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  1. Experimental RP Idea
    Multiverse Criminal Empires Vs. Multiverse Lawmen

    Do you Thirst for Justice? Or have a Thirst for Power?

    What is the most valuable thing in your life? Your money? Your Influence? Your empire? Your love? What if everything you ever dreamed of acquiring was right there in front of you, with only several inches of metal separating you from everything you have ever wanted? You would do everything in your power to steal it; who wouldn't?

    After hearing about the Miracle Cube, a strange, mechanical box with containing "The Most Valuable Item in any Multiverse", every gun in any galaxy wants it for his, her or it's self. Within hours of the news leaving it's carrier, the biggest treasure hunt in the Multiverse begins, but there is only one problem; the Galactic Oder not only possesses the Cube, but also plans to have it moved to a secure location, where it shall be destroyed for a reason unknown to everyone outside it's leadership. Still desperate to gain the contents of the Cube, a band of outlaws club together in the hope of apprehending the carrier ship before the Miracle can be transported. After hearing about the new alliance of outlaws, the Galactic Order assembles it's own team to track and rescue the box, made from members of its own military and other elites from across the galaxy. When two multiversal giants lock horns, no one knows who will get out alive...

    Now, here is the experimental part. Each Rp-er shall choose a premade character from any form of media, either a lawman (Any justice/law/police/Detective themed hero, eg. Judge Dredd, Sherlock Holmes, RoboCop,
    batman etc) or an Outlaw (Any outlaw/criminal characters, E.G, Mal Reynolds, Han Solo, The Penguinn, Robin Hood etc). Each side shall have their own separate chat and their own separate game(to be completed via Private message to avoid people peeking) in the hope that neither side will know what the other is doing; with the Outlaws one step ahead, they Lawmen will have to follow the wake of terror in hopes of catching up. Furthermore, there may be some Legal Operatives amongst the outlaws, broadcasting information back to the Lawmen, or leaving clues in the hopes of Generally Sabotaging the criminal campaign( still working on this part)

    I hope you are willing to show interest in this Rp, and are willing to put any suggestions you have in the comments bellow. Thanks for reading!​
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  2. I love the idea of having two seperate games, but how do you plan on doing it? I think this format would be how I'd do it:

    One OOC thread for both teams to have random conversations in
    One OOC PM for each team with only those members in it for discussing things only happening in that team

    One IC thread where the consequences of the seperate IC conversations are made - such as what an external player would see if they were watching either team's vehicle or actions at that moment

    One IC document for each team that the other team can't see - I personally favour a website called Piratepad for things like this, but PM would work fine too.
  3. I'm very interested in playing in both games but I'm a bit confused about how we'll be choosing our characters. Media? Our media or someone else's media? o.o
  4. @Karma200 Seems to me he means any figure from pop culture - star wars, indiana jones - anything with lawful or criminal characters in it. Think of it like a crossover RP.
  5. Ahh, alrighty thanks x]
  6. Just what I had in mind. Id rather choose Pm though, mainly due to its accessibility for all players, then, at the end of the game, archive the thread for reference.
  7. You can't archive PMs.... Would you copy the PM conversations into further threads?
  8. That's what I meant (I still don't understand all this technical talk)
  9. You already know I'm interested, but I figured if I show up here you can add my name to the eventual roster without people getting confused.
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  10. Sure, no worries
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