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  1. war_mech_by_jessada_nuy-d4gmt2o.jpg
    Earth - Sol System - 2496

    Almost four-hundred years ago, humanity's constant pursuit of technology and wealth gave birth to the first Mechanized Exploration and Combat Hardsuit Assemblies, commonly referred to now as Mecha's or Mech's. It was a new arms race, each nation racing to try and compete with the other. Unlike the Cold War however, someone sparked it. Some would say that it was a malfunction in a weapon system at a border, others a surprise offensive.

    Nobody would deny the death toll.

    Over six-billion people died in the span of a week, in the overall scope of the war, the numbers become hazy, and vague. Some parts of the earth were reduced to barren wastelands, others completely removed from the face of the globe. Cities abandoned, and lives snuffed out with little more than a passing movement of a pilots' joystick. The few clusters of the human populace left managed to band together, forming what would collectively come to be known as the Joint Earth Federation.

    One-hundred and fifty years later of relative peace and prosperity, humanity had spread as far as the Orion arm and Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. Travel that would have taken centuries to complete were becoming minutes long skips through space through Fast Orbital Liaison Derivatives (FOLD). This technology allowed ships to create small wormholes, no bigger than a pinhead to pass through, much like folding two parts of a paper together to make two points meet.

    Humanity was able to settle further away than ever before from it's home, before long, some no longer saw the Earth as home. It started as most rebellions do, a chat here, a discussion there, rumblings nobody paid much attention to at first. Finally a system declared itself independent, claiming other systems as it's territory. They became the catalyst for many other parts of the solar system declaring independence, and severing ties with the J.E.F. dividing up what was once a singular entity into many factions, many going to war with the J.E.F. and others going to war with each-other.

    The J.E.F. were pushed back to it's roots, now limited to a pitiful amount of systems compared to some of the larger nations rising, down to a total of sixty-five systems. The Federation's forces were looking weaker than ever. Headed by Dr. Gervaino, a man claiming to have ties to the very first creator of Mecha's, the first phase of Earth's desperate and dangerous gamble began.

    Project Icarus: Aces High

    The Mechs:

    Mech Size Classes:

    Gaia Class:

    Gaia class mecha's are the largest class commonly piloted, and often not in a humanoid form. These mecha's can range up to the size of a small city, or several blocks of a larger city. Their function is usually as a carrier type for other mecha's. While requiring special assistance or modifications to enter orbit, they are almost always equipped with FOLD drives. Their armaments can be quite varied, and are only slightly less armed than spacebound cruisers or mobile bases. Arachnid configurations are popular.

    Typical Crew: 100-1000(Based on size, not including pilots stationed on board)

    Atlas Class:
    These mech's are the most common sizing for a pilot, and are usually around sixty meters tall. Mecha of this class are usually used in both ship to ship battles in space, and on ground in rare cases like engagements in cities with buildings providing adequate cover, or in support to other ground units, but have trouble navigating difficult terrain if they do not have adequate spacing to be stand properly. They can come in a variety of forms, a humanoid model being the most popular. All Atlas class mechas are space ready, and most have the capabilities to enter orbit on their own. Few Atlas mechs are equipped with FOLD drives however, perferring power elsewhere.

    Crew: 1 pilot (Two pilot configurations have been in development, but never deemed efficient)

    Titan Class:
    Titan class mechs quickly became more favored than traditional tanks after their advent, and at least one pilot is deployed per group of foot soldiers. They usually stand around fifteen meters tall. Most often deployed in areas where larger mechs cannot travel. Titan class mecha's are rarely space-ready, and they cannot power FOLD drives on their own.

    Crew: 1

    Reactor Types and Variations:
    (Gaia class operate purely on special Yabusame reactors)

    Hentsu Reactor: Power 10 Speed 10
    The Hentsu core is the standard core type, a good mix of power and speed provided to the mech, while still being able to fit into most mecha configurations. It is most commonly present in mecha's that use ammunition based weaponry, often able to use light laser or particle weaponry instead, or wield a weak melee weapon.

    Yabusame Reactor: Power 15 Speed 5
    The Yabusame core provides the largest power yield, but is a large and unwieldy core. It's most often used to power extremely large mechs or to power high-end energy powered weapons. (Providing too much power boost to speed using a Yabusame reactor risks a meltdown)

    Bushido Reactor: Power 5 Speed 15
    The Bushido core is a core specialized for speed in it's mech over being able to power external systems. As a result, it's ability to carry large loads of armor or weaponry is heavily reduced, leaving it to small arms ammunition based weapons, or melee weapons.

    Weapon Types:

    Projectile Types:

    Often the most simple and straightforward, using premade rounds in magazines. All types of these weapons have been adapted to work in space, although repeated use does require the mecha's correctional thrusters to fire to remain still in space. Very simple, and not easy to sabotage, but the limited supply of ammunition can be a problem.
    (You may carry additional ammunition, in multiples of the stated amount, however, each additional one reduces speed in the same manner armor does[Once spent, magazines no longer weigh you down]. Magazine capacity may be increased, but keep total bullet count the same to balance.)
    SMG: 10 fifty round magazines, 1 armor penetration(HE), 2 armor penetration(AP).
    Assault Weaponry: 5 thirty round magazines, 2 armor penetration(HE), 3 armor penetration(AP).
    LMG: 2 two-hundred round magazines, 2 armor penetration(HE), 3 armor penetration(AP). [Costs 1 Power for weight of weapon]
    High-Caliber: 5 five round magazines, 3 armor penetration(HE), 5 armor penetration(AP).

    Laser Types:
    A favorite of space mech's due to it's only restriction being heat generation, a problem easily dealt with in the cold of space, but not as easily in atmospheres. They are powered by the mech's reactor, often through a interface in the hands. A variation of this type of weapon exists, referred to as a Particle weapon. Rather than resulting in a burst of light like a projectile, they create a singular beam, often miles long. They are much more difficult to dodge, however require a large connection directly to the mecha which can be severed or damaged. Particle weapons must be configured to pierce a set number of targets to avoid shooting through to hit extra targets, unless stopped by armor or other comparable thickness.
    Light Laser(SMG class): 3 Power, 2 armor penetration.
    Assault Laser: 4 Power, 3 armor penetration.
    High-powered laser: 5 Power, 4 armor penetration.
    Particle laser: 6 Power, 5 armor penetration.

    Melee Weaponry:
    Melee weaponry is often infused with power from the mech, causing vibrations to empower the blade's cutting ability. Most mech's not reliant as this as their primary weapon will only have the edge honed through such manners, resulting in less power behind the attack, and often use something much more similar to a knife in size. Pilots can opt out of carrying a melee weapon, usually prioritizing other equipment over a difficult to use and dangerous fighting style.
    Self-Defense Weapon(Knife): 1 Power, 1 armor penetration.
    Secondary Weaponry: x Power, x armor penetration.
    Dedicated Weaponry(No other weapon may be carried): x Power, 2x armor penetration.

    Missiles are often employed to deliver explosive payloads into targets. While a extremely good shot can eliminate some, they are very devastating when they land on a target. While heat seeking designs are cheap and simple, target tracking ones designate a radio signal to their target, before using smart targeting, tracking, and analysis to follow it.
    Disposable Missile Swarm(D.M.S.): 1 Power(weight), no armor penetration, 100 heat seeking miniature missiles.
    Dedicated Missile Launcher(Body-mounted): 2 Power, 2 armor penetration, 10 target tracking missiles.(No extra ammo may be carried for this weapon)
    Dedicated Missle Launcher(Separate weapon): 2 Power, 10 variable target missiles(Tracking or direct fire), 3 armor penetration(HE), 6 armor penetration(AP).

    The Pilots:
    Standard Pilot Suit (S.P.S.):
    The standard pilot suit is designed for wear inside of a pilots machine, and in emergencies, outside of it. Standard features include: Air supply and recycling, waste containment system, emergency jetpack, and lights. It's body can seal around breaks in the suit, which while sometimes exposing small sections of skin to space, is extremely preferable to a total breach. The S.P.S. is also equipped with a small injector, able to inject both morphine, and combat stims. The combat stims are a potent mix of caffine and other various sensory enhancing drugs, increasing reaction times, and allowing a pilot to make better use of their mech.

    Titan Pilot Combat Suit (T.P.C.S.):
    The Titan Pilot Combat Suit is the preferred suit of pilots who use a smaller class of mech. While providing basic features, it also gives a small amount of protection to the pilot, at the expense of range and ease of motion. Developed in concern of a Titan class mech pilot's lack of survivability should the mech be damaged.

    1. No god-modding, power-gaming, meta-gaming, ect.
    2. Stats will be to determine your character's ability against other characters, and against some NPC's. Creativity can surpass a basic stat matchup if done correctly.
    3. If things get 'steamy', take it to a private converstation, be sure to follow Iwaku's rules on age restrictions.
    4. Characters will be fresh out of pilot academy, if you have a reason why your character wouldn't, talk to me.
    5. If you have read the rules, add a category for eye color to your CS.
    6. If using Gundam's as your mecha picture, avoid brightly colored and improbably designed ones. Ones used by main characters should also be avoided.
    7. This RP will focus on the J.E.F.'s pilots, if you strongly desire for your character to not be from Earth, talk to me.
    8. You may have two characters if you wish, but do not prioritize one over the other, or have one exist purely to die for the other.

    CS Skeleton:
    Begin Transmission of [(First initial, last name)eval.doc)]
    Date of Birth:(For reference, it is January 27th, 2496)
    Birth Place:
    Picture:(Drawing or real is fine)
    Hair Color:
    Personality:(Yes, you have to do this)
    History:(This too)
    Academy Performance:
    STATISTICAL RATINGS (You have 10 points to spend initially, stats may be lowered or raised in the RP after events, when instructed. You can have a stat of 0.)
    Piloting Skill: (Self-explanatory)
    Perception: (This would be picking out finer details and being aware of ones surroundings. Also works as Aim stat.)
    Willpower: (Ability to stay calm and collected in high stress situations)
    Charisma: (Ability to inspire confidence or lead, general social skills)
    Design concept:(As detailed or as rough as you want it to be)
    Mecha Class:
    Reactor:(Put power leftover after any conversions next to it in brackets[])
    Armor:(Base armor is 3, each additional armor costs 1 speed. Base armor may be removed to add 1 speed. Armor is used to mitigate damage, penetration ignores X amount of armor.)
    Speed:(Leftover power may be converted to speed at a ratio of 1:1. 1 speed is equal to 100 kmph)
    Non-standard modifications:(Speak to me if you have any of these in mind which enhance your mech's combat capabilities.)

    Recommendation for Icarus Project: YES:[_] NO:[_] WITH RESERVATIONS: [_] (Use this ✔)

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  2. Looks interesting...
  3. Updated. Feel free to ask questions if you want, final information regarding pilots will be up soon.
  4. The mechs in the first picture remind me of these...


    The Vital Suits from Lost Planet (Fucking love that Game)
  5. I'm going to allow pretty much any picture or variation for a mech, because it was hard enough for me to find these pictures. Gundam suits are alright, but try to find fanmade ones, and not the really popular ones.

    Edit: All it has to do is fall into one of the classes, even if it wouldn't have originally.
  6. Im gonna use the VS from Lost Planet then
  7. Well, of course you know I'm in on this BoB. and yeah, LP was a good series, though I've only actually played LP2. (still love it)
  8. Would something like a smaller Assassin suit designed to close into melee range exist?

    Thinking armoured only against infantry weaponry, cloak/high stealth capability, powerful melee weapon to carve through larger, thicker armor.
  9. Yes and no.

    While suits specialized to deal purely in close combat exists, a cloak does not. Any powered weapon that is the suit's main weapon would be sharp enough to cleave through most armor. While one could sacrifice armor on the suit for speed, it means your suit is going to be very very squishy, and one shot could be enough to destroy it. (Character death will be a very real possibility)

    You could try to move most of the thrusters to the back/only let those fire, therefore hiding the flare from them. However that would mean your suit would have to focus on going in the correct direction and not getting dodged, because the lack of other correctional ones would lead to a larger turning radius, and a long time spent braking.

    You can consider this a little more after I get the final bits of this thread ready, which will be momentarily. There will be a few numbers involved in CS's to make sure everyone realizes where their strengths lie and weaknesses are. I will be posting again after I make the update to bump it into everyone's alerts.
  10. BoB would this be too famous?
    Some nostalgia right there >.>
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  11. Well then.. I already said yes to this... Though, I am wondering, are you going to involve them exo-suits in this? Or not?
  12. Maybe, try to find a picture that's a coloration a bit more fitting for a war machine or variation of some sort.

    I considered it, and added something slightly similar, but I figured it'd kind of be a moot point compared to larger suits. They would be something employed by ground troops.
  13. I'm still using the Mecha from LP, I was just wondering if Char's Zaku was not good enough >.>
  14. If Anything needs to be changed or worked on, tell me >.> (Wish I could make a Perfect CS on the first try)

    • Name: Wayne Holden
      Date of Birth: August 3rd, 2475
      Age: 21
      Birth Place: London, England.

      Hair Color: Black
      Eye Color: Brown

    • Personality: Wayne is a serious man when in the Cockpit of his Mecha. Battles are life and death and there is nothing light to be taken out of them, and at times he can seem cruel on the coms (Communicator) but it is just because he doesn't want to die and he doesn't want his Allies to die. When outside of the Mecha, he is a more reserved, quiet type that only adds his input when asked. He is quiet in nature and no where close to a Leader, despite some of the ideas he may come up with at time. He prefers to work in a team, being led, or work on his own. He is also kind, to a certain degree.

      History: Wayne was born and raised in London, England, from Earth itself. He heard of the many colonies that were under control of the J.E.F and how there was a Rebellion going on and they were on the losing side. He was raised with the knowledge of possible being invaded and even dying. It scared him as a child and he couldn't accept that fact, he became obsessed with the Mecha's.

      He was put into a Military School at a young age, as young as possible, and his parents accepted his choice to fight for the J.E.F. Of course, he spent most of his life going from Military Institution to Institution until he finally joined a Pilot Academy where he would later graduate from. During these years of growing up to be a Soldier, he learned to be professional and enjoy the small things in life he had. How Earth was devastated, save a few cities, and how the J.E.F could fall at any moment.

      Academy Performance: Graduated with an A (Or whatever one of the highest...performances is)
      Notes: Carries around a picture of his Family.

    • Piloting Skill: 4
      Perception: 2
      Willpower: 4
      Charisma: 0

    • Design concept:

      Weaponry: Assault MX-53 Laser Rifle, Self-Defense Knife
      Reactor: Hentsu Reactor [1 Power Left]
      Armor: Armor 7
      Speed: 11?
      Non-standard modifications: None (Yet <.<)
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  15. ok sooooo I call fem!kamina
  16. @Darth Revan, Looks good for the most part, though I'm wondering what the question mark for speed was. The Academy performance section is meant to be a total evaluation of how they performed in the academy, including leadership, so make sure you keep the Charisma of 0 in mind. I also added a new category for the sake of just making things a bit more like a evaluation.

    Dr. Gervaino could pick someone not recommended though, you will see why later. I also am hoping someone picks the Gaia class, as we will need one, so I'll grab it if nobody else does.
  17. I put the question mark because I was a bit confused. Because he is using the Hentsu Reactor, he would have a base of 10 Speed right?
  18. Yes, I think you did it right.
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