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  1. Yeah tbh OCs aren't my thing too much, but if you like em, that's your thing, all good. I've RPed with folks who worry they'll be OOC playing fandom characters.

    Tbh I like playing fandom characters bc p much all my OCs are really weak and underdeveloped, usually made up on the fly for whatever RP I'm in at the time. I like having a character already set up, it's like acting in an already written play as opposed to improv, which I'm not good at. But that's just my experience lol
  2. David Edward Talbot


    David Edward Talbot is the current head CEO of Nova Corporation. He is 32 years old, suave and a known womanizer.

    Coming from a line of wealthy merchants in Semile, he has enough money in his possession to buy the government almost three times over. Once a Captain in the Regular Army, Talbot has retired to devote his attention to the running of his own enterprises for the past five years.

    Using both his seer cunning and money know-how, he has taken over most of the cybernetic and genetic research companies in all of Semile. Forming a monopoly on such goods, he has gained much wealth but still keeps his prices affordable for the civilians of Semile.

    He has a charming personality and to everyone he meets, he leaves a positive impression. Often hailed as a great good for the common man, Talbot’s enterprises have created some of the greatest and radical changes in technology, both medical and for military usages.

    His greatest ambition is the Genesis Project. “The Genesis Movement is world's most dangerous idea, but it is one that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative, and idealistic aspirations of humanity".
  3. [Use this character if you need a stuffy Crusade clergyman to knock around.]

    Charles Grazer, Minister for Business Affairs and Acquisitions


    Grazer is one of the Crusade's "old guard". He is the oldest minister who has not been lost to assassination by the Rebels or "removal" by newer generations of the clergy. At present he is head of business affairs and chief liaison with NovaCorps.

    Grazer's job is to monitor government-supported projects and ensure that they are run to correct ethical and religious doctrines. It is also his job to report directly to the High Priest, but owing to his disillusion with "Farm-Boy" Tobias, Grazer refers most of his reports to the Minister of Information, Thaddeus Dayne.

    Dayne takes special care to cultivate Grazer's discontent and ensure that the old man keeps the information stream coming to him.
  4. [Use this character if you need to portray the Chief of the Secret Police in your post.]

    Colonel Reiner Gustave, Chief of Semile Secret Police


    Gustave is a veteran of the early wars between the Crusade and the Outcasts, which cemented the independence of Semile and destroyed most of the Norfolkian land outposts. He has a long history of strategic victories against the Norfolkians, who know and even respect him as an astute military leader.

    Twenty years ago, when the Norfolkian threat died down, the Colonel and his men returned to Semile and became entangled in the political battles of the Church. Leopold the Red was dying, and the Crusade was being torn between the old guard of Minister Grazer and the new radicals who were preaching on the streets.

    Gustave and his special forces units held equal contempt for both sides, and spent most of their days living off the spoils of looting and witch-hunts. For a moment it seemed they were about to become their own lawless mercenary force. But then, one night, Gustave met with Thaddeus Dayne in one of the backstreet drinking halls. Dayne was the first Party member who truly inspired Gustave and made him believe again in the dictates of the Crusade. He began to bring more and more of his soldiers to the halls and clubs where Dayne was speaking, intimidating and coercing the audience until Dayne had their complete attention.

    And so, with Gustave by his side as a loyal lapdog, Dayne began his rise through the ranks of the Crusade, bullying and assassinating any rivals who stood in his way. Dayne owes much of his current position to the strong arm of Gustave and his special forces, who now operate as a well-resourced Secret Police known as the Nephers (short for 'Nephilim', who were the violent cannibalistic offspring of men and angels).
  5. Heavily Depressed and Anxious person with ADHD here:

    I've had several friends commit suicide, and even I've considered it at points. I tend to use both normal humor and make gallows humor jokes frequently. It's how I keep my chin up is via my humor and my imagination. Hell, humor is my go-to in an awkward situation. Endorphins are a hell of a drug, I'll tell you that much.

    Sometimes I cry myself to sleep, but to cheer up, or to keep going, I use humor to keep myself upright and look straight ahead.

    I don't know. Food for thought.
  6. [Use this guy for Private Guard of the High Priest; Member of the New Guard in the Military.]

    Major Jeffory Portret


    Jeffory Portret is a major in the House Guard Regiment of the High Priest. They are the only unit that wears a hat in the colors of the Crusader States Flag. Being a member of an elite takes many years for a soldier and only those brave enough to win over 15 medals in combat may join. Portert is an officer in this unit and is the only person that is granted personal access to the High Priest at all times.