Project Genesis - Episode Two: Enter the 00's

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Dr. Amy Sherriden

"SAHAR. That's enough." Amy had managed to spit the gag out of her mouth and rise to her knees as Sahar unleashed her wrath on the assailants. The second man was now writhing on the floor as if his flesh was being burned away. She had little sympathy for the men, however, the longer they lingered here the sooner someone else might find them.

'That look in her eyes...' It was dangerous. Very dangerous.

"Quickly, sweetie. Get me untied. We're not going to be safe here anymore. We need to get off the ship."

Rhiannon 06

Another of the Brotherhood men appeared, stepping in front of her and pointing a gun at the stranger that asked her name. Rhiannon remained silent as he stated that they they were soldiers, not monsters. That innocent people would not get hurt. It was such a lie! The Tesla ship was already filled with countless bodies.

Yet the stranger was not distracted, asking for her name. Rhiannon opened her mouth, about to reply when the radio in her ear buzzed.

'Unknown factors have come on to the scene. Get the target. Before she is stolen.'

"I'm sorry!" she said it quickly, as her hands moved up to press her pointer fingers and thumbs together above her head, and just as fast came back down in a dizzying rush. Rhiannon had taken the oxygen from around the stranger head to toe in a swift rush, creating an airless vacuum around him. Holding it tight, knowing that the air would return and he would be able to breath again, she was dashing forward. Sliding to the side to cut around him and continue on her mission!
Yuri watched as the stranger struggled in the vacuum, only for a second before he back away, he was obviously dangerous, but he had been right, Yuri was curious, and afraid, and it took a lot to make the hardened soldier feel fear. He was suddenly distracted by the radio on his belt.

"Unknown forces have entered the Tesla......................... we don't stand a chance, too many........................... we can't hold them back..........................cut off from the way out...............................objective in danger........."

Nooooo, too many had been sacrificed, so many brothers and sisters had died. They could not fail. "Heinrich, hold he bridge, barricade yourselves in, expect attack. If needed destroy the controls." he sensed the well-planned operation was slipping, but everyone had come today ready to die.

"I must leave you, and I hope we never meet again. You should too." he backed away from Setem, gun raised, hoping he wouldn't be stupid enough to attack.
With the air around Setem gone there was no way to renew his oxygen supply. With Yuri now backing off and heading further in Setem only had one choice. Several lines within the wall broke releasing water into the area. It gathered around Setem and he started to break apart the Hydrogen from the Oxygen in the water. With him entirely enveloped in water there was no way for the oxygen to escape. He breathed in escaping a knock out. With things getting worse every second Setem had no other choice but to use his abilities in full. It would take awhile to do it but he planned on making something of a scene. He started running through the Tesla and eventually managed to reach a window. He looked outside and started to concentrate. As he did all hell broke loose around the Tesla. Each and every water line in the Tesla started to rupture. Quickly the lower decks were starting to flood. After most of the lines broke inside the ship the water outside started to move. Due to the swampy area there was no lack of water for Setem. The water formed a large circular enclosure around the ship. The wall of water was taller than the Tesla itself. He started to inch it closer and closer to the Tesla in an attempt to flood the rest of the ship.
Altair stopped moving as he heard a rushing sound. From the ceiling he felt a waterdrop drip onto his sunglasses. His eyes narrowed behind his sunglasses. About that time a radio transmission buzzed in.

"My lord, the lower levels are being flooded at an alarming rate. We've moved to the second floor and have opened windows where possible. Its slowed it down little but it won't be for long."

Altair tapped the transmitter on his ear.

"Are you all on the second floor now?"

"Yes, my lord. Is the cause...?"

"Yeah. Goddamn 00s. I should have know this wouldn't be this easy. Let's see. According to the hacked data....if this is water related its more than likely...07."

Altiar pulled out a small holo-display and began to look it over.

"Let's see.....Alright, that should work. You're sure everyone is on the second floor?"


"Good. I'm gonna turn this guy into a lightbulb."

Just as the pipe in the wall burst next to him water ceased to flow, being held in place by an unknown force. Reaching over to an access panel, Altair opened the cover and proceeded to pull a sizable electrical wire out of the wall. Yanking the wire as far out as it would go, Altair smirked as one end of the pipe bent itself into a knot. Altair smirked as he grabbed the second half. Wet metal. This was going to be good.

"Let there be light."

Rearing back, Altair slammed the electrical wire onto the open pipe. As the lights dimmed and flickered, large amounts of electricity ran through the ship...

"You'd best hope this knocks you out. This is going to hurt...badly."

...straight through Setem's body floors above. While not lethal, this would certainly be enough to force him to stop using his powers.

[Summary: In light of the flooding of the Tesla, Altair orders his troops upstairs and proceeds to electrocute Setem using a combination of the the electrical system and water system of the Tesla. Altair is confident that if it doesn't knock him out, it will at least prevent Setem from using his powers on the Tesla long enough to get to his destination.]
(Musical Ambience: Let me Know Your Name, EDISON, Black Lagoon OST)

NEX, Naval Station Norfolk...


The NEX was crowded, as per usual whenever the big aircraft carriers were in. Steiner almost had to muscle his way through a group of sailors milling about outside of the uniform shop. Despite being pirates the upper echelons of command felt they should show some sort of nod to tradition.


There had been a plethora of dungarees and fatigues in the base warehouses. It distinguished the pirates from the civilians who lived in the area. It also told people who not to piss off in area bars. Steiner removed his cover as he entered the NEX, tucking it under his arm. There were Store Keepers haggling with others over prices of the necessities.

Two sailors trying to get a lower price on a television, a Marine haggling over a new pair of boots, a civilian trying to buy some bread. Sure there were NEXes at Dam Neck and Oceana but the exchange at Norfolk was the largest. Steiner walked past a pair of MAs who were dragging a sailor by his arms. His face was puffed up, assisted by a beating from the two sailors. Steiner figured they'd throw him in the brig until he woke up. He'd have another beating waiting for him when he got back to his ship.

"Hey Chief, what's up?" someone shouted, snapping Steiner back to reality. He looked and saw a sailor clad in fatigue trousers and a black t-shirt with a longhorn skull on the chest.

"You shopping too, Lonestar?" the Chief asked his team's sniper. Lonestar was a Texas tribesman, out in the world on his ten year journey, as was expected of the Green Beret tribe. Every tribesman went on such a journey when they turned eighteen. It was a rite of passage that defined men and women of the tribe. Lonestar himself was on his fourth year.

"Yeah, I got a request from a guy on duty." Steiner replied as he walked to the service desk where the cigarettes were kept. "I need some Marlboros." The SK looked up from his magazine then turned in his chair.

"Marlboro Hundreds or just a pack?" the man asked. Steiner suddenly had a brain fart. He had failed to ask Flak Jacket just what he wanted. Steiner decided to use the Mk 89 Decision Making Tool.

He tooke a quarter from his pocket and flipped it, catching it on the back of his palm and covering it. Looking at the coin he made his decision.

"I'll take the hundred pack there." he said, the SK handing over box of one hundred cigarettes. He then asked for a smaller pack. That one went to his pocket. He thanked the SK before heading out, Lonestar following.

"Got a letter from the homestead." the sniper said as the two men pushed past others to get to the parking lot.

"How are things back home?"

"Well, I can't look forward to seeing my dog again. Peyton finally passed on the other day."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"So am I... At least he died doing what he loved." Steiner stopped and looked at the sniper.

"And that would be?"

"Deer hunting. Best seeker I ever had." Steiner couldn't help but wonder.

"Just how did he die?"

"Blue on Blue. A guy named Cheney got him with a twelve gauge."

"Sounds like a waste of a good dog."

"Not really. I'm told he made a good pair of boots." Steiner stopped dead in his tracks and stared at Lonestar.

"What in the hell is wrong with you people?"

"Hey, what do you mean you people?" another sailor asked, this one from the Gulf Coast with dark skin.

"Not you people, I mean his people." Steiner replied, pointing at Lonestar. "He's a Tribesman." The sailor looked at Lonestar.

"Aight, no harm." Steiner pulled his cover on as the two SEALs walked outside. A pair of fighter jets flew overhead, streaking toward the sea.

"Fucking flyboys. Think they're hot shit." Lonestar snarled, watching a helicopter pass over to Chambers Field. Steiner nodded in agreement, walking out to the parking lot and to his pickup truck. It was red and somewhat compact. There had been six letters on the tailgate but the previous owner had ripped off most, leaving only the word 'YO' on the back.

"I'm heading over to Charlie Niner for a few pints." Steiner said as he unlocked the driver's side door. "You want a ride?"

"Yeah, but I got backseat." Lonestar replied. Before Steiner could protest the Tribesman was in the back of the pickup, tilting his ball cap over his eyes. Steiner started the truck up and pulled out of the parking lot. There were plenty of people leaving the base, either on foot, by bicycle, or in cars. The MAs at the gate were waving what little incoming traffic there was through. The ones at Gate Five gave Steiner a look when they saw Lonestar in the back.

"He's a Tribesman, it's his thing." he shouted over the honking of a horn.

"Yeah, move along..." a Petty Officer said, waving Steiner through. Lonestar opened the sliding window of the rear window.

"Wake me when we get there, okay?" he asked as the Chief pulled into Carlie Niner's parking lot.

"We're here..." The truck shifted as Lonestar jumped out, Steiner sliding out of the cab and closing the door, just as a pair of Marines tossed someone out a window and into the lot.

"Great, they started without us." Lonestar commented. "Shall we?"

"We shall..." The SEALs entered the pub, ready to raise some hell.
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Yuri raced through the corridors, back to the bridge. He could hear water, seemed to be coming from everywhere... What was going on? Back at the bridge he stepped over the barricade his group had set up as cover. Around the room explosive charges there placed on critical controls and instruments. The detonator rested by the escape hatch. Their prisoners where sound, gagged, and out of the way.

"Are you sure you checked the wires, these old detonators are fiddly."

"Yes Yuri, I checked them myself. Uhh..., what do he do though? Just sit here?"

"Our orders are to hold the bridge, as far as I know those have not changed." he pointed down the corridor leading to the bridge. "Noone comes down that passage. We hold here."

Two brothers took up position, they where lucky, there was only one way in, other than the escape hatch, and to get there the ladder had to be lowered from the bridge.

He grabbed his radio and tried a message to command, maybe they knew what was going on. "This is bridge team to leader, bridge still secure, and wired to blow, tesla under attack from unknown hostile forces, lower decks have fallen, what are your orders?"
Even with Setem concentrating on the water he felt a strange disturbance in the water. Quickly he released the swamp water from his grasp letting it fall and flood everything around the Tesla rather than the Tesla itself. He pushed the water away from him forming an empty circle around him. Almost immediately after doing so the electric current in the water burst a few light bulbs around the room from low set lamps. "So they will not let me take down the Tesla. Then I will have to find Sahar, however, I got to get rid of this continuous flow of electricity." Setem focused on the water reading the electrons within it and where the disturbance was. He had found the line with the high voltage line in it. He separated the water from that line and burst the rest line off. Now the high voltage cord swung in the air emitting sparks. Setem now let the water hit his legs. Because the lower decks were flooded it was easy for Setem to move around while everyone else was wading through the waist high liquid. He sped up the water through strong currents around his body like he did with the bullet. Listening to the vibrations within the water he could tell that Sahar was now running away with Amy Sherridan to one of the hangars with escape ships. He set his sights on the two and caught up as quickly as possible. Lucky for him the enemies were not much of a problem with him at the advantage.

Setem had made it to them and walked down the hallway as they were running toward him. "Come on, there is a flooded hangar this way that I can clear for you." Setem said directing the Doctor and Sahar to follow him. He parted the water for them so it was easier for them to move. Although he could not hear it through the water he sensed something was waiting for him ahead.
'Subject is in Range. Find her and secure at once.'​

The voices, with all of their enthusiasm and urgings, all seemed grow hushed as he neared the the massive behemoth that was the cage that enclosed the very object he was seeking. Overturned mud and fallen trees laid near it's wake, as did the fresh tracks of boots, many in their number as they all lead towards the airship. Nearby the airship stood men and their vehicles, armed and waiting along the entrance as if it was some sort of calculated strike. It didn't take long for them to notice the man leaping from tree to tree and they turned their attention towards the outsider.

"We have an Unidentified approaching. Response, squad leader?"

"Take 'em out. We can't have any interference to the operation. May sure they don't try to contact any one else via communications. Clear?"

"Understood. Red Squad taking out target."

02 continued towards the airship, not noticing the armed men below him, so he was taken by surprised when he felt the graze of bullets as they pasted his face, almost grazing him. He was so concentrated on finding what he was looking for that he completely dropped his guard, something he was not going to let happen again.

ThEy WaNt StOp Us! We HuRt! We CrUsH! wE kIlL aLl!


Let...Them...Live? ...We...Cannot...They...Stand...We...Pierce...Through...

Subject is in Range. Find her and secure at once​

The voices returned as his instincts took over once again, the lust for violence and death surged through his veins as he leapt down, aiming for the one within the vehicle with the large gun turret attached to the end of it. Time seem to slow down as his ESP kicked in, linking the mens' thoughts as a trajectory for where the bullets were going, as it was their job as trained soldiers to know where to aim, making it much easier for 02 move his body to avoid the flying lead. He arched back his arm as he dove down, pivoting his torso as swung his hand in a swiping motion, his fingers spread apart as they sliced through the air.

Not expecting any degree of a frontal attack from an outnumbered man, the armed man just stared in surprise as the unidentified man's fingers swung at him, his own finger continued to press against the trigger of his rifle, unable to let go but unable to aim at the man due to the relative speed of what was happening. 02's fingers sunk into right down the center of his face, materializing right in between the space between the armed man's eyes, two of his fingers gouged deep into the forehead, piercing through to the Premotor Cortex of his brain, sending the man's body into complete shock.

02 simply smirked as he watched the eyes of the armed man twitch and roll back into it's socket as he placed his thumb to grip the side of the man's face and pressed his fingers up against the man's brains, blood seeping out in between his embedded fingers. 02 quickly turned around to face the others, using the still twitching man as a living shield, his Anti-Ballistics Fatigues serving well to keep the bullets from touching 02.


The message coming from the makeshift shield's headphones was cut short as a huge wave came barreling down from nowhere. Quick on his toes, 02 shoved his foot into the man's stomach and yanked out his fingers from the man's face, discarding him as he leapt up from the vehicle before he got wept away along with it. "..." A bit upset that he didn't get to finish what he started, the random massive wave of water just put his focus back on where it needed to be; Finding Her. He hung onto the side of the Tesla, his finger embedded into the hull of the ship to keep him away from the flood waters.

Nearing Subject. Ignore the distractions and extract.​

Just above him there was a viewing window on the passenger deck, close enough in range where he get through. He pushes the soles of his worn shoes against the hull, spring boarding himself up as his fingers continued to grip into the hull, swinging himself directly at the window with enough force to shatter through it. "..." He cleaned himself off as he landed in the middle of the a deck full of corpses. "...!" He felt it...It was...As if he had recognized it. The presence, the psychic signature... It felt so...Warm... So...Soothing. She...She was close... Very close... "...She's...Here..."

Summary: 02 finds the grounded Tesla, but is fired upon by Troops waiting on the outside. Before 02 could get his slaughter on, a random wave swept in and swept everyone else way. 02 avoids and makes his way on board via a window. He senses that Sahar is very close by...
Water had begun filling some of the levels, and that was a concern for Amy Sherriden as she held tight to Sahar's hand and led her thought the halls. Occasionally they would hear someone shout and she would ducked them around a corner or behind a door. At this point, Amy wasn't sure who on board the Tesla crew could be trusted.

When she caught sight of Setem, it was a relief.

"Come on, there is a flooded hangar this way that I can clear for you."

Amy nodded in response, following behind Setem as he moved the flow of water to make wading through it easier. But, up ahead there was someone waiting. Setem stopped first on sight of the intruder, and Amy paused as well.

"Stay right here with me, Sahar." Amy muttered softly to the shorter girl.

Rhiannon looked as surprised to see Setem as he may of been to see her. The surprise was short lived, though. He was currently blocking the way to her target. That little girl was the one she needed to take to those rebel thugs.

With a frown, Rhiannon adjusted her footing in the water, raising her hands. She was frowning, the churning in her stomach severely disliking what she was about to do - but nevertheless, that was her orders.

"This is your last chance to stand aside. I cannot leave without her."
[nomedia=""]YouTube - Kara no Kyoukai [Seventh Heave"]400 Bad Request[/nomedia]


To make matters worse, now there was not just one 00 - but two. He stood in place fully erect and straight on the opposite end of the hall, with two soulless eyes peering not at any of the adults but Sahar, herself.


The figure seemed to be talking to himself.

Dr. Sherriden's eyes increased with fear. They were now cornered by two enemies, and something about this man sent shivers up her spine. Instinctively, she shoved Sahar behind her. Even if she wasn't her biological mother, she was truly protective of this young teen that called her mother.

"Mom! I have to scare him away!" Sahar said, "He's going to try and kill you just like those bad men that gagged you! I can't let anything happen to you!"

"Sahar, we are not here to play heroes anymore today. I don't know what he wants and we are not staying to find out." Amy then looked at Setem, "We are indebted to you… I am sorry that we couldn't do more to help…"

Setem nodded. It was his job to protect Sahar and he the ways of the business. Protect the valuables at all costs.


Sherriden was just about to grab Sahar and take off running towards one of the escape pods, when she realized the so called Messiah stepped forward. Just like 02, her eyes were glowing in a very inhuman fashion.

"You have scared my mother, because you did this, more cursed you shall be…I will make most severe your pangs… All the days of your life…For dust you are, and to dust you shall return." Sahar spoke in a very non-childish manner.

Rhiannon, found herself unsure of what to do when the dangerous looking man appeared. The older woman protected the girl like she was her own blood, and with Sahar directing her attention towards him... this was going to be difficult. There was no way she could let him take the child, when that was HER target.

Using the opportunity as distraction, Rhiannon launched her own attach towards Setem!

[Summary: Sahar challenges 02.]


The voices...Were fading? He didn't understand. They never go away...Unless... "You're...You're Sahar...Aren't you?" His eyes widen as a slow smile developed over his face, softening his entire expression. "Wow, kiddo! You're much shorter than what I thought you were going to be." He completely ignored the other woman's existence as he walked pasted her. "Jeez, I didn't know you were still prepubescent! Geez, I mean you haven't sprouted tits yet, kiddo!" He slightly chuckles as he made his way to her. "Hehehehe...I'm just messing with ya. I just didn't except you to be so young, but ehhh, what the hell? You'll be much easier to lug around since you're travel size." He raises his hand and runs his fingers into her hair, ruffling it into a mess. "Heh..." He closed his eyes and smiled widely as he continued to ruffle her hair. "It's a beautiful day outside, ain't it?" The water surround the tesla reflected the sunlight as it bounced into the room, illuminating the scene in an almost haunting manner as the blood from 02's finger is smeared into Sahar's hair as corpses lay scattered around them.

Summary: 02 sees Sahar....And promptly treats her like a little kid.
As Setem was staring down Rhiannon another person entered the hallway. From the looks of his face he was not friendly to begin with. As soon as he seen Sahar though his face softened to an almost pacifistic state. Before Setem could react to him he had to go immediately to the defensive as Rhiannon's attack blasted the water in the hallway out of the way. He only had time to guard himself as the air around him spun him in place a couple times and flung him down the corridor into a wall. Setem landed in the water leaning up against the wall. "That hurt." Setem said getting up. He now demonstrated his mastery of his power. The water grabbed hold of Rhiannon and dragged her under. The air tried to make it through the surface of the water and it took a good amount of Setem's strength to keep it from bursting through. Eventually the strain became too much and Rhiannon splashed out of the water breathing heavily. She was entirely soaked now and a perfect target for Setem.

"You can be quite dangerous." She said as she used the air around her to remove any water from her clothes. She also took this chance to gain her own advantage. She floated up out of the water and levitated in the air. "Perhaps now I can even the odds." She said confident in her abilities. Her eyes showed slight remorse but her attitude was that of an assassin. To decide which one she would chose was the biggest decision in Setem's career. She put her hands together like she was holding a sword then walked on water charging at Setem. He noticed he could not make any attacks as she was going to pass right by the Sahar. It was time he took this battle elsewhere. As she passed up Sahar Setem dove underwater and sped through it going back down the hallway. Rhiannon was confused and was caught off guard long enough to be swept away by the water yet again. Instead of it holding her under this time it dragged her along the same current Setem was riding.

The current ended just around the corner of the next hallway where the flooded hangar was. Rhiannon once again got out of the water gasping for air.
"He is crazy." She once again took her advantage and floated in the air. Setem was nowhere to be seen. Quietly behind Rhiannon a large serpent was being formed in the water. It tried to strike at Rhiannon but her instincts were far too in tune for it to hit her. A quick shift in air current and she dodged the attack. She saw the open door and tried to dash for it to avoid the fight. Instead the water flooded the door and froze it shut. "Do not leave yet. Instead I would like to ask you one question, what are you really doing here? I can see it every time I look at you, those eyes are not those of a hardened soldier. They are the eyes of someone innocent and someone not corrupt by those we call the politicians. So tell me, why are you here?"

[Summary: Setem takes notice of the new arrival but has no time to react to him. Instead he finds he is in battle with Rhiannon and takes her to a hangar to battle it out. He ends up asking what her true purpose is for being there.]
The pen is mightier than the sword...

There was a cross in the city - four buildings spaced miles apart. To the west, the Ministry of Information, to the east the Tower of Solon, to the north the Cathedral of St. Leopold, and to the south the Seraphim Skyport.

Between these four buildings ran the Matryr's Road, a broad bridge of gothic stone flanked on either side by the statues of old saints of heroes. The Road was a cross, joining the four buildings together across miles and miles of city blocks.

And in each of these four buildings this morning, history was being made in every sense of the word.


The old announcer sighed, scratched his grey head, checked his watch for the fourteenth time, glanced at his co-workers. They looked back at him silently and shrugged.

Cursing under his breath, he gripped the vox-caster again and put on his most cultured voice. "Once again, Citizens of Semile, we apologise for the delay. Footage of the Genesis Grand Parade will be brought to you momentarily. We understand that the fleet has put down for some emergency repairs and will be back in flight shortly. Until then, we ask you all to rise for the Crusade's Seventh Hymn, Fidelis Mortis Satis."

The electronic choir started up, blaring out through the gargantuan speakers that ringed the Tower of Solon. And on each side of the tower the video-screens - each the size of a football field - continued to show a blank view of the skyline where the Tesla should have been arriving almost an hour ago.

Back in the control room the Announcer swivelled in his chair and shouted across the broadcasting room. "Why the hell is the Ministry not talking to us?!! We need to tell the people something!"

"They're still telling us to standby, Mr Rogers," replied one of the shaky young interns by the switchboard.

"Do they even know what's happened to the Tesla?"

"They... they say everything's under control..."

"Well you tell them that they better come up with something soon, or we're gonna be all out of hymns and apologies!"


"The Tower is calling again, Sir. They want to know our official response to the Tesla's delay."

Gustave's shadow fell over the operator as the large man leaned into his alcove. "We have no official response," he replied in his clipped and ruthless tone.

The operator blinked. "But Sir, there's over ten thousand citizens watching the screens. We have to..."

"Do as I command," snarled Gustave. "Dayne insists that there will be no cover-up."

The Colonel pulled away and moved down the line of alcoves. Each screen was sprawling with lines and lines of tactical data, thermal signatures, heads-up displays and data-streams. Another operator called out as Gustave limped past. "Colonel, I have a direct call waiting from the Seraphim Skyport."


The man moving through the wide archway of the VIP gate drew curious stares. For one thing he was moving with tangible aggression, his zealous stride negating the ground as if he loathed it. And for another thing he wore over his fatigues the brilliant white cloak of the Nephilim, the Crusade's taskforce in the Outlands.

And if the tattoo on his shoulder had been visible, the onlookers would have been not just curious... but terrified. For the thing that had arrived at the Seraphim Skyport was more than human... more than machine.

He was 04.

Jerek Aldere held the cellphone to his ear as he moved down the sweeping staircase to Martyr's Road. "This is Jerek. Are we recording?" He glanced to the east, where the Tower of Solon showed blank screens and continued blaring choral music across the city.

Colonel's Gustave's gruff voice crackled back down the line. "Surveillance drones are in place throughout the swamp. We're receiving continuous footage. And your mission?"

Jerek paused before answering, sensing the underlying contempt in Gustave's voice. He knew the Colonel hated the 00s, and hated Jerek even more for replacing him as commander of the Nephilim following his injury. Having to work together under Thaddeus Dayne had been less than appetising.

"My team is ready to apprehend Grazer. We have all the evidence we need."

"Good," grunted the Colonel. "Dayne is waiting for you at the Cathedral. He's meeting the High Priest."

Saying nothing further, Jerek snapped shut the phone and ducked into the back of the hover car that was waiting to take him down Martyr's Road to the Cathedral.

St Leopold's Cathedral...

"Please, Your Emminence, you mustn't despair so," began Thaddeus Dayne, crossing the office to stand with the High Priest by the window. On either side of the panorama, the Tower of Solon and the Ministry of Information glittered like jewels, whilst far in the distance the tiny lights of airships and jetcraft lifted into the fog-bound sky.

"These are but the birthing pains of your ministry. In the last days of our father, St Leopold, his increasing sickness left us with no choice. We were compelled to take more and more responsibility out of his hands and into our own. It was the kindest thing we could do at the ending of his days."

The way Dayne spoke of Leopold reminded Tobias of how alike they were. Tobias and Thaddeus were the blond and beautiful students of Leopold, favoured above all others, chosen to inherit his power. They were brothers, two children who had lost their mentor.

"The wheels of government will always turn. One man alone cannot make the myriad decisions of finance, petty law, bureaucracy and military strategem. These are titbits..." He flicked his fingers delicately, like the most graceful player on a floodlit stage, "The trivial details of day-to-day governance. It has always been this way, Highness. The military and the executive - all the arms of state - they move according to processes that were established long before you and I were even born. Like..." he waved his hands again, a sense of wonder in his eyes, "Like a million clocks all ticking. Nine years ago the Infinity Rebellion almost destroyed us, and the Old Guard remember those times. Now they protect themselves with routine and process. Just like the airship parade for Genesis, which continues despite your wishes and my own warnings. Things are set in motion and carried across the years. And we do it this way so that when one man dies, like our father, the world does not plummet into chaos and ruin. We do this so that government can outlive the power of a single individual, and in that it becomes truly glorious."

He reached through the morning shafts of sunglight and placed his mechanical hand on the High Priest's shoulder, servos whirring as he exacted a comforting grip. "Your part, Emminence, is nothing more than to set the beat of these clocks, the rhythm to which they tick, the oil or rust to their gears. The High Priest decides the principles and not the details - the ideals to which we hold and the ends to which we dream. You are the symbol and the light, and you should not stoop to dwell in the darkness of the inner workings."

He moved away, drawing a cigar from his ministerial robes. There was a chorus of whines and clicks as his other arm transformed into a new mechanism, rods and plates coming together to form a rudimentary lighter. The flame ignited on his fingertips and he lit the cigar.

"The military and the bureacracy will listen to you, but first they must get to know you. They must understand what principles you represent and what ends you have set them. I assure you my own ministry is doing its best to promote your name, but..." his sparkling cyan eyes shifted momentarily to one side. "A bold deed would speak louder than any word I can utter. The Old Guard, and Grazer in particular, are unsure of you. I spoke with him last night, and he was less than enamoured of your coronation speech. Men like Grazer are, I'm afraid, the most stubborn gears in this machine. They will not budge without the application of the correct pressure. For now, the army is continuing to take its orders from the Old Guard, and I for one find this unacceptable. This morning's airship parade in particular is something I warned Grazer about just last night."

He turned and bowed slightly towards Tobias. "Of course, I will yield to your judgment on this, but in my humble opinion the mechanisms of the Old Guard will continue according to Grazer's arrogance unless..." He paused, lowering his cigar as if a sudden idea had come to him. "Unless... you, Highness, make a clear declaration... a clear action... something that the Old Guard will understand. A way for us all to see that you have the strength to rule. A new rhythm for the clocks to tick to."[/b]

He stood beside the High Priest once more, puffing on his cigar and looking out through the broad windows. In the distance there was a flicker from the Tower of Solon, the huge screens flashing up a countdown timer.

"Well," remarked Dayne with a casual yawn, "It looks like we're about to get some footage of the Tesla at last."

And as he spoke, hundreds of miles away, in the heart of the Lynchwood Swamps, a whole detachment of cyborgs were scattered throughout the marshes. They stood waist-deep in the foetid water, their mechanical processors recording every event as it unfolded around the Tesla.


He who controls the past, controls the future.

As the city of Semile waits for the Tesla Parade to arrive, Thaddeus Dayne is up to something. He has made no attempt to explain the Tesla's delay to the public. He has also brought in 04, the zealous general of the Crusade's expeditionary force, who is awaiting orders to arrest Minister Grazer. As Dayne sweet-talks the High Priest into making a bold political gesture, it is clear that he is planning to make Grazer take the fall for the Tesla Disaster. To this end, he has cyborgs positioned in the Lynchwood Swamps recording data as the whole incident unfolds.]
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As 02's hand rest on Sahar's head to ruffle her hair, Amy's eyes narrowed. Moving forward, she put herself in between 02 and Sahar, grasping on to his wrist to thrust him away from the girl. In her other hand, the gun was raised and pointed at his chest.

"Don't touch her." Amy had chanced a glance over her shoulder for Setem, but by now he had disappeared with the other intruder! The waters that were flooding this level of the ship were still rising. She could not let this man take Sahar, or the girl to engage in any more fighting.

Amy cocked the pistol, straightening her arm and her aim, and without hesitation fired at him.

Meanwhile, a good distance farther from her target than she desired, Rhiannon was faced with a closed door and Setem's question. Clearly, he wasn't going to let her go until she aswered it. 'This is wasting my time...' Her thought came with some irritation, and the knowledge that she could end it with one swift action if she really wanted to. But...

Rhiannon made a slow turn. Her body remained stiff and ready to spring, but she made no aggressive movements just yet. She frowned.

"I have to capture the little girl. That's what my orders are, so that's what I have to do. It's just the way it is. ...Now if you'll excuse me." Then man was not the only one that could move water. With a swoosh of her arms, she summoned up the air to pushed against the water, rising up a wave to throw back at him!
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As Altair approached the bridge, he was met with a detachment of Brotherhood guards. He raised his hand and they all walked onto the bridge. This action brought the attention of all the other Brotherhood members on the bridge, including Yuri and Dante, the latter immediatley walking up with a gun drawn.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? You the one causing trouble for my bro--"

Altair swiftly brought his fist to Dante's jaw, knocking the Brotherhood Leader to the ground before picking him up surprisingly quickly and holding him above his head. As the Brotherhood raised their weapons, Dante let out a choke.

"No you idiots! You'll shoot me too!"

Altair's eyes narrowed behind his shades as he brough his voice down to a low snarl.

"Your "Brotherhood" and their anarchistic ways are nothing. You have taken no lessons from the past. You're doomed to fail."

"Who the fuck-!? Who do you work for!? Some government strike team!? You're nothing're one of THEM aren't you!? You're--gack!"

Altair's grip around his throat increased before Altair brought his fist to Dante's stomach, dropping him to his feet, and punching him in the cheekbone, knocking the Brotherhood leader to the ground, visibly dazed. Just as the Brotherhood troops prepared to open fire, Altair's voice boomed.

"Disarm the bombs."

What came next was beyond belief. The Brotherhood soldiers knelt down and began to disarm the bombs. Dante could only watch in shock at what was unfolding. When the troops finished, they looked back to Altair with a glazed look in their eyes.

"Now, die."

"Yes, my lord!"


Dante and Yuri could do nothing short of watch in horror as their brothers raised their guns to one another and fired before falling dead to the ground. This was impossible! He ordered not only the disarming of the bombs, but committing suicide!? With no objection!? Altair looked down at Dante and over to Yuri. A smirk running across his face as his troops stormed in, holding the two at gunpoint.

"Run away. Watch your transmission monitors. This is just the beginning. I assure you!"

Altair grabbed Dante one last time before throwing him into Yuri, knocking the two off the bridge, the door sliding shut and locking behind him.

"Well done everyone. Where's Sahar?"

"Not here, Sir. We think she's been taken to a new location."

"Damn. Okay, get this bucket up and running. I'm going after her."

Altair stormed off the bridge as a troop picked up a government ID card and activated the intercom.

"This is the Tesla. We suffered an attack from the Brotherhood. The Savior is unharmed. We're lifting off and taking a short cut to the destination point. We'll be there as soon as we can."

"Thank you Tesla. Please state your ID number to confirm."


"Thank you Tesla. Hurry will you? People are starting to wonder what's going on."

"Roger that."

Down in the hangar, Altair began to prepare his hoverbike.

[Summary: Altair arrives on the Tesla's bridge and pummels Dante before making the Brotherhood disarm the bombs and kill themselves. Altair's troops arrive and force Yuri and Dante off the bridge as Altair tells them to run away and watch their transmitters. As Altair's troops prepare the Tesla for lift off, Altair begins to prepare his hoverbike to pursue whoever has Sahar.]
Musical Score: Another Brick in the Wall (parts 1,2,3) - Korn (Originally performed by Pink Floyd)

The cyborgs pushed through the slimy, muddy water that made up the swap, their in built cameras recording every moment, the mist and light fog that helped hide ripples in the fithly gloomy 'depths' the sound of augmented limbs sloshing through the waist deep water, the sickly sucking sound of boots being forcefully pulled from mud as the Cyborgs on the less flooded areas of the swamp as they dragged themselves closer to the crashed Tesla.

On the other end of the Transmission, across radios, televisions and all forms of communication, the sound being transmitted by the Cyborgs flickered, then something else crackled over the audio of the transmission before the sound resumed itself.

The Cyborgs, unaware of the audio problems, pushed onwards towards the crash site, transmitting their data.
at their head, one of the Cyborgs noticed a ripple in the foetid water ahead, and it moved away to examine it.
at that moment, over all radio channels and frequencies, a wave of sound overcame all other audio transmissions, including that of the cyborgs, with a the electronic growl of an electric guitar.
Daddy's flwon, across the ocean, leaving just a memory the song began, but as it did so, two loud gunshots echoed across the swamp, and the Cyborg that had broken from the pack to investigate the ripple fell, it's camera shattered and it's brain creating ripples of its own as the fleshy chunks hit the water.

two of the other cyborgs turned in time to see another two flashes and hear two more shots, one of the Cyborgs fell, like the first, with its camera and brain destroyed.
a fifth shot ensure the last Cyborg's camera died, and it was unable to send the image of a figure emerging from a muddy island, covered in mud and wearing some sort of ghillie suit, but before it could see anymore, another flash from nearby indicated the gunshot that killed the Cyborg.

by this point, of the original squad of ten, only six remained, their image transmissions that of flashes until only one was left, the shot to it's camera had missed, adn it recorded five men, all in ghillie suits rising from different islands of mud, though most of their weapons were smaller and less menacing, though a few blurry frames of the group was followed by the biomechanical man's transmission jerking backwards, then murky blackness was all it transmitted, It's legs and arms severed, though it's camera was left functioning for as long as the cyborg could avoid drowning.

The five Commando's slipped from their 'islands' into the filthy water, their weapons held at the ready, their movements slow and stealthy.
A sixth commando emerged from the water with an almost delicate lack of speed, a dulled, almost black metal object protruding from one side of his skull.

the other five fell in behind this Sixth man, and they moved carefully to another ambush site, their bodies, ghillie suits and fatigues covered in mud and otherwise indistinguishable from the swamp's backdrop.
even standing as they were, it would take a careful and trained eye to spot them, and this next group had neither.

"Forwards Brothers!" the woman at the head of this group exclaimed, apparently oblivious to the possiblity of nearby cyborgs or the stupidity of being so loud.

the group behind her may have been wearing Norfolkian fatigues, but their weapons were rusty and porrly kept, their mannerisms to lax and under trained, and it was only at the last moment that one of them spotted six clumps of mud protruding from the water, each with some sort of stick pocking from them.....
The two second barrage of gunfire killed all but the leader, who suffered several bullet wounds to her arms to a shotgun blast at close range.

The man with the steel eye lifted the woman to his level with an arm mae of the same dulled steel of his eyes
"how does it feel to meet the real thing" he whispered before driving a long combat knife through her chest and into her heart.

Heinrich Heydrich released the corpse and signaled for his team to continue on to the next target, another squad of Cyborgs, the Norfolkian Commandos were all either former Crusaders of Rebels, and all hated both groups almost as much as Heinrich.

after fifteen tense minutes, the group had discovered the Cyborgs, and quietly went about taking up positions, careful to stay out of the camera's line of sight.

The Tower of Solon
over the past hour or so, the screen had shown simply the air where the Tesla should have entered, now the screens depicted the marhs, though whilst the receivers were still picking up the music on all frequencies, the Tower played no sound rather than permit such an anthem for rebellion play to the masses.

The huddled crowds around the Twofer watched with gasps and cries as they saw scenes of the marsh change to another, to another to another then to static for half a second before yet another shot of the marsh came onto the screen.

Ministry for Information
The Alcoves that held the Video/Audio receiving booths were awash with hurried calls and cries, though in the background the music played for all to hear.
most of the Techs were complaining fo loosing heir feeds and connections, though in the past hour, the number of complaints rose dramatically.

in the end, a full half of the detachment of Cyborgs had been lost, Squad by Squad, and Colonel Gustave's face hid his rage.
He had ordered a map to be brought in with the last location of each squad and the time they stopped transmitting displayed.

The map showed a clear path that slowly, deliberately weaved its way from the edges of the Control zone in towards the Tesla, though the times indicated that each occurred in sequence.
There were enemy agents at work here, and Gustave knew it, though before he could think on this anymore, one of the technicians raced up to the table, clearly disturbed
"Sir, Squad thirteen's controller reports that the squad has found something, a group of ten or so bodies, at present we cant say who they are but they were riddled with bullets and stripped of all clothing" as he spoke, Gustave saw another Technician run towards the table, his face was one of alarm and fear
"Colonel Gustave Sir, Squad five has arrived at the last location of squad seven, Sir, their images show that the cyborgs of squad seven have all had their cameras shot out and their organics severely comprimised, though the internal banks captured this image" the man held the a4 sized image out to Gustave, who stared intently at the picture.
though blurry, it showed a man's face, twisted in a mask of contempt with a blackened steel headpiece protruding from the left side of his skull.

He also bore a Tattoo under his normal eye, and Gustave could mae out
"Sleep with one eye open____" though the word that followed the phrase was unable to be deciphered.

OOC: Heinrich Heydrich leads a squad of Former Brotherhood and Crusade come Norfolkians in an unsanctioned assault on the forces gathering around the Tesla, managing to over the course of an hour, eliminate half of the Cyborg detachment and kill a Brotherhood patrol who were dressed as Norfolkains, stripping the would be norfolkains of their uniforms and leaving their corpses floating in the swamp.
their present location is unknown.
All Radio Transmissions coming from the Swamp or the Tesla are jammed by way of several master radio sets planted throughout the swamp, each one broadcasting a "possible anthem for rebellion" over all radio channels.
Deidre stood leaning against the wall of the now empty garage back on the Salvage Crew's militia outpost. His term had been assigned the duty of guarding the raided outpost to make sure that no one discovered it and alerted the Crusaders, possibly endangering the whole mission. It was slightly boring work, but since they had been the team chosen to be the first ones to act, this had been assigned as the second part of the plan.

"Hey, bossman!" one of Deirdre's men shouted as he sprinted across the small courtyard from the mess hall that contained the Salvagers - the real ones' bodies at least. Dierdre quickly looked up and stood straight. The look in the man's eyes was enough to alert Deirdre that he had news from the Tesla raid - bad news, to be more specifically.

"Boss, we just suffered huge losses," the Brother said in between breaths as he got within hearing range. "and...and Dante is leaving!"

"WHAT?!" Dierdre shouted, barely able to contain himself. "Dante's freaking leaving!? Shit, this is bad....SHIT!" Dierdre knew that if Dante was leaving prematurely, the raid must of ended in a disaster.

"They're calling a retreat bossman," the Brother said as Deirdre let loose a string of curses. The news hit him, and Deirdre stopped swearing for a minute and let out a deep breath.

"Ok, call in the rest of the guys. Tell them to strip their uniforms and leave them here - also, remember to leave a few pamphlets. If anything, we can still make them think this was a Norfolk job - even if it did fail." Deirdre quickly stripped his uniform off to reveal a set of civilian clothes underneath. He pulled his civilian pants down a bit and picked up his rail gun. Using some medical tape he had in his militia gear, he strapped the gun to his leg securely, then pulled up his pants. A quick inspection showed that the loose material of the pants fully hid the weapon.

"Hey, someone get me a box!" Deirdre shouted to his men. A minute later, he had a long box tucked under his arm, his sword securely stowed away.

Looking up, Deirdre saw his group had changed into their assort normal clothing and had their weapons hidden on them, out of sight. Deirdre nodded to show his approval.

"Ok guys, split up and go back to your homes. Watch the usual communication routes and wait for the Brotherhood to call a meeting to sort this mess out." Deirdre took a deep breath, willing the next part of his pep talk to come out. "I don't know how badly we did today, so...well if you don't hear from the Brotherhood again, let me just say its been an honor guys. Keeps your heads up and...'keep the hope alive. That is will prosper and devour the demons we fight'." Deirdre smiled as the line from The Dante, hoping to impart a small bit of his strength to his men.

"'Till next time." And with that the group walked to the entrance, then split, going six separate ways.

Deirdre walked out to the street, then began walking at a normal, leisurely pace along the sidewalk. He passed underneath a camera and repressed a sigh. It was a long walk home and he didn't want to attract any attention.

[Summary: Deirdre and his men hear about the going-ons at the Tesla. They then receive word that Dante is leaving and a retreat had been ordered. Deirdre and his group change into civies and leave their disguises with Norfolk pamphlets, hoping to leave the impression that Norfolk spies raided the base. The group then disbands, leaving to go back to their homes and wait for the Brotherhood to regroup - if they ever regroup.]
Ghosting over the glassy tiles of the road, the hover car hummed mantra without the faintest shudder. In the back seat, Jerek Aldere finished a prayer for concise and swift success and a further praise for another day he was allowed to serve the crusade. While he gained no additional insight from his heavenly inquiries, Jerek found his mind was at peace after the familiar words were uttered…as though his worries had been spirited away by some divine breeze.

Shifting in the upholstered seat, the commander of Nephalim ensured that the nondescript briefcase he had with him was neatly set in his lap. Containing evidence pertinent to Grazer's arrest, Jerek would not allow himself to misplace the valuable information. Certainly there were copies, but the 04 prided himself on tried and proven tradition rather then the misdirecting way of technology. While a useful tool in furthering the goals of the Crusade, it could equally assist the blasphemous Brotherhood at only a few keystrokes convenience. Hand delivering the proof was insurance enough that Dayne would not delivered a possibly doctored report.

Stepping sinuously from the hovercar, Jerek paused momentarily to salute the driver before marching toward the cathedral. In his white cloak, Jerek strode with the pride of a man convinced of his path and purpose. This most holy of positions had been given to the 04 by Dayne and Jerek praised the man in each nightly prayer for the chance to show his conviction to his country and religion. So thus cloaked not only in brilliant white fabric, but also an unshakeable resolve, Jerek marched to the doors of the grand cathedral and stepped beyond them…or began to.

There was a crackled blast of static from his receiver, prompting him to quickly step out of the doorway, afraid to disturb the holy silence.

It only took a few moments of listening to the garbled words transmitted on the secure government line to expunge all thoughts of disturbance from the paladin's mind.

Bursting into the Cathedral, Jerek sprinted the distance between him and the meeting between Dayne and Tobias. Stopping just short of them, Jerek bowed his head low and took a knee, not willing to transgress respect in order to deliver his message.

"Forgive my intrusion, I have just received word that the Brotherhood have attacked the Tesla in the swamps. From what I received it appears that we have managed to gain control, but I have not received word since…again I apologize from rudely interrupting…" Jerek laid the briefcase on the ground before him. "I have also brought the information requested…what are my new orders?"

Summary: Jerek delivers the information needed on Grazer, picking up the Tesla transmission and relaying it to Dayne and Tobias.
The air pushed against the water with intense pressure, however, there was one flaw in Rhiannon's logic. Setem waited for the wave to hit. Once it did he spun the current around his body forming a sort of barrier against the air. He floated up from the water creating a reverse whirlpool of the water itself. As it spun the water was soaked up in the entire compartment until all of it was in the whirlpool. The air currents became incredibly strong as they tried to counteract the spinning water. Loose pieces of metal and tools were sucked up into the air current. The water fought as it spun counter clockwise against the darkening air spinning clockwise. With both of their strength weakening Setem decided to finally launch the attack. The whirlpool tried to dive at Rhiannon. Without much strength left Rhiannon could not dodge, but Setem could barely hold the attack together. Rhiannon's body started to spin around in the fast current. Setem could tell that she was still focusing on the tornado she created. She was about to open her mouth for air when both of the spinning elements shattered apart. The water spilled out everywhere leaving both of them in a knee deep flood. Setem was breathing heavily as he got up while Rhiannon was gasping for air. "We are both weak." Setem said stating the obvious. "So I will finish this now for everyone." He started to concentrate on holding Rhiannon in the water again. Her air abilities struggled to fight off the binding current as Setem went forward with a different plan. The water around the Tesla formed seven vicious looking snake creatures which eyed the ship up like some sort of snack. Their heads bobbed back briefly right before the swift strike. Outside everyone watched in awe as the water was being injected into the ship. One of the access points was the hangar Setem and Rhiannon were in.
"What are you doing?" She asked seeing the large cylinder of water rushing in through the door that had been blocked off.
"I will clear…out the Tesla…of everyone. Then we will…be on even grounds." Setem answered using most of his strength left to focus on the serpents. Inside everything was in chaos. Hallways were being swept through with water. Some units were in a hallway one moment and gone the next. The currents left no water behind, not even a damp stain. The only place untouched by the water was the now closed off bridge which was reinforced for attacks like these. As the attack finished the water burst out the sides of the Tesla carrying hundreds inside the current. Not even Sahar and Doctor Amy Sherridan were spared the wrath of this serpent. As for Setem and Rhiannon, they were swept out too as the hangar was cleared out during the full on attack. Now in the mud with the rest of the crew, rebels, mercenaries, and brothers, Setem smiled. "Good, nobody was claimed by the waters." Soon after he fainted after exhausting too much power.
"..." 02 did not like this. He didn't like being manhandled by somebody who he could drag and throw around like a ragdoll. He didn't not like being told what to do by some goddamn woman whose neck he could probrably snap without trying. And he really didn't like weapons being pointed at him by a FlIThY cOw...

His smile quick grew into an very angry cowl as he read her intent and watched her pull the trigger. Time seem to slow as the bullet fired from it's chamber, as his mind's eye began to form a line, a path of trajectory, taking in the information her brain was giving off when it instructed the hand to move the gun at it and brought it to pull the index finger against the trigger of the gun.

He raise his hand, extending a finger and quickly thrusted it into the path of the imaginary line, his finger instantly phasing out and phasing back in when it was in contact of the bullet, destroying it completely before phasing out quickly. Extending his hand until it reached deep into the barrel of the gun, threw out three fingers as he phased back in, destroying the mussel and nearly all of the barrel, ultimately making her weapon useless.

He shot one dark, menacing glance at the woman as he pulled his hand out of her grasp. "I don't give one GODDAMN FUCK about who you are...But you are interrupting an important moment to me. I, kindly, impose that you do not try to do that again..."He shot he an absolutely MURDEROUS smile at the woman, whom he would have instantly killed with out a second thought, by slamming his fingers into her neck as he stopped the bullet and messily ripping open a huge hole into it just to watch her suffer as she bled out. But he felt a huge wave of restraint, something which he was not too familiar with before as he shift that chilling smile into a much more relaxed smirk as he focused his attention back to the little lady.

"Oi... Kiddo, is this one of your friends or something? Someone should teach her not to fire a gun at someone in the middle of a conversation. It's very rude."

OOC: This is to be put right after Diana's post, sorry for taking so long to write. Erase then when it gets moved.
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