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    Weaving it's way over the cracks of the surface, the dried out plant travelled through the seemingly empty streets. Everything was bitterly silent, excluding the faint breeze whistling through the wreckage. It rolled over pieces of debris which scattered their way across what was once a main road. The present light winds raised up specks of dust, and blew them in the same direction their once-living-friend was journeying. The sun beat down on the Earth's surface at such a temperature the rubber linings of their shoes were beginning to wear down.
    A group of young children ran giggling over the plant, crushing it beneath their feet. Kicking around what could only be described as an empty water cantine. The young girl whined and moaned at them, holding out both her hands to her beaten flask. "You guys! Cut it out! Come on, just give it back!" She pleaded the group of taller looking children. The tears were noticeable, along with fading bruises on her arms too.
    "Vanly's so manly, she may as well be Stanley!" The other children chanted at her, kicking around her dented container.
    "My name is Vanity! I am not manly!" She cried out, and could feel herself crying through her attempts of running between the group to get the flask back. "Leave me alone!" As she said this one of the bigger girls stook their foot out, and tripped her up. She fell to the floor and started to sob as they all kicked her hard, causing her the wheeze as the wind escaped her gut.
    This played out for some time, until an authoritive voice called out to the group. "What the hell are you doing?!" The voice beamed, and the girls stood back from the crying girl in the centre of their circle. The woman stood down to her, long flaming locks of fire rippling up every so often when the breeze caressed her hair. "Vanity.." She said and brushed the girls hair from her face looking concerned. Raising her head up to the tallest girl who held a smirk on her face before Loridia turned to look at her.
    "Ms Lori, we were just playing, she dropped her flask and we were going to give her it back.." The girl said.
    "Pipe down Hayley.. I want you back at base, in the locker." Loridia spoke sternly, her brow furrowed in anger at the girl.
    "But Ms!-.."
    "No buts! Get your scrawny piece back home, and in the locker, before I drag you by your hair there!" She raised her voice and practically snarled in the girls face. She couldn't have picked up her feet any faster, and ran back home terrified, along with her 'cronies' behind her.
    Loridia slowly bent down to hook Vanity across her shoulder, and without effort raised to her feet. Sighing as the girl simply sobbed against her side, she started walking on after the group of girls to the large apartment complex on the horizon. Will they ever stop teasing her? She thought to herself.
  2. HK-001 (open)

    HK-001 watched the white coats go about their business, checking numbers and tinkering with pieces of equipment. He'd become accustomed to the trial and development process by now; the long, tedious procedure of simulations, examinations and fine-tuning which it was necessary to endure before he would finally be allowed to test out whatever bright innovation they'd come up with this time. Today it was a big one, a new mode of transport designed and tailored specifically for him; dubbed 'The Centaur', it had been in the pipelines for almost 3 years. It was a heavy-duty bike designed to perform well in both the city environments of Vinea and its various Sectors, and in the off-road conditions of the waste.

    After making his rounds and checking with a few of his subordinates, the head of the development team stepped toward #1, "It's ready."

    Ah, just the words he'd been waiting for. He stepped toward the magnificent creation and lifted himself onto it, not needing to ask what was needed; he'd been briefed on how this would go down countless times. He bent into a kneeling position and lowered his 'legs' into their respective slots. The faint click let him know the recently added ports on his shins had connected to the vehicle's circuitry and he felt the peculiar sensation of the interchange of signals... he doubted that he would ever get used to that feeling of first melding with new equipment. Once the connection was complete, panels appeared to cover his limbs and secure him in position, "Fits like a glove."
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  3. A scout, stationed at the small 'outpost' inside the abandoned apartment block, looks out onto the main street, as a squad of cyborgs walked, going down the road, towards the North. He flipped a switch, an old twenty-first-century lightswitch, which allowed a pair of wires complete a circuit, and a small, red light in a somewhat far Base of Operations, which launched a flurry of activity.

    Shortly afterwards, the cyborg squad had traveled about 300 more yards when the sound of an old diesel engine fired up. The cyborgs paused for a moment before a large window in a storefront exploded into shards, the tank inside firing a shell into the ground inbetween all the cyborgs, blowing some of them up, and scattering others. The tank is heard driving backwards, until what can only seem like tunnels, before the sound disappears entirely with a dull thump. The 3 remaining cyborgs struggled to their feet, as one lost its head by a sniper, and the other 2 were gunned down by a MG in an apartment complex.
  4. A young man quietly jumped from roof top to roof top, trying to sneak up on two cyborgs that had entered the district. It was uncommon to see a cyborg so far out, that he needed to make sure everyone was safe. On the other side of the street, following along, were two more rebels, both carrying assault rifles. Zane had picked up a sniper rifle that he saw and cleaned up. That was the weapon he liked the most. Once the three fighters found a good spot to attack, they got into position. He had the neck of one cyborg in his sites, and was just about to pull the trigger when he heard an explosion in the distance. He fired the shot, but only hit the cyborg in the shoulder, causing them both to turn. "TAKE THEM OUT!" Zane called out to the other two shooters.
    As they open fired, the cyborgs found their places and began fighting back. Zane took another shot, and was lucky enough to get one cyborg to drop, having hit the main circuits. The last cyborg continued to return fire, injuring one fighter, and killing the other. Zane had to think fast, and quickly took up sights. This was one time he wish he took a second weapon, one that could shoot faster. As he got the cyborg in sights, he fired, hitting just right of the intended targets. The cyborg spotted him and returned fire, barely missing Zane. Once the cyborg was done, Zane popped out and shot again, this time taking it down. "Damn they are hard to get." Zane said to himself, as he quickly made his way to his injured comrade.
  5. I rub my helmet, watching the small hologram of the battle. "You used the tank?! We don't have an infinite amount of ammunition or fuel!" The scout cringed behind me, the other various officers and high-ranking soldiers. "Sir, the attack team decided to use it! I had no say, I just alerted-" The scout was interupted as a siren blared, and the holographic screen was replaced with a not-too-detailed map of District AX-200, and a section of the street closest to the city center, right where the last attack had come from. A red light on the map on the ceiling, at the same street, blinked on. Shortly afterwards, a blue light set in the wall, again at the same place on another map, began to blink on and off, over and over, as several different officers began to write down the message being sent via Morse code. "What is it, Briggs?" I ask the communications officer. "One moment sir..." I wait about a minute, and he continues, "The attack team salvaging the cyborg remains have just come under fire, sir, and they need immediate backup. Should-" I wave him off, turning from my hologram and striding out the door, waving for a couple of my officers to follow. As we walk out of the underground bunker, I grab an assault rifle, a grenade belt, and a .75 caliber anti-matter mobile short-range quick-fire heavy scoped rifle. "Let's go," I growl at my 2 wingmen, who were with a similar loadout, except with a grenade launcher, and a med kit.
  6. Vivi bit her lip as she focused over a large book in front of her. It was a book on medicine going into deep detail on the use of various anathesis. Vivi wasn't comfortable using most of the heavier kinds but she hadn't been involve in too many surgeries. Even if she was going to become a doctor she was always uneasy when doing things in practice.

    The door to the room opened and a taller willowly figure appeared. Vivi felt herself tense and mentally cursed at the action. It was too common now knowing what she knew and what she had planned.

    "Interesting stuff there Vivi?"


    She saw her "mother" smile at her. She couldn't feel guiltier if she tried.
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  7. To avoid drawing attention to themselves, her regions group did their best to use little electricity from the mains. It would strike signals to show up on the screens of operators, and possibly jeopardize their whole operation. So for what electricity they could use, it was large battery powered packs. However, these were saved for weapons, vehicles, and other necessary means of survival. In the mean time, however, it would mean getting the stairs to the top block of their base. Loridia looked at the up coming stories and sighed exhausted. Taking her first step, and hauling the child over her shoulder some to keep her stable.

    Every step was torture on the backs of her calves, but it was good exercise. The building was enormous, perhaps a little obvious. However, she would continue climbing till she got the little one home. Inhaling a final time whilst taking her last step she arrived to the main set of doors barred together with reinforcements which she lowered and rebuilt when passing by. Candace came over to the two of them, embracing her sister and helping her with Vanity. Over in the farthest corner of the floor were the group of girls sat quietly around a set of marbles and coins, playing a gamblers game. Not a uncommon thing in the era.

    Loridia knelt down with her sister to the girl they placed on the bed and started feeding information. "I brought back something for you.." Loridia said, digging into her pack. "Here." Holding out her hand within it was a mineral disc, the coloured stones marbled and merging together. It looked to have been a hood ornament of some description. Never the less, it was a gift for her beloved sister. Candace looked more than happy.
    "Lori..." She said absolutely breathless. A tear started to lift into her eye and she again hugged her big sister. "I love it!"
    "I knew you would.. I found it down by the wreck." She nodded to the gift as a gesture in their conversation.
    "I'll add it to my box.. By the way, was there any news on-.." She started.
    "I couldn't find anything, no.." Lori said in an interrupting manner, and got up to brush off the tension she could feel building.

    For weeks Loridia was searching for evidence on their own family. Candace and her both assumed they were taken when they were young, and that's when a family friend took them to be protected in the rebellion groups. Thus they had grown up in hiding and never even knew where they belonged, and whom they belonged with. Lori' had been searching high and low, asking passers by in the unowned areas of any knowledge of these people. None had yet been passed on.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-.." Candace begun.
    "Relax, it's fine.. Look here, they're making up dinner - and it will be dark soon. You'll need your energy for tonight." Lori was referring to the night patrol coming up. They were running low on certain supplies, a visit to the black market was in order.
  8. Arriving at the squat apartment building at the end of the Marked street, I set up my rifle through the second floor window, taking care to be slow and thorough. My 2 wingmen flank around, going through passageways that run through every building in this sector, moving in to provide support to the pinned down squad. Sighting in with the long, narrow scope, and take my time in marking every single person in the street. 5 squad members, 2 down, 1 injured, the last 2 returning fire at the 6 cyborgs that were trying to take the squad out. I sight in as a cyborg walks around another one, intending to advance, and I fire at just the right moment. The anti-material round slams through the chest of the first cyborg, through the hip of the second. With them both down, I pull back the bolt-action, and then sliding it forward again, loading another round into the chamber. As 2 cyborgs sight in on me, I fire again, taking another one out, and duck behind cover as the second cyborg returns fire. I take a peak above in a pause in the fire, and note that the cyborg that I hit in the hip is back up, though severely limping and leaning against things to stay up.

    As I begin to crawl out of the room, with a rapidly-disintegrating wall, I hear the opening fire of a grenade launcher and an assault rifle, accompanying the 2 squad members' assault rifles. The hip-damaged cyborg falls, and so does the cyborg that was firing at me. The last 3 take all 3 groups on; one firing at my medic, the other firing at my grenadier, and the other firing at the 2 pinned down squadmembers. I take up shop in another room, and fire off another shot, aiming for the cyborg attacking my medic. I score a lucky hit; his generator or power pack or whatever it is that powers them explodes, which knocks the other 2 off balance. They were finished from there. As my 2 wingmen go about the wreckage, putting a bullet into their processors to make sure they're dead, I sling my rifle back over my shoulder, and leave the building, walking towards the 5-man squad.
  9. Zane carried the injured man back to their headquarters. The building wasn't much, being built out of whatever they could. As Zane entered, four guys rushed over to help the injured man. "2 cyborgs attacked. The one guy is dead, and both cyborgs are out of commission." Zane informed the appointed leader of the resistance in their district. "Good Job. Are there any other cyborgs in the area?" The commander asked. He wanted to make sure they were prepared for a fight. "No, I do believe the other districts have cyborgs. Just as I went to take the first cyborg, there was a loud explosion. Bomber, or a tank, i believe, but i'm not certain. I think it's best to lay low for a few hours, I will go back out and survey the area, if there are anymore, I will take them out." Zane said. The commander nodded, and Zane headed to his bunk. It wasn't much, made from old pipes and sheet metal that was left over. Zane leaned his rifle against the bed pole and laid down. He was tired, having been up for nearly three days, constantly surveying the area.
  10. Round 1: Shock-Staff Training.

    HK-L.E.G.I.O.N Vs CUPs: X, Y, Z

    Launch in 5..... 4... 3... 2... 1. Round Begin.

    The training floor cracked with three trailed hits in a row from the back-end of a shock-staff. Forty feet above the training floor watched several Sergeants, witnessing the capability of their biggest unknown among the ranks.

    He slid his foot to his right and kicked a fallen staff into a downed training CPU, while the other two charged from the front. Quickly, L.E.G.I.O.N spiraled down with his legs crossed and tripped up both opponents. He rolled forward and pinned one of the two and struck it between the visor with a straight jab. He then rolled left and dropped his elbow into the center of the last bot's chest, crushing its power source; the bell rang as the round ended under a crushing blow.

    He came to his feet as the training floor opened and swallowed the mechanical corpses. "Round Complete," said the Training V.I as it cleared the board. Pressing a button on his right bracer activated a systems check on his body armor. The results came back with only 10% damage taken during training. It was better than his last mark of 23% in his previous matches.

    Round 2: Weapons Training-Expert Difficulty

    Live Fire Exercise will end upon simulated termination.

    On the other end of the room the floor lifted into an equipment table displaying A rack of weaponry: from SMGs to explosives. L.E.G.I.O.N picked three cluster grenades, an assault rifle, and two heavy magnum pistols. His weapons ran on energy emissions from his software. He can fire without worries of a reload, but overheats would prove this weapon's downfall. He switched on his top-grade lock-on tech and shifted his energy output into his whole suit. The corse was a straight path in the first part, then a wall to block the entrance to the next section. From there it was an open live-fire zone of turrets, and the last section played an assassination; a difficult course.

    Armed and weapons in check, the ground floor shifted again; barricades, turrets, hazards, walls, and simulated targets. The mission objective was self-explanatory: clear the drill as fast as possible with as little mistakes as possible. L.E.G.I.O.N stepped up to the entrance of the corse and counted the seconds to the start like an active bomb.

    3... 2... 1. Test Begin.

    Just then he bolted for the finish line at more than 50+ MPH. His visor locked on to every valid target with perfect precision. Left and right he left targets nailed without skipping a beat or tripping up once. The first course was cleared effectively, just as his rifle overheated, he vaulted over the wall and landed into a roll behind cover. Mounting his rifle on his back, L.E.G.I.O.N drew his pistols and peeked his head out to observe his surroundings. To the left were four targets and a mounted gun, the right eight targets and a mounted gun. What came to his mind was to divide and conquer, or engage and improvise. He went with improvise.

    He jumped left and hurtled a cluster grenade into four targets and sprinted for the turret, dodging incoming fire with stoic prowess. L.E.G.I.O.N climbed his way up to the turret and stepped out of its line of sight. He summoned more strength from his software and ripped the turret from it's hinges; propping it on his waist and opening fire on the other turret and then the remaining targets below it.

    His overseers watched amazed as L.E.G.I.O.N performed with pure combat expertise, shoveling on to the next course. The assassination scenario, built to test a cyborg from its ability of critical thinking-synthetic or organically?

    The set up was straight forward, a sniper rifle on an overlook above the target. Fuel tanks in their general area, or a console controlling an attack drone. Immediately he comprehended the situation in all perspectives. A sniper shot from long enough ranges would be muffled under the wind. Explosives too would be effective, but would leave too large of an incident to overseers. The attack drone most likely would be vulnerable to jammers in the area, or enemy airstrikes. A sniper attack posed the more stealthy and effective approach.

    L.E.G.I.O.N picked up the rifle, but didn't take the shot. Instead, he jumped down and approached the target, from cover to cover. He attached a grenade to his current position, then progressed onward. Just as he got to the rear position of the target, the grenade went off and drew its attention. When it looked away, he popped up and shot the target between the eyes.

    Course: Complete. New Record achieved.
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