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  5. Name: Asheron Vivaldi

    Age: 24

    Appearance: 5'11", 155 lbs. Lean and wiry in build. Albino, with pale skin, white shoulder-length hair tied in a pony-tail, and pale blue eyes.

    Weapons option: A hand gun and a knife.

    Personality: Quiet and introverted, but exceedingly stubborn- he won't give up a fight until there's literally no other option but suicide.

    Past: He grew up in a small house with his dad, mom, and older brother. His brother joined the military when he turned eighteen and Asheron was still sixteen; not long after, he was killed in action. Asheron and his family didn't learn of his death until several months later, after continual efforts to contact him failed. When they attempted to press the government for answers or even just his remains, despite warnings to cease and desist, they suddenly found themselves in financial ruin, forced to give up nearly all of their belongings and move into a tiny, dingy apartment in one of the worst parts of the city. Bare days after they were forced to move there, Asheron's father was attacked and killed one night on his way home.

    Since then, Asheron has taken care of his mother, left in a fragile mental and emotional state following the events. He has also nursed a hatred for the government that has only grown over the years. He sought out the Brotherhood in order to find revenge, and seeks to take it by any means necessary.

  6. Name: Lars Mullman

    Age: 38

    Show Spoiler

    Lars keeps his brown hair in a short cut that barely touches his neck. Due to a case of nearsightedness, he has to wear a pair of small rectangular glasses over his similarly brown eyes. He prefers to wear his police uniform, but in the few occasions where he allows himself to wear casual clothing, he'll wear a leather jacket over a black T-shirt and tan khakis.

    Weapons option: Lars has enough influence in the police department to be permitted to carry a Colt Single Action Army, a revolver famed for its stopping power. He has modified the magazine to have eight bullets instead of six. As part of his job as a policeman, he also keeps an unmodified SPAS-12 riot shotgun with himself, and a regulation length combat knife in a holster in his belt.

    Personality: Lars is a calm man, usually very good at keeping his emotions in check. He's very blunt in his conversation, preferring to avoid the banter and cut straight to the point. He's very ambitious, always striving to accrue more power to himself in any way he can. His dedication to the Brotherhood is only on the basis of what it can do for him. When it comes to his job of killing people, he is coldly efficient. If he views someone as a threat to himself or his comrades, he will dispense with the problem swiftly, cruelly, and utterly.

    Past: Lars was born a natural citizen, the son of a dedicated patriot to the country. His father and mother both encouraged him as he grew up that he would grow to become someone amazing, that the world would view as a hero. This, unfortunately, was a bit excessive for his impressionable mind, and as he was only a few years away from being old enough for active service, it began to creep into his head that he was somehow destined for greatness, and that it was his right by birth.

    With that attitude in mind, he began swiftly making something of himself almost the instant he volunteered to join the police force. His parents having a degree of influence in the city, he used their contacts and his own dedication to the Crusade to impress his superiors, and when his mandatory service expired, he decided to stay in the police force for ten more years, under the assumption that if he worked at it enough, eventually he'd be running the force from the top.

    Unfortunately, the government had other plans. At the rank of lieutenant, Lars had begun influencing individuals in the government and the police force when he discovered the unfortunate truth: the government had grown their own commander. Jerek Aldaire, number 04 of the Homo Eximius. Once the news hit of the new commander, Lars' entire plan for taking control fell to pieces. As the government officials he'd been warming up to informed him, having a police commander with super powers trumped the qualifications of any mortal aspiring to that position.

    Bitter over this revelation, and desirous now of a primitive urge to destroy everything he had once worked for, Lars contacted the Brotherhood in secret, and began covertly working for them inside the ranks of the police force, helping to coordinate Brotherhood assaults where he knew the military and police presence was weakest. His ultimate desire is to follow Yuri and the Brotherhood into glorious victory, and in the smoke and haze that ensues, sneak into a position of highest power. And if he eventually succeeds at destroying the man occupying the seat that could have been his, all the better.
    Character approved
  7. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Starr
    Actual Name: unknown

    Species: undermined, unknown, and altered

    Age: Unknown, even to herself. Might not even be able to age biologically


    Physical expressiveness- Starr naturally uses body language and physical contact more than humans
    Thinks more in terms of emotions than humans.

    Empathetic connection to Mac- she is always connected to Mac, who is able to put her feelings into audible words for others.

    Tablet- Carries a normal tablet which she does not really know how to use except to spell out certain words. She could do the same thing with her light powers in the air, but is not familiar with the english language and uses the tablet to learn.

    Strong sense of humor
    Likes music
    not very concerned with her own history


    Starr Light- much like Dazzler, Starr can create light effects and shapes including their frequency, amplitude, and duration. Can create detailed holograms for short periods of time.

    Starr Bright- She can release a lot of light, Blinding individual people or people in an area.

    Starrlight Express- While not extremely fast, she is able to move around in the air

    LaserStarr- can use energy her body natural creates as a laser weapon

    Starrdust- given exposure to light, the Psion's alterations on Starr allow her to regenerate from basic genetic material.

    Somewhat heat resistant

    Absorbs light and laser shot at her, cannot be blinded by such means.

    Empathetic connection- comes from a race of being that did not speak but communicated with limited telepathy. Used as a somewhat intimate connection, It is limited only to select individuals and not usable on people in general. Starr and Mac can feel each others presence, location, and emotions from many miles apart.


    Mute- her race does not have a tongue for speaking, and Starr is unfamiliar with the idea of doing so

    Completely inexperienced- For all purposes, experiences life as a fully grown very intelligent baby would. Her memory was completely wiped during her operation, leaving her with no skills or concepts except that which is basic to her race. Mac taught her to wear clothes, and at the start of their adventures together she cannot conceptualize things as simple as the difference between water and other liquids except by experience.

    Needs to recharge powers and regeneration by exposure to light, with natural light being better.

    Thirsty- her physiology requires a large amount of water intake to function properly

    Slight weakness to cold

    Some weakness to disorders. Poisons, and powers that normally only effect plants- Starr is not a plant, but part of her physiology works like a plant and is vulnerable to things that normally only effect plants.


    Created from an unknown race of telepathic light beings by a renegade group of the lizardlike Psions who had intended her to become a perpetual biological source of light by making her self-regenerating, Starr was regarded as a failed experiment and ejected along with the refuse of the ship. One day, she crash landed on Earth and was discovered by an actor/singer named Mac Beveman.


    "I was talking to my friend Desdemona a while back. She runs this space station and bake shop down near Boomtown. She told me that human beings are flawed individuals. The cosmic bakers took us out of the oven a little too early. and that's the reason we're as crazy as we are and I believe it. Do you know what's crazier than that, friends and neighbors? We ain't the only ones."

    Have you ever dreamed of losing everything just so you could start all over again? This is the story of a alien being who did just that. A lady who came crashing wildly into the Earth just to land on her feet and roll with the punches. Me, I'm the lucky guy who found what was left of her and bring her back to health. By the time she recovered enough to communicate, I came to understand that she didn't know much. Not knowing who she was, not knowing where she was supposed to be going, not knowing where she's been. All I knew was that she looked like a shooting star coming down to Earth, so that's what we decided to name her- Starr. So now I don't know where my life is going anymore either. She stays with me as we travel all over the world doing my performing jobs and changing latitudes and attitudes as we follow La Vie Dansante. So? Even the best navigators aren't quite sure where they're going until they get there and then they still aren't sure. There's one thing we know for sure: indecision may or may not be our problem.

    She's Starr, and I'm Mac Beveman. Welcome one and all to our story of Stars.

    Intelligence:: 2 (3 in processing, 1 in learning)
    Strength: 2
    durability: 4
    Energy: 5
    Fighting ability: 2