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  1. Year: 3180

    It was in the year 3012 that the government decided to do "projects" on Human Specimens. These Specimens were nothing more than babies given up to the government because their mothers didn't want them or couldn't care for them. Once in the government’s hands, they became project pets, lab rats, easily disposed of. Most of them died, a couple saw their 10th birthday, but very few made it to the age of 18. Those who make it to the age of 18 are closely watched as their powers become more advanced. They are put through difficult test and trials to see how far their endurance and abilities go. Many of them end up as 'failed Specimens' and are quickly disposed of. Not many have been able to pass the test and trials giving to them.

    In the year 3180, a group of people managed to escape from the underground prison where "Base 59" was supposed to be located. One on the outside, they had to stick together and learn how to survive a world they knew nothing about. They isolated themselves from normal humans, knowing no one would accept them as they were. Few of them became brave enough to hide their true identity and blend in with humans, thinking it would be safer for them to live among them, then alone.

    However, the government was not very happy about losing the children. They created other creatures, stronger and faster than the children. They are able to track the children with ease do to their tracking ability. These creatures are like hound dogs and have the ability to shift forms into a hybrid humanoid form. They have simple orders: capture all Experiments and return them to Base. The ones captured were immediately locked up and caged again... at least most were.

    These creatures are known as "Trackers". The children who escaped has already run into Trackers, several times. Many of them have been recaptured and never seen from again. Those who have managed to evade the Trackers have learned to fight and defend themselves. Their power and abilities constantly grow stronger as time passes by and soon, they are able to overcome the Trackers.

    Are you one of those children who have escaped? Are you an experiment trapped in "Base 59"? What kind of animal DNA do you have?

    The alarms are blaring and the sounds of boots echo through the cells of sector A of Base 59. A knew experiment was being escorted to their cell, deemed extremely dangerous. The guards surrounded and armor platted car, one they used for transporting from one sector to the other. It was a common occurrence in the base. They had new experiments everyday now, since they worked out the bugs. Now more survive the transformation.

    They waited, sliding in the grip rods and then opening the back doors of the car. Inside was by far the youngest experiment. She looked maybe 14 or 15 years old. Her skin was littered with scales and her skin was green. She was forced to walk down the ramp and looked at one of the guards. She hissed, her green eyes turn gold her tail whipping out and slapping the guard hard.

    She let out a screech as she was shocked, collapsing onto the ground from the intensity of the shocks. The sound of her screams and of other experiment's screams echoed throughout the Sector's halls. The Sectors were filled with experiments, some were sent to be disposed of and others were kept locked up for the protection of the other experiments.
    There were so many painful memories for everyone here… which person are you? The ones with the painful memories or the ones who inflicted the pain?
  2. "Fuck your damn bugs! I want some beef, in my mouth! Right now!" as a flung table almost took out a scientist.

    Marcus John Elliot was not having a calm, good day. He knew this when the guards came in to zap him. For now, a fight was what the 21 year old wanted. Actively, the tried to surround him. They know what the DNA has given him. A rather sizable strength increase and some protective insect plating. Getting close enough to grab would be a mistake. The room already helped, in that aspect. Their training had a great effect, as well. It was as if they wanted the guards to earn their Christmas bonus. Unfortunately, they were in his way now. Harm would come their way...just not anything to be worried about. Marcus was no killer, but he also had a right to freedom.

    The attacker was countered with a judo toss and so were the next two. Number two was knocked out by a rather swift jab. A yelp echoed through the room, as a chest kick sent the final into the wall. This was too easy. Obviously, this was the warning committee before anything got serious. There was word of a new experiment arriving. Security would certainly be more worried about getting that particular experiment into its cage.

    "Your" he whispered, turning his head slightly.

    Trembling, the card feel to his hand. Marcus had never really given them a problem before. Which is probably why this particular scientist decided that having a keycard to the facility would not a terrible idea.

    "Calm down. I only want to get out." Marcus said with a friendly smile.

    Knowing that he was not the best runner, the spliced insect put on some of the guards clothing and started to make his way out. Then the alarms went off...
  3. Night time, Kala's favorite part of the day, except she was stuck inside dancing for drunk perverts. Ever since she escaped, she'd worked as a dancer, and she was a popular one. Everyone always asked for the Pink Panther as they called her at the bar.

    Her last set for the night, a table with a bachelor party, a fate worse than capture by Trackers in her mind. She knew the boys were going to ask for lap dances for the lucky groom. but as she got to the table the Manager came up to her.

    "You can take off Early tonight." He said, and a saber fanged smile spread across Kala's face. She raced back to the changing room, and rushed out of her skimpy little pink tiger school girl outfit, and into a greyish tanktop that had tiger print drawn in sharpie on it, her torn up charcoal jeans and her white sandals. She threw her dancing outfit into her locker and disappeared out of the back door leading to a city alley where she immediately climbed up the side of a small building with her claws. On the roof, she looked at the moon, it was really pretty, full and bright, and she could see nearly every detail of each crater.

    A relatively tall girl Kala was, coming at about five feet ten inches, her figure very stunning though most wouldn't know that she was muscular just from looking at her. Her face had very soft features though her eyes and teeth could be quite intimidating, and with her wild pink and silver hair she definitely stood out, as if having tiger stripes on her arms and legs with the ears and tail of a cat weren't enough. Even still, she seemed to fit in as normal, her true nature going unnoticed, as people simply thought she underwent procedures to gain that look. If only they knew what she really went through.

    She had lived her entire life as a pet for some old
    bureaucrat, after being spliced as an infant. She was never meant to be tarnished by combat, she was supposed to sit next to the old man and be pretty and pampered. She hated it, her instincts cried out every night, and once the breakout started, she was on board and with the others fought her way out making a close friend in another Spliced girl, Amelia, the cobra.

    She loved it up on this roof, the cool air, the moon light, the perfect unload to a stressful night at work. Perfect before dinner. She was a voracious eater, and she had to be, her muscle density and her skeletal density were so great her body lost energy rapidly if she didn't eat often and well. The only place open at this time of night though was a Jack in the Box, and it wasn't her favorite. She still needed to eat though, and as she coutned her money she walked in the store.

    "Welcome to Jack in the Box may I take your order?" The Cashierbot said. She sighed, and spoke in a coarse yet girly tone as she ordered, "Yeah I wanna Jumbo Jack with bacon, a large curly fry and a bacon cheeseburger with an order chicken nuggets."

    "That'll be 22.45! Have a nice day!" The robot said handing a large steaming bag of food and she handed the robot the money, but she stopped halfway out the door and went back to the counter, "Can I order again?"

    "Sure! Welcome To Jack in the Box May I take your order?!" the robot said in it's nice upbeat recorded voice. Kala sighed a bit and said, "Yes I'd like another Jumbo Jack with Bacon and another large curly fry with another bacon sheeseburger, A coke a Sprite and a Coke all large that's it." She said, feeling as if she were a fatty, but the food wasn't just for her she was making sure she had some food for Amelia too. Having paid again, she started walking back home to her campground trailer.

    The streets were quiet, they always were when the bars were still open. Fine for a huntress like her though. Not too long she had reached her trailer and as usual kicked in the door calling out, "MEEEEEELLLZZZZ I GOT OFF EARLY AND BROUGHT DINNER! YOU HOME?!" right before tearing open her bag and starting to go at her food like the wild cat she was.

  4. Up high on a near by tree, a slim figure was perched precariously on a limb. Two tawny wings were half opened, allowing the figure to balance and her talons to sink deeper into the wood. She had been here, near this particular park watching a particular trailer for awhile now. The hunting wasn't too bad and with the town being not too far away provided a constant source of news. But this figure wasn't here for the hunting nor was she here for the news. She was here for one thing and one thing only. The knowledge of where others like her were hiding.

    Gwen turned her head to look behind her, checking the ground below and the woods for danger. Her large black eyes blinked slowly once before turning forward to look at the campground. Being more than half owl, Gwen had the eyesight and hearing to easily see and hear anything going on around her. She could also fly, and do it silently like the barn owls she considered herself to be a part of. Unfortunately, the splicing had permanently changed her body. From observation of town residents, Gwen knew that walking into the town as she was would be a good way to get shot, or worse, captured.

    A figure below walking to the trailer caught Gwen's attention. Here was the female that she was sure was a spliced being. As to what animal the girl was spliced with, Gwen wasn't too sure. But what Gwen was sure of, was the fact that that girl was loud! Gwen hissed in discomfort as the yelling reached her sensitive ears. What ever happened to silence? You couldn't catch prey being loud!

    But the yelling confirmed Gwen's suspicions. There were more than just one living in the trailer. Now to just figure out what species they were. The one doing the yelling she figured to be some sort of cat, with the tail and ears adorning her body and the stripes lining her arms and legs. But the other one? Gwen didn't know.

    Gwen herself was completely feathered from head to toe, er, talon. Her hands and feet were the talons of a bird of prey and her face had the white disk shape and large black eyes of the barn owl. Besides the most obvious, her ears were mere holes in her head and her internal organs were like that of a bird. Needless to say, she had an enormous appetite that she had to satisfy through hunting and scavenging. Speaking of hunting, the sounds of eating could be heard coming from the trailer.

    Without warning, the branch she was perched on cracked, creating a loud snapping noise. Startled, Gwen leapt for the sky, her wings working furiously to keep her in flight.

    Voraciously eating, she almost hadn't heard the thud of a big branch fall outside her house. Her ear twitched however, noting that she had heard it. She also felt the small shockwave the weight of the branch gave off as it hit the ground. Keeping her burger in hand, she stepped outside and saw a big bird struggling to keep a float.

    "You're a big bird aren't you?" She said, a ditzy pointing out of the obvious. That was until she noticed a slightly human aspect about the bird. Her expression went from an oblivious friendliness to a stark seriousness as she again addressed the bird, "Come inside, before someone sees you. C'mon." and with that she rushed back inside her trailer.

  6. Gwen hovered in the air. Her wings beating ever so silently. The catgirl she had been watching darted out of the trailer and started speaking. Gwen spent a few seconds of debate in whether or not she should accept the girl's offer. Accepting would mean being in a small space for an undetermined amount of time, declining the offer would mean a greater risk of being discovered.

    With her mind made up, Gwen landed near the trailer and darted in.
  7. Once inside she grabbed some food from her bag and slid over to the bird with a glass of water and a straw. She then sat down and looked around for Amelia but didn't see her. She then looked back to the bird and with an unusual grimness to her voice said, "You're a splicer aren't you? Escaped?" She sounded worried and her golden and blue eyes kept scanning the windows every couple of seconds as if she were expecting something.

    "My name's Kala, Amelia should be around here somewhere, oh call her Egypt, she prefers that for some reason."
  8. Amelia had been curled up under the house. The landlord had come over while Kala was at work and and as soon as the God awful woman left, Amelia needed some time to herself. So, she had curled up under the house. While that may sound strange, for her it really wasnt. She was dozing lightly when she could feel the vibrations of someone walking above her. She slowly slithered out and looked around. Something felt odd, and why in the name of heck was a branch on the ground and why didnt she feel that? If she would have had shoulders at that moment she would have shrugged. As it was, though, Amelia just turned her body and slithered up the stairs and under the door.

    She paused when half of her eight foot frame was in the door and turned her head to look at the new girl sitting there. She wasnt okay with this and pulled the rest of her body through the door and curled up on the floor in front of Kala. She heard the last thing Kala said as she moved through the room, and slowly shifted back into a human form. "I like being called Egypt because that's where the snake breeds I am made from are. Also, did you know that Cleopatra comitted suicide with an Asp?" She wrapped her arms over her chest and went over to her clothes and started to pull them on. That night she had been wearing black leather pants that felt and looked as if they were made out of snakeskin and a gold halter top.Amelia sat down on the floor and smiled at them. "So, youre home early, was the club dead or something tonight?" She was glad to have part of a night with her friend, especially since she would be working at the club tomorrow night. She was a dancer there as well, and was very lucky to work with Kala.

    Her eyes slowly moved across the room and she spotted the bag from Jack in the Box. She smiled big and walked over to it taking out a sandwich and starting to eat it. "MMMMM..thank you."
  9. She smiled wide seeing her closest friend, but rolled her eyes listening to her explain her reasoning behind the name, but chuckled after the fun fact, "Meelz, Not another history lesson" She whined, before looking over at the bird, "Nah, it wasn't dead, but there were alot of new dancers there tonight, Manager wanted to try them out, I'm not scheduled to go in tomorrow though." She said, opening the closet door in the hallway like a curtain as she changed into pajamas, pink tiger stripe shorts and a white t-shirt with the midriff cut off, but she just tossed her dirty clothes across the floor of the back hall near her room.

    "Meelz you know you don't have to thank me for food, It may not be 5-star, but I like it alot better than the squirrel and raccoons we ate on the run. Your venom makes the meat taste weird." She said with a small chuckle, "Oh, Big Bird, this is my best friend Meelz the cobra I told you about. Meelz this is Big Bird, she hasn't told me her name but I can tell she's one of us." She finished before sitting back on a scratched up big chair where she began eating the rest of her food.
  10. The cool breeze of the air conditioning flowed throughthe building giving it a welcoming and environment, in the back was lone figurehis head buried half way into the book stating that he didn't want anyinterruptions while he read. The title read "Our Darkest Moments" theauthors name was covered by his hand. He was sitting in a lounge chair with anend table to his right and behind his was a book shelf that stretched almostthe entire length of the building interior. As he read a disembodied voicebroke the building silence "Alright Jared you can go home now doesn't looklike we got anyone in tonight." the person looked up trying to find thesource of the his disturbance, it was the head librarian Ms. Smith she was standingjust off the side behind the book shelf her head peeking out just around theits' corner looking over his shoulder try to make out the books' text. Jaredshut the book abruptly and tucked it away in his back pack which lay justbehind him, "its pay day isn't it Ms. Smith?" His voice cold andwithout any emotion Ms. Smith exhaled with irritation, she crossed her arms infront of her, Jared merely shrugged her expression away. They stared at eachother of a moment and awkward silence between them, finally the librariandropped her arms in defeat "Fine come with me." she said beforewalking back to her desk, she disappeared behind the counter and went into theback room. Jared stood just one the other side and waited his head down caststaring at the floor blank as usual; Ms. Smith burst through the door a fewminutes later money in hand. Jared stuck out his hand as she approached thecounter of her desk, "This is all your getting for the next two weeksdon't expect me to give you another raise anytime soon after last time."Jared merely rolled his eyes and stuffed the money in his pocket before halfwalking half jogging towards the exit.

    As he broke through the doors he quickly blended into the crowded side walk hisstomach growled longing for food, he hadn't eaten anything all day and hismetabolism had worked off the smorgasbord of food he had yesterday. Luckily heknew of a buffet just a few blocks from him that didn't cost much to get in,Jared was a binge-eater so whenever he ate he made sure there wasn't a scrapleft afterwards. He popped inside the building a bell rang on the door as hedid, the hostess turned around she had been dealing with another client"hello welcome to- oh no. Oh no Jared you ate out a whole buffet tablelast time, there's no way we're letting you in so just get out." Jareddidn't protest he hated confrontation, so he just left and went down the streetthere was a McDonalds nearby where he could get a few Big Macs and an Angus 3/4lbs. His stomach continued its growling in protest to no food, the robot at thecounter greeted him with its' pre-recorded dialogue. Jared sighed annoyed athow much this would eat out of his pay check already and began making hisorder.
  11. Amelia stared at the girl as she munched on the food. She rolled her eyes at Kala and smiled as she whined about history lessons and tried not to choke on her food as she supressed a giggle. "Alright, I won't give you another history lesson. And what's this about new dancers I hear?" She nodded at the new girl as Kala introduced her. "And, I'm very sorry that my venom tastes funny, but it wasnt intended for anyone else to eat, Kala." She scoffed a bit but there was a large smile on her face as she turned toward the girl Kala had nicknamed Big bird. "So, yeah, I'm Amelia, or Meelz to her. It's nice to meet you and dont worry, I dont bite, and unfortunately I will be working tomorrow night."
  12. Jason Was standing int eh alleyway outside the Bar's staff entrace puffing on a slender cigarillo. The night air seemed destitute of any beauty tonight. the flow and steep of the ground and air as they met calmed him, but tonightt here was no flow. only chaos.

    "THe labcorp is out tonight... i can feel them searching." the burly clean shaven, long haired Bartender said aloud to the alleyway.
  13. "At least it's not toxic once it's been cooked Meelz..." She said with a rather unfeminine belch from her soda. "Meelz did you happen to get to the store today? We gotta restock the fri-" She paused hearing something outside along with an all too familiar smell. She whispered almost silently mouthing the words, "Meelz, tracker! probably for big know the drill!" and cut off all the lights, the trailer went dark and silent, and Kala had disappeared into the back of the trailer going to her room to see if she could see the tracker she was sure she smelled.
  14. Amelia was about to open her mouth to reply to Kala when she heard the noise as well. She snapped her head to the side to listen better and jumped up off the floor. "Sorry about this." She whispered as she grabbed the bird girl and pressed her against the wall by the door. The door swung in so they would be concealed by it if the door should happen to open. "Stay here." She hissed quietly and menacingly before letting go of the girl and slipping painfully into the form of the serpent she was and slithering up to lay across the back of the couch, staring at the door.
  15. Kala was at the back window, but her animal prowess kicked in and she moved with grace, speed, and silence to her bedroom window, and there it was. She was right a tracker, nasty one too....mottled scales, indescribable in color because of the dark of night, but its other features were clear to her more adapted eyes. A large mouth full of teeth, gnarled, out of place and dripping with thick slime that was its saliva. Its arm were lanky, with taught muscular structure and four bony fingers attached to equally bony hands, each digit equipped with an obtuse sickle shaped claw, good for dragging its prey with it. Its head was humanoid with an elongated snout that held its lethal, monstrous looking needles of teeth in it, its hair replaced by odd ball feathers and fur like down feathers that covered its back, and eyes that glowed like fire in the black set into the sockets above its muzzle. It walked upright with a distended belly perched upon muscular legs with straight knife like claws on each of its three forward toes and an strange mutated heel the seemed as if it were its own toe for balance. A sickening beast.

    The liger in her screamed for release in her mind and she was happy to oblige it. She began to mutate, a process that took only minutes but felt like hours of torture. Her skeletal structure first, extending, cracking and wrenching out into longer more powerful legs, the knees bent backwards as a cat's would only structured for bipedal movement. Her jaws extended slightly into a maw, her teeth becoming daggers in her mouth coupled by sabers that used to be her canines. Her torso, the ribs and splined cracked painfully as they expanded the spine adding length to itself while arms grew out her fingers gaining true bony claws at the end of them where her fingernails once were. Her muscular structure then began expanding as well layer after layer of sinuous tissue ripped its way into her muscles, giving her even more strength than the superhuman strength she exhibited normally. Then the tiny hairs all humans normally exhibit began growing at an exponential rate, turning into a golden fur her normal form's pink hair disappearing into an odd mane of sorts and also stained her golden fur with pink and silver stripes.

    Transformation complete, Kala returned to the living room with silence and an unrefined beauty and grace about her. Her transformed state was something only Amelia had lived to see, and even then it was once and in passing during their escape. Now her other form was plain to see, and though it was a terrifying form due to her size and ferocious look, she still retained the beauty she held in her human esque form. She gave Amelia a look, a look that even without words could be construed as meaning "guard the bird". She seemed to disappear in the darkness moving to a cabinet near the refrigerator, and pulled out a turkey baster and a small jar with a dark liquid inside, Amelia's venom, she'd wanted to see if this plan would work as she sucked some of the venom into the turkey baster and set the jar down almost as silently as she moved and disappeared again, down the hall and to the back window which she moved outside from and after moving to the roof as silently as she could waited for her ambush instincts to give her the signal to strike not only with her claws and teeth, but with her best friend's venom as well.