Project: Minutemen ACT 1

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    Everything you have know, or what you think has happened is a lie. Everything that has happened in history from the invention of fire, to revolution, to space travel, where never supposed to happen. In the future time and space are trying to repair itself, for an eternity for us is a blink of an eye to the universe. Our history and dimension is starting to revert itself to our "true" history, the history that we were destined to have without future interference. People start to fade from existence, memories start fading, and what we know just...disappears.

    Humans however are very stubborn and refuse to change views easily. They have resorted to creating a time machine destined to recreate all the events that have happened in history. Maybe even rewrite it yourself. However you decide to change the course of history is up to you, but you were chosen to preserve history. Your first destination is the American revolution. You are charged to spark the revolution and give ideas of independence. You may even go back farther to the enlightenment era and help spark the ideas of equality. You are in charge of rewriting history, it's all up to you. You are in charge of the Minutemen project.


    Yes I am aware that this role-play is one gigantic paradox, but just don't think about it too hard. It was an amazing idea I had in my head.

    Anyway, the purpose of this role-play is to go back in time and implant ideas and revolutions in certain time periods. Whether you decide to rewrite it to your own image or preserve the way it happened is up to you.

    reason to be recruited:
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  3. okay thanks, I know the summary is pretty short but that's pretty much the gist of it I'll throw up my CS later
  4. Oh okay :)
    It sounds really neat though even if it's short =3
  5. Name: Delvin Polis



    Personality: Delvin is someone who gets things done. Sometimes at any cost. He was one of the first to notice the changes in his time period. Perceptive and intellectual, he wants to make sure to preserve history as it happened.

    reason to be recruited: He actually was one of the scientist who wanted to help develop the minutemen project. He was also first to volunteer to test drive it and solve this time problem. He was picked since he was one of the only ones to keep the project in check while in the past.

    Skills: Technologically savvy, he doesn't have much in the ways of social skills. He has been assigned leader however and to oversee the project and it's participants. He also has a knack for solving problems and thining on his feet. Really serves as the group's supervisor and main technician.
  6. Sounds pretty awesome! The subject of time always interested to me...and confused me! XD May I post up a character?
  7. sure go ahead
  8. Sorry I'm slow. I promise I'm making a character I've just been busy :O
  9. ...bump? okay any questions? for the record I will try to resolve any paradoxes in the fourth act...maybe. Or I'll just go and change the description a bit
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    I'll get working on the app for this next on my list promise :3
  11. Name: Darin Kross
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Personality: Darin considers himself a bit of a genius. He's a doctor but also dabbles in science and has been known to experiment on others often. He's kind to others and is always polite but is a bit untrustworthy at times and can easily get highly conceited with himself.
    He's always been proud of his work and thinks it's the most important thing in his life.
    Reason to be recruited: Darin is a doctor and a is very intelligent and good at most things he sets his mind to. He knows a great deal about anatomy and almost any type of injury or sickness.
    Skills: Darin is skinny and weak and isn't much of a fighter, however he's a doctor and is good at medicines among other ways of helping and healing.

    ((OoC: If I need to add more I will :3 I just figured I'd get this bit up for now))
  12. it seem okay for now. If youre going to add more to that, it would be appreciated. Looks good for now though
  13. Yeah I can add more in a day or two :3 I was just busy and gone lot lately so I wanted to get a bit of it up just for now :P