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[bg=darkred]Hail Comrade,

For generations, we have suffered under a government that never listens to our pleas. They spend their time defending their way of life.

Corruption, greed, and death!

That is this what the government worhsips!

Listen to us now... how many of your loved ones have disappeared over the years for being "too smart" or "immoral?" How much injustice have you suffered at the hands of the Crusaders?

Why should our young men be constantly sent beyond the protection of the Domed City, to fight against some nation that poses no threat to our ways of life? Why should they fight and die in an unjust war?

Our nation was established on the concept of liberty, equality, and fraternity! Not this dogmatic farce that controls our daily lives.

How much longer do we have to suffer under the constant eyes of a dictator?


If you are reading this, it means our agents believe you are willing to support the cause.

Expect life to become harder and more dangerous than it has ever been before. We are waging a rebellion against a foe that is many times larger than us.

However, we have one thing they don't. Hope.

Hope for a better and brighter future.

And that is something we all can stand for, during this era of darkness!
READ THIS FIRST: If you are a member of the resistance you will behave just like all the other civilians, you are not regular soldiers. The Resistance is a generic term for many units that exist to fight the Crusaders. My advice is to go light on the military kit. The rule of thumb is simple - if a character can't dump it all and hide it within 60 seconds, you've got too much gear to be a partisan. One thing Resistance characters often miss is that as a general rule, one doesn't have access to scads of weapons and ammo. They'd have their primary weapon and a pocketful of rounds.

Character Sheets:

Name: What your character is called...

Age: How old they are

Appearance: Height, weight, body type, hair color/length, eye color etc. If you post a picture please add a short description as well.

Weapons option: Different weapons are available for the rebels to use. Guns are by far the most common weapons for waging war.

  • Rifles: A rifle is a firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, with a barrel that has a helical groove or pattern of grooves ("rifling") cut into the barrel walls. Most are bolt action, seeing as semi-automatics are generally only kept on by government officials.
  • Plasma Gun: Fairly large, these take up the entire length of the arm and are required to straighten and lock the elbow and shoulder joint to connect the two barrel pieces and prevent damage to the arm itself. There is a five minute interval between each shot for recharging and cooling.
  • Rail Gun: Small and easy to be inserted as part of the body, but some require specific military caliber ammo.
  • Custom models: of typical hand guns are also available for captured military weapons. Obviously not as powerful as the rail gun or plasma gun, but still effective and uses the same ammo as the original hand gun does.
  • Edged Weapons: Blades made of polymer are somethings used. High Frequency swords, molded from a lightweight titanium-osmium alloy, are carved electronically instead of forged, and the entire process is monitored by a computer. In the hands of a skilled swordsman, a high-grade HF blade is capable of severing through six inches of solid steel in one single stroke. However, since most resistance members live day to day lives as every day people, most edged weapons are only knives.
  • Grenades, Bombs, etc: Most are simply stolen from dead foes or made by members. Firearms are more encouraged by Brotherhood leaders because they are easier to conceal.

Personality: How your character would react to situations. Are they nice? Arrogant? Rude, etc.

Past: Add a short past - where they grew up, perhaps how they got to be where they are at the start of the RP. Why they are on the side that they are on.
Name: Deirdre Saxton

Age: 19


Deirdre stands at 5' 10' and weighs 140lbs. He has a slim but lithe build with slender muscles lining his body. He dresses in normal street clothes, such as the ones seen above.

Weapons option: Rail gun (which he keeps strapped to his thigh under his pants) and a small six-shooter pistol kept as back-up in a compact ankle holster. He also owns a HF sword, which he is highly proficient at using, but keeps it at his house.

Personality: Deirdre possesses a kind soul and genuinely believes in the crusade. He is smart and well educated. He will go out of his help others. A certain amount of guilt also resides in Deirdre because of his history.

Past: Deirdre was born into a relatively wealthy family that ran a large corporate business dealing with genetics. Deirdre's mother dies in childbirth and Deirdre enjoyed a close, but slightly guilt-ridden, relationship with his father. Deirdre grew up well pampered, but also healthy - he enjoyed years of training in swordsmanship, a skill he came to love and value, and a very good education.

One day Deirdre's father was visited at home by government officials. Deirdre was about 17, and though only a teen he knew what the officials wanted. Deirdre's father's company was on the verge of a breakthrough in genetics that could bring about a new wave of commercial bio-engineering. And the government had decided that this was too dangerous to be let out into the general public.

Deirdre's father refused to let the officials look at any of his company's work, let alone take any of it. The officials left without any fuss, but a looming sense of doom fell upon the family. A year later, Deirdre's father's company "suddenly fell into bankruptcy". Deirdre and his father were on the verge of being thrown out onto the streets when his father was killed in a "tragic car accident". Or at least that's what the paper labeled it as.

After his father's death, Deirdre discovered a large trust fund in a remote bank set up by his father under an alias to avoid government detection. Deirdre used the money to purchase a small home and the necessities he needed to live on his own. Deirdre got a job to help the account stay hidden.

After his father's untimely death, Deirdre sought out and joined the crusaders. He vowed to avenge his father and fight to bring down the corrupt government that had ruined his family name.

Character Approved!
Name: Yuri Solotov

Age: 23

Appearance: Large and strongly built Yuri gives the ingression of someone suited for manual labor. Dark hair and eyes coupled with fair yet tanned skin give a rugged appearance that combined with his calloused hands and bulky form contrast with his otherwise laid back maner.

Weapons option: A custom modified long-barreled bold-action rifle with an 8 round clip ans an adjustable scope. It takes large caliber hunting rounds or standard military issue rifle rounds and swapping out the chamber it can also fire military issue sniper rounds but the increased size of the casing means that that must me loaded individual and not in a magazine. To change the chamber takes about 20 seconds for someone with practice, on a full minuet for anyone else.

Disassembles for easy concealment.

Edged Weapons:

Hunting knife with a serrated saw on the back edge.

Grenades, Bombs, etc:

Personality: Generally laid back and calm Yuri doesn't come across as someone who would join the brotherhood, but under the country born carefree demeanor is a deep-seated hatred of the crusade and their fanaticism that only rarely comes into the open but has a subtle affect on almost every thought and he longs for the day the crusade lies shattered at his feet. One of the quirks of his personality is a surprising knowledge of rifles and the belief that they are superior to any of the newer energy weapons.

Past: Growing up in the country Yuri never really cared for politics or the brotherhood until his parents where suspected of harboring fugitives and the farm was seized and his father taken for questioning, when he returned Yuri's father was a changed man, preaching the ideals of the crusade. Yuri, convinced his father had been brainwashed ran away to the city and fell in with gangs made up of a mixture of equally disenchanted people and outright criminals before being recruited by the brotherhood and given a cover job in a hobby shop that specialized in hunting equipment while he learned about firearms.

Name: Asheron Vivaldi

Age: 24

Appearance: 5'11", 155 lbs. Lean and wiry in build. Albino, with pale skin, white shoulder-length hair tied in a pony-tail, and pale blue eyes.

Weapons option: A hand gun and a knife.

Personality: Quiet and introverted, but exceedingly stubborn- he won't give up a fight until there's literally no other option but suicide.

Past: He grew up in a small house with his dad, mom, and older brother. His brother joined the military when he turned eighteen and Asheron was still sixteen; not long after, he was killed in action. Asheron and his family didn't learn of his death until several months later, after continual efforts to contact him failed. When they attempted to press the government for answers or even just his remains, despite warnings to cease and desist, they suddenly found themselves in financial ruin, forced to give up nearly all of their belongings and move into a tiny, dingy apartment in one of the worst parts of the city. Bare days after they were forced to move there, Asheron's father was attacked and killed one night on his way home.

Since then, Asheron has taken care of his mother, left in a fragile mental and emotional state following the events. He has also nursed a hatred for the government that has only grown over the years. He sought out the Brotherhood in order to find revenge, and seeks to take it by any means necessary.

Name: Lars Mullman

Age: 38


Lars keeps his brown hair in a short cut that barely touches his neck. Due to a case of nearsightedness, he has to wear a pair of small rectangular glasses over his similarly brown eyes. He prefers to wear his police uniform, but in the few occasions where he allows himself to wear casual clothing, he'll wear a leather jacket over a black T-shirt and tan khakis.

Weapons option: Lars has enough influence in the police department to be permitted to carry a Colt Single Action Army, a revolver famed for its stopping power. He has modified the magazine to have eight bullets instead of six. As part of his job as a policeman, he also keeps an unmodified SPAS-12 riot shotgun with himself, and a regulation length combat knife in a holster in his belt.

Personality: Lars is a calm man, usually very good at keeping his emotions in check. He's very blunt in his conversation, preferring to avoid the banter and cut straight to the point. He's very ambitious, always striving to accrue more power to himself in any way he can. His dedication to the Brotherhood is only on the basis of what it can do for him. When it comes to his job of killing people, he is coldly efficient. If he views someone as a threat to himself or his comrades, he will dispense with the problem swiftly, cruelly, and utterly.

Past: Lars was born a natural citizen, the son of a dedicated patriot to the country. His father and mother both encouraged him as he grew up that he would grow to become someone amazing, that the world would view as a hero. This, unfortunately, was a bit excessive for his impressionable mind, and as he was only a few years away from being old enough for active service, it began to creep into his head that he was somehow destined for greatness, and that it was his right by birth.

With that attitude in mind, he began swiftly making something of himself almost the instant he volunteered to join the police force. His parents having a degree of influence in the city, he used their contacts and his own dedication to the Crusade to impress his superiors, and when his mandatory service expired, he decided to stay in the police force for ten more years, under the assumption that if he worked at it enough, eventually he'd be running the force from the top.

Unfortunately, the government had other plans. At the rank of lieutenant, Lars had begun influencing individuals in the government and the police force when he discovered the unfortunate truth: the government had grown their own commander. Jerek Aldaire, number 04 of the Homo Eximius. Once the news hit of the new commander, Lars' entire plan for taking control fell to pieces. As the government officials he'd been warming up to informed him, having a police commander with super powers trumped the qualifications of any mortal aspiring to that position.

Bitter over this revelation, and desirous now of a primitive urge to destroy everything he had once worked for, Lars contacted the Brotherhood in secret, and began covertly working for them inside the ranks of the police force, helping to coordinate Brotherhood assaults where he knew the military and police presence was weakest. His ultimate desire is to follow Yuri and the Brotherhood into glorious victory, and in the smoke and haze that ensues, sneak into a position of highest power. And if he eventually succeeds at destroying the man occupying the seat that could have been his, all the better.
Character approved
Name: Anna (Ah-Nah) "Gears" Walsh

Age: 22

Appearance: Spoiler <input value="Show" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; width: 45px; font-size: 10px;" onclick="if (this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display != '') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = ''; this.innerText = ''; this.value = 'Hide'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.innerText = ''; this.value = 'Show'; }" type="button">

Equipment: She carries 2 laser pistols and a stun gun. She also has matching kukris hidden on her person at all times. She changes their location every night.

Personality: About the most collected and cool person you could find, even when in battle. Tries to keep optimistic and usually ends up cracking jokes and talking at inappropriate times. Can sometimes come off cold or harsh, because she was brought up to be honest and never had a mother figure around to teach her much compassion. She has a rather noticeable Ukrainian accent.

History: Anna's mother died early on in her life so, the only parent she knew was her dad, who taught her everything she knew. Seeing that she had a natural fancy for guns and other weaponry, Mr. Walsh taught her how to shoot.
At age 10, Anna had already surpassed the local shooting range's record holders, so her father introduced her to mechanics which she also seemed to have a natural finesse for. That, she also picked up quickly, thus the nickname "Gears".
Anna's father died when she was 20, and, feeling no longer attached to her home, she left to wander and find out where she could use her talents.

Character Approved