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  1. ❝We live in a world where demons cry and angels lie.❞

    Game Mechanics and Other Information I Thought I Should Remind You Of
    Fights work like this: You have one-hundred health. The Owner and Valkrye both roll a die with their post and added together that total is subtracted off the other persons health during an attack. After a Valkrye reaches under fifty health points they are incapacitated by the rules and a Valkrye could end the fight and walk away with one win in their stats or finish them off.​
    • Valkrye under 100 roll a 10 sided die​
    • Valkrye from 101 to 300 roll a 6 sided die​
    • All Others roll 4 sided die​
    • Owners with Potential of 1-20 roll 10 sided die​
    • Owners with potential of 21-50 roll 8 sided die​
    • Owners with Potential of 51-100 roll 6 sided die​
    • All Others roll 4 sided die​

    Kissing your Valkrye gives them two more sides to the die they can roll but ten hp is cut.

    A Valkrye can put up a translucent box the color of their hair that makes it so humans can't see them

    Your clothes change in fighting mode if you're a Valkrye and you adorn a uniform with PV on it

    Valkrye and Owners:
    • Valkrye live with their Owners​
    • When an Owner dies their Valkrye die​
    • Owner's usually get a type of emotional attachment to their Valkrye. A strong attachment could tel you if your Valkrye is in danger​
    • Valkrye have false recollection of the past and were simply put on earth one day. They usually lack common knowledge of things normal humans would know. For example a Valkrye could not be aware of how to go to the grocery store or how to use money​
    • A Valkrye doesn't have to do what the Owner says unless the specify that it's an order, most Owners don't know about this​
    • A Valkrye's wings are only present when winged​
    • Owners can't tell other people about the project. Nobody knows of it except people in it (Owners and Valkrye) and others such as Valkrye doctors, workers under Mr.X and others​
    • Valkrye do, in fact, have doctors. Sometimes Valkrye will be called to meet up somewhere to get checked and no fights are allowed when they're all together making sure they're stable​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.