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    While the lily livered cowards of the north choose to remain in their grandiose cities, we Norfolkians have chosen to venture out onto the ocean and explore the coasts of this continent and the lands across the sea!

    Our Sailors and Marines have been to places you can only imagine, and seen things that defy your wildest expectations!

    Lands where the wind is so cold, your breath freezes inside your mouth!

    People with skin so dark they are near invisible in the jungles!

    Sea monsters that capsize boats, giant dogs ridden by Leprechauns in the Isles of Britannia, savages on the Texas coast, and great lizards in the Everglades that can swallow a man whole!

    You have to see it to believe it, lads! Those who wander the wastelands to our west, come to Norfolk and let the journey of a lifetime begin!

    This is more than just a job, lads... This is an ADVENTURE!

  2. I'm so tired of seeing stuff about demons, vampires, werewolves, fairies, That Protagonist Who Is The Only One Who Can Save His World With No Real Reason It Has To Be Him But Just Because, etc.

    Name: GMCS Howard 'Sieger' Steiner

    Age: 36

    Occupations: Gunners Mate, Raiding Party member (S.E.A.L.)


    Steiner typically wears fatigues when on operations or when acting as range master. When on ops he wraps his face with medical tape to dehumanize his appearance. Off duty he wears khaki trousers, a long sleeve khaki shirt, and a combo cover with a gold fouled anchor with a silver super imposed USN and a single star at the top. He typically wears the sleeves rolled up, revealing tattoos on his forearms. On the right is a skull flanked by a pair of crossed cannons wearing a white dixie cup tilted to one side. In the enlarged right eye is a weapons crosshairs. On the left is a fouled anchor surrounded by the words 'DAVY JONES' MESSENGER.'

    Weapons option:
    -M-60 Machine Gun: Steiner is an artist with the 'pig.' He can write his name on a wall and hit a fly from forty meters away. He loves the song of the 'sixty.
    -M-1911A1: Steiner's preferred sidearm.
    -Crowbar: This tool serves two purposes for the sailor. As both a bludgeoning tool and to break open doors and crates.

    Personality: A do or die sailor, Steiner is the kind of guy you want fighting by your side. In all his years as a raiding party member, Steiner has never left a man behind, dead or alive. He is also well known for terrifying villagers in coastal towns, either with his weapons or just his taped up face.

    Past: Orphaned by a Norfolkian raid, Steiner was taken in by a Marine officer who took pity on him. He was brought up as the Marine's son, learning the ways of the Norfolkians. When he was of age he went on his first sea cruise, participating in six raids, three of which were as a phone talker on a fifty cal. The other three raids he was allowed to man an M-60 machine gun, showing proficiency with the belt fed weapon. A few years, and several promotions later, Steiner found himself a candidate for a raiding party, men the Norfolkians called SEALs. What followed was a year of intense training at Dam Neck, the Norfolkian's Special Training Center near the Oceana Jet Base. Steiner has participated in several raids since, including a particularly nasty raid on the Texas Coast that led to the capture of an oil refinery and respect from the Green Beret Tribe. Steiner was promoted to Chief after ten years of service to the Norfolkian Navy. This led to push himself harder, recieving commendations for valor in subsequent raids. He presently acts as the senior armorer and raiding party leader for the Wasp, an Amphibious Assault Ship.

    Character Approved!

    Name: Adrian Mneme

    Age: 43

    Occupations: Medical Corpsman

    Appearance: Though the sea has rouged and aged her skin for the decade and a half she's been with the Norfolkians, there's still the softness that came from living in the city. She doesn't have the same calloused hands or hard eyes that the raiders and other ship men wear, and because of this stands out quite a bit. Her face is narrow, and like her body in the way that it is without fat and muscle. It's hollow from worry, just as worry streaks her fine blond hair with premature grays. The hair is constantly kept up, out of her face, typically in a thin braid, though is almost always manages to fall out and into her gray-green eyes. Adrian generally wears rather casual clothing, always with short sleeves, because trying to wash blood out of her shirts became a tiring job. In her hands is always her orange emergency medical bag.

    Weapons option:
    M-16A1: This usually sits untouched, with cobwebs, in her trunk.

    M-1911A1: The only weapon Dr. Mneme ever really carries around, though it'd take Hell and then some to get her to even draw the handgun.

    Personality: Adrian, who makes it distinctly know she likes to be called Dr. Mneme, detests her life. She hates the Norfolkian, hates the sea, hates living around guns and violence. A lot of hate surrounds her, fills her heart, though she could never, ever turn a wounded patient away. She is too motherly to even consider walking away from someone with even a stomach ache, as she holds a natural desire to help. This also causes her great disdain for weapons and brutality, a way of life that the Norfolkian live by. Many can hear her saying that it's "savage" and "inhuman." It could be thought that these passages of life are caused by her deep-rooted belief in the Church. She thinks it can do only good, that such facts about life and the afterlife could never be wrong, and that it ruling the world wouldn't be such a bad thing.

    This view is rather naive of the doctor, but she is not so ignorant around people. When approached by someone new, Adrian is immediately suspicious of them, especially the Norfolkian. She loathes people she doesn't know, and it takes too much time to even be worth anything trying to earn her trust. That is, unless you get her drunk. The woman is not known to drink often, as accidents may happen at any time, so her duty truly never ends. Yet, when she does let loose, it's easy to see the friendly, welcoming side of her. Also, the lustful, though she denies having any attraction to any men who live upon the sea.

    Past: Adrian first lived in New Rome. It was there she strove to become a doctor her entire life, and began the dream when she was finally able to get into the best medical college. She never ceased to smile, and did even the most tedious of work with a good attitude. It seemed she was aware of how beautiful her life was at that point, helping to save lives of those who believed in the Church just as she did. Yet, during the last of her student years, and about to become an intern, she was given an opportunity to go to the coast and help a some archaeologists study ruins. While not interested in travel, or old, decayed buildings, or even living in a tent, she agreed. It was charity work that would look outstanding upon any resume. After two years with them, she slowly began to learn about the intricacies of extracting information, and tried to do her best to help, as not many accidents went down that needed her attention.

    The plan was to stay one more year and head back to New Rome with their findings, as small or large as they were. Yet, after two years, the Norfolkian showed up. Their raid was brutal, in her eyes, with the men salvaging weapons from their guards, and taking anything that might have been of value. This was the time when they picked her up. Adrian fought best she could, though a quick pistol whip quieted her. Upon awakening, she found herself in the middle of a sea, as the ship's new doctor. The woman swore to refuse any work, until she saw the first injured man, his bullet wound infected and sure to spread to the rest of his arm. Adrian had no choice but to save him, her conscience unable to cope with not helping the Norfolkian. Not even a year passed on that ship, before she was traded off to another one, like property. Time went by quickly, each crew passing her off to another for some greater worth. Eventually, however, she found herself edging onto two years on the Wasp, the longest amount of time and running.

    Character Accepted
  5. Name: Heinrich Heydrich

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Master At Arms

    clothing is correct, does not have the backpack however, left arm is an augmentic (steel prosthetic) right eye is also an augmentic (basically steel attached to the skull, with an optical bionic, skin grows over the steel, apart from the actual optic, which can link to devices such as Weapon sights, surveillance cameras and such, using remote circuitry inside the optic itself.)

    Height: 6'4
    weight: 90 Kgs
    body type: Muscular
    hair color: Black
    Hair Length: Short
    Bionic Lens Color: Red
    Eye color: Green

    Powers: Left arm is more powerful than an organic arm, left eye can link with cameras and gun sights remotely

    Weapons option: M4 Carbine with an assortment of attachments (Sights that link to his augmentic eye, infra red targeter, foreward handgrip and 50 round magazines)

    Sidearm: .44 magnum Semiautomatic pistol (8 round magazine capacity)

    it is a weapon of absolute last resort, unable to be utilised by anyone but Heinrich, and even then there are specific synaptic signals that must be sent, condit6ions that must be met before the weapon can be detonated.

    Personality: Depends on who hes talking to, he is nice and fairly considerate to allies, but hateful and mistrusting of enemies, he takes his mission seriously, and despises the church and all who are allied with it.

    Past:Heinrich was born to a pair of religious zealots, often finding himself at odds with his parents on his opinion of matters of state,, he left home at the age of 14, he spent year searching for the 'right' rebels to join, but eventually he joined a militant faction known as the Brotherhood of disbelief, he fought for this militant disorganization for a year, before he was seriously injured in a Government Crackdown, a government agent took pity on him, laying atop a pile of rubble missing an arm and an eye, being only 16 the official had him put in the 'cybernetic Regrowth' Program, he was given mechanical replacements for his lost appendages, but never truly forgave the Government for its crimes, he escaped as soon as he was able and ran far and wide, eventually joining the 'Altered' his cybernetic prosthetics have served him well over the nine years he has had them, and he has served the altered as a foot soldier for seven of those years.

    dissol;disillusioned with Rebel Propaganda, Heinrich joined the Outsiders, desperate to escape the war between the fanatical Crusaders and equally fanatical Rebels.

  6. (Original Poster: Quiet One)

    There wasn't a single light on in the village. Of course not - the Arancol wouldn't allow it. But all was not quiet and peaceful. Taka could hear faint whimpers from the neighboring huts. All the huts faced West, so that's where the marksman looked. It must be for a better reason than a good view of the sunset.

    It was all black out there. No civilization for miles in every direction. The only clue that anything was approaching was that the stars were going out, shrouded by some dark mass. There was that rustling sound again, like sand shifting...

    He turned around and was jumped by a large cat with a hunched back and huge claws. Two seconds was all it took to jump out of its reach and fire a few rounds. They burst it apart as the sand dropped to the ground. He stared at the sand grimly. Too easy. Then he looked up. The sky around the hut began to darken.

    "HAYATO DOWN!" He shielded his eyes as a massive tidal wave of sand tore into the hut. The flimsy wood planks were ripped off the roof one by one, the windows widened out by the carving little shards of silicon. When the dark force had swept over the hut he was relieved to see his little brother and Annabelle run out the doorway, hunched over with their heads covered.

    "I thought...the spells...were supposed to keep him out," Annabelle gasped while they regroup.

    "Guess that's why he used sand. Loophole," Hayato offered.

    "I think it just stops him from haunting a place," Taka added. "He's coming around again."

    The black cloud pushed through the hut again, this time from the back and coming straight for them. Tendrils of dark smoke eased through the cracks in the mud, but the building wouldn't budge. The mist tried to force its way through the doorway, but was stopped by an invisible barrier. Seems the markings were good for something after all.

    "Annabelle, get to the dead hut," Crossfire ordered in a whisper.


    "He won't haunt what's already dead," he assured her.

    "And you can guarantee that, can you?" she retorted.

    Taka thought about that and looked to his brother. He knew he'd never forgive him for being wrong. "...Keep close to her. Just in case."

    "You expect me to let you fight this thing alone?!" Hayato retorted. "I think you'd better check for sand between your ears, Aniki!"

    The dark mass lifted out of the hut and began swirling around, picking up sand and debris and lifting it up. The swirling maelstrom of sand tightened in the center of the roofless hut.

    "This isn't up for discussion!" he shot back. He pulled the trigger on the maelstrom where some sand had collected to form a face. The bullets whizzing through only seemed to make it angry.

    "Hayato, come on!" Annabelle tugged at his arm, but she might as well be trying to move the huts.

    "I'm not leaving my brother!" he retorted.

    "I'm not saying to," she said. He turned. "Just to come with me."

    They ran off. The maelstrom condensed into a column, then dropped all of its debris like a hammer. Sand, dried mud and wood flew everywhere. The hut was blown to pieces, including the doorway.

    Crossfire shot at the swirling darkness to get its attention and ran through the village. He went into one and jumped through the window, then through a window and out by another one, every time his keen eyes making a cursory glance at the dwellings and not finding what he was looking for. The Arancol followed him, tearing open roofs and blowing out windows. Occasionally it would turn the sand into more monsters, with many arms and eyes and claws and teeth.

    Taka slid into a long neglected hut, and there he found it: the old power generator. It was covered by an old sheet, but it still looked workable. He dusted it off and started hand crank, then stopped. The shuffle of sand was gone. The Arancol wasn't behind him.

    Oh no. Hayato.
  7. dawwww everyone looks so cuuuuute .3.
  8. Full Name:Sodika Whopsika
    Nickname:Princess Shadow,Control Mage,Princess of the diamond dimension
    Occupation:Maid Cafe and claims to be in a secret service

    1.Shorter than everyone everyone in her class

    Eye Color:left brown and right yellow
    Hair Color:black(sometime light blue tips)
    Hair Length:Long
    Skin Color:Brown

    Bust:B cup
    Personality:Sweet and innocent but can be harsh when messed with.
    Species :Human and 25% Elf
    Powers:Just chuunnibyou(Just imaginary)
    Abilities/ skills:Gymnastics,and spells casting
    History:Thinks is the princess of a dimension.Is raised by rich parents.
    Family:Only parents that are always at work.
    Extra:Is usually popular and chatting or is sharing the knowledge of magic on her popular blog.
  9. Name: Aldo Bacon

    Age: 27

    Occupations: Aldo is primarily a helicopter pilot, but he also has some experience with maintenance, especially with his helicopter.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Aldo is a shorter gentleman with an average build. He typically wears a pilot jumpsuit and an aviator hat, along with a pair of polished black combat boots.

    Weapons option: When Aldo is airborne, he'll often take a M-1911A1 pistol with him. He also owns an M-14 with a bayonet.

    Personality: Aldo can be a tad eccentric, but he is a friendly and well-meaning person. His hatred for the society he left behind is nothing compared to the pity he feels for the people who live in it. Only eight years have passed since he left Semile, however, and Aldo doesn't fancy the idea of returning under any circumstances. In these eights years he has been taught how to pilot helicopters, and even restored an old Blackhawk helicopter, which he now pilots himself. Aldo has always been a tidy person, almost obsessively so.

    Past: Aldo worked as a maintenance worker in Semile for a short time, but he quickly grew tired of what he thought to be a mundane and meaningless existence. Before long, Aldo fled Semile and ended up in Norfolk, were he has stayed to this day!

    Character Approved.
  10. Name: Chestel (Sh-est-tel) Knak (Nack)
    Age: 25
    Occupation: MA, works with dogs
    *She wears these clothes off duty, on duty, she wears fatigues that she... modified...
    (She cut the sleeves and pant legs off of the uniform to make a vest and daisy-dukes out of the clothes, then put drawstrings through the cut-off sleeves and discarded pantlegs to make arm and leg warmers. She's a little short, so she wears boots with a bigger heel so that she appears to be average height.)
    Weapons option: M-870 shotgun and an M-1911A1 (Thank you for the help, boyfriend, I love you with oodles of bullets on top)
    Personality:Chestel is a grabbag of personality, carrying with her: loyalty, bravery, and unexpected acts of kindness as well as bouts of anger and rage, crying jags that can last for days, and a look of such despair when betrayed. She's much like a child in how she acts.
    Past: Chestel is much better with her dogs than with her human companions, due to the fact that she suffers from a sensory condition that makes her sensitive to a multitude of things, such as too much light, too many smells, or something being too loud. Due to this, she isolated herself much in her childhood. She was brought up on the other side of the battle, actually, but didn't agree with the views at all, always finding a flaw. Her first act of rebellion was a typical teenager thing. She dyed her hair, got piercings, got the boyfriends her parents hated. The thing was, she was younger than most who chose this path, 12. She finally left the house with the current boyfriend at 16 and found the quickest route to the other side. The boyfriend tuckered out and left back for his home after a while, unable to adapt to the change. She tried her hardest to work with everyone, but felt lesser and cumbersome in comparison when she has to wear hearing protection when she fires a gun, or stop her nose up so she won't be bothered by the smoke or gunpowder. She found her calling with the dogs, bridging a gap between the understanding of man and dog to a further extent due to her condition. It's not rare for her to drag her bedding down to the kennels and sleep among the dogs. She sometimes even will carry around a new puppy in her backpack as she familiarizes it and socializes it with the people and surroundings it will need to know.

    Name: Brisket
    Age: Puppy
    Occupation: student
    weapons option: She's about to loose her milk teeth, and her claws are sharp
    Personality: Sleeps too much to tell right now.
    Past: Brisket was not born from the usual source, and isn't one of Chestel's working dogs, but may end up to be. Chestel found this shaking pup recently, and has been taking care of her since. Chestel wasn't able to get a surrogate mother for the pup, and had to feed her milk herself and keep her warm. Brisket is often on her person somewhere. She licks everything and loves being cuddled and held,refusing to even walk at this point, only if to run to Chestel and beg to be picked up.