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  1. war_mech_by_jessada_nuy-d4gmt2o.jpg
    Earth - Sol System - 2496

    Almost four-hundred years ago, humanity's constant pursuit of technology and wealth gave birth to the first Mechanized Exploration and Combat Hardsuit Assemblies, commonly referred to now as Mecha's or Mech's. It was a new arms race, each nation racing to try and compete with the other. Unlike the Cold War however, someone sparked it. Some would say that it was a malfunction in a weapon system at a border, others a surprise offensive.

    Nobody would deny the death toll.

    Over six-billion people died in the span of a week, in the overall scope of the war, the numbers become hazy, and vague. Some parts of the earth were reduced to barren wastelands, others completely removed from the face of the globe. Cities abandoned, and lives snuffed out with little more than a passing movement of a pilots' joystick. The few clusters of the human populace left managed to band together, forming what would collectively come to be known as the Joint Earth Federation.

    One-hundred and fifty years later of relative peace and prosperity, humanity had spread as far as the Orion arm and Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. Travel that would have taken centuries to complete were becoming minutes long skips through space through Fast Orbital Liaison Derivatives (FOLD). This technology allowed ships to create small wormholes, no bigger than a pinhead to pass through, much like folding two parts of a paper together to make two points meet.

    Humanity was able to settle further away than ever before from it's home, before long, some no longer saw the Earth as home. It started as most rebellions do, a chat here, a discussion there, rumblings nobody paid much attention to at first. Finally a system declared itself independent, claiming other systems as it's territory. They became the catalyst for many other parts of the solar system declaring independence, and severing ties with the J.E.F. dividing up what was once a singular entity into many factions, many going to war with the J.E.F. and others going to war with each-other.

    The J.E.F. were pushed back to it's roots, now limited to a pitiful amount of systems compared to some of the larger nations rising, down to a total of sixty-five systems. The Federation's forces were looking weaker than ever. Headed by Dr. Gervaino, a man claiming to have ties to the very first creator of Mecha's, the first phase of Earth's desperate and dangerous gamble began.

    Project Icarus: Aces High

    The Mechs:

    Mech Size Classes:

    Gaia Class:
    Gaia class mecha's are the largest class commonly piloted, and often not in a humanoid form. These mecha's can range up to the size of a small city, or several blocks of a larger city. Their function is usually as a carrier type for other mecha's. While requiring special assistance or modifications to enter orbit, they are almost always equipped with FOLD drives. Their armaments can be quite varied, and are only slightly less armed than spacebound cruisers or mobile bases. Arachnid configurations are popular.

    Typical Crew: 100-1000(Based on size, not including pilots stationed on board)

    Atlas Class:
    These mech's are the most common sizing for a pilot, and are usually around sixty meters tall. Mecha of this class are usually used in both ship to ship battles in space, and on ground in rare cases like engagements in cities with buildings providing adequate cover, or in support to other ground units, but have trouble navigating difficult terrain if they do not have adequate spacing to be stand properly. They can come in a variety of forms, a humanoid model being the most popular. All Atlas class mechas are space ready, and most have the capabilities to enter orbit on their own. Few Atlas mechs are equipped with FOLD drives however, perferring power elsewhere.

    Crew: 1 pilot (Two pilot configurations have been in development, but never deemed efficient)

    Titan Class:
    Titan class mechs quickly became more favored than traditional tanks after their advent, and at least one pilot is deployed per group of foot soldiers. They usually stand around fifteen meters tall. Most often deployed in areas where larger mechs cannot travel. Titan class mecha's are rarely space-ready, and they cannot power FOLD drives on their own.

    Crew: 1

    Reactor Types and Variations:

    (Gaia class operate purely on special Yabusame reactors)
    Hentsu Reactor: Power 10 Speed 10
    The Hentsu core is the standard core type, a good mix of power and speed provided to the mech, while still being able to fit into most mecha configurations. It is most commonly present in mecha's that use ammunition based weaponry, often able to use light laser or particle weaponry instead, or wield a weak melee weapon.

    Yabusame Reactor: Power 15 Speed 5
    The Yabusame core provides the largest power yield, but is a large and unwieldy core. It's most often used to power extremely large mechs or to power high-end energy powered weapons. (Providing too much power boost to speed using a Yabusame reactor risks a meltdown)

    Bushido Reactor: Power 5 Speed 15
    The Bushido core is a core specialized for speed in it's mech over being able to power external systems. As a result, it's ability to carry large loads of armor or weaponry is heavily reduced, leaving it to small arms ammunition based weapons, or melee weapons.

    Weapon Types:

    Projectile Types:
    Often the most simple and straightforward, using premade rounds in magazines. All types of these weapons have been adapted to work in space, although repeated use does require the mecha's correctional thrusters to fire to remain still in space. Very simple, and not easy to sabotage, but the limited supply of ammunition can be a problem.
    (You may carry additional ammunition, in multiples of the stated amount, however, each additional one reduces speed in the same manner armor does[Once spent, magazines no longer weigh you down]. Magazine capacity may be increased, but keep total bullet count the same to balance.)
    SMG: 1 Power, 10 fifty round magazines, 1 armor penetration(HE), 2 armor penetration(AP).
    Assault Weaponry: 2 Power, 5 thirty round magazines, 2 armor penetration(HE), 3 armor penetration(AP).
    LMG: 3 Power, 2 two-hundred round magazines, 2 armor penetration(HE), 3 armor penetration(AP).
    High-Caliber: 2 Power, 5 five round magazines, 3 armor penetration(HE), 5 armor penetration(AP).

    Laser Types:
    A favorite of space mech's due to it's only restriction being heat generation, a problem easily dealt with in the cold of space, but not as easily in atmospheres. They are powered by the mech's reactor, often through a interface in the hands. A variation of this type of weapon exists, referred to as a Particle weapon. Rather than resulting in a burst of light like a projectile, they create a singular beam, often miles long. They are much more difficult to dodge, however require a large connection directly to the mecha which can be severed or damaged. Particle weapons must be configured to pierce a set number of targets to avoid shooting through to hit extra targets, unless stopped by armor or other comparable thickness.
    Light Laser(SMG class): 3 Power, 2 armor penetration.
    Assault Laser: 4 Power, 3 armor penetration.
    High-powered laser: 5 Power, 4 armor penetration.
    Particle laser: 6 Power, 5 armor penetration.

    Melee Weaponry:
    Melee weaponry is often infused with power from the mech, causing vibrations to empower the blade's cutting ability. Most mech's not reliant as this as their primary weapon will only have the edge honed through such manners, resulting in less power behind the attack, and often use something much more similar to a knife in size. Pilots can opt out of carrying a melee weapon, usually prioritizing other equipment over a difficult to use and dangerous fighting style.
    Self-Defense Weapon(Knife): 1 Power, 1 armor penetration.
    Secondary Weaponry: x Power, x armor penetration.
    Dedicated Weaponry(No other weapon may be carried): x Power, 2x armor penetration.

    Missiles are often employed to deliver explosive payloads into targets. While a extremely good shot can eliminate some, they are very devastating when they land on a target. While heat seeking designs are cheap and simple, target tracking ones designate a radio signal to their target, before using smart targeting, tracking, and analysis to follow it.
    Disposable Missile Swarm(D.M.S.): 1 Power(weight), no armor penetration, 100 heat seeking miniature missiles.
    Dedicated Missile Launcher(Body-mounted): 2 Power, 2 armor penetration, 10 target tracking missiles.(No extra ammo may be carried for this weapon)
    Dedicated Missle Launcher(Separate weapon): 2 Power, 10 variable target missiles(Tracking or direct fire), 3 armor penetration(HE), 6 armor penetration(AP).

    The Pilots:

    Standard Pilot Suit (S.P.S.):
    The standard pilot suit is designed for wear inside of a pilots machine, and in emergencies, outside of it. Standard features include: Air supply and recycling, waste containment system, emergency jetpack, and lights. It's body can seal around breaks in the suit, which while sometimes exposing small sections of skin to space, is extremely preferable to a total breach. The S.P.S. is also equipped with a small injector, able to inject both morphine, and combat stims. The combat stims are a potent mix of caffine and other various sensory enhancing drugs, increasing reaction times, and allowing a pilot to make better use of their mech.

    Titan Pilot Combat Suit (T.P.C.S.):
    The Titan Pilot Combat Suit is the preferred suit of pilots who use a smaller class of mech. While providing basic features, it also gives a small amount of protection to the pilot, at the expense of range and ease of motion. Developed in concern of a Titan class mech pilot's lack of survivability should the mech be damaged. The suit does sacrifice some of it's ability to negate certain side effects of g-force for protection.


    1. No god-modding, power-gaming, meta-gaming, ect.
    2. Stats will be to determine your character's ability against other characters, and against some NPC's. Creativity can surpass a basic stat matchup if done correctly.
    3. If things get 'steamy', take it to a private converstation, be sure to follow Iwaku's rules on age restrictions.
    4. Characters will be fresh out of pilot academy, if you have a reason why your character wouldn't, talk to me.
    5. If you have read the rules, add a category for eye color to your CS.
    6. If using Gundam's as your mecha picture, avoid brightly colored and improbably designed ones. Ones used by main characters should also be avoided.
    7. This RP will focus on the J.E.F.'s pilots, if you strongly desire for your character to not be from Earth, talk to me.
    8. Posts are expected to be at intermediate level quality. This is to encourage better development of characters, and ensure post length. If you make a one-line post, don't. If you honestly do not know how to make your post longer, try to work with someone to figure out how you can.
    9. You may have two characters if you wish, but do not prioritize one over the other, or have one exist purely to die for the other.

    CS Skeleton:

    Begin Transmission of [(First initial, last name)eval.doc)]
    Date of Birth:(For reference, it is January 27th, 2496)
    Birth Place:
    Picture:(Drawing or real is fine)
    Hair Color:
    Personality:(Yes, you have to do this)
    History:(This too)
    Academy Performance:
    STATISTICAL RATINGS (You have 10 points to spend initially, stats may be lowered or raised in the RP after events, when instructed. You can have a stat of 0.)
    Piloting Skill: (Self-explanatory, melee skill as well)
    Perception: (This would be picking out finer details and being aware of ones surroundings. Also works as Aim stat.)
    Willpower: (Ability to stay calm and collected in high stress situations)
    Charisma: (Ability to inspire confidence or lead, general social skills)
    Design concept:(As detailed or as rough as you want it to be)
    Mecha Class:
    Weaponry: (Place power usage and specifications next to weapon, pictures if available.)
    Reactor:(Put power leftover after any conversions next to it in brackets[])
    Armor:(Base armor is 3, each additional armor costs 1 speed. Base armor may be removed to add 1 speed. Armor is used to mitigate damage, penetration ignores X amount of armor.)
    Speed:(Leftover power may be converted to speed at a ratio of 1:1. 1 speed is equal to 100 kmph)
    Non-standard modifications:(Speak to me if you have any of these in mind which enhance your mech's combat capabilities.)

    Recommendation for Icarus Project: YES:[_] NO:[_] WITH RESERVATIONS: [_]
    Notes:(Use this ✔, a character may still be put into the project under direct orders if they were originally marked with reservations or no, flesh out any reasoning if possible.)

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    • Downloading R.E.F.I.R.E Introduction Video....Download complete.
      Now playing...



      Good day pilot, and welcome to the short introduction video for
      the R.E.F Interplanetary Ranged Enforcer or R.E.F.I.R.E for short.

      When we here at Krona Inc. first started the Refire project, we wanted to look back and take inspiration from the ancient but powerful US Army. With superior land, air and navy they kept world peace longer than any other nation before in human history. However.

      We take it to an entirely new level. We are proud to present Refire, a Capital Ship among Gaia Class Mechs. It will not only ace in space, but in sea and air as well. Our amazing designers and engineers have turned a space battleship into a deadly foe for any enemies inside the atmosphere of any planet. It comes with its own special designed FOLD drives and reactors powerful enough to keep it in the air. Refire is built to support troops on the ground and manage to do so with its superior armament. Some of the few weapons Refire comes equipped with are missile turrets and large energy weapons. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with your mech today!

      Refire can transport 12 Atlas and 24 Titan Class mechs.
      The massive Gaia Class ship also have space for standard ground forces.
      We are also proud to say that the large hangar comes with its own workshop.
      You can now easily customize your Atlas or Titan on the go!

      War Room
      What is a deployment platform without a War Room for briefing?
      We offer you the Refire Tactic War Room. Equipped with the newest tech for presentation and planning.
      You will never get bored as tactic overviews are displayed in rich colors and animations.


      Here at Krona Inc. we take pilot comfort and safety very seriously.
      That's why every pilot on board Refire get their very own private chamber. Enjoy the view of space, or take a nap
      in one of our -third- first class beds. The interactive screen wall give you a live feed of operations or emergency orders.


      Tell your parents not to worry, for Krona Inc. know how to put people back together.
      The battlefield can be a rough place, so Refire comes with its own squad of doctors.

      Krona Inc. is not responsible for accidents doing operations, and no refund will be available at any time.


      Last but not least, the Command Bridge
      Krona Inc. present the heart of every Mech Operation. The Command Bridge. The
      place to be when troops are to be ordered around, and of course pilot Refire.


      ...End of video.

    • Attempting to access full files for the Refire Project...
      Error. Access to Krona Inc. database platform denied, routed to
      official information page.



      Design concept file:
      Design and patent by Krona Inc.
      License bought by R.E.F and manufactured in cooperation with Solius A/S.
      Displaying Refire P.R file...

      What happens when you mix a battleship, a flying fortress and a spaceship? You get Refire of course! Krona Inc. present the R.E.F.I.R.E project that take the best and mix it all together. The R.E.F Interplanetary Ranged Enforcer is an all purpose battlecruiser that takes the fight anywhere. It mainly serve as transportation for smaller mechs, and allow pilots to customize their Atlas or Titan on the fly. What it lacks in armor, it give back in speed. It is much faster than any land based Gaia class mech. The Refire can even take the battle to the seas. Refire is a good weapon against enemy Gaia's, but rely on it's Atlas and Titan mechs for defense against smaller enemies. Should a foe get too close however, do the Refire have 6 missile turrets for self defense.

      R.E.F Interplanetary Ranged Enforcer or R.E.F.I.R.E for short. (Refire)

      Mech Class:
      Gaia. Space, Air and Sea use.

      //End of Refire P.R file.
      Hacking into Krona Inc. Database platform... Successful.
      Displaying rest of file...

      4x Particle Laser Cannons. [Can only use two at a time, bringing power use to 12. 5 Armor penetration each.]
      -Two powerful laser cannons in the front of Refire. Can strike against all targets. Four have been mounted, with the last two under it. However, power remain limited to the use of two at the same time.

      10x Missile Swarm Turrets. [10 Power. Zero armor penetration]
      -Mainly for self defense. 4 of the 10 turrets can actively be used for offensive attacks.

      4x High-Caliber HMG Turrets. [8 Power. 5 Armor Penetration]
      -Simple, but effective self defense weapon.

      Special Yabusame Reactors Class G.
      Power 30 Speed 4



      Non-standard modifications:
      Capable of flight, sea and space use.

      WPCS or Weapon Power Control System
      -The Refire have been equipped with a control system that allow it to carry more weapons than it can actually use. That means it can turn off weapons and instead use the power elsewhere. This will come in handy when the weapons in the back of the mech needs power, and the one in the front doesn't.

      High-Caliber HMG Turrets.
      -Bigger version of the standard High-Caliber.

      Equipped with FOLD drives.

      //Connection lost.​

    • Opening personal files.. Permission granted.

      Name: Captain Syris "Tiger" Krona
      Date of Birth: November 2, 2470
      Age: 25
      Birth Place: Small Kingdom Denmark, Copenhagen.

      Attached image:
      Hair Color: Dark brown
      Eye Color: Red
      Personality: Syris have shown major abilities in leadership and social skills. He also tend to have good grip on difficult situations, and that have saved his life more than once. His pilot skills however... Needs improvements. He doesn't seem to let it shot him down though, and that says a lot about his character. He appear loyal to the friends around him, but he know what he wants.

      History: ...
      Corrupt file detected. Forcing reboot... Reboot complete. Attempting rewrite of file... Successful.

      Second son of Karchev, the current chairman of Krona Inc. located in Denmark. Family have made a fortune on weapon design and patents. Newest project include a Gaia Class battlecrusier. Syris have never official been listed as part of the family company. Rumors of problems in family but that remain unconfirmed. Quickly left the country and signed up for the Pilot Academy. He appears emotional stable and was capable of making friends. People know him by the name of "Tiger" possibly to hide his real background. Finished graduation the same time Refire completed final tests. Need further investigation for Syris's promotion to Captain of Refire. R.E.F top have not approved further investigation.

      Academy Performance: He barely passed the flying exams. Showed good result in any other tropic.

      Recommendation for Icarus Project: YES:[_] NO:[_] WITH RESERVATIONS: [✔]
      Reason: Person in question lack pilot skills. Further review will be needed...

    • Piloting Skill: 1
      Perception: 2
      Willpower: 3
      Charisma: 4

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  2. Begin Transmission of (G.Cain.eval.doc) (open)

    Name: Gerard Scott Cain
    Date of Birth:August 17
    th 2464
    Age: 22
    Birth Place: London, England

    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Hazel

    Personality: Cain is considered a fair men among his peers, and a competent leader. Generally amiable and approachable to all amongst his crew and those along for the ride, combat personnel and other pilots included, Cain keeps an easy going, almost relaxed attitude regardless of the situation, only cracking his attitude under dire amounts of pressure. Not the biggest fan of leading, but he knows the need for it, and takes the role whenever presented, after all, he considers anyone else would get it wrong.

    History: Born to a pair of officer parents within the J.E.F command structure, his father an admiral and his mother a special forces CO, he was held to harshly high standards with no leniency allowed for the young man. It didn't take long for Cain to reach the age he could be enrolled into military academies and schooling, assigned to a training regime for future Titan Class pilots.

    The courses he was assigned to were part of a specialized program for the children of officers and other notable, VIP status individuals, and other exceptions. While he did not shine in most cases, his grasp of history and tactical work was notable, though, far more so then his other peers. And what he couldn't understand, he convinced others to help him out with.

    Cain unlearned the harsh, unrelenting and unforgiving mentality from his parents. Thanks to this, he was generally well appreciated by his peers in the Titan programs, even though they were not as well liked by others due to the sheer difference in systems. But Cain didn't mind, and upon exiting the program and Academy successfully, he was eager to move into newer days, to make his family proud.

    Academy Performance: Mostly B's and C's, only A's in tactics and history
    Notes: Still uses British mannerisms, regardless of formality (Or lack thereof)

    Piloting Skill: 2
    Perception: 2
    Willpower: 2
    Charisma: 4



    Design concept: The Mk I of the Atreidies series was a prototype model, built with a different purpose in mind then the Mk II. The Mk I only bore two legs instead of six, and was a Titan class assault walker rather than a Gaia Class assault transport. Being a smaller platform, it held more agility and lighter armor than its bigger brother by the very nature of the size differences, but the Mk I could go faster and into more areas than the Mk II, something that keeps the Mk I competitive after the Mk II was introduced.

    Callsign: Atreidies

    Mecha Class: Titan Class


    2x Rotary Chainguns (LMG): The twin primary weapons are the 'arm' mounted LMG units, utilizing a rotary chaingun design on each weapon to increase the reliability and rate of fire on both, having to spin up being the only real downside, which can be mitigated by the pilot "Running Hot", or pre-spinning the barrels prior to engagements. Their design also condenses the magazines of each individual LMG into a single box of linked together ammo. [6 Power : 3 AP Penetration : 400 Round Box]

    1x Lower Micro Assault Cannon (SMG): Early prototypes of the Mk I suffered from a blind-spot up close beneath the Mecha's piloting seat, where the two primary LMG units. The main production run of the Mk I included this HE loaded weapon mounted beneath the cockpit of the Mecha. Using the same condensed ammo box design used in the Rotary Chainguns, each round detonates on impact, to devastating effect on lightly armored hostiles. [1 Power : 1 HE Penetration : 500 Round Box]

    Reactor: Hentsu Reactor [10 Power Total – 7 Power {Weaps} – 3 Power {Speed} = 0 Power Left Over]

    Armor: 3 Base + 3 Armor (Speed Penalty) = 6 Armor Total

    Speed: 10 Speed Base + 3 Speed (Reactor Boost) – 3 Speed (Up Armored) = 10 Total Speed

    Non-standard modifications: Custom Spray Job on the Front End

    Recommendation for Icarus Project: YES:[✔] NO:[_] WITH RESERVATIONS: [_]

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  3. [​IMG]

    So. How is everyone today.
  4. I would just like everyone to know, I will not Beatle to post today due to testing, sorry.
  5. Begin Transmission of [(A. Stassov-Mercier)Eval.doc]
    //Name: Anya Stassov-Mercier
    //Date of Birth: 18.8.2476
    //Age: 19
    //Birth Place: Strasbourg, France

    //Hair Color: Golden
    //Eye Color: Yellow

    During her simulated field assessment, the candidate has displayed an affinity for a direct offensive[1] rather than the formulation of a thorough strategy through analysis. However, she fares well at adapting to the field of engagement, and excels at quick thinking. Candidate may be inclined towards following personal combat acumen[2] at the expense of orders. Mental health assessments made on the candidate have returned the following; prone to anger[3], slight empathy, and overall social anxiety[4]. Capability to continue under pressure is "surprising"[5]. Past trauma is a possibility[6]; future mental health assessments and regular psychiatry sessions recommended.

    Candidate was born to Novak Stassov and Jeanne-Luis Mercier. Both individuals have been reported to be unaffiliated with the J.E.F. and/or other recorded factions as of [27.1.2496]. N. Stassov has been reported to have been under employment of the international entertainment conglomerate "Milanese"[7], performing works of journalism for its European branches. Data on Jeanne-Luis Mercier is inconclusive[8]. Education background is as follows; candidate recorded to have graduated from high school (St. Henley, England) with "problematic" results[9]. Enrollment into the J.E.F. Military Academy recommended and processed by [CLEARANCE INSUFFICIENT]. Candidate has since graduated from the academy, fulfilling all requirements for enrollment under the J.E.F. Military Forces' active duty as MECHA pilot. Is currently under extensive monitoring by the J.E.F. Research Bureau; Project Head [CLEARANCE INSUFFICIENT].

    //Academy Performance: 4 A; 2 B
    //Notes: "She's quite the troublemaker - only actually troubled."[10]
    Piloting Skill: 1
    Perception: 6
    Willpower: 3
    Charisma: 0

    ///Loading visual data...
    ////[Download incomplete]

    ////[Downloaded: 87%]
    ////[Rendering incomplete]

    ///Design Concept:
    MECHA (designation "Vanguard Zero-Two") is an experimental unit fielded under the J.E.F. Research Bureau; Project "Swaying One", designed as a testbed for a possible new line of assault-oriented frames. It features the simplest control interface for absolute ease of use, but implements an unidentified data-processing interface "that can only work with Ms. Stassov-Mercier"[11]. Prominent elements of frame design include quad thruster modules (detachable) for increased mobility and airborne superiority. MECHA has been tested and verified for orbital take-off. MECHA possesses a full-panoramic, 360-degree cockpit. "Please handle with care."
    ///Call Sign: Rossweisse
    ///MECHA Class: Atlas-class

    1x Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) [1 Power; 1 AP; 1x 70 AMMO] (mounted in head unit)
    1x Linked-D.M.S. [1 Power; 0 AP; 1x 100 AMMO] (mounted in shoulders)
    2x Particle Cutters (Beam Sabers) [1 Power; 1 AP] (stored in waist)
    1x Long-Barrel Assault Rifle [2 Power; 3 AP; 5x 30 AMMO]

    ///Reactor: Hentsu Reactor [4 remaining]
    ///Armor: 4
    ///Speed: 13
    ///Non-standard Modifications: Cognitive Gate (CG)


    Recommendation for Icarus Project: YES:[ ] NO:[ ] WITH RESERVATIONS:[✔]
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  6. Begin Transmission of [E.Selteineval.doc]

    Name: Elise Von Seltein
    Date of Birth: November 8th, 2475 (For reference, it is January 27th, 2496)
    Age: 20
    Birth Place: New Cologne, Germany

    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Personality: Appears outwardly friendly and able to socialize easily, but quick to call out others for mistakes. [MAJOR PERSONALITY CHANGES RECENTLY] After a recent training incident(See report K-SNT-#40332) subject has undergone major personality changes and appears to be suffering from mild depression. Has become rather withdrawn and melancholy while alone according to surveillance, and quick to snap at others in anger. Has exhibited high risk and stress maneuvers since, indicating a possible death wish, in one case resulting in a concussion despite helmet and MECHA safety features.

    History: Elise was born to a older family as a illegitimate child, officially recognized as part of the family after military enrollment. This privilege came with little more than the name though, and is suspected to have been done at the urging of the heads of the family. She passed basic assessments for joining the academy, and performed adequately well to qualify as a basic pilot.

    Academy Performance: Combined GPA of 3.2 [REPORT K-SNT-#40332 SUMMARY ATTACHED] In a final field test, Elise and a group of other pilots were pitted in a mock combat scenario with another group of pilots, including a Alex Miller. Sources close to Elise and Alex indicate that the two were close friends, and possibly friendly rivals. During the mock combat scenario, weapons were limited to non-lethal levels, incapacitating mecha's rather than destroying them. The simulation took place at SITE:#439(Ruins of Berlin). Due to improper configuration, or adverse weather affecting the simulation, Elise's weapon operated at full lethal capacity. The operation was a squad leader assassination simulation, with Alex Miller the designated target of "RED" team. Having succeeded in a pincer ambush organized by her own squad leader, Elise engaged Alex Miller in CQC. Miller, being the pilot of a long range mech, was heavily outmatched, and quickly overpowered. The strike thought to be the one that killed him was a forwards thrust through the chest cavity, through the cockpit. "BLUE"s victory was swiftly declared, and post-operation crews quickly arrived on scene, declaring Miller DOA. Seltein expressed symptoms of shock and disbelief, and post-incident mental evaluations suggested normal feelings of guilt and grief.
    Notes: Emotional levels are in line with acceptable parameters, but require monitoring.

    Piloting Skill: 6
    Perception: 3
    Willpower: 0
    Charisma: 1

    Design concept:
    Callsign: Lawgiver
    Mecha Class: Atlas
    - Powered Blade (3 Power, 6 penetration)
    Reactor:Bushido Reactor[0]
    Armor:4(+1 added)
    Speed:16(-1 armor, +2 power added)
    Non-standard modifications:None

    Recommendation for Icarus Project: YES:[_] NO:[] WITH RESERVATIONS: []
    Notes: Subject exhibits high likelihood of progression in symptoms, and possibly worsening mental health, monitoring and secondary evaluations should occur before basic deployment. - J.E.F. Medical Division

    //I don't care what you have to put her on, we need as many pilots as we can get. Medicate her through the suit if you have to, just get her on the field. -Dr. Gervaino//
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  7. I would like to hear people's thought on Refire. Are two Gaia just one too many? I know Rax have dibs, but I would like to hear what people think.
  8. @Rion I think it is a great idea, and would definitely station my titan there :)
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  9. @Cambridge Hazard Each D.M.S. would take one power, having multiples increases the amount of power it needs, so you probably want to recheck your CS.
  10. I can always drop the Gaia if you want to really play one @Rion since I was filling the space since, at the time, no one else was rolling out a Gaia. The character himself doesn't change much at all, I'll only redraw up a new mecha. I'll leave that one up to you, whether we need two or not.
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  11. B-But they're Sub-D.M.S., like... mini versions of the original that even carry one-third the original payload, and are designed to pose maximum effectiveness in one-on-one aerial dogfights instead of mass bombardment like the original. I really thought you were going to bring up the beam sabers particle cutters being a pair for 1 Power. I might be able to strip off the head-mounted CIWS to make space (or switch to a Hentsu altogether), but I want to reiterate that they're not actually 100% the D.M.S. specified in your opening post, and that it indeed does require often reloading along with the rest of the Vanguard's weapons (except the beam sabers plasma particle cutters) and the MECHA itself a high-maintenance demonstration and testing model, and it's designated Unit 02 because there's actually three other units that have been created, all with different plans and designs in mind like the Unit 00 that I can't actually talk about yet unless I want to be shot to death in the middle of the night, but besides that there's Unit 01 which is designed around a Hentsu reactor and was made to be the buff, ground warfare type and the Unit 03 which is a Titan-sized MECHA piloting a Gaia-sized MECHA and is built around Yabusame reactors and it has rocket fists and what was I talking about again?

    I think it's cool that we have two motherships, all the great Super Robot Wars games always had more than one mothership. Besides, I think the Astrades and the Refire complement one another. One's for sea, space, and air while the other is for ground but has claws and a laser cannon mouth. Besides, they're going to combine at one point to form a transcendental MECHA that'll supreme over even the heavens themselves-- I should really stop talking now.
  12. I feel pretty bad about it, so I don't want you to make a new mech unless you are completely okay with it. GM just said it would make things harder, with two Gaia's and all. You got dibs first, so tis is your decision.
  13. @Cambridge Hazard I kind of really felt like going on about everything would be kind of rude and left it at that to get you to look back and rebalance things, or at least message me about it or something.
  14. @Rion Go ahead and keep the Refire, its fine by me. Once I am done with work I can draw up a new mecha in short order. No worries there at all.
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  15. @BoB (Best of Boxes)³ R-Really... I'm sorry, then. But you yourself don't have to worry about being rude, you know. I was the one who wanted to join, and it's your job to make sure things are evened out by the time the story starts. I'll message you in short time, chief.
  16. What happens to my post?

    • Name: Wayne Holden
      Date of Birth: August 3rd, 2475
      Age: 21
      Birth Place: London, England.

      Hair Color: Black
      Eye Color: Brown

    • Personality: Wayne is a serious man when in the Cockpit of his Mecha. Battles are life and death and there is nothing light to be taken out of them, and at times he can seem cruel on the coms (Communicator) but it is just because he doesn't want to die and he doesn't want his Allies to die. When outside of the Mecha, he is a more reserved, quiet type that only adds his input when asked. He is quiet in nature and no where close to a Leader, despite some of the ideas he may come up with at time. He prefers to work in a team, being led, or work on his own. He is also kind, to a certain degree.

      History: Wayne was born and raised in London, England, from Earth itself. He heard of the many colonies that were under control of the J.E.F and how there was a Rebellion going on and they were on the losing side. He was raised with the knowledge of possible being invaded and even dying. It scared him as a child and he couldn't accept that fact, he became obsessed with the Mecha's.

      He was put into a Military School at a young age, as young as possible, and his parents accepted his choice to fight for the J.E.F. Of course, he spent most of his life going from Military Institution to Institution until he finally joined a Pilot Academy where he would later graduate from. During these years of growing up to be a Soldier, he learned to be professional and enjoy the small things in life he had. How Earth was devastated, save a few cities, and how the J.E.F could fall at any moment.

      Academy Performance: Graduated with an A (Or whatever one of the highest...performances is)
      Notes: Carries around a picture of his Family.

    • Piloting Skill: 4
      Perception: 2
      Willpower: 4
      Charisma: 0

    • Design concept:

      Weaponry: Assault MX-53 Laser Rifle, Self-Defense Knife
      Mecha Class: Atlas Class
      Reactor: Hentsu Reactor [1 Power Left]
      Armor: Armor 7
      Speed: 11
      Non-standard modifications: None (Yet <.<)
      Recommandation for Icarus Project: Yes(_) No(_) Reserved(_)
  17. Alrighty folks, working on the new Mecha for my CS now, do make our friendly Refire Gaia class feel all warm and welcome, yea?
  18. Begin Transmission of [(N.Cario)eval.doc) (open)

    Name: Nico Cario
    Date of Birth: June 14th, 2473
    Age: 23
    Birth Place: Sydney, Australia

    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue

    Personal Information (open)

    Personality: Nico is a serious young man with a moderate sense of humor. Although he is a natural born leader, Nico is not eager to take that role, and will gladly allow others to that the position. But at times, Nico can be plagued with doubt and criticizes himself anytime he makes an error. He is intelligent and calvualtive, but at times during battle, he can be merciless.

    History: Nico was born and raised in Sydney, Australia on Earth. Nico's family was not very wealthy but they faired well, Nico was given the things he wanted as long as he himself worked for it, this instilled in the the spirit of a hard worker at a young age. As word of the Rebellion continued to spread, Nico was fairly unaware of what was going on around him, letting the world pass him by as if he was not a part of it. By the time Nico hit middle school, most of his friends had went off to the Military Institutions in order to fight of the Rebellion. Once he got word of this, Nico really began to pay attention to the world around him realizing the place wasn't a fun land. Once Nico got into high school, he chose to go to an Military Institute. Much to his disappointment, his parents refused to let him go, but he stood firm and was eventually allowed to got the the Institute. Nico aimed to become a pilot, and after a lot of hard work, he finally was able to join the Pilot Academy. During his time at these schools, Nico really began to mature, physically and mentally, and he really began to appreciate his parents stance when it came to hard work.

    Academy Performance: Graduated with A's and B's.

    Notes:Nico has a slight Australian accent, and he also wears a small golden chain around his neck at all times, it was given to him by his father.


    Piloting Skill: 4
    Perception: 2
    Willpower: 2
    Charisma: 2


    Design concept:[​IMG]
    Mecha Class: Atlas Class
    Call Sign: Righteous Indignation (RI)
    -S72 Purgatory LMG (1x clip)
    -1x Dedicated Missile Launcher(Body Mounted)
    -Left Shoulder Mounted X64 Assault Laser Rifle (1x clip)
    Reactor: Hentsu Reactor: Power 10[0]
    Armor: 7(base 3/ -4 speed)
    Speed: 7(base 10/+1 power)
    Non-standard modifications: None

    Recommendation for Icarus Project: YES:[✔] NO:[_] WITH RESERVATIONS: [✔]
    Notes:(Use this ✔, a character may still be put into the project under direct orders if they were originally marked with reservations or no, flesh out any reasoning if possible.)
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