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  1. Project spirit bomb is a government project that creates children in a lab hidden away in a massive jungle in south america using "experimental" genes. This was created in 1996, meaning the children are all seventeen or eighteen. The children that made it so far have been given training and equipment to go on missions for the US military in the next few months.The classes and their descriptions are as follows:

    The Vykon's powers augment their physical form to adapt to their surroundings. They can survive in extreme weather conditions and can endure far more physical stress than humans. Their weapons are heavy and powerful and usually dangerous to use. Their equipment includes blast resistant armor and tools to force their way through most situations.

    The Halcyon have been created to feature qualities that people are known to trust. They are trained in psychology and taught how to talk through situations without getting harmed. Their powers include mostly mobility augmentation. (i.e. can fit through small spaces, short range teleportation, can move silently, etc.) they are also given the ability to see and hear things most people can't (i.e. heat signatures, sound waves, etc.). Their weapons are small and easy to carry, but not good for full assault. Their equipment is light, but help keep silent, fast, and not hurt themselves falling.

    The Avi are a special class. Most of the children who were born under this classification died in infancy. They can create with their minds. Create sculptures and give them life. They also contain the capacity for telekinesis and telepathy. The sculptures themselves cannot use powers or weapons, only limbs. The creation part of their abilities were never trained fully, thus the potential for the Avi is unknown. Their weapons are almost nonexistent, only knives are usually given to them. Their equipment is useful for taking shots if needed and infiltrating buildings with Halcyon or full attacks with Vykon. The Avi are the most versatile class.


    Name: Victor Evens
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall, blonde hair that comes down past his ears, green eyes, usually has a cocky grin on his face.
    Personality: A little too cocky for his own good, but is very friendly with the others.
    Class: Halcyon
  2. Victor opens the door to his "bedroom" (it more resembles a cell than anything) and jogs down towards the yard to where everyone else was gathered, only stopping to briefly chat with a guard.
  3. Name: Autumn
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Short, Long, black hair down to her waist, usually kept in a ponytail. Blue eyes, usually wears eyeliner lightly to accent her blue irises.
    Personally: A little shy, very curious and inquisitive.
    Class: Avi

    Autumn sat on the grass in the courtyard as the others began to arrive in small groups, a few on their own. Autumn ran her fingers through the slightly overgrown grass As she awaited the majority to arrive so they could get on with the gathering's purpose. She leaned forwards and lay on her stomach, continuing to examine the grass, her long, midnight ponytail stretched across the ground from where her head lay, her pale lower back peeking out from the bottom of her dark shirt, ending at the waistband of her black jeans.
  4. Victor walks into the yard and looks around for someone he gets along with and notices Autumn laying in the grass. He jogs over and sits near her. "Hey" He says, looking around at all of the others piling in. "Any idea what this is about?"
  5. Kanji_Tatsumi_render.png

    Name: Ardent Capulet
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A dirty blond musclehead from Texas. Always wears cowboy boots from his home state. Flaunts the dress code when superiors are out of sight.
    Personality: Blunt to a fault, but fearless and loyal.
    Class: Vykkon

    Ardent approached with a lazy stroll, zipping his school jacket up with a sidelong glance at a nearby sergeant. He plops down cross-legged on the ground next to Victor. "Whats up nerds? Ready to kick some ass?"

    He pulls a pack of cigarettes from his sleeve and is about to light one when he catches eyes with another superior officer and reluctantly tucks them away again with an impatient snarl.

    He rambles to no one in particular, "I wonder if we're all going to the same place. Never thought of how many of us there were til they have us all gathered up like this."

    To feed his oral fixation, he plucks a juicy stem of grass and begins chewing the sweet base of it.
  6. Autumn looked up confused when the two men joined her, her thin, dark brows furrowing as she leaned back, then rushed forwards into a roll, quickly turning and crossing her legs to face the two, her pale blue orbs examining the two. "H-Hello." She shyly responded "I'm not totally sure, they just told the few of us there are to come to the courtyard, and here we are. I believe I'm just as confused as you are." She paused and looked to the man with the cowboy boots, then back to Victor, "A friend of yours?" She asked curiously, turning her head at a small angle, dark bangs falling in front of her face.
  7. Vic looks at the guy who sat next to him. "Not really." He gets back up and shields his eyes from the sun to try to find any hint of whats going on. "I think theyve gathered everyone out here" he says, suprised. "This is new."
  8. "You think it's something bad?" She asked. She leaned back, unfolding her legs, then jumped forwards onto her feet. She also placed a dark sleeved arm in front of her sensitive eyes to protect them from the harsh light. More and more people began entering the courtyard with confused looks on their faces, gossiping to each other about who knows what. Autumn simply looked around, observing all of them and trying to figure out what all this was for.
  9. A few minutes later, the lead scientist (who the children call 'father') steps out onto a balcony that guards usually watch the yard from. He is an aging man with grey stubble on his face and thin hair. He holds a megaphone and a sullen expression. He holds the megaphone up and says down to the children. "My dearest children." He announces "The United States government has shut down Project Spiritbomb. Now you may not know what that means, but just know that I loved every one of you and I am sorry." he has a tear coming from his eye "We were ordered to kill you." With these words, even the guards looked afraid. He blares a sound from the megaphone to get their attention once again "I had feared this day. It is time for all of you to run. Take your equipment and run to the north. You will find a city. Live there and be safe. And don't draw attention to yourselves." As he is saying this, one of the lead guards is running up the stairs to him. "Stay together, children" Is the last thing he can say before the guard captain shoots him. The children go insane and start to form together as they would in combat. Most of the Vykkon take the front lines to protect the others to get into the building to the armory. The guards are arming themselves to fight back and follow their orders.

    Victor turns to the others. "I think that is bad. Lets go" He says, running towards the building.
  10. Ardent spat out his stem of grass in shock.

    "Holy SHIT."

    He leapt to his feet and started kicking up dust, running for the gear shed.

    His long stride soon had him gaining on his pair of comrades, and he ruffles both their hair in passing. "Try not to get killed."

    As he ran ahead, puffing for breath, the skin on his face and arms cracked and segmented into a surface like stone, shining a glossy brown.

    He targeted a trio of guards, choosing the middle one to hit with a swinging haymaker with all the momentum of his run behind it. The other two opened fire on him but the small arms produced little more than a spray of flinty chips.

    The center guard was reeling with a cracked visor, but definitely not out of the fight. Ardent divided his attention between the other two, launching a stream of jabs and low kicks that rarely connected but kept the both of them distracted for an instant.
  11. Vic runs faster to get to the armory and sees Ardent fighting three guards. As one lifts his gun to shoot at vic, he disappears and reappearsin the air with his feet driving into the guard's helmet. They both topple over, but vic grabs the guards baton and tosses it to Ardent
  12. Ardent catches it with a stoney grin, "Ha! Thanks" he said in a voice with touch more gravel in it then before, immediately putting the stick to use to swat his crack-visored guard to a more stationary position on the ground.
  13. Victor grabs tje guards keyring and starts trying to open the doors to the armory. "Shit went from zero to mental pretty quick"
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  14. (Ha! youre such a rogue. thats awesome.)

    Ardent picks up another black baton and stands with his back facing the wily Halcyon, yelling, "Damn straight!"

    He cranes his neck to see over a shifting battlefront of people, "Shit, I hope your partner aint pinned down out there! We're gonna need a heavy assault unit to bust clear of this mess.."

    His voice turned into a wordless growl as he swatted the pistol from a passing non-com's hand with both batons, then decked the unarmored officer with a heavy fist, laying him flat out.
  15. Autumn let out a similar curse before starting to run. She ran as fast as she could, tumbling around some panicked children, along with some guards, keeping momentum to dive over and slide under obstacles in order to avoid incoming bullet fire. As a guard went to turn around and hit her with a baton, She jumped up onto his back and leapt off into a front flip hard enough to cause him to fall over, landing just short of the two men who were struggling to get the armory open. She rolled over to them and hunched over lightly, breathing a bit heavily. "Can't get it, huh? I could get over the wall and try to unlock it from the other side, or create a key, but you guys would have to cover me, it takes a minute or two. Not all of the guards carry armory keys. Or you can keep fiddling with the ring and we'll try to cover you, your choice" She offered, standing back up and throwing her long ponytail behind her as she took a defensive stance waiting for an answer.
  16. Ardent watched the guard sail through the air and land like a sack of bricks. Emitting a low whistle, he begrudgingly admitted,

    "You got moves, homegirl."

    He stepped forward and favored the fallen guard's head with a hard kick from his glossy cowboy boots.

    Scanning for foes, he answered Autumn, "Ask the security expert, I'm just here for the bloodshed."

    As he finished speaking, a guard came running around the corner and Ardent pounced on him, his yell quickly muffled as the two dropped to the dirt. After tense few seconds of rolling around, Ardent emerged victorious with his arms wrapped tightly around the man's head and neck. When he dropped into unconsciousness, Ardent released him and rolled up to his feet.
  17. He tosses the keys away and picks up the guard's gun. "Ill cover you. We need that equipment." He watches as others start to gather around the armory. A helicopter can be heard in the distance
  18. Autumn tilts her head at the man with a confused look on her face. "Homegirl? Thank you I think, but I do have a name." She replied, interrupted by the sudden guards. When Victor finally answered her She simply nodded and slipped behind them, bending over to examine the lock for a moment before placing a hand on it. A small shiver went through her from the cold metal, though not breaking her concentration. She turned to see more and more guards approaching, softly cursing to herself under her breath as she took her hand off the lock and began to knead the air like a cat with the same hand. "Come on" She rushed herself, irritated by the sudden dire situation. Finally she closed her hand, then opened it, a small key now lay in her palm. "Got it!" She exclaimed ignoring the combat that was taking place, trusting the men to continue to cover her. She threw up the key and caught it, an accomplished grin formed on her lips as she put the key in and jiggled it lightly, the tumblers inside quickly giving way and opening for her. She swiftly took out the key and pocketed it before kicking open the old door and gesturing the men inside as she ran in.
  19. "Shit yeah!" the violent soldier exclaimed, running to a rack of miscellaneous gear and starting to fill his pockets with goodies.

    "Always wanted to rob this place."

    He grabbed a black service pistol and checked the action. He shoved a clip into the handle and barreled a round, then stuck it in the back of his pants.

    "Any hardsuits?" he wondered loud, jogging down the long building to get a better look at the far racks.
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