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    Current RP List:

    2. Smart Rat/Scientists or Scientist's daughter

    3. Death RP (Girl sees death, hates doctors? Maybe some adjustments need to be made. Such as no hospital, but a girl being able to see Death while alive)

    4.Dark Souls RP?

    5. High-tech world that has virtual reality. Girl loves her virtual AI despite the AI not being 'real'. But when Girl is threatened....maybe that AI is not so fake as others believe.

    6. Slave RP?



    9. Genius-Twin RP

    10. Assassin RP (Smith movie?)



    13. Fallout RP? 1. 2. 3. 4.

    14. Grand Theft Auto RP? (Criminals?)


    16. A sentient sword/weapon is obsessed with its master, and takes a human-form to seduce the master.

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    Name: Tobias Havinrah, “Leopold the 3rd”

    Age: 24

    Occupation: Government; High Priest

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    Tobias stands at 5’7” and is over all thin but a bit muscular. He has a tan because how he lived as a boy, constantly spending hours outside in the Old District of Semile. When doing official duties, he wears gold and blue robes, similar in color to the flag of his nation. However, he is known to be informal and wear a simple white dress shirt and tie with black slacks.

    Powers: None

    Weapons option: He owns a High Frequency blade but doesn’t use it unless absolutely necessary. He believes in avoiding battles and trying to speak things through, when it concerns his life.

    Personality: He is a definitely arrogant and rude because he ultimately believes that the choices he’s making are just and would’ve been what his father wanted, both his biological and the High Priest.

    Past: Tobias started as a farmer’s son, who was lazy and carefree, but always able to get his chores done. Since his family lived in the Old District of Semile, he would wander into the "liberal" end of town and listen to reformers and people who spoke of change. It also consisted of young girls his own age.

    One day, a group of Crusaders came upon his home and destroyed nearly everything and viciously murdered his parents for being "rebels". Tobias was out with his friends that night, so when he came back home to find everything in ruins he sought justice.

    Tobias, being bold entered the Holy City to seek revenge. On his quest, one drunk man jokingly said, ‘Why don’t you go to the High Priest?’ Tobias took that idea to heart and went to the High Priest. At first, Leopold the Red refused to even meet with the child but following religious doctrine he took the 13 year old in.

    Since Leopold the Red had no heirs of his own, he needed someone to take his place when he died or if he was assassinated. It completely changed Tobias’s perspective on life, and what would be expected of him. Now, with the untimely death of his adoptive father, Tobias is now the youngest High Priest in the history of the nation.
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  5. Name: Brayden Pelletier

    Age: 43

    Occupations: Organization: Petits Chevaliers (known for hitmans, gambling rings, prostitution, all the good illegal stuff) : Leader; also well-known banker

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    Brayden Pelletier is a very professional man. He is always in a clean black suit and black tie. He is about 6 feet tall and over 200 lbs. He has piercing blue eyes and blonde hair that is getting spots of gray in it. He is tan and toned. [/spolier]

    Weapons option: 1 Rail Gun, usually hidden at the base of his spine.

    Personality: Brayden Pelletier is suave and sophisticated. He is charismatic and can make you see his way if you waver for a second. He is fair in his dealings with the bank, but with the Petits Chevaliers, you had better square your debts or he will make sure he gets paid. He likes underlings to do his dirty work and thinks highly of the Government and would run for office if he didn’t think there would be a scandal with his role in one of the most organized and ritzy illegal groups.

    Past: Brayden Pelletier was born into the Pelletier family with a silver spoon in his hand. He lived with social butterfly parents, he had everything he could want or need. He always knew that there were others who had it worse than him, but he saw it as his obligation to give them a better than average job with satisfactory benefits.

    He went straight into the party scene at 16, never worrying about the repercussions. At 20 he took control of the PC main operations and continued to “work” at his father’s Bank. With his new role in classy illegal operations, he commissioned the making of Indira Belliese to be his glamorous companion and bodyguard. The scientist goofed and gave her a knack for technology.

    Now at 43, Brayden feels accomplished in his running of the bank. Not to mention there has been very little imprisonment or crackdown on the activities of PC. He is angered at any resistance or dissent. He feels like those involved with truly harmful operations, like the Brotherhood, are the real criminals ruining life for everyone in Semile.
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    AUGUST 14, 2016
    @Razilin @Lonewolf888978

    The Twins had spent most of their day searching the leads on this rumored 'Weave Killer' that had been plaguing this city for, from what they could tell, the past month. As it always was, the crime was different, the mechanics, the thought, everything but that one mark was always different. That same mark carved into the ground where the fortress had been. That same mark that taunted the for two years...

    From what it seemed, two identical men with white hair and silver eyes wearing nearly-matching cloaks was as much a rarity in this place as it was anywhere else. And as it seemed to always be, their look demanded respect and fear without them truly meaning to. Indeed, whispers had started to come about, the white and black justicars. And thankful citizens were very often quite happy to answer any questions they had.

    And so it was that Sendon and Neren found themselves standing outside the front door of an office building just at the fringe of the district. Sendon, the slightly-older, sleeker twin looked up. "Very tall." he said, Making Neren chuckle and nudge his brother. "You have to admit, they always seem to be unknown and yet big names." "True, would you like the honors?" "My pleasure." Ne smirked and lifted his foot, smashing the door open with one kick, the both of them walking calmly inside.
  7. Name: Jacob Ballik

    Age: 43

    Occupations: Government, Ministry of Public Information Inquisitor


    Jacob stands at 6'2”, and is broad shouldered and muscled. His fitness is at the level of that of a professional athlete, despite his age, and it shows. His hair is balding, and a dark brown colour. He rarely blinks, tending to stare at whoever he is talking to, which can easily unnerve people due to the size of his eyes.

    Without fail, Jacob is always dressed in a suit, either a grey one or a black one. His hands are covered by blue gloves, which disguises the fact that his right arm is cybernetic.

    Weapons option: - Short Sword, kept inside his coat

    - Rail Gun, built into cybernetic right arm

    - Dart Gun, also built into right arm, which allows him to inject targets from a distance with a variety of chemicals and drugs, some of which are pre-loaded into his arm, some of which he has to load himself

    Personality: Jacob's a believer. In fact, let's rephrase that; Jacob's a fanatic. His loyalty is to the Church, unquestionably; he has survived numerous purges within the hierarchy of the government simply due to his unwavering belief. He is loyal to his department, and it's head Thaddeus Dayne.

    He views his work as an necessary evil that must be carried out to help keep the population safe and the Church protected from the criminals and rebels that would see it destroyed. As such, there is nothing he will not do in the name of the Church; he has quite happily murdered families and children, mutilated corpses and silenced those who know too much in the past, and will happily do so again. He has been classified as a psychopath in several psychiatric evaluations, though he states that this only helps him with his work.

    Past: Jacob was born to a Crusader family, and was taught from an early age that his loyalty was to the Church, and that he must always serve it as best he can. Taking these words to heart, he joined the military at the age of 18, and spent over a decade fighting for the Church.

    His military career came to and end when he lost his right arm during a border clash with the Norfolkians. Unable to afford a cybernetic replacement, Jacob instead joined the Church. His unwavering belief and loyalty got him noticed quickly, and after being fitted with a new cybernetic arm, he was assigned to various departments as their Inquisitor, rooting out non-believers, rebels and others out to harm the Church.

    Since Thaddeus Dayne became the Minister of Public Relations, Jacob has been working for the department. He works within the city, helping Dayne to rewrite the truth as he sees fit.

    Character Approved