Project Integration of Extraterrestrials (P.I.E)

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    It was the year 2035 when they came, the sky was darkened with the presence of thousands of hovering ships. People stood in awe unable to decide if they should scream in terror or stare in wonder . Strange humanoid beings descended on the earth. In human tongue they were called Arhin(Are-rin)They possessed abnormal physical traits: strange hair colors, even stranger eyes, some had markings etched onto their skin and some even possessed strange abilities mostly harmless talents, though there are always exceptions, and most seemed to be somewhat eerily beautiful. Falling victim to a harsh and dying planet and a dwindling population these beings sought a world where their kind could thrive and in turn, discovering earth they wanted to integrate into the lives of humans, to learn about the humans and by doing so share their world.

    In time, 3 years after their arrival the government deemed them "Safe" to release into society and adopted a program which would help these visitors adjust to life on earth. The program was named Project Integration of Extraterrestrials (P.I.E for short). Upon completion of their legal registration and admittance on planet earth they were fit to be released into society... with the help of a human host who would house them, provide care for, and guide them in the ways of life on earth.

    Many people enthralled by these strange beings welcomed them with open arms but then some...did not, fearing the abilities and true intentions that these beings may have possessed. Most of the Arhin chose to immediately jump at the chance to interact with the humans and some valued isolation choosing to remain in government facilities away from them.

    One thing that seemed to be of some importance was the fact that the same bond that could manifest between two Arhin could also manifest between a human and a Arhin, it could prove to be unbreakable, and that is what kept some Arhin tethered to life on earth permanently.

    As expected there is tension between the sides that did not want anything to do with the other which led to crimes and a growing distrust on both sides. Not long after Arhin began to show up dead. Hunted by those who did not agree on their integration into society, the government restricted the flow of Arhin into the new world until things calmed and the criminals were caught. With things settling the Arhin were given the green light again.

    Are you a human welcoming the Arhin and living your life or a human who is completely against these foreign entities, or are you a Arhin fresh to planet earth in seek of humanity, or one who would rather keep your distance from the humans. It is your choice.

    The setting is of modern time in a city. Arhin's if wanted can only be bonded to one other person be it human or another Arhin, and the bond does not have to be accepted by the human but let it be known that an Arhin can only bond once in their life times to one being, and the effects of a rejected bond are suspected of causing the deaths of a few Arhin (the human can choose to reject it, but if it is between two Arhins the other Arhin cannot reject it seeing as though they will have the same reaction,so it has to be mutual between two Arhins.) Romance is welcome ,violence is welcome, killing is welcome you just need permission from the other person, unless it's your own character, swearing is okay just don't go overboard, and a Arhin can only have one ability, but just have fun.

    You have arrived on planet earth this year and you are currently in the government facility, to register for admittance into human society or to remain where you are the choice is yours. You know almost nothing about humans or life on earth, with the exception of a few who are able to gain some knowledge in different ways about the outside world. Most of you come about your ability in the first few years that you reach maturity but then again there are late bloomers. Real gold and silver can be harmful to you upon contact and potentially life threatening. The only way to find your bonded one is to have initiated some form of physical contact with them.

    You've witnessed the Arhins arrival and you chose to welcome them or you don't really care about their arrival at all. If you chose to welcome them you may be on your way to register to become a Guide for a new Arhin or pick up your interplanetary friend from the official registration building. If you just don't care you may have chosen to continue living your life.

    You've witnessed the Arhins arrival and it bothers you and you want to do something about it or you just choose to avoid them as best as you can, not bothering to hide your dislike for them. If you want to do some thing about it you join up with others who share your viewpoint, and you do your best the send these invaders home or even in some cases to the grave. If you chose to just dislike them from afar then so be it.

    The Arhin bond does not discriminate between man, women, race, or side and fair warning to both humans and Arhin can sometimes lead to cases of obsession and mental instabilities. Some opposing humans have changed sides, and some Arhin have been led to their deaths because of it.

    I will put up a cs when people start to show interest.
    Just please try to provide an image of your character, with a name and state whether you are human or Arhin. Anime characters are allowed, graphically made images are accepted but we just want a general picture of what your character looks like. Any questions do not be afraid to ask, just tell me if your interested. And I'd be more then glad to hear any suggestions you have that could make the RP better as well.

    I will add pictures of the Arhin planet and further details if enough people show interest in this RP. It will be an open RP because a ship transports new Arhins to earth almost every month so new characters are welcome. People are more then welcome to play more then one character as long as you can maintain both. I will put up a character sheet for both races if people are interested in the RP and create a new thread for it as well.
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  2. Seems cool to me.
  3. I'll throw my hat into this.
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  4. Any questions you gave feel free to ask :)
  5. I'll make an official thread when I get 4-6 people.
  6. Replying to keep the thread alive.
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  7. This has made me feel like returning to this site was a better idea than I thought I would love to take part in this.
  8. :D welcome aboard! Thanks Im so glad someone else is interested XD I want this RP to be awesome!
  9. It looks like it's well on it's way as soon as more people find it.
  10. That's what I'm hoping for XD
  11. This sounds really cool actually, and I would love to join this.
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  12. I'm still up for it.
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  13. @Hyanna @Dahrinn @Dakota K5 @Alterius

    We officially have 4 people I'll get a thread up by Saturday, so you guys should go ahead and start thinking of your characters. I welcome the idea of creating multiple characters, only if you can keep up with them. I'll post a cs guide here most likely late tonight or tomorrow, and hopefully by then we'll have at least one more person. But we shall start soon, thanks for sticking around!! Any questions feel free to ask.
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  14. Sorry it took longer than expected miseterma hit me by surprise and I was not prepared but I'm back now and here's the Cs


    Reaction to Arhin:
    Hosting an Arhin?:(yes/no)


    Reaction to Humans:
    Participating in Homestay?:(Yes/No)
    Ability:(If you have one)
    Do you intend to Bond?:
  15. I'm potentially interested in this.
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  16. Feel free to jump on in, any questions just ask :)
  17. Hey Sorry I've been gone a while, Had some things to handle irl. I will sign up asap.
  18. No prob it's totally cool life happens :) I'm just glad your still interested.
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