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[bg=#000040]God be with you, my fellow believers,

We are now witnessing a Second Coming! I believe that we are seeing prophecy unfold, so swiftly and gloriously that it makes me breathless. Our true savior has come, and with this redeemer's presence, a new world based on peace, justice, and freedom will be given to all who have faith in the Creator.

We support nationalism, and we believe that our nation once was, and should once again be, a nation of God. The High Priest was chosen by the Creator, and all who follow him do so in service of the betterment of the faithful.

For generations, we have maintained the ideals of freedom and democracy to all those who are willing and pure of heart. We hold that Government's true role is to cultivate virtue, not interfere in the natural selection of the market or the workplace. This is not slavery, but service. Not genocide, but perfection. This is the road of God's people.

Our enemies, within and without, will spin their lies. They will say this is the twilight of our age, the passing of our civilisation. But they do not see as we do - they have not the courage to believe. For all that matters is that mankind has the will to survive, and our Saviour will ensure just that!

As the greatest playwright in history once said, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players". And our part now is clear. We must strip away the baser parts of our nature. We must drive out the cancer of heresy, doubt and difference. We must become one, and hold to the principles of out faith.

For soon it shall come to pass that this generation pays witness to an act that will forever change our uncertain future.




READ THIS FIRST: This thread is a "mixed" one meaning it is both for civilian, military, and governmental officials. If any * appear, please take time to review them.

Character Sheets:

Name: What your character is called...

Age: How old they are

Occupations: Several options are listed below.

  • Scientist: One of the few that created the "OOs" be it for the government or as a bought scientist.
  • Organization/Company/Family: One of these places that have illegally created the "00s". Reasons may include sabotage of rival, making more money, or even an attempt to control the government.
  • Police: Officials that work to flush out crime!
  • Others: Random normal characters, reporters, bar tender, taxi driver, super model... general any random character that just somehow gets themselves caught up in the plot.
  • Government: Higherup government officials that would be the target of assassinations or perhaps are using their own "00s" for wicked purposes.

Appearance: Height, weight, body type, hair color/length, eye color etc. If you post a picture please add a short description as well.

Weapons option: Different weapons are available for Government forces. *

  • Rifles: A rifle is a firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, with a barrel that has a helical groove or pattern of grooves ("rifling") cut into the barrel walls. Most are bolt action, seeing as semi-automatics are generally only kept on by government officials.
  • Plasma Gun: Fairly large, these take up the entire length of the arm and are required to straighten and lock the elbow and shoulder joint to connect the two barrel pieces and prevent damage to the arm itself. There is a five minute interval between each shot for recharging and cooling.
  • Rail Gun: Small and easy to be inserted as part of the body, but some require specific military caliber ammo.
  • Custom models: of typical hand guns are also available for captured military weapons. Obviously not as powerful as the rail gun or plasma gun, but still effective and uses the same ammo as the original hand gun does.
  • Edged Weapons: Blades made of polymer are somethings used. High Frequency swords, molded from a lightweight titanium-osmium alloy, are carved electronically instead of forged, and the entire process is monitored by a computer. In the hands of a skilled swordsman, a high-grade HF blade is capable of severing through six inches of solid steel in one single stroke. However, since most resistance members live day to day lives as every day people, most edged weapons are only knives.
  • Grenades, Bombs, etc: Most are simply stolen from dead foes or made by members. Firearms are more encouraged by Brotherhood leaders because they are easier to conceal.

* Civvies aren't allowed to carry weapons, unless asked to by government forces.

Personality: How your character would react to situations. Are they nice? Arrogant? Rude, etc.

Past: Add a short past - where they grew up, perhaps how they got to be where they are at the start of the RP. Why they are on the side that they are on.

Name: Tobias Havinrah, "Leopold the 3rd"

Age: 24

Occupation: Government; High Priest


Tobias stands at 5'7" and is over all thin but a bit muscular. He has a tan because how he lived as a boy, constantly spending hours outside in the Old District of Semile. When doing official duties, he wears gold and blue robes, similar in color to the flag of his nation. However, he is known to be informal and wear a simple white dress shirt and tie with black slacks.

Powers: None

Weapons option: He owns a High Frequency blade but doesn't use it unless absolutely necessary. He believes in avoiding battles and trying to speak things through, when it concerns his life.

Personality: He is a definitely arrogant and rude because he ultimately believes that the choices he's making are just and would've been what his father wanted, both his biological and the High Priest.

Past: Tobias started as a farmer's son, who was lazy and carefree, but always able to get his chores done. Since his family lived in the Old District of Semile, he would wander into the "liberal" end of town and listen to reformers and people who spoke of change. It also consisted of young girls his own age.

One day, a group of Crusaders came upon his home and destroyed nearly everything and viciously murdered his parents for being "rebels". Tobias was out with his friends that night, so when he came back home to find everything in ruins he sought justice.

Tobias, being bold entered the Holy City to seek revenge. On his quest, one drunk man jokingly said, 'Why don't you go to the High Priest?' Tobias took that idea to heart and went to the High Priest. At first, Leopold the Red refused to even meet with the child but following religious doctrine he took the 13 year old in.

Since Leopold the Red had no heirs of his own, he needed someone to take his place when he died or if he was assassinated. It completely changed Tobias's perspective on life, and what would be expected of him. Now, with the untimely death of his adoptive father, Tobias is now the youngest High Priest in the history of the nation.

Name: Thaddeus Dayne

Age: 36

Occupation: Minister for Public Information


5ft10, slender figure, usually dressing in black robes or combat fatigues. All expression is centred on the eyes, which can display a huge array of emotions, from burning passion to overbearing melodrama. His distinguishing features are full body tattoos depicting alchemical and hermetic symbols, plus two prosthetic arms augmented with pneumatic auxiliaries.

Weapons option: Dayne can form all manner of blades, cutting tools and pneumatic projectile weapons with his mechanical arms.

Personality: Dayne has a masterplan, a great work upon which every facet of his personality hangs. He is the charismatic spokesperson for the Crusade, his powers of persuasion unmatched by any living being. He is diplomatic, graceful, courteous, well-spoken and utterly, utterly ruthless. The ideology of the Faith permeates his very core and eclipses all ethical questions of conscience, restraint or reality.

Past: Dayne and Hitler would have been best friends had they lived at the same time. Dayne was born without his lower arms and spent the first fifteen years of his life being shorter than others of his age. This made him angry, frustrated by his own disabilities and the failure of his parents to be the godlike figures he needed them to be. He drifted between scapegoats and callings for much of his youth, displacing his anger onto foreigners and liberals and any minority he could discern. And then the Crusade caught his attention, and through it he found a new outlet for his anger. With his gift for speech-writing he earned a few able-bodied friends and was able to muscle and intimidate his way through the echelons of the church. He became the instigator of increasingly violent upheavals that paved the way to power for the Crusade, and in time he was noticed by Leopold the Red. Taken in by the High Priest, much as Tobias was, Dayne learned humility and grace, refining his violent nature. He was given a pair or expensive prosthetics as a gift and for the next ten years served the Crusade diligently in the Minstry of Information, climbing his way to the position of High Minister, his fanatical devotion to the Crusade now burning in his blood.
Name: Brayden Pelletier

Age: 43

Occupations: Organization: Petits Chevaliers (known for hitmans, gambling rings, prostitution, all the good illegal stuff) : Leader; also well-known banker

Brayden Pelletier is a very professional man. He is always in a clean black suit and black tie. He is about 6 feet tall and over 200 lbs. He has piercing blue eyes and blonde hair that is getting spots of gray in it. He is tan and toned. [/spolier]

Weapons option: 1 Rail Gun, usually hidden at the base of his spine.

Personality: Brayden Pelletier is suave and sophisticated. He is charismatic and can make you see his way if you waver for a second. He is fair in his dealings with the bank, but with the Petits Chevaliers, you had better square your debts or he will make sure he gets paid. He likes underlings to do his dirty work and thinks highly of the Government and would run for office if he didn't think there would be a scandal with his role in one of the most organized and ritzy illegal groups.

Past: Brayden Pelletier was born into the Pelletier family with a silver spoon in his hand. He lived with social butterfly parents, he had everything he could want or need. He always knew that there were others who had it worse than him, but he saw it as his obligation to give them a better than average job with satisfactory benefits.

He went straight into the party scene at 16, never worrying about the repercussions. At 20 he took control of the PC main operations and continued to "work" at his father's Bank. With his new role in classy illegal operations, he commissioned the making of Indira Belliese to be his glamorous companion and bodyguard. The scientist goofed and gave her a knack for technology.

Now at 43, Brayden feels accomplished in his running of the bank. Not to mention there has been very little imprisonment or crackdown on the activities of PC. He is angered at any resistance or dissent. He feels like those involved with truly harmful operations, like the Brotherhood, are the real criminals ruining life for everyone in Semile.
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Character Name: Amy Sherriden
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Occupation: Doctor of DNA Sciences
General Appearance: Golden Brown in messy waves, no bangs. Dark blue eyes. Average, slightly out of shape figure. Always wears flat, comfortable shoes and "work" style outfits. Favors neutral colors; black, white, grey, beige.
General Personality: A bland, reclusive individual, Amy doesn't seem to have very much "interesting" about her. She's entirely focused on her work, (something SHE finds fascinating, but most don't). Amy is generally a serious individual who doesn't seem to "let loose" even when she's outside of work. Her people skills are amiable, and she has no problems with talking with colleagues. However, strangers she finds weird, and doesn't enjoy meeting new people.

General History:
Amy Sherriden was born a raised to a perfectly normal family. Her childhood and academic life was without any extreme drama. She decided at an early age that she was very interested in sciences, and has spent her entire life focused on preparing for her career.

Present Life: In the present date, Amy is finding herself faced with questions and problems she had never considered before. Sahar, who started as nothing more than an "experiment" in the Genesis Project is more and more this living breathing child. A very human child. Her moral views are in conflict with her Scientific curiosity.
Name: Jacob Ballik

Age: 43

Occupations: Government, Ministry of Public Information Inquisitor


Jacob stands at 6'2", and is broad shouldered and muscled. His fitness is at the level of that of a professional athlete, despite his age, and it shows. His hair is balding, and a dark brown colour. He rarely blinks, tending to stare at whoever he is talking to, which can easily unnerve people due to the size of his eyes.

Without fail, Jacob is always dressed in a suit, either a grey one or a black one. His hands are covered by blue gloves, which disguises the fact that his right arm is cybernetic.

Weapons option: - Short Sword, kept inside his coat

- Rail Gun, built into cybernetic right arm

- Dart Gun, also built into right arm, which allows him to inject targets from a distance with a variety of chemicals and drugs, some of which are pre-loaded into his arm, some of which he has to load himself

Personality: Jacob's a believer. In fact, let's rephrase that; Jacob's a fanatic. His loyalty is to the Church, unquestionably; he has survived numerous purges within the hierarchy of the government simply due to his unwavering belief. He is loyal to his department, and it's head Thaddeus Dayne.

He views his work as an necessary evil that must be carried out to help keep the population safe and the Church protected from the criminals and rebels that would see it destroyed. As such, there is nothing he will not do in the name of the Church; he has quite happily murdered families and children, mutilated corpses and silenced those who know too much in the past, and will happily do so again. He has been classified as a psychopath in several psychiatric evaluations, though he states that this only helps him with his work.

Past: Jacob was born to a Crusader family, and was taught from an early age that his loyalty was to the Church, and that he must always serve it as best he can. Taking these words to heart, he joined the military at the age of 18, and spent over a decade fighting for the Church.

His military career came to and end when he lost his right arm during a border clash with the Norfolkians. Unable to afford a cybernetic replacement, Jacob instead joined the Church. His unwavering belief and loyalty got him noticed quickly, and after being fitted with a new cybernetic arm, he was assigned to various departments as their Inquisitor, rooting out non-believers, rebels and others out to harm the Church.

Since Thaddeus Dayne became the Minister of Public Relations, Jacob has been working for the department. He works within the city, helping Dayne to rewrite the truth as he sees fit.

Character Approved