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  1. At this point are there any comments, questions, or concerns before I officially start this RP?
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    Well I don't really have anything to say but, Diana should probably update the character summaries. If I have some questions it will be more character specific and I'll ask you over MSN when those type of questions come up. If there is anything I think of that is not simply character specific then I will be sure to bring up that questions, commment, or concern here.
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    Alright, Game is now officially open and running. As custom for first chapters, we lay out the foundations of the plot.
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    I just updated our cast list with the rest of our approved characters! As the game gets started and people post, we'll be updating the cast list with a quick "blurb" about each character's personal plot and their agendas. As well as quick updates with "the story so far..." just to keep people up to date. >:D

    Please make sure you check your posted bio for GM comments if your character has not been given the "approved" message in your post. We have a couple bios that are okay, they just need a couple adjustments before the Biomaster can approve them!

    So don't be shy! :D Everyone has s story to tell! Because it's a mass RP, there are many smaller subplots and mini stories. Your Plotmasters will be helping to tie everything together.

    And uh... YAY WE CAN PLAY NOW!
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    i take it that this one doesnt continue off from the old one.
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    No, this isn't a continuation of the original Project Genesis. This is like the remake of an old but awesome TV show.

    Except unlike TV remakes our remake won't suck.
  7. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    Contrary to popular opinion, the busiest time of a battle wasn't actually the fighting itself. It was the mopping up afterward. As soon as she was done gunning down the last monster around her, Engel was recalled back to the medical ward, which was seeing a flood of injured agents and civilians. By the time Engel got there, her assistant, May Seavers, was already hard at work in triage and stabilization. The rest of Hushcobb's medical staff was in full force, moving with the calm, if intense, tempo of men and women who practiced for an emergency such as this.

    "What's our damage?" Engel asked curtly, now in full physician mode. This was her element, right here, where she could do the most good.

    "Twenty-one fatalities, a hundred and five wounded," May replied somberly. "Good news is, most of the wounded should make it and we've got eighty or so bedded down already."

    Engel stripped off her gauntlets and handed them over. "Load them up in the OR suite and break out the other prototypes," she ordered. "That should get us, what, five total suites equipped with the ANGEL System?"

    "Right away, Dr. Engel."

    Engel sighed, shrugged on her lab coat, and walked into the ward. It was time to get to work.

    It would be hours before she was finished with her last case. She stepped out of the OR, washed up, and grabbed her bag from the locker room. It was with an even bigger sigh that she plopped down at one of the round picnic tables set up outside the medical facility for patients and care providers to enjoy the sun. Her usually immaculate blonde hair was pulled up in a messy bun and she absently wiped sweat off her brow. After hours of combat and even more hours in the operating room, she looked worn.

    A paper cup of tea suddenly appeared beside her hand. Engel yelped and turned to see who put it there - Crossfire.

    "Taka! Jesus, I thought I told you to stop that," she groused. Despite her annoyance, he sat down next to her by silent invitation.

    "Sorry. Habit," he replied tersely. He had a cup of own tea in hand. They drank in companionable silence.

    After several long moments, the surgeon murmured thoughtfully, "Hayato would've had fun today. He was always eager for a fight."

    As was his wont, Crossfire gave only a minimal of a reply. "Yes."

    "He'd also be sad or angry by how many people got hurt. How many friends died."


    "He was always like that, wasn't he? Wearing his heart on his sleeve." Engel chuckled softly. "It's funny how easy he was to read, yet how stealthy he could be in the field." She gave Crossfire an amused look. "I remember watching you two play hide and seek as a training game for some of the new recruits. That was hilarious. You looked so annoyed when Hayato suggested it."

    "...He was always a child." A glimmer of brotherly irritation crept into his tone.

    Engel smiled quietly at the memory. It faded into a sorrowful frown. So many memories....


    JULY 1, 2010

    Director Ferrara cut an imposing figure as the two brothers walked into the older man's office. Ferrara stood, a tall and imposing statue of authority, and regarded the new recruits with a discerning eye.

    He'd read their dossiers, of course. Their accomplishments were very impressive. For the few years, this pair of Japanese siblings tore through countless battlefields across the world, fighting as mercenaries and monster hunters. They were beholden to no one, employing skills and tactics that were amazingly efficient at dispatching their foes - both human and otherwise. They had served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, various parts of the African continent, all over Southeast Asia, and others. Wherever blood needed to be spilled, they were ready to bear arms to do so.

    In particular, they hunted. There was a nest of vampires in London. A large werewolf pack in Alberta. An ogre was taken down in the French countryside. A necromancer met his end after trying to create an undead army in Bolivia. Other hunts, other kills...and it was these brothers who emerged victorious.

    Despite Hushcobb's best efforts, no one could learn much about the brothers' background. They were natives of Japan and descended from an ancient bloodline of monster hunters. But that was all anyone knew. Their skills, methods, training, and their powers - if any - were a complete mystery to even Hushcobb's impressive intelligence network.

    With such a resume, it seemed only natural that Hushcobb took the opportunity to invite the brothers into their ranks.

    Ferrara stood up behind his desk and stretched his arms to the sides in greeting. "Welcome to Hushcobb, gentlemen."


    AUGUST 4, 2010

    Dr. Annabelle Engel was no stranger to being hit on. She knew she was beautiful, gorgeous even; it wasn't an exaggeration. With her rolling hips, high cheekbones, smooth skin, lush figure, and silken blonde hair, she was well aware of how she made men's heads - as well as no few women - turn to stare.

    Normally, she didn't let it get to her. She spent plenty of time both in college and residency putting up an icy veneer to discourage unwanted advances, as well as to seem older, wiser, and tougher than most people gave her credit for. It was the inherent problem of being so smart that she ended up graduating as a fully-trained surgeon at the age of eighteen - no one ever took her seriously unless she dolled herself up to look older and acted like a frigid bitch.

    Normally, she ignored being hit on. But this time, she found it challenging. Mainly because Hayato Tennou was damned persistent and being incredibly annoying about it.

    "I really don't see the point in all this, Doc," the youthful-looking agent said and he shrugged off his shirt. "Its just a couple of scratches. Nothing a little kiss on the boo-boo couldn't fix, right?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

    Engel rolled her eyes, but did briefly inspect the man's injuries. A successful mission to take down a few supernatural malcontents left him with a set of deep lacerations across his ribs. Nothing terribly dire, but a lot of stitches would be needed. As Engel inspected the wounds, she had to admit that the younger Tennou brother was remarkably fit. He was built like a gymnast, with well-developed, well-toned muscle and not a hint of fat. A network of scars, both new and old, crisscrossed his flesh, a silent testimony to his adventures prior to joining Hushcobb.

    "See something you like, Doc?" Tennou teased. "I can pose for a picture, if you like!"

    "I thought all Japanese men were unfailingly polite with etiquette," Engel shot back, letting her annoyance seep into her tone. She disinfected the wounds with iodine. Painful iodine. Tennou grimaced.

    "Hayato's adopted," the elder brother, Taka Tennou, said in his typical deadpan, but with no small amount of humor laced within. The brothers were both rather tall for men of Asian persuasion, with the same hair and facial structure, but while Hayato was quite muscular, Taka was slim and lean. Hayato was the burly bear between the two. Taka was the coiled snake waiting to strike.

    The younger Tennou shot his brother a fake-hurt look. "Aniki! Don't listen to him, Doc. He's just jealous that he doesn't have my dashing good looks." He ran a thumb across his own jawline, as if displaying his visage for Engel's inspection. "Don't you agree?"

    Engel silently scribed something on a prescription pad. Hayato asked in curiosity, "What's that? Pain meds?"

    The surgeon replied without missing a beat, "Referral for a psychiatric evaluation. I fear your textbook narcissism will need treatment before it permanently injuries any remaining chance you have of ever procreating with a human female." She gave him the scrip and dryly added, "Though there is good news: At least your chances with female sheep haven't been affected by this devastating diagnosis."

    Hayato wilted. "Harsh, Doc. Harsh."

    Taka had a small grin on his lips from where he stood behind his brother.


    SEPTEMBER 12, 2010

    Engel was finishing up her workout at Hushcobb's training facilities when she first got the opportunity to see the Tennou brothers in action. Oh, she'd heard about their first few missions for Hushcobb - damn near every agent was talking about them - and how they utterly demolished their supernatural opponents with a degree of teamwork and puissance rarely seen by the organization. She'd read up on their dossiers, of course - their family had a lineage dedicated to hunting monsters and the brothers themselves operated as an independent duo for some time before joining Hushcobb. They certainly had the background and the experience to be the best at what they did.

    It was one thing to know about it. It was entirely another to see it.

    There they were, dominating the padded floor of the gym's sparring area. They danced around one another like flame and wind, thunder and lightning, a torrent of speed, grace, and power. They wielded practice weapons - Taka was equipped with an array of paintball guns, while his brother carried a wooden bokken - but they struck as if they were real. Engel could barely keep track of their movements, so fluid and swift were they. Taka was laying out shots at impossible angles; the younger brother was impossibly batting them out of the sky with a wooden sword. Sometimes, neither seemed to even need to look to perform these wondrous feats of skill. Finally, the two brothers ceased their dance, panting and glistening with sweat at either end of the mat.

    Engel let her gaze run over the younger Tennou. She had to admit, he was pretty damn cut for an annoying skirt-chaser.

    Then Hayato stumbled forward and crashed on the mat. Taka moved like the wind and was at his brother's side seemingly in an instant; Engel was not far behind. "What happened to him?" the surgeon asked in concern. That was when she saw the paintball stain on Hayato's temple.

    "Shot got through," the younger Tennou said groggily.

    "You have a concussion," Engel announced. "You need to go to the infirmary."

    "I'm fine."

    "You okay, Hayato?" Taka softly asked, running a hand through the younger Tennou's dark hair as if he were a small child. Though he had been with Hushcobb for only a short while, the intense older brother had quickly gained a reputation as a stern, intimidating, and no-nonsense agent. Most of the others in the organization just called him by his codename, Crossfire. Given how closed-lip the man was, it was doubtful that others even knew he had a real name.

    Thus, it was a little jarring for others to see him cradling his brother like a worried old maid. But for Engel, Taka's doting was something she'd seen before, especially when it came to his brother.

    "Yeah, like I said, I'm fine, Aniki," Hayato said, trying to stand. He wobbled and fell back. Fortunately, Taka was there to catch him and settle him back onto the mat. Hayato sheepishly amended, "Or not."

    "Are both of you this stubborn, or is he just that unlucky?" Engel groused. "Head injuries are no laughing matter."

    "I'm inclined to agree with the good doctor," Taka said. "Come on, Hayato. Stop being a child and let's get you to the infirmary."

    "Aw, man."

    "If it makes you feel any better, you can have a lollipop when I'm done examining you," Engel snarked.


    DECEMBER 24, 2010

    Given that Hushcobb was, ostensibly, everything urban legends about Men in Black, the Illuminati, and shadow paramilitary organizations wished they could be, it would have been surprising to most laymen that Hushcobb did do the occasional normal office get-together. Such as an office Christmas party.

    The agents as a whole put their lives on the line on a daily basis while in the field. Low-stress gatherings such as the annual costume party were critical to keeping up morale. It was an opportunity for these unique individuals to be in the same room and not constantly worry about the next zombie outbreak or vampire just be people.

    However, Hushcobb had a more interesting take on the holiday. For understandable reasons, a Halloween party for an organization that routinely contains supernatural problems would be a huge security risk if everyone were in costume. That caveat held less water when applied to Christmas. In addition to Santas and Christmas Elves, the agents and employees of Hushcobb turned the winter holiday into an impromptu costume bash.

    Engel swirled the wine in her glass as she studied her coworkers mingling around the large room.

    Eliza Landel, probably the only other person in Hushcobb smarter than Engel herself, ditched her typical T-shirt and jeans for a virtual cow's worth of black leather. Pale makeup and fake fangs made it clear that she was going for the obligatory sexy vampire for this year's quota. She was chatting quite amiably with a very pretty agent, also dressed like a vampire, though of the more classical Bram Stoker variety.

    The bus driver, Bob, lumbered around dressed like Frankenstein's monster. He was simple, good man. Fitting for a simple, good job. He was over by one of the two long tables at either end of the room, filling his plate from the table's spread of various dishes and beverages.

    The archives' werewolf administrator, Nathaniel Crippling, must have felt the need to scratch his sense of humor. He was in full wolf form - as an actual wolf, padding around on all fours - but wearing cat ears, a fake lion's mane, and a puffball on his tail. Engel chuckled as she saw the librarian nip at others' thighs and hips to get the back of his ears scratched.

    "Was that a laugh? From Dr. Ice Queen herself?"

    She turned. There was no mistaking that cheery, irreverent voice. Sure enough, the Tennou brothers joined her with beer bottles in hand. Hayato was smiling at her. The brothers were identically clad in ninja attire. However, rather than some cheap knock-off from a local store, the black gi they wore looked old, faded, and the edges were worn through.

    Engel raised an eyebrow. "Ninjas, huh? Looks very authentic."

    "They should be," Taka said, taking a swig from his bottle. "They are our actual training clothes."

    "You two are actually ninjas? That explains so much."

    Hayato clarified. "Not ninjas, per se. Our family trains monster hunters. Involves a lot of combat training." He tugged at the lapel of his gi. "These are our workout clothes, that's all."

    "You know," Engel said, "Hushcobb does pay you guys enough so that you can actually afford costumes...."

    "Yeah, well, it looks more legitimate this way, don't you think?" the younger Tennou countered. Then he unabashedly looked Engel over from head, to toe, to back up to head, while also pausing in the middle to scope out a few of the more curvy parts of the view. "Though maybe next year, we should go shopping, especially if costumes can look like that."

    In spite of herself, Engel found herself blushing under his scrutiny. To her surprise, it wasn't unpleasant, either. It was hardly a new occurrence for Hayato Tennou to be glib skirt-chaser - he was constantly ogling other female agents, after all. But in the few months that she had known him, she'd never actually seen him go any further in his flirtations with women other than to be a gadfly. In fact, Engel was probably the only one he routinely chatted with.

    "Where did you get a Playboy Bunny suit like that, anyway?" Hayato asked.

    Engel blushed further. "...I lost a bet to Landel."

    The brothers blinked at that. Taka said, "Come again?"

    "It was stupid," Engel began, not wanting to recount this particular story, yet feeling the need to justify the revealing attire Landel selected for her for the evening. "We were getting drinks last week and I guess we had a little too much. She was bitching about not having a date for the party. One thing led to another and suddenly she was I were betting on who'd show up stag tonight. Loser wears this." She tugged up the bodice of the bunny suit in annoyance. She also threw Landel and her fellow vampire-costumed lady friend a withering look. "Seems I lost."

    Hayato looked at her sympathetically. "Well, if you want, I could be your date tonight."

    Her head whipped at him in surprise. It was her turn to say, "Come again?"

    "Why not? We're friends, right?" He was so casual about it, yet Engel only knew the brothers on a professional level, her own feelings notwithstanding. Where did Hayato get his sense of perspective? Then again, he was something of a social butterfly, chatting with everyone on amiable terms. He went on, "Look, think of it as a way to show up Dr. Landel." He gave her a thumbs-up and a wink. "And it'll be fun."

    "...I guess," she relented. It wasn't as if hanging out at the party with him was going to be harmful or anything.

    Taka suddenly cut in with, "Hayato. If she's going to be your date, then you should bring her another drink. She's about done with her wine."

    The younger Tennou cheerfully took Engel's glass and made his way to the table for a refill. He waved and greeted some of the other agents along the way, receiving friendly well-wishes along the way. That was just how Hayato Tennou worked; he had a way of being on good terms with everyone.

    "You do realize that even if he's my date, I'm still stuck in this ridiculous costume," Engel dryly pointed out.

    "He likes you," Taka replied bluntly.

    "Yes, that's obvious."

    Taka repeated, "He's likes you." Engel looked at him. The way he said it...there was a a deeper meaning to it, though damned if she could read that stony face of his. Though their physical resemblance was obvious, their personalities were so far on the opposite sides of the spectrum, that they were on completely different wavelengths.

    "He does, does he?" Engel repeated skeptically. "It's nice that you're trying to play matchmaker for your little brother, but I'm not exactly looking for a relationship."

    "Then don't look for it," the older man said.

    Engel raised a confused eyebrow. "...I don't follow."

    Taka's face somehow became even more inscrutable. Slowly, with great care, he elaborated, "Take some advice from someone who's closed himself off from a lot of people, Engel: When all you have is your work, it gets very, very lonely and very, very dark. Hayato is my light, just as he is a light for a lot of people he meets. You will not find a truer and more loyal friend. I'm not saying start dating him. I'm saying let him into your life. You'd be surprised the happiness he'll bring to those he calls his friends. I suspect its been a while since you've done so yourself."

    Engel was more than a little stunned; Taka Tennou was not exactly known for being verbose. This was, perhaps, the most sentences she'd ever heard him string in one sitting. And it was, perhaps, a testimony to how much he meant what he said. Taka stepped away to lose himself in the crowd of party-goers, leaving Engel to ponder things least until Hayato returned with drinks.


    MARCH 6, 2011

    Surprise was a rare sensation for Engel. She was always in control of herself. She had to be in her job. Her patients couldn't afford her to be anything less than on-point at all times.

    And though she was expecting this moment at some point, she couldn't help but feel off-balance when it finally came.

    "I'm sorry, come again?"

    Hayato Tennou smirked at her, obviously enjoying putting her on the spot. "You and me. Dinner and a movie. It'll be fun."

    "I...." She trailed off. She knew he was attracted to her and she had to admit that he was pretty easy on the eyes himself. He was a friendly guy and most people he worked with had only good things to say about him. Hell, the only reason Engel found him annoying at all was because of how immeasurably childish he could be at times...and yet, that was part of his charm - being an irrepressible ray of sunshine in an organization that moved in shadows.

    "Come on, Doc," he persisted with a smile. "It'll be fun. And I know you've been needing a break." His smile faded slightly. "Your nurses were telling me that you've been pulling some long hours over the last few weeks, with your research. You need a little break."

    "And you think you're the one to help out with that?"

    "You're my friend, Doc," he said seriously. "Of course I want to help out with that. Not gonna lie, I'd like to get to know you better. But first and're my friend, you're working yourself to the bone, and I like to make sure my friends are doing all right. So what do you say?"

    His words were simple, earnest, honest. Engel found that strangely...appealing. She smiled quietly. "Dinner and a movie, huh? Why not?"


    MAY 18, 2011

    They never actually made it to the movies during that first date. After a nice steak dinner, they instead elected to go bar-crawling, which ended with Hayato learning that Engel was indeed of German persuasion and could pack away shots like an M-16. In turn, Engel discovered that Hayato was one of the few Asian men who could actually hold his liquor. The impromptu drinking bout eventually led to the pair drunkenly leaning on one another and hobbling back home. It ended with a kiss, one that Engel found herself enjoying immensely. It stopped there; Hayato was nothing short of a perfect gentlemen. But he did ask her out for a second date. She had enjoyed herself too much to decline.

    A week later, they actually did catch a movie, though they were too busy making fun of the on-screen monsters and comparing them to the actual beasts they've encountered to really get invested. They were too busy chatting with each other and riffing the film to care. The evening ended with them getting busy on Engel's couch, making out. It was with no small amount of reluctance that Engel sent Hayato home; he was a damn enthusiastic kisser.

    The third date was Hayato's idea. He invited her over to his apartment - after summarily kicking out his brother, of course - and offered to cook dinner. Engel had no idea that he had any domestic skills. It turned out that in addition to inheriting all the muscle between the brothers, Hayato also inherited all the skills of the typical Japanese housewife. The only reason why the apartment wasn't a complete wreck and the fridge actually had any groceries was solely through Hayato's heroic efforts to keep his older brother from living in a cardboard box eating uncooked ramen out of a bag. Engel found the contrast hilarious. She also found Hayato's meals to be nothing short of divine. After that, dinner dates stopped being a pastime of theirs, as the surgeon vastly preferred Hayato's home-cooked meals.

    Over the intervening weeks, things went great for them. Being around one another became a comfortable experience. They shared movies, meals, time. Hayato never failed to squeeze in an hour or two a day, just to be with her, whether that was catching her at the gym or helpfully bringing her a homemade bento lunch at the medical facility. The lunches in particular were at once embarrassing and sweet. For a ninja, Hayato wasn't exactly stealthy about walking through the halls to her office, quite obviously bringing food to a beautiful beau. Engel had to fend off nosy nurses for weeks after the first time he did that. As with most things related to Hayato Tennou, it was both annoying and wonderfully endearing.

    And over time, Annabelle Engel had to admit...she might have been falling for him.

    Tonight's date was dinner at her place - the first time she invited him over to cook. This time, she was the one preparing the meal, showing off her family's German cuisine. After several glasses of wine, she had enough liquid courage to proposition him. She wanted him like she had wanted no other man before. Hayato was cutely surprised by her forwardness. While he was no virgin, he was also evidently not one to rush into things. She liked that about him. He spent weeks getting to know her and he still wanted to take things slow.

    But, oh, she wanted this now. It was cute that he wanted to take it slow. But she was getting tired of waiting.

    That night, curled against his muscled chest, she sighed contentedly. "...Better not tell your brother about this," she murmured sleepily. "Wouldn't want Taka getting mad at me for ruining your virtue."

    Hayato chuckled and held her close. "Aniki doesn't get a say in this."

    "Bet he'll get jealous. I'm stealing his personal chef."

    "Good. He needs to learn to take care of himself." He smiled down at her and teased, "Is that why you're here? Because you like having your own chef?"

    "Of course," she replied, going along with his teasing tone. She snuggled into him more. "You're ugly, annoying, and lousy in bed. Your only saving grace is your cooking."

    He laughed. "Harsh, Doc. Harsh."


    Engel's vision blurred. "I miss him, Taka. I miss him so much." She sniffed and palmed her eyes. "Sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just...started thinking about him all of a sudden." Silently, Crossfire's hand reached over to squeeze her own. She smiled again. "Thanks, Taka."
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    i found the long lost step-son twist to be entertaining.

    that and since DAyne seemed almsot nazi like and Heinrich Heydrich was named after two nazi big shots (heinrich himmler and reinhardt heyridch) it was appropriate.
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    LOLNAZIS! Anyways, this is a total remake of the original plot but for a bigger audience. If you were in the original plot, I highly encourage you to recreate the subplots you made. Makes the story even stronger.
  10. Lol, any genre is fine, but I have already read and seen it ;;;;;;; And I agree... this animanga is reaaaallly good, I enjoyed it!
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    *Pulls out a switchblade* Where are the posts? >:[
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    I was waiting for the brother hood to do something but ok, I'll post.

    And bunny, building on that idea, that if the brother hood is the pupet of the crusade, created to inspire fear and give then an exuse to do whatever they want. Just the top are under crusade control, the regular brothers are true believers.
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    Not sure where to begin with Steiner or the Norfolkians for that matter.

    It'll come to me in time.
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    Let me know if you want Dayne to order an attack on the Brotherhood or Norfolkians. That's always a good way to start things - big explosive opening and stuff.


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    Random fact of the day: Asmo thinks about explosions when he touches himself at night.

    Crowd: BOOO! EXPECTED/10!


    Anyway, yeah, I guess we need to make a wave or something once other people get off their lazy arses and post.
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    I'm sorry, I don't understand.
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    That meant, please avoid hijacking as much as possible. >>

    People can't play their own characters if others are posting for them, and it's definitely not roleplaying if more than one person can control a PC. That's why it's PCs and NPCs.

    Hijacking is a tool for emergencies and difficult scenes. Otherwise we might as well be writing a chain story, instead of roleplaying. o___o I want to play, darnit!
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    Nope, sorry, you've lost me.
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    I concur.
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    You guys are sooooo meeaaan! ;__;