Project Genesis - Plot and Character Summaries


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This thread is our official topic for PLOT AND CHARACTER SUMMARIES. All characters are part of the story, and the castlist below will be summarizing each character's personal plotlines as they progress. Make good use of tying things together, for glorious excitement. >:D

[bg=#303030]CAST LIST[/bg]

THE 00s

Sahar Fairchild; "Genesis 00": 14 Female
The prized child experiment. Sahar is the pawn that all wish to possess or control. Her only alliance is "Mother", the scientist Amy Sherriden.

Unknown "01": Gender unknown, Missing for ten years.
Mysterious helper!

Unknown; "02": Young 20s Male
Insane Crusader seeking out Sahar.

Eros Lancelay; "03": 19 Female
Illegally created to aid a wealthy family's son and raised as his sister, yet fell in love with the son. Eros has lost what was most important to her and has no alliances.

Rhiannon Wade; "Six 06": 23 Female
Illegally created as a bodyguard to a mob daughter, once her Miss died Rhiannon was inherited to next of kin. Now she is doing illegal work under the orders of Val Mancini.

Setem "07": 27 Male
A bodyguard for the crusade!


Tobias Havinrah: 24 Male
Youngest High Priest in history, Tobias sought justice for the death of his family but had his perspective changed when under the care of the former High Priest.

Thaddeus Dayne: 36 Male
The fanatical High Minister with many prejudices!

Amy Sherriden: 32 Female
A scientist of DNA, Amy has only ever thought about what progresses could be made through altering DNA. Now she is the mother figure to the child experiment, Sahar.


Deirdre Saxton: 19 Male
After the mysterious bankruptcy of his father's company followed by an equally strange death, Deirdre joined up in the crusade to avenge his father.

Yuri Solotov 23 male
Seeking revenge.

Asheron Vivaldi 24 Male


GMCS Howard 'Sieger' Steiner: 36 Male
Pending plotlines

Adrian Mneme: 43 Female
Adrian's perfect life was destroy when she found herself kidnapped by the Norfolkians to be used for her doctoring skills.

Heinrich Heydrich: 25 Male
Trying to escaped the fanatical views of two waring parties, he is part of the Outsiders!

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Re: Project Plotting and Character Summaries

I'll attempt to post a plot progress report every Friday. XD

[bg=#303030]FRIDAY PLOT UPDATES[/bg]

The new High Priest Tobias' big speech to inspire the city after the death of Leopold the Red.

Sahar (Genesis) acts up with her bodyguards and Dr. Amy Sherriden tries to comfort her when she arrives home.

Thaddeus Dayne tells Grazer he's sure he can control the new High Priest. Dayne and Gustave discuss the purity of Genesis and removing the threats Setem and Dr. Sherriden.

Setem receives his new assignment as guard to Genesis from High Priest Tobias. He meets Amy Sherriden, who asks to make sure he really wants the job of watching an increasingly cranky Sahar. Sahar tries to scare him off but he's insistent.

High Priest Tobias reflects on his position, Sahar's role and the immediate future.

Eros ???.

Deirdre works at Nova and is using it to sneak out information for the Brotherhood.

Yuri practices with weapons at a Brotherhood location.

Altair is pissed off that the former High Priest has died and his connection to Genesis is lost.

[bg=#000000]RANDOM NOTES[/bg]

- If everyone can try to make a note in their post the location of their character, that'd help me (and prolly everyone else!) bunches! Just maybe somewhere at the top in italics.

- If you make a really long post, or a post that has "important plot bunny" add a summary to the bottom of the post, cause that'll be useful for keeping us all updated and finding connections between subplots. >:D

_ If you have a reoccurring NPC or an NPC that is going to have one of those "plot bunnies" post it right here! Remember that NPCs can be controlled by anyone and will be used by GMs when necessary. If you're wanting to play additional characters, submit the bios in the appropriate threads!

- Hijack PCs less or I'll throw rocks. >:[
Re: Project Plotting and Character Summaries

[bg=#303030]FRIDAY PLOT UPDATES[/bg]

Since last Friday;

Rhiannon helps VAL MANCINI steel "something of importance". It's related to the Genesis Project. She has severe regrets about working with the man.

Yuri launches an attack, killing a police captain. The police think it was a bunch of street gangsters (with possible ties to other groups!)

Asheron catches the news about it on TV.

Deirdre finished up datahacking and left work for a Brotherhood meeting.

DANTE LUXEMBURG, leader of the Brotherhood shows that he is one badass mean motherfucker. He tells his men (including Yuri, Asheron, and Deirdre) that their main objective is to capture Genesis by sneaking on an airship. They'll frame the Norfolkians and start a war.

High Priest Tobias shows his frustrations with feeling like a kept figurehead. His thoughts fall with Thaddeus Dayne, a man he doesn't really trust but feels he has to keep around.

Thaddeus Dayne shows no mercy or regret about manufacturing false information to make people look good/bad. As in the case of the Captain that was assassinated by Yuri. Lots of fake-rape and coveredup-raping!

Sahar (Genesis) has a vision of someone she remembers, but hasn't met. It's curious!

Setem shows his displeasure at the lack of security for Sahar.

Grazer orders more ships to come guard the Airship that will be transporting Sahar to the Capitol. It's a simply a show of power rather than a need for safety.
[bg=#303030]FRIDAY PLOT UPDATES[/bg]

Since last update;

DANTE LUXEMBURG, leader of Brotherhood is the one Rhiannon was supposed to do an exchange with for VAL MANCINI. Only, it seems it's not an exchange for info and money but she's kidnapped to be used to help capture Genesis.

Meanwhile, Amy Sherriden tries to reassure Sahar about their move from the Governor's home to a new place. Something even Setem doesn't seem to be comfortable. They board the airship and are leaving the city.


Chapter Two has now begun in a new thread. :D Sahar and Co are aboard the airship and attack is soon to be in motion.
[bg=#303030]MONDAY PLOT UPDATES[/bg]


The Tesla Airship was first attacked by The Brotherhood when they stage a fake emergency landing. Having members such as Yuri and Deirdre disguised as crew on board, they set about taking down men as Rhiannon 06 hunted down her target. Though Dr. Sherriden tries to escape with Sahar they are still cornered by Brotherhood men.

Setem 07 has his first brush with Rhiannon 06 as well as Yuri. Rhiannon's strange behavior piques his curiosity, but she runs off before answering his questions. Setem behinds flooding that floor of the Tesla.

Tobias and Dayne have a chat. It is clear the young Priest does not trust the few remaining Old Guard and wants something done about them. Dayne tells Tobias everything he needs to hear. Later when people are realizing the Tesla is not arriving as it should, Dayne insists that they don't lie about the missing Tesla. Jerek 04 is introduced. Dayne later convinces Tobias in to a bold political gesture and giving him military power.

A group of Norfolkians led by Heinrich also come on to scene of the Tesla. Destroying many of the robots sent by Dayne to collect data of the Tesla attack. Not all of the them are destroyed however.

The Brotherhood's plans get sidetracked when a second group comes on to the scene. People led by Altair are there to fetch Genesis. There his a huge amount of chaos as people are killing each other to be the first to find Sahar. However, it's the mysterious 02 that seems to find her first, followed by Rhiannon 06 and Setem 07. Setem drags Rhiannon away for a fight while 02 has weird behavior towards Sahar. Dr. Sherridan tries to shoot him but fails. In the end, Setem and Rhiannon's fight ends up sweeping EVERYONE out of that floor of the Telsa with a flood of water.

In the end, Sahar and Dr. Sherriden are taken by the Brotherhood. Altair's men steal the Tesla. Many, many, many people die! Dayne now has control over the miltary.


We begin Chapter 03. Project Genesis is in hands of the Brotherhood and the search for the Messiah is on.
[bg=#303030]TUESDAY PLOT UPDATES[/bg]


Dayne sets up the crash site to look terrible and scary for news crew, further settling himself in a position of power. THE ENTIRE CITY IS FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Riots, chaos, and general badness happening in the streets because of the Messiah being missing, the news reports about the Tesla incident etc.

The Church has blamed the Tesla Incident on Minister Grazer. He is captured by Jacob Bellik and with the use of drugs, confesses that it was his fault. Grazer is arrested and processed by Jerik.

Tobias reflects on what's going on and is unsettled. He has hot sex.

Steiner is given an assignment to retrieve Heydrich and his men.

Altair's crew has stolen the Tesla. Fixing it up, they choose not to get involved with the rioting of the people.

Setem gets yelled at and is told to find Sahar without help of the Crusade or else.

Ada waits for Mancini to get back.

02 is tracking Sahar.

Sahar and Dr. Sherriden are captives of the Brotherhood. Val Mancini pulls a bold stunt (backed by his 00 Rhiannon) and insists Sahar stays with him. DANTE agrees, only because it is a good place to hide the messiah. He sends Yuri along with them.

Sahar tries to make grown men cry while Amy attempts to keep things under control. Rhiannon is increasingly uncomfortable.


Dayne reveals that he sent Bellik instead of Jerek on a mission, because he doesn't want to alienate the last 00 loyal to the cause. He intends to make something that will eradicate all of the 00s. He paints Jerrek as a savior to the Messiah with more propaganda.

Lars Mullman enters the plot, lieutenant in the Semile Police Department, and secret agent for the Brotherhood. He's directing a citywide riot containment operation, he is angered by the broadcast, due to his jealousy over Jerek.

Setem on his mission.

Steiner gets his own mission briefing.

Aldo Bacon comes in to the plot.

Yuri has a conversation with ADA. When a slave leads killer cyborgs to the Mancini mansion and asks for help, Yuri jumps in. Lars Mullman busts ass trying to capture the slave. Anna shows up - someone that knows Yuri. Ada turn-coats and decides that she's going to screw over Mancini and capture Yuri for NOVA CORPS. But when shit hits the fan and the rioting outside gets worse, Ada's cyborg grabs her and escapes from the danger.

After securing Grazer's notes on the Solomon Cyborg Programme, Thaddeus Dayne orders Jerek to take a full strike force against the Mancini Mansion and surrounding streets.

Sahar continues to taunt Rhiannon, until the 00 snaps and leaves them alone. Mancini is panicking, demanding for Rhiannon to do handle everything while he prepares to make an escape. Amy Sherriden tells Sahar, now is the time to try and escape.


Chapter four focused more on the ordeals of Sahar and Dr. Amy to the Val Mancini's mansion. With the riots breaking out all hell breaks loose when 02 shows up and causes a massive slaughter in the mansion.

As he leaves a trail of destruction, Sahar goes with Yuri and Anna to reach the safety of the Underground City systems called Vaniburgh. Dr. Amy is left behind and soon found by Jerek.

The riots on the surface continue, while Altair rescues Rhi and tries bringing her to his cause against injustice of society. Meanwhile in an ironic parallel, Dayne woos Ero, another illegal 00, to his cause.

Ada once again finds herself in the grasp of David Talbot, the head of Nova Corps, the foundation that created the 00s for the Government. She is assigned to track down Rhia. Knowing Altair from previous run ins, she heads north to where the upper decks of the Tesla hover above Lake Champlain in NY. She gives him mocking gun fire.

Meanwhile, Setem has become a turncoat; assuming this will help him find the missing Sahar from the Brotherhood. He became a member of a Norfolkian strike team, who are currently in the same sewer systems as Sahar and company is.

Sahar starts feeling ill and Anna tries helping her to no avail. Yuri tries to return to the now ruined mansion to find Amy. He fails when 02 attacks him. In a game of cat and mouse Yuri returns to the underground. While away something strange has happened to Sahar, who is now no longer a child but a grown woman. She has ripped grown men in half.

Tobias now has Dr. Amy in his private estate. He has summoned Jerek to question her about the events on the Tesla.

Returning to Altair and crew, they are still in the North; where they pick up a signal from Semile, in which Grazer has confessed to being a traitor.This has caused Altair to go off into a rant about trying to figure out the true meaning behind Project Genesis. Ada becomes annoyed and has found Rhia in the hanger bay; at a loss to where she is and why she is here.

We now return back to the Underground, where Setem's team has tracked Sahar down. However, to make matters more complex; 02 has appeared. He is no longer animalistic but is trying to help Sahar escape!