's adoptive parents were politicians so he easily learned the concept of keeping around pawns and makes it clear who is and isn't one. He tells the truth about life as he sees it even if he jumbles his words to make it seem more pleasant to the other party. He never learned 'If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all.' he learned 'If you don't have anything nice to say, say it anyways, life hurts.' . He also learned about bribery, he's fine with using any tactic he has to get his way even if it involves things he definitely wouldn't be telling grandma

    Despise his perceived cruelty, coldness or playboy tendencies he has strong compassion for some people and wishes the best for those who are strong in mind, heart or power. He is a loyal ally, lover and friend if you can get him to be one of them. He treats all women respectfully if they are a regular human or one of his Valkrye simply because he was raised as such As long as they don't piss him off anyways. Though he'd yell at a woman he would never in life lay his hands on one. Once a female Valkrye tried to kill him and he was willing to sit there and let her if he couldn't sway her until one of his own Valkrye stepped in. He has a hard exterior and questionable morals but on the inside he simply doesn't want to be hurt again.

    Warning Label: Warning! Tsundere lies ahead!
    House: A five story home with an inside that imitates a traditional Japanese home but with more technology
    E-Wall: It has the voice of a pre-adolescent female child and regards Altid as a big brother.
    Cold and dark. Rain came in buckets from the sky upon Altid as he fell to his knees, shivering not from the cold but from shock and disbelief. "Lisavetta.." He whispered her name softly, reaching out slowly towards her, tears streaking his dirty skin. "Altid, don't cry..." She lifted a pale hand to stroke his cheek, both her hand and voice trembling. "I wasn't strong enough to stay by your side as one of the final three, but that's okay. I was only clouding your decisions anyways. I just want one thing before I...." She coughed up blood onto herself. Altid didn't need her to finish the sentence to know her final wish. "I'm sorry that I-I never said it. I love you and I want to be your lover." He choked out, his tears only streaming harder after being touched. "I.......accept." The girls hand fell as her life left her body and Altid screamed. Hour upon bloody hour he screamed until his voice gave out and he fell asleep upon her dead corpse.

    ❝Don't pity the people you kill. Only the strong can survive.❞
    "Oh him?" A smirk crosses the mans lips briefly, "He's an interesting case- I'll let you babysit if you wish. He'll love you to death."
    Altid feels very comfortable about and towards him. He is used to the mans various antics and personally finds them amusing. He put's his faith into the man because he is very strong. In all the fight's he fought with the man TEN has never let him down so he's entirely confident in his abilities. He tends to let TEN do his own thing however simply because of a lack of desire to even attempt controlling him. The man is still a bit rebellious towards Altid but this simply makes life more interesting. Altid saved him from getting arrested and winged him in the process so he could fight back and ever since they've been together. Not for any long amount of time however.
    Ellesandra Rhett: (WILL RP OUT THEN ADD)

    Valkrye/Owner Availability: Yes, open
    Information: Just be able to handle the guy if you want to be his Valkrye
    Additional: He's deadly allergic to tropical fruits but he loves mangoes

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. I would love to reserve Winged Valkrye #10 If that is alright of course~ ^^

    And also love the plot and everything it was very very well thought out~ <3
  4. Doing CS for a Valkyrie after march the fourth.

    Can i have f1?
  5. [​IMG]
    "A heart without honor is like a ruined palace: It must be demolished in order to build something new"

    Basic Information

    Name: Aidan
    *Nickname: Aedan
    Age: ? (23 in motion)
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Status: Actually is not interested yet.
    Location: Not determined (changes every few days)
    Species: Valkirye

    "Often, i have had to eat my own Words. Most of the time, i've eaten my own Pride. I've discovered that this is an equilibrated diet."
    Valkrye Statistics

    Number: f1
    Power: Obtenebration (manipulation of shadows, abiss, obscurity and entrophy)
    Owner: None
    Owner's Potential: N/A
    Teammates: -
    Wins: 80
    Losses: 0
    Assists: 0
    "When a man's fight starts inside of him, that man is worth something"
    Personal Self​
    Likes: -Children
    -Historical Movies
    -Hnging out with friends
    -Playing tabletop games
    Dislikes: -Stupid or oblivious people
    -Dirty fighting
    -Romance (in movies or books)
    Fears: -Being alone for too many time
    -House or bigger fire
    *Things That Stress You Out: People not getting being clear, having too many things to do at once.
    Goals: Kill Mister X, Find a life to live
    Life Accomplishments: He's proud of not being a puppet for anyone and have self respect.
    *Thoughts on humans: They don't understand that they have something we Valkiries don't have: A past, a destiny, a future, a choice.
    *Thoughts on society/government: They don't know who they're messing with. They think they have the answer, but they don't even know the puzzle.
    Thoughts on yourself: I am nothing more than what i do, i deserve nothing more than what i've earnt.
    Personality: He's mostly fond of people, and sort of pity and envies the humans for being free but not realising what freedom means. He tries to get along with people and says his opinion only when he feels he must.
    Most of the times he's calmed and relaxed but can jump to the fight if he had a chance of knowing any
    House: Has friends, other Valkiryes or some humans that understand him. He goes from here to there only with his backpack and spending no more than a few days in every place.

    "In this life, you have to learn to fight not only without fear, but without hope"
    Relationships: Doesn't know anyone.
    Valkrye/Owner Availability: Available to an owner with at least a potencial of 400
    *Information: Has only one important posession, a Sword he found in the house he waked up. It means for him the hope of have had an actual life before turning into a Valkirye.
  6. WHOOPS! Sorry I will make my character sheet soon~
  7. Sorry I think I read that the wings are like bird wings but I just wanted to make sure that it was only avian styled wings cause I saw some pics with some awesome more skeleton/diamond styled wings and I was wondering if I could those styles instead....?
  8. Uhm.... @Brøken_Serenity? Just incase you didn't get a notification~ ^^
  9. @EternalMusic thanks for tagging me, I missed the notification. Ah, in design I was thinking more of like angelic styled wings but dependending on your characters personality you could go a different way with that.
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  10. @Brøken_Serenity Mind if I reserve the special owner of the West? (Nice Back story by the way)
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  11. Thanks! I already want to play!

  12. [​IMG]

    "People are like Music... Some speak the truth.... and the others are just noise...."

    Basic Information

    Ellesandra Rhett
    None at this moment
    Winged Valkrye

    "Music is Life.... That's why our hearts have beats...."

    Valkrye Statistics

    ~ Symphokinesis ~
    The user can manipulate and generate music, an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.

    Owner's Potential::
    88 wins
    10 losses
    2 Assists


    "Music is the air I breathe... It's the blood that pumps through my veins.... and it is what keeps me alive...."

    Personal Self
    ~ Music ~
    ~ singing to her plush toy ~
    ~ Her plush toy Usagi ~
    ~ Her tea set that she always has on her somehow ~
    ~ Rose Tea ((just so you all know~)) ~
    ~ The small neat black umbrella that she keeps on her 24/7 ~
    ~ Gothic Lolita clothes ~
    ~ The colours of the rainbow ~

    ~ Anyone who tries to take Usagi away from her ~
    ~ People disturbing her as she drinks her tea ~
    ~ People who treat her like a kid because of her appearance ~

    ~ Losing Usagi ~
    ~ Not having any tea ~
    ~ Losing her ability to sing~

    ::Things That Stress You Out::
    ~ not seeing a rainbow after a rain pour or a sun shower ~
    ~ Not hearing birds twitter around her~


    ~ To find the ultimate tune the melody to rule them all ~
    ~ To drink the most exquisite tea ~

    ::Unrealistic Dreams::
    ~ To find a tune more ultimate and more extraordinary tune, something much more greater that the melody to rule them all ~
    ~ To create an army of little Usagi's

    ::Life Accomplishments::
    ~ Creating Usagi a singing walking plush toy ~
    ~ Creating her very own Rose Tea formula ~

    ::Thoughts on humans::
    ~ She doesn't have any particularly important thoughts and just thinks of them as humans ~
    ~ Nothing too important and beings that just take up unnecessary space ~

    ::Thoughts on society/government::
    ~ Thoughts of the government? She doesn't have any, she doesn't really pay attention to them ~


    ::Thoughts on yourself::
    ~ She doesn't think very much of herself ~
    ~ She likes to think that she is a very chirpy person and can be very fun to be around ~
    ~ But there are times that she blacks out and she doesn't know what has happened ~
    ~ "A little strange and wonderful and wonderful just like everyone else" ~

    ~ Quote from Ellie ~

    ::What other people think about you::
    ~ Rather similar to the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and nearly all of the Wonderland creatures combined ~
    ~ A confusing little girl who is always ready to have a cup of tea at any time ~
    ~ A strange siren, beautiful yet eerie voice ~

    ~ A bubbly girl who enjoys humming to herself as she walks along a street and spending time by herself in the trees ~
    ~ She also enjoys drinking tea nearly any time she gets the chance ~
    ~ Although she does find herself in places she wasn't a moment ago and can find a huge pain in her head and the time to have sped up ~
    ~ She enjoys singing with Usagi who works like her mic and when Usagi opens his mouth her song is projected allowing her voice to be heard further away ~


    ::Warning Label::
    ~ Tea Drinking Muse Maniac ~

    ~ tends to find herself at home with the birds in the trees in different rural areas where she is and doesn't have a set home ~
    ~ She tends to move around from place to place not really talking or interacting with anyone in particular ~

    It had been a spring evening and the sun had started to set for a new day, Ellie had found a way to finally to get Usagi to walk -- he can walk fine now on his own although she does hold him in her arms now -- and the two of them together where making their way along the beach. It was the first time that Usagi said hello to her. It was a strange thing to hear, for Ellie especially. She hadn't given Usagi the ability to speak when tinkering around with the toy that she had found thrown away all those years ago. But he could speak. He didn't say much. Only a word. One. Single. Word.

    It was so surprising to her someone say her name that Ellie didn't even notice the first time, it was the second or third time that she finally heard him saying her name and as she turned around. He stood there with a near smile in his eye and said the word again.
    She had never had anyone say her name for quite some time and in the shock tears spilt from her eyes. Not something she has done since or had done very often before but that is the truth.

    "Music is a world within itself.... something we all understand...."

    ~ Usagi ~
    Her best friend and the only "person" she ever really talks to about her problems or her desires

    ::Valkrye/Owner Availability::
    ~ Open for an Owner ~

    ~ Did not state clearly above ~
    ~ But the power of singing is her main source of weapon and Usagi is her weapon that allows her to do so ~
    ~ She hides her wings underneath her hair because there is just that much of it and is able to do so ~

    ~ "Would you like a cup of tea~?" ~

    ((Just for you all to hear her voice~))
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  13. @Brøken_Serenity Hope she is alright~ ^^;; Also sorry about how long it took me to do this~ Finding the image was really hard and I couldn't start until I found it ^^;; tried to get away from the white haired theme we seem to have going on but it was just too hard ^^;;
  14. @Brøken_Serenity
  15. Hiya Serenity. I'm actually interested in this quite a bit, so I was wondering can I reserve the number 7 Valkyrie? I'm really interested so I hope to catch your answer soon~
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