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  1. Year: 3180

    It was in the year 3012 that the government decided to do "projects" on Human Specimens. These Specimens were nothing more then babies given up to the government because their mothers didn't want them or couldn't care for them. Once in the governments hands, they became project pets, lab rats, easily dispossed of. Most of them died, a couple saw their 10th birthday, but very few made it to the age of 18. Those who make it to the age of 18, are closely watched as their powers become more advanced. They are put through difficult test and trials to see how far their endurance and abilities go. Many of them end up as 'failed Specimens' and are quickly disposed of. Not many have been able to pass the test and trials giving to them.

    In the year 3180, a group of people managed to escape from the underground prison where "Base 59" was suppose to be located. One on the outside, they had to stick together and learn how to survive a world they knew nothing about. They isolated themselves from normal humans, knowing no one would accept them as they were. Few of them became brave enough to hide their true identity and blend in with humans, thinking it would be safer for them to live among them, then alone.

    However, the government was not very happy about losing the children. They created other creatures, stronger and faster then the children. They are able to track the children with ease do to their tracking ability. These creatures are like hound dogs and have the ability to shift forms into a hybrid humanoid form. They have simple orders: capture all Experiments and return them to Base. The ones captured were imedeatly locked up and caged again... at least most were.

    These creatures are known as "Trackers". The children who escaped has already run into Trackers, several times. Many of them have been recaptured and never seen from again. Those who have managed to evade the Trackers have learned to fight and defend themselves. Their power and abilities constantly grow stronger as time passes by and soon, they are able to overcome the Trackers.

    Are you one of those children who have escaped? Are you an experiment trapped in "Base 59"? What kind of animal DNA do you have?

    Okay so as you can see this is a survival based roleplay. I will need people who would be the experiments and government workers. I will also need someone who would be willing to play Trackers with me, anyone willing please send me a PM.

    I will have a character sheet and please fill it out according to what kind of character you would like to play.
    ::General ::

    Full name: (First, middle and Last)
    Nickname: (What your character likes to be called)
    Species: (Animal, not demons, werewolves or gods)

    Parents: (For the Government people, Leave blank if you are an Experiment)
    Mother: (First and last)
    Deceased or Living:

    Father: (First and last)
    Deceased or Living:

    Sister/Brother:(First and last)
    Deceased or Living:

    Close Friends: (First and last)

    Alignment: (good, bad, or neutral) [Are you for re-capture, against it or don't care just want to get paid]
    Strengths: (Experiments and government officals. Are you good at fighting, singing, playing an instrument?)
    Weaknesses: (What are you not good at?)
    History: (At least five sentences)
    Job: (If your a scientist or a general or an experiment that works)

    :: Appearance ::

    Pic: (if you have one)

    Physical Traits: (a tail?)
    Skin: (Freackles? Scales? Fur?)
    Eyes: (Normal human eyes or reptilian)

    :: Gear :: (Optional)
    (For Government and scientists)
    Wardrobe: (what do you wear everyday)
    Weapons: ( Experiments don't get weapons. And nothing extreme, keep it realistic at least)

    :: Abilities ::

    (Experiments only! Those applying for the government ignore)

    Skills: (You good at fighting?)
    Special Talents/Abilities: (Very strong? Really fast? Spit acid?)

    Hidden Talent/Abilities: (These will develop over time in the roleplay but what potential does you characters abilities have?)

    Description of transformation: (if any)

    Here are reference photos

    Base 59:


    Example of Experiment: (This is my friends character, do not use these images, she's allowing me to use them as an example)
    ~When in human form: (This is only for the more advance experiments four or five tops)
    ~When in full transformation:

    Any questions please do not hesitate to PM me.
  2. give me a day to come up with a character and im reserving this spot

    (reserved for character)
  3. THANK YOU! You are the first person to respond and I thank you so much!
  4. you are sooo welcome
  5. Do you know anyone who would be interested in this?
  6. hmmm.....ask Critis and Desaecula...i know they like stuff like this, but idk what they have going on so far as in roleplays, also...try Fox Maiden
  7. Okay thank you
  8. not a problem ^_^
  9. this seems interesting I'm gonna brainstorm for a character
  10. Please forgive the Double post but can escaped experiments have been spliced with mummified dino dna or hybridized creatures like a liger?
  11. Dino's no, but you can do dangerous lizards and what not
    Ligers.... hmmm.... I'm not sure... I guess it would be finem as long as its not outragous like a Zebra and a hawk. Keep them in the same family. Cats with cats, Birds with birds.
  12. Well I was only going with plausible hybridized creatures, Ligers actually exist that's why I used them as an example (Male lion and female tiger) The reason I asked about Dino DNA is because I actually had an Idea for a human girl spliced with Raptor DNA (Dinosaurs like Utahraptor Deinonychus and Velociraptor) Using mummified Prehistoric creatures as splicing bases could make excellent origins for trackers though, since Trackers are supposed to be super efficient predators and Predatory Dinosaurs were the perfect killing machines
  13. Trackers are based off Dinosuar DNA. Mostly Raptors, but they have human forms.
  14. So could I have a tracker and an escaped Experiment, or a tracker who went rogue?
  15. Well, trackers have no minds, they are basically drones and do what they are programed to do. They aren't people, they are similar to clones but they use egg cells and sperm cells to create them.
  16. So having a rogue Tracker is out okay, I can still make the Liger girl, is it possible for experiments to generate plasma fields? like surges of tangible energy that can be dispersed in combat to inflict massive damage?
  17. You have to keep in mind, the abilities have to make sense with the animal DNA.
    For example:
    If a an experiment uses Komodo Dragon DNA, said experiments Saliva can be similar to acid. If they are a tiger they can swim very well, have sharp claws and run fast.

    The most any experiment gets more then the characteristics of the animal is psychokinesis capabilities.
    Psychokinesis is the umbrella term for various related specialty abilities, which may include:

    • Telekinesis: movement of matter at the micro or macro (visible objects, life forms, etc.) levels; move, lift, agitate, vibrate, spin, bend, break, or impact)
    • Speed up or slow down the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms in matter to alter temperature, possibly to the point of ignition if combustible (also known as pyrokinesis when speeding up vibrations, and cryokinesis when slowing them down).
    • Self levitation (rising in the air unsupported, flying).
    • Influencing events (sports, gambling, election, prolongation of life, etc.).
    • Biological healing.
    • Teleportation (disappearing and reappearing elsewhere).
    • Phasing through matter.
    • Transmutation of matter.
    • Metamorphosis Shape-shifting.
    • Energy shield (force field).
    • Control of magnetism.
    • Control of photons (light waves/particles).
    • Thoughtform projection aka telepathic projection (a physically perceived person, animal, creature, object, ghostly entity, etc., created in the mind and projected into three-dimensional space and observable by others; for thought images allegedly placed on film, see Thoughtography)

    The ones that are Bold are the more comon results of the DNA splicing. The others are very rare and if used, cause the user extreme pain.
  18. So through Photokinesis, I could have the liger girl have searing blades of light emit from her claws but it would cause her pain and weaken her?
  19. Exactly, to the point where she would just have enough energy to try and escape.

    All the experiments are collared while in the Base, the collar makes them weak beyond measure and keep their animal form. They can't use their powers due to this collar and never train to get better with them. So using the power is like getting hit by a car and getting back up, its draining.
  20. How many abilities am I limited to giving her, for example I would like Photokinesis and advanced cellular mitosis (regenerative capabilities which I would guess would come with Biological Healing) and for physical abilities I she would be fast and agile like a tiger, but powerful and strong like a lion (Because technically she IS both being a liger)