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    Character Sheets:

    Name: What your character is called...

    Age: How old they are

    Occupations: Several options are listed below.

    • Gunners Mate: Armorers and combatants. GMs maintain shipboard weapons systems and related operating systems. They often man crew served weapons on board ship and train ship's company in use of firearms. They are commonly found on boarding teams and as part of raiding parties.

      Boatswains Mate: Deck Seamen and boat pilots. Boatswains Mates maintain the ship as a whole and drive not only the ship itself but also the ship's small boats for boardings and raids.

      Master at Arms: Even pirates have their own code of honor, being theives of the sea. Masters at Arms work to enforce the old codes of the Norfolkians, the Uniform Code of Maritime Justice. They also check in booty and people kidnapped during raids.

      Engineer: Working behind the scenes, Engineers keep the ship running and maintain related systems. They often work in triple digit temperatures for long hours at a time. This has made them quite hardy.

      Medical Corpsman: Doctors of the sea, Corpsmen check the health of ship's company and keep them in top shape. They have access to all manner of medications and remedies.

      Culinary Specialist: Cooks. They rarely see the light of day, as they spend most of the time below decks preparing food to feed the ship's crew. This is a thankless job.

      Aviation Mechanic: They maintain airplanes and helicopters.

      Marine: Knuckle draggers alongside GMs, Marines are the muscle of any ship. They are usually sent in first to shock towns they raid and ships they attack. As per tradition, Marines are always the first ones in and the last ones out.

      Pilot: Extremely specialized pirates, Pilots fly the Norfolkians jets and helicopters. The sight of a Norfolkian fighter jet or even a helicopter coming in from the sea is more than enough to send terror into the hearts of those living there.

    Appearance: Height, weight, body type, hair color/length, eye color etc. If you post a picture please add a short description as well.

    Weapons option: Different weapons are available for Norfolkian use.

    • M-16A1 (Stamped on the upper receiver of the weapon.): Standard battle rifle of the Norfolkian pirates. It can fire in single, burst, and full auto and can be fitted with either a bayonet or an M-203 grenade launcher.
    • M-14 (Stamped on the receiver of the weapon): Battle rifle of the Marines. This big, wood stocked rifle packs a punch and can reach out farther than the M-16. It cannot be fitted with a grenade launcher but has a lug for a bayonet.
    • M-60 (Stamped on the receiver of the weapon): General purpose, belt fed, gas operated, air cooled machine gun. This weapon can either be mounted to a vehicle or on one of many mounts on a ship. It can also be carried by an individual and fired from the standing or prone position. 'Sixty gunners typically lay down suppression fire so riflemen can draw an accurate bead on a target.
    • M-1911A1 (Stamped on the slide): Large caliber pistol with low capacity but high stopping power. Marines swear by it.
    • M-79 (Stamped on the barrel): Single shot, breech loaded grenad launcher. Norfolkians use this from ships to fire signal flares, illuminating rounds, or high explosive grenades.
    • M-203 (Stamped on the firing pin housing): Single shot grenade launcher. Unlike the M-79, this weapon was intended to be mounted to the M-16, giving Grenadiers additional firepower. Uses the same types of rounds as the M-79.
    • M-870 (Stamped receiver): Pump action shotgun with an eight round capacity. Nasty in close quarters, Pointmen tend to use it to give aggressors discount facelifts.
    • M-2HB (Stamped on the receiver): Eighty six pounds of belt fed, recoil operated, air cooled devastation. The fifty caliber machine gun is intended to be used from vehicles and static mounts, often in defense of the ship. Full metal jackets were intended to be used against aircraft and light armor. Firing on humans with a fifty cal turns them into paint.
    • M-134 (Stamped on the equipment tag): Heavy, multibarreled weapon normally found on helicopters and static mounts. With an extremely high rate of fire, this weapon rips flesh and blood targets apart and can tear through light armor with ease.
    • AT-4 (Stamped on the launcher): Shoulder fired, anti-tank weapon. This direct attack weapon is used to give infantrymen a punch against tanks and fortifications. It can also be used against low flying aircraft and small boats.
    • FIM-9 Stinger (Stamped on equipment tag): Shoulder fired, radar guided Surface to Air Missile. Although it says 'SAM' it can be used just as effectively on anything that gives a radar return signature.
    • M-84 Flashbang: Less lethal grenade used to disorient personnel with a bright flash and a loud noise. Hand thrown and normally used when clearing buildings.
    • M-67 Frag: Hand thrown fragmentation grenade. This weapons has a kill radius of five meters with a wound radius of five.*
    • Mk3A2 Concussion Grenade: Used in a similar manner as Flashbangs, these grenades use explosive power alone to cause damage. Particularly lethal when thrown into rooms.
    • White Phosphorous: An incendiary grenade use to start fires and as an execution agent, Norfolkians toss these into buildings when resistance encountered is much more than they can handle.
    • Melee Weapons: Cutlasses made of polymer are used, as are High Frequency versions, molded from a lightweight titanium-osmium alloy, are carved electronically instead of forged, and the entire process is monitored by a computer. In the hands of a skilled swordsman, a high-grade HF blade is capable of severing through six inches of solid steel in one single stroke. Bayonets for the M-16 and M-14 are also used.

    Personality: How your character would react to situations. Are they nice? Arrogant? Rude, etc.

    Past: Add a short past - where they grew up, perhaps how they got to be where they are at the start of the RP. Why they are on the side that they are on.

    Name: GMCS Howard 'Sieger' Steiner

    Age: 36

    Occupations: Gunners Mate, Raiding Party member (S.E.A.L.)


    Steiner typically wears fatigues when on operations or when acting as range master. When on ops he wraps his face with medical tape to dehumanize his appearance. Off duty he wears khaki trousers, a long sleeve khaki shirt, and a combo cover with a gold fouled anchor with a silver super imposed USN and a single star at the top. He typically wears the sleeves rolled up, revealing tattoos on his forearms. On the right is a skull flanked by a pair of crossed cannons wearing a white dixie cup tilted to one side. In the enlarged right eye is a weapons crosshairs. On the left is a fouled anchor surrounded by the words 'DAVY JONES' MESSENGER.'

    Weapons option:
    -M-60 Machine Gun: Steiner is an artist with the 'pig.' He can write his name on a wall and hit a fly from forty meters away. He loves the song of the 'sixty.
    -M-1911A1: Steiner's preferred sidearm.
    -Crowbar: This tool serves two purposes for the sailor. As both a bludgeoning tool and to break open doors and crates.

    Personality: A do or die sailor, Steiner is the kind of guy you want fighting by your side. In all his years as a raiding party member, Steiner has never left a man behind, dead or alive. He is also well known for terrifying villagers in coastal towns, either with his weapons or just his taped up face.

    Past: Orphaned by a Norfolkian raid, Steiner was taken in by a Marine officer who took pity on him. He was brought up as the Marine's son, learning the ways of the Norfolkians. When he was of age he went on his first sea cruise, participating in six raids, three of which were as a phone talker on a fifty cal. The other three raids he was allowed to man an M-60 machine gun, showing proficiency with the belt fed weapon. A few years, and several promotions later, Steiner found himself a candidate for a raiding party, men the Norfolkians called SEALs. What followed was a year of intense training at Dam Neck, the Norfolkian's Special Training Center near the Oceana Jet Base. Steiner has participated in several raids since, including a particularly nasty raid on the Texas Coast that led to the capture of an oil refinery and respect from the Green Beret Tribe. Steiner was promoted to Chief after ten years of service to the Norfolkian Navy. This led to push himself harder, recieving commendations for valor in subsequent raids. He presently acts as the senior armorer and raiding party leader for the Wasp, an Amphibious Assault Ship.

    Character Approved!
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  4. Name: Heinrich Heydrich

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Master At Arms

    clothing is correct, does not have the backpack however, left arm is an augmentic (steel prosthetic) right eye is also an augmentic (basically steel attached to the skull, with an optical bionic, skin grows over the steel, apart from the actual optic, which can link to devices such as Weapon sights, surveillance cameras and such, using remote circuitry inside the optic itself.)

    Height: 6'4
    weight: 90 Kgs
    body type: Muscular
    hair color: Black
    Hair Length: Short
    Bionic Lens Color: Red
    Eye color: Green

    Powers: Left arm is more powerful than an organic arm, left eye can link with cameras and gun sights remotely

    Weapons option: M4 Carbine with an assortment of attachments (Sights that link to his augmentic eye, infra red targeter, foreward handgrip and 50 round magazines)

    Sidearm: .44 magnum Semiautomatic pistol (8 round magazine capacity)

    it is a weapon of absolute last resort, unable to be utilised by anyone but Heinrich, and even then there are specific synaptic signals that must be sent, condit6ions that must be met before the weapon can be detonated.

    Personality: Depends on who hes talking to, he is nice and fairly considerate to allies, but hateful and mistrusting of enemies, he takes his mission seriously, and despises the church and all who are allied with it.

    Past:Heinrich was born to a pair of religious zealots, often finding himself at odds with his parents on his opinion of matters of state,, he left home at the age of 14, he spent year searching for the 'right' rebels to join, but eventually he joined a militant faction known as the Brotherhood of disbelief, he fought for this militant disorganization for a year, before he was seriously injured in a Government Crackdown, a government agent took pity on him, laying atop a pile of rubble missing an arm and an eye, being only 16 the official had him put in the 'cybernetic Regrowth' Program, he was given mechanical replacements for his lost appendages, but never truly forgave the Government for its crimes, he escaped as soon as he was able and ran far and wide, eventually joining the 'Altered' his cybernetic prosthetics have served him well over the nine years he has had them, and he has served the altered as a foot soldier for seven of those years.

    dissol;disillusioned with Rebel Propaganda, Heinrich joined the Outsiders, desperate to escape the war between the fanatical Crusaders and equally fanatical Rebels.

  5. Name: Altair Xavier
    Age: 25
    Powers: Altair is incredibly intelligent, able to formulate plans extremely quickly, even in a chaotic combat situation. He's also an astounding marksman.
    Weapons: Having been just about everywhere significant, Altair has come across firearms that are a little more rare than one would be accustomed to: An AMT AutoMag V (.50 Calibur handgun), and an M40A3 Sniper Rifle with a worn Nova Corps logo, suggesting that he stole it from a Nova Corps operative. Given the size of his modern day duster he's able to carry a decent amount of ammunition for both.

    Personality: For a mercenary, Altair is a pretty calm and laid back individual known especially for his loyalty to his friends. On the opposite of that, Altair is merciless to his enemiee and those who've wronged him. Once set on a goal, Altair rarely changes his mind and stays steadfast on his objective. In his free time, he tends to either relax back at his base in the city, or hanging around pools doing little more than floating around. Altair is also very anti-morning, loathing having to wake up in the morning, often going back to sleep until noon. Not quick to judge, Altair tries to remain fairly open to people at least for a little while before deciding friend or foe unless its obvious from the beginning.

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  7. Name: G.R.A.D.H.A.: General Robotic Android Designed for Hazardous Assassination, called “Jerry” by Ada.

    Age: Jerry has no age in the human sense since he is a machine. His voice sounds like that of a man in his 40s.

    Occupations: Ada’s Partner in crime.

    Show Spoiler

    GRADHA stands around 5’9 and weighs less than 95 lbs. As a machine, he is able to change sizes when need be.

    Weapons option: Jerry carries a standard M-14 in battle because his mechanic frame is meant to take a beating. As a Military covert assassin model he has features such as dart guns in lieu of fingers. His collapsible “skeleton” to allows him to slip into small areas like a snake. Other parts of his body are made with a new, light-weight and durable Kevlar. Wiring has been replaced with fiber optics. 

    Personality: GRADHA is programmed to do both the good cop, bad cop routine when need be. Other than that he is a fairly boring “person” to speak to. He also as a love of classical music.

    Past: First designed by Nova Corps for a guard unit in the private facilities, he was considered top of the line until it was determined that the GRADHA models were too light weight to stand up to battlefield standards. Most units were destroyed but this one was bought by Ada in one of her “hired gun” missions. Now he travels around with her, as “Jerry.”
  8. Name: Aldo Bacon

    Age: 27

    Occupations: Aldo is primarily a helicopter pilot, but he also has some experience with maintenance, especially with his helicopter.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Aldo is a shorter gentleman with an average build. He typically wears a pilot jumpsuit and an aviator hat, along with a pair of polished black combat boots.

    Weapons option: When Aldo is airborne, he'll often take a M-1911A1 pistol with him. He also owns an M-14 with a bayonet.

    Personality: Aldo can be a tad eccentric, but he is a friendly and well-meaning person. His hatred for the society he left behind is nothing compared to the pity he feels for the people who live in it. Only eight years have passed since he left Semile, however, and Aldo doesn't fancy the idea of returning under any circumstances. In these eights years he has been taught how to pilot helicopters, and even restored an old Blackhawk helicopter, which he now pilots himself. Aldo has always been a tidy person, almost obsessively so.

    Past: Aldo worked as a maintenance worker in Semile for a short time, but he quickly grew tired of what he thought to be a mundane and meaningless existence. Before long, Aldo fled Semile and ended up in Norfolk, were he has stayed to this day!

    Character Approved.
  9. Name: Chestel (Sh-est-tel) Knak (Nack)
    Age: 25
    Occupation: MA, works with dogs
    *She wears these clothes off duty, on duty, she wears fatigues that she... modified...
    (She cut the sleeves and pant legs off of the uniform to make a vest and daisy-dukes out of the clothes, then put drawstrings through the cut-off sleeves and discarded pantlegs to make arm and leg warmers. She's a little short, so she wears boots with a bigger heel so that she appears to be average height.)
    Weapons option: M-870 shotgun and an M-1911A1 (Thank you for the help, boyfriend, I love you with oodles of bullets on top)
    Personality:Chestel is a grabbag of personality, carrying with her: loyalty, bravery, and unexpected acts of kindness as well as bouts of anger and rage, crying jags that can last for days, and a look of such despair when betrayed. She's much like a child in how she acts.
    Past: Chestel is much better with her dogs than with her human companions, due to the fact that she suffers from a sensory condition that makes her sensitive to a multitude of things, such as too much light, too many smells, or something being too loud. Due to this, she isolated herself much in her childhood. She was brought up on the other side of the battle, actually, but didn't agree with the views at all, always finding a flaw. Her first act of rebellion was a typical teenager thing. She dyed her hair, got piercings, got the boyfriends her parents hated. The thing was, she was younger than most who chose this path, 12. She finally left the house with the current boyfriend at 16 and found the quickest route to the other side. The boyfriend tuckered out and left back for his home after a while, unable to adapt to the change. She tried her hardest to work with everyone, but felt lesser and cumbersome in comparison when she has to wear hearing protection when she fires a gun, or stop her nose up so she won't be bothered by the smoke or gunpowder. She found her calling with the dogs, bridging a gap between the understanding of man and dog to a further extent due to her condition. It's not rare for her to drag her bedding down to the kennels and sleep among the dogs. She sometimes even will carry around a new puppy in her backpack as she familiarizes it and socializes it with the people and surroundings it will need to know.

    Name: Brisket
    Age: Puppy
    Occupation: student
    weapons option: She's about to loose her milk teeth, and her claws are sharp
    Personality: Sleeps too much to tell right now.
    Past: Brisket was not born from the usual source, and isn't one of Chestel's working dogs, but may end up to be. Chestel found this shaking pup recently, and has been taking care of her since. Chestel wasn't able to get a surrogate mother for the pup, and had to feed her milk herself and keep her warm. Brisket is often on her person somewhere. She licks everything and loves being cuddled and held,refusing to even walk at this point, only if to run to Chestel and beg to be picked up.