Project Genesis - Episode Two: Enter the 00's

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Episode Two: Enter the 00's

[ame=""]YouTube - Kingdom Hearts - Hikari (Instrumental)[/ame]

The most important thing to all human is probably the single most abstract concept of all time.

What I am referring to are memories.

In a land such as Semile, memories are worth their weight in gold.

But what is memory?

A basic explanation is that they are chemical files that tell our brains who are, where we've been, and who will become.

Science further suggests they are for a diverse set of cognitive capacities by which humans retain information and reconstruct past experiences, usually for present purposes.

We remember important facts, events, and experiences which are not happening now, so memory seems to differ from perception.

As well, we remember events which really happened, so memory is unlike pure imagination.

Yet, the very idea of truth in memory and the possibility of error, implies that we claim to know about the past.

But this doesn't solve the answers to questions about just how, or how often, we do remember the past truly.

This leads to more perplexing issue.

If memories are bad, should they be simply removed or altered?

In fair Semile, alteration is the key to survival.

In this respect they are right, for those that control the past, control the future.

Either way, time can only move one way, never the other. Whether we like it or not, we are forced to go along for the ride.
Location: The Tesla (Airship), 9:45 AM

Sahar used her sensitive fingers and grabbed the cold metal knob on the door in the room she was using as quarters.

"Hmm, where can I go? I don't like all the lab white coats roaming around…"

The teen girl looked around to see that the lab assistants had all disappeared into the backrooms for the time being. They were most likely busy with their own work, as Nova Corps had hired them to focus on a series of other expriments besides for Genesis. However, for now those white coats were her "enemy" and she would have to go the nearest safe haven.

Peering around any corner that she came across, Sahar felt no presence that would cause her malice.

She then let out a quiet sigh, "I must have been over reacting again. It's not like that annoying guard has bothered me in the past few hours."

Sahar then stood on the small flight deck that she was more than accustom too. It was one of the few areas of the large airship that would be difficult for people to sneak up on her. Although, she was a young she could appreciate the silence.

She looked down to view the black sands of the Coast of Lnychwood. Below she could see the monitor ships that she saw earlier and trailing behind them were an ungodly number of smaller airships.

Looking around the edge of the railing, Sahar could see that there was no sign of an enemy storm boat or any of the outdated airships that the rebels used.

"Ah… Probably some old army officer's doing…. 'Loose lips sink ships…"

Sahar then stretched her arms and walked to the door nearest to the railing that she was currently near.

The smells of fresh eggs and bacon, made her nostrils perk up with joy. She entered the kitchen to see a fat grey bearded man.

"Well hullo, what brings you here this early Miss Fairchild?" The man mentioned.

"You can just call me Sahar."

The cook smiled back in return, "Of course my friend!"

"Alright Sahar, you can have some of the eggs." She smiled as he plopped some crispy Dacko bird eggs on a steel mess plate.

"Thanks, Mr. Elliot." Genesis then sat down at the table.

[Summary: Sahar wanders around the Tesla.]
Dr. Amy Sherriden

9:45 AM, Telsa Airship
"Just don't pull on a gun on her. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't like it."

"But what if sh-"

"There is no reason to get yourself turned inside out over hidden snacks. Just take any candy if you find it and don't let her see you do it." Amy was not sure if she were amused or annoyed, but for the moment the horrified look on the young man's face could have been considered funny. She rolled her eyes as she stepped out in to the tiny hall to head for the dining rooms. Honestly, she wasn't pleased with the over abundance of "escorts" they seemed to have for such a small trip. All of which seemed to forget this was a young girl they were dealing with, not some mindless weapon or machine.

They were jumpy and they were making her jumpy.

"Good morning, sweetling. I see that chocolate was not enough for breakfast." she mentioned with a smile as she stepped in to the kitchen, and found the minx sitting at one of the kitchen tables. There went her chance to tell the cook not to sneak the girl any candy!

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In years past Norfolk had been the largest naval installation of one of the most powerful navies. It had accomodations for warships, airplanes, and thousands of military personnel. By some twist of fate, the bombs that fell all those years ago missed the larger warships, the aircraft carriers, and their battlegroups, the ships underway on exercises or deployments. Those ships that were left at pierside were cannibalized to keep the ships still in their posession running. For anything they couldn't cannibalize they held raids on similar stations found along the coast and overseas. But the one precious comodity they needed most was oil.

The lifeblood of modern warfare, oil is refined into several other compounds vital to operations: kerosene, diesel, JP-5, lube oil, VVL-800, etc. There were rigs in the northern ocean and in the gulf of Mexico but without refineries the rigs were worthless. The Norfolkians searched up and down the coast and throughout the gulf for a refinery finding it in the most hostile territory.


The savages of the Green Beret Tribe were feared by the Norfolkian Marines and respected by their SEALs, but they needed that refinery. The decision was made by The Old Man to take the refinery.


"We need that refinery. Take it, even if you have to slaughter a thousand of those savages." was his order. Two Amphibious Battle Groups and a Carrier Battle Group set sail, loaded down for bear. They shelled the port town of Galveston for a week straight before sending their raiding parties ashore, straight into a meat grinder. The Tribesmen got in uncomfortably close to the Marines, tearing them apart despite a renewed shore bombardment. The Battlegroup Commander made the choice to send in their best sailors: SEALs.


Deployed via helicopter, the SEALs swept in on wings of war, their paths paved with bullets and bodies. They cut off the Tribesmen from their reinforcements, blowing several bridges leading to the mainland and commenced a pincer attack, encircling the Tribesmen and taking them prisoner.


Conceeding defeat, their Chieftan arrived to negotiate a pact with the pirates. The Tribesmen showed their respect to the abilities of the SEALs, describing their willingness to brave fire for their comrades and their reluctance to stay down. The Norfolkians and the Tribesmen traded the services of the refineries in their posession for the oil the Norfolkians drilled from the rigs they had. In return the Tribesmen would allow the Norfolkians to use ports on the Texas coast for replenishment and resupply. This treaty is what keeps the Invincible Fleet sailing.


USS Wasp
Naval Station Norfolk...


Pirates bustled about both pierside and aboard the amphibious assault ship, tied up at Pier 8. The ship was taking on provisions and small arms ammunition, replenishing what was depleted during a relatively low scale raid in the British Isles. The working party that had been called consisted of those who had declined to join the ranks of the pirates. MAs stood guard over them, shotguns in hand. Two had vicious dogs on very long leashes. They had already mauled one man who tried to make a break for it. Up on the flight deck a group of pirates lounged around an open 20mm ammunition can. They tapped ashes from cigaretted into the can, watching the working party from seventy feet up.

"It'd be so much easier if they'd just say yes." one pirate commented as he lit a new cigarette with his old one.

"Not all of them see benefits of enlisted service." a pirate wearing fatigues and a flak jacket replied. "They think their countrymen will come save them." That elicted a laugh from the other pirates shortening their lives with each puff.

"I could have killed them easily." the largest of the congregation said. He was a big man with skin as dark as the night sky. An African who accepted the terms of enlisted service after seeing how much damage the pirates had done in a twenty minute raid on his coastal village.

"Sledge, I could rip them a new one with my pocket knife."

"Mike, you say that about everyone." the Pirate in fatigues said.

"What? I love my knife. I've killed a lot of people with it." Mike snapped back.

"I think you three have better things to do than just stand around and bullshit." a new arrival said. All three men snapped upright, the khaki clad sailor lighting up.

"I'm not an officer, you fuckers." Senior Chief Gunner's Mate Howard 'Seiger' Steiner said as he pocketed his pack of cigarettes and took a long drag on the cancer stick. The other pirates relaxed, looking back over the side. An MA was pistol whipping one of the prisoners, dragging him away from the brow towards the dogs. They could hear him screaming, the dogs barking.

"I heard we got some new guys in." Mike said, bringing everyone back.

"Yeah. We got a new Mike." Steiner replied, taking a quick drag as a pair of helicopters flew out of the airfield. They passed over the piers and headed out to the bay.

"What are we calling this one?" Mike asked.

"Fat Mike. He's a bit pudgy, hence the adjective."

"One Mike is bad enough. Two Mikes is a disaster waiting to happen." Sledge interjected as he put his cigarette out, depositing it into the ammo can.

"Hey, Sledge, you going to the barber shop?" Flak Jacket asked, putting his cancer stick out.

"Give me twenty minutes. Why?"

"I've got a uniform inspection tomorrow and I need the trim."

"Give me ten minutes then." Steiner and Mike remained up on the flight deck, watching a cargo plane land at the airfield. The dogs were barking again.

"Yeah, this is getting agravatting..." Steiner swore, putting his cigarette out then walking back toward the ship's island. Flak Jacket was quick to follow.

"You got liberty today, right Senior?" the pirate asked Steiner. He nodded his reply. "You mind picking up some more smokes for me?"

"Sure... It's on me."
[ame=""]YouTube - 12 FF4 Red Wings[/ame]

Tesla 9:40am

"Everything is ready to go. Commencing countdown at sixty seconds." The pilot of the Tesla said. Setem had been hovering behind him making sure of things before the initial take off. So far the pilots did not seem like they were working for any outside group, however, his uneasy feeling kept him in the cockpit. "Sir just thirty seconds before lift off I suggest you buckle up."
"I have no need, just continue the sequence." Setem said. The pilot nodded as he went into the last 25 seconds.
"25…20…15…10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, engage primary engines." The ship was now getting off the ground and no problems thus far. Setem abandoned his post at the cockpit to go find Sahar. The ship took off in a beautiful display of power. Each individual ship followed the oversized leviathan. Very soon it was high above in the air and all the people below pointed in amazement at the might of Crusade.

Tesla 9:47am

For seven minutes Setem had been searching for the girl and not a sign of her. Only for a brief moment did he think of what his superiors may think. He shook off the notion just as fast as it had came to mind. His main objective was to guard Sahar no matter what opposition be in the way. "Little girl can be a handful."
Enter 02, Location: The Swamps,10 inland miles from Tesla's current location, 10:01 AM

The stench of the Lynchwood swamplands tended to overwhelm the senses of the average citizen of Semile. Perhaps, it was due to the amount of sulfur that was emitted from pockets of gases that popped near the surface of the brown waters.


Countless wars had been waged through this region, some even dating to the early 1600s. It was thusly a land of death. However, this mattered little to the young man leaping from tree branch to branch with bounds.

Dried splotches of blood adorned his clothing and youthful face and his black clothes were worn out. The uniform had been stolen from the private army of Nova Corps and it suited his black hair rather well. His hair was a mess and shagged. Besides for the blood stains on his face, his faical hair was starting to grow in once again. He had been traveling many miles and days, and no longer cared to keep himself looking clean. The 00 was on a mission.

"02. Keep moving. The being you seek is on that large airship."

"Yes Miss Cordelia. I will find her and set her free." The 00 mentioned in a husky voice that seemed too deep for a young man in his 20s.

"Find her.
Find her.

The voices kept telling him to move forward. Luckly for him, he had abnormal amounts of adrenaline. He continued to move forward from one tree to another.

"Find her.
Find her.
02. Keep moving. The being you seek is on that large airship."​

02 liked the last voice the best. He called her, Miss Cordelia. Of all the voices, hers reminded him of someone he once knew but could no longer put a finger on. Her voice was the calmest and most motherly.

For the past few months, the voice continued to tell him to watch over Sahar. He didn't know why, but if Miss Cordelia gave him his orders he'd find his way on the Telsa in a matter of a few hours.

[Summary: We meet 02, a Homo Eximius that has been living life on the lamb. He is currently trailing the Tesla because of a voice that he has labeled Miss Cordelia is telling him to. 02 has a strange interest in this voice compared all the others that haunt his mind and is going out of his way to find Sahar.]

Lured by the smell of freshly cooked food, Eros slinked quietly from her room in search of the tantilizing scent. She wrinkled her nose as she padded lightly over the ground, making hardly a sound with her eyes half-lidded, lazy looking but alert as they flicked from side to side in the halls, her footsteps following the wafting smell as her stomach grumbled and sent small pains through her.

Hearing voices, she resisted the urge to hide in the shadowsa and observe, but it also halted her steady progression. With a vaguely hunted look, she contemplated and disregarded the idea of fleeing back where she came. Slowly, she strode into the light where the smell of food was coming from.
Deirdre leaned against the window of the SUV, his high-frequency sword in his lap as he looked out the window. It was sheathed and looked like an ordinary katana, but was actually capable of slicing through solid steel. The sword was usually stored at his house because it was too hard to conceal, but since he was now "part of a militia", which by definition was a rag-tag group that fought using their individual skills, Deirdre figured the sword wouldn't be out of place any more than a gun or knife.

The vehicle stopped quickly and Deirdre saw that they were just about to location of the military speeder they were to hijack. They had two and a half hours before the speeder took off.

Making sure his bullet proof vest was on securely, Deirdre opened the door and got out of the car. He reached back in for a minute to grab a helmet with a large visor that served to cover up his face and placed it on, completing his ensemble of of fatigues with the Salvage Crew's logo emblazoned on the shoulders, a vest, boots, full-fingered gloves, and the helmet. There was a rail gun strap to his side in plain view and Deirdre tied the sword around his back, leaving the handle within reaching distance.

Deirdre and five others, who piled out of the SUV, took a minute to check each other over, making sure they looked proper enough to pass for militia, and then with silent nods began traveling on foot through the back streets and alleys. Every now and then they would see a camera mounted at a street corner with a person, whether it be a man or woman, standing nearby, their hands in their pockets. Deirdre smirked underneath his visor, knowing what these bystanders were actually doing - they were actually brothers and in their pockets were small mobile CPUs with a program designed to exploit the backdoor to the city's network, feeding select surveillance cameras a false signal, rendering the small group of rebels invisible to the network.

After a few minutes, Deirdre slowed his pace and began walking with a stiff military-like walk, his group behind him falling into step. They came upon a wired fence with an opening and a small kiosk with a guard in it dressed the same ways as Deirdre, minus the helmet.

"Hey, what's this?" the guard asked as the came up. The Salvage Crew was just a militia, not the actual military, and the apparent lack of the strict military code showed in the guard's greeting and casual manner.

"Back up for rendezvous with the Tesla," Deirdre responded. "Joe back there has the written orders. Go ahead and show him Joe." A man stepped out of Deirdre's group and brought forward some produced some papers from his pockets. The guard looked at them, squinting at the small typing on them.

"Well, I guess they look-" the guard was suddenly cut off as his brain spilled out. One of the members of Deirdre's group lowered a silenced pistol that he had produced and another man scooped up the dead guard. He put him back into the kiosk and then took the guard's position at the front.

"Tsk, should of worn that helmet. Standard issue," Deirdre mumbled as his company went into the incredibly small compound, sans their comrade who was now playing the part of the guard. There was a small dining hall and a garage, but beside that not much else since the militia lived in their own homes. Deirdre and company walked to the mess hall and looked in to find a group of men sitting around enjoying themselves with loud talk and television.

There was now two hours before the speeder had to take off, and the men looked like they were ready to leave, but not to load up yet. A quick count said there were 21 men there - just three short of the two dozen who were scheduled for the rendezvous, according the the Brotherhood's intelligence.

Signaling the his men, Deirdre watched as three of them went to the other side of the hall to barricade the other entrance. Deirdre signaled to another one of his men and watched as he came forward, producing two canisters from the pockets on his vest. Deirdre took a deep breath, then grasped the door handle and swung it open. The man with the canisters hurled them into the room, and Deirdre and him slammed the doors shut, pushing all their weight against them.

The canisters flew over the men and immediately began releasing a yellow gas. The militia members jumped up and tried to run to the doors, the the gas was a specially designed, super fast acting knock out agent the rendered them all unconscious after only a minute and a half minutes. The gas had been stolen about a year ago and the Brotherhood had been keeping it for that long until it was just the right time to use it. Deirdre knew all of this very well - it was his data-hacking that had allowed the Brotherhood to steal the canisters in the first place. Deirdre only hoped that the precious weapon wasn't wasted.

Pulling a radio out from his vest, Deirdre flipped to a special, encrypted frequency and held down the talk button. "This is the first group reporting, the compound has been secure except for three men standing guard in the garage. Start sending the others in for the trip, the compound will be completely secure once you arrive. Also, begin transportation of the, uh, special agent."

Deirdre looked up at his group, who had reformed in front of him, and nodded, sending half of them to the garage to dispose of the remaining militia and the rest into the mess hall to more permanently subdue the militia.

Deirdre listened as the radio squawked back an affirmative, then began walking back towards the guard post to inform his other man that they had been successful with their first stage.

[Summary: Deirdre and a small group sneaks onto the Salvage Crew compound disguised and subdue the militia, clearing the way for the Brotherhood to bring in more disguised members. They military speeder is cleared and ready for take off to rendezvous with the Tesla.]
'The pursuit of Freedom is a luxury in which only Men have the burden to bare.

As he boldly takes steps on the road of True Autonomy
He sees not, but an ever stretching distance ahead to be trekked.

What should become of Man once he reaches the end of this road?
Is there Utopia lying in wait to embrace him for his efforts
Or will the road deliver him into the welcoming maws of his downfall?'
-The Child, Words of a Species

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

A land that was fed and nourished upon the corpses of young men and dead ideals; a tribute to war consisting of moss-stained mud and extenuated trees sitting on top scattered skulls and obsolete weapons. It was a place filled with naked death and a cold despair that could chill the soul.

But a new life stirred with in the Lynchwood swamps, unfettered by the murky displays of wasted lives. It was only his instincts that drove him at the moment, drowning out everything else, blurring out anything, but the path forward to where he was to be, deafening all sounds besides the unending chorus that resided within his head.


We Go. We GeT iT. wE kIlL eVeRyThInG eLsE. nO oNe ElSe CaN hAvE. oNlY wE!



Keep Moving. The being you seek is on that large Airship.​

Never before has his many voices joined together to voice one opinion, never have they united all for this one goal. Burning within the depths of his being sat a hunger, a thirst, a powerful yearning, one in which he has not tasted in long times past. He could feel it, moving beyond even his heightened sensory perceptions, becoming something he could not catch up with no matter what the speed he took in chasing after it.

He could not leap quick enough, he could not run fast enough, he could not cut enough time until he reached it, whatever it was he was chasing. He had to be there, he had to find it, he had to be with it, and every inch of him echoed the same sentiment.

No distance, not matter how far, how deep, nor how high would be able to stop him. His zeal was a fever in which even he could not calm. He would reach that airship and find this 'being' in any way that he could.

Summary: 02 chases down the ship in search of this 'being' that his voices told him to find.
Yuri sat in the old half-track. Clutching the bag of pamphlets that would trick their enemy and get him to direct his attentions elsewhere. This was a glorious day for the brotherhood, to get something so precious to the crusade...

The vehicle stopped as they waited for the all-clear from their forward group. Once the guards had been dealt with they began moving again, the gates sliding open as their man in the guard booth allowed the heavy vehicles to enter. Yuri jumped from the half-tracka and adjusted his bag, and tool-belt before pulling the engineer's helmet over his head, his having darkened goggles that would allow the user to use tools such as welders.

He sought out the leader of the forward group finding Deidre near the guard post. "We are in the air in 90 minuets, that way we're close enough to the actual scheduled time to avoid suspicion, but still have a margin of error." He signaled to the men who had followed him out of the vehicle to check the armory for anything useful "Hope you didn't have too much trouble." He moved away from him and joined his group, he wanted to make sure they got the good stuff.
11:14AM, On Board the Tesla Airship


'Are you in position?'

"Yes. The fuel chambers are secured."

'Initiate the plan.'

On board the Tesla, down in the inner workings of the airship was a small group of people. On of the individuals was pulling a body around the corner to stash behind the fuel cell. Two others were fussing with one of the machines. A loud CLANK echoed out, followed by an odd lurching sound. All the machinery in the room seemed to shudder. Another of the men called in to the skydeck.

"This is mechanics down in the fuel cells. We're having a major problem. Telsa needs to land so we can make repairs."

Within a few moments an announcement followed.

'Attention personnel and passengers. We are making an emergency landing. Please remain on board, we should return to the sky within moments.'

The guy jerked his head at a woman nearby. One dressed like the flight crew, but looking incredibly uncomfortable. Rhiannon nodded in reply, leaving the room. Her mission; to capture Genesis alive.


Elsewhere in the kitchen, Amy Sherridan was sitting at a table reading over paperwork while Sahar was devouring a snack. She looked up with a frown at the announcement. Her fingers tapped on the table before she slowly rose, signaling Setem with a finger. They stepped out of earshot of Sahar.

"We're not even halfway to the destination yet. Everything had checked out fine during inspection this morning. I don't thing this is normal." Maybe she was being paranoid. But it was better to worry now, than have something put Sahar in danger. Even as she and Setem had stepped aside, they could feel the airship descending from the sky.

As the Tesla landed, crew was impressed how officials must have been on their game and prepared for any emergencies. Another airship was already nearby and beginning to land within distance. The Captain tried to radio contact with it, but was only receiving static.

Without any notice there was a sudden BOOM followed by the entire mainframe of the Tesla airship being rocked! Something had bombarded the side of the ship, shaking the inside passengers and nearly denting a huge hole in it's side. A second BOOM followed, stronger than the first!

The Tesla was under attack!

"Sahar, sweetie, come with me!" Amy said quickly, righting herself and trying to adjust to the shudders the ship was giving. She took Sahar's hand and was leading her out of the kitchen. "We need to get somewhere safe."

Summary: Brotherhood dudes that were disguised on the Tesla have faked a problem in the fuel cells, forcing Tesla to make an emergency landing. The approaching speeder with the rest of the rebel crew landed along side them within minutes and is now attacking! Tesla is being invaded by gobs of wicked people, whilst 06 is hunting down the target!
"Side breached!" came the shout from somewhere above Yuri "GO! We must act quickly while they are unprepared." The side ramp of the speeder fell open and under a hail of cover-fire Yuri's group entered the twisted metal hole.

Inside the Tesla they moved as a single entity, trained to work together. "We're clear!" Yuri spoke into his radio, telling the next group they could enter the large airship. They began their assigned task, prevent the Tesla from taking off again, their agents had given them some time, but the bridge needed to be taken.

On a gangway leading to the forward section their point man suddenly fell clutching his side, a single shot had been fired. But suddenly there where bullets flying as some of the guards aboard had taken position protecting their captain. "Spread out and find cover." Yuri shouted at his squad, they where already retuning fire. "Frag!" came a shout and seconds later a small explosion erupted near the guard's position causing two of them to jump for cover from the blast. Two burst was all it took to show them they should have stayed down. "Thats all of them. Move forward." Minuets later they blasted through the door and had the bridge crew at gunpoint.

"Bridge secure, the Tesla is ours." he reported, then turned to one of the officers holding the intercom out to him, "Order your men to surrender." he said, greeting the refusal with a smack to the face with the butt of his rifle. "I asked nicely, order your men to surrender."..... It took a few more attempts but the crusader was eventually persuaded.
[ame=""]YouTube - Fate/Another Score (super remix) - MAELSTROM[/ame]

] Location: Telsa's Upper Deck Level. Time: 11:00 AM

The sounds of heavy leather boots could be heard throughout the airship now. On some the distinctive clatters of metal cleats added to the surreal chorus of war. The rebels were now opening fire on whatever moved.

One of the rebels spoke to Rhiannon, "Remember that Genesis is presently in an expendable stage...I'm sure you can think of a way to immediately rectify things in case she starts freaking out or something. I doubt it has an amazing recovery rate… It's just a child after all."

He then glanced up and saw something move in a fast jog.

"Fuck!" He spat before keying in his radio.

"Gentlemen, someone fucking saw us! Mind speeding this shit fest up?" He said, bringing the ever approaching figure into his gun sights before keying another radio in to a certain frequency.

The rebel's fingers were on the firing stud, but he awaited some form of response.

"You Rent-A-Guards really, really should do your work with more professionalism." Setem then said.

Location: Lynchwood Swamps, less than 3 miles from the Tesla. Time: 11:00 AM

"The ship has stopped.


The voices chimed together. 02 sniffed the air around him. The distinctive smell of human adrenaline filled his nostrils. It gave the voices much ecstasy.

Get Her.

02 then licked his chapped lips. This adventure would be more fun than he originally had thought.

Location: Telsa's central Level. Time: 11:00 AM

Dr. Sherridan stood there for a few moments sitting on Sahar's bed, just a few short paces away from the kitchen. She was staring at down at the side of her waist. There she held a pistol, something she knew she had to have on her at all times in this dog eat dog world. Her attention peaked as she heard the sound of the door of Sahar's quarters open, accompanied by the sound of footsteps.

"Sahar!" Dr. Sherriden whispered. "Honey, hide. Now." Just as she was about to round the corner, a hand reached out to her and grabbed her handgun, immediate trying to twist it out of her grip. She foolishly struggled and was rewarded with a punch to her face. The blow sent her straight to the floor as she hissed in pain. A couple more series of footsteps and two men began to hold her down to the floor. They put her on her stomach and painfully twisted her arms behind her back. A gag was put into her mouth immediately to prevent noise. They then dragged her out into the hallways.

"There's no numbers on her, she ain't one of those mutant freaks." One of the two rebels stated.

"But she's gotta be someone important for sure."

"Make absolutely sure," Her assailant said.

One of the soldier's pulled out a scanner and held it to some papers that Amy kept on her person at all times.

There was a click and a beep, then the scanner was put away. "1395 NLC... This piece of crap says her name is Doctor Amy Sherriden."

"Oh? Probably just one of those dumb government white coats," the assailant responded.

"Kill her."

There was a click of a safety switch and Amy Sherriden was soon looking down the barrel of a sound suppressor. She began to struggle, attempting to get the other soldier off her back. She did not want to die like this, she was supposed to die of an old ripe age... a typical... human life.

"Wait, what the hell is that?" The assailant shouted.


Before his very eyes was a young child with bright red eyes, her face twisted in a mocking taunt.

I'd let her go if I were you," Sahar said aloud, placing her hands down by her sides, walking casually toward the soldiers--but staying close to the wall. Something caught her eye, something that stirred a plan in her head.

An emergency water sprinkler.

A pair of silenced automatics turned his way.

"Be smart, Girlie," one of the soldiers warned. "Just turn around and walk away."

There had to be at least ten meters between Sahar and the gun; there was no way the soldier could miss at that range and as far as the rebel knew, this teen was still young and physically weak.

"If I'm not mistaken, that's my mother you're manhandling."

The gun was ten meters away; the sprinkler was only three.

"I'm warning you, Girlie, this has nothing to do with you. It's none of your business."

Two meters.

The other soldier added urgently, "Come on! Get rid of him and let's go! She's looking very evil…Like a demon!"


The first soldier said, "Sorry about this, Girlie, but I did warn you."

Sahar then swung her mother's leather briefcase at the water sprinkler, knocking the head off and causing a powerful, unfocused gout of pressurized water to spray the deck. It was a mildly strong shower, but it had the desired effect. The soldiers let out a surprised yelp, losing their concentration--long enough for Sahar to swing the briefcase again, hitting one in the head; an automatic drop to the ground.

"That you did," Sahar giggled. One was dazed; better than she had projected when the plan sprang to mind. The other, though...the other still had his gun.

Now was the time for the real fun. Sahar raised her eyes and focused her red demonic looking eyes on the second rebel.

Sweat started dripping down his brow.

"Sweet dreams." Sahar mentioned.

A flame appeared behind her. It started to spread.

"GAHHHH! THE HEAT!!!!" The rebel screamed in terror as he saw his hand burst into flame. He felt pain surge throughout his body.

"NO! NOOOOO NOOOOO!!!!!!" His panic intensified. All the soldier could do was curl into a ball and take the pain. No one was going to save him.

A three way post. 06 is on the upper decks with a rebel whom panics when Setem appears to stop their advance. Meanwhile, in the Lynchwood swamp 02 continues his advance through the marshlands towards the Tesla. Finally, Sahar and Dr. Sherriden hide out in the 00's room. Two rebels find the doctor and attempt to kill her for being in the way. Sahar responds by harming both of the attackers and soundly defeats them.
Eros hadn't been able to move, reverting to old habits as she crouched soundlessly at the corner of the room. Watching the red eyed child in wonder and awe, terror not occurring to her. The child was powerful, the flames told Eros. Perhaps it hadn't been a pathetic waste of time for the family to send her on this ship, hidden like so many other government secrets.

Eros flattened her back to the wall, trying to determine a plan of escape, knowing now she would be revealed to the child. Fear still wasn't present, but it had not been since his death. it did not alarm her that her survival instincts were failing to kick in. Maybe this was what she had hoped for all along, to die in an almost accidental death... Fire wouldn't be so bad, cremation, a peaceful burning.

A small part of her screamed finally, the word "no". She could feel it on her lips, his legacy, the will to survive. Slowly, Eros backed away from the flames, eyes darted, backing closer to the door.
Location: St Leopold's Cathedral, Time 11:05 AM

Dayne moved into the Ecclesiastical Office without knocking, the gust of air disturbing the papers and curtains of the plush room.

"Your Eminence," said Thaddeus to the young Tobias, bowing low and with a devilish smile, "To what do I owe the honour?"

Tobias looked up to see that Thaddeus had arrived and seemed to be his usual self.

The High Priest took notice of the papers that Marianne forgot to file. They were now all over the ground and out of order. He would deal with that issue later, he had more important matters to deal with than worrying about showing up to some fancy lobster dinner with a single young woman he didn't care for. His problem was one that dealt with the loyalty of those around him.

"Well, Mr. Thaddeus Dayne, I wish to know everything that you were talking with Mr. Grazer and his connections with the Military. I know my father had planned for an airship transport for Genesis and I wanted it halted but the Old Guard refused to listen. After all, I am head of State and Church; nothing should be hidden from me." Tobias said, pausing for a moment as he looked to Sahar's picture.

"You know, at times I feel that the only people I can truly trust aren't people at all but the guinea pigs of my father. For one thing, Marianne was kind enough to call you up over the night, and even Sahar, a simple child is more honest than any of the Old Guard. However, maybe you can improve upon the trust I have for the New Guards." He said looking up at Dayne.

"Granted, it probably wouldn't too hard to figure out what the two of you discuss. One being the failed attempts of tracking down Dante and his band of lunatics, and the other being that of Project Genesis. But enlighten me about one thing, why is the military refusing to follow my orders? Last time I checked, it was a sin not to follow my commands." Tobias said in a pleased tone.

Thaddeus let a short silence linger in the wake of Tobias' rant. Clearly, the boy had been saving up a lot of energy - a lot of frustration. This had happened a few times before - Tobias using Thaddeus to unload everything that he did not have a chance to say to others. But there was something a little more vicious about the targeting this time, and so Thaddeus would have to choose his words with a greater caution.

[Summary: Tobias and Dayne have a lovely little chat. It is clear the young Priest does not trust the few remaining Old Guard and wants something done about them]
"Bastard." The rebel said to Setem without realizing who he was. He pulled out a silenced pistol and began to take shots at Setem. From the looks of eat each bullet hit the mark rippling the clothing as they passed through. Setem fell backwards onto the ground as the rebel radioed in. "We got another stiff to take care of but everything is back on track here." The guard let go of the talk button on his receiver and got up from his kneeling position.
"Come now, you do not think that simple maneuver killed me." Setem said getting up. Unbuttoning his outer coat he revealed a vest. The vest seemed to be hollow and leaking water out from the bullet holes.
"What? Just that stopped those things?" The rebel questioned. "Wait he must have something in there."
"Now now, why would I put water in a bullet proof vest?" Setem said mocking the stupidity of the low class rebel. "I am not interested in you, so you can leave now." Setem said turning his attention to Rhiannon.
"That is bull!" The man took aim at Setem's head. He pulled the trigger but the leaking water formed an arm. The bullet was stopped as he increased the density of the water.
"Oh I am sorry this belongs to you." Setem said creating a massively quick current in the water. He moved the bullet into the current and it fired just as fast as the silenced pistol shot it. It went straight into the rebel's head. Now it was him and Rhiannon left. "Really someone who has no need to carry weapons? I highly doubt you are just a normal peon like the rest. Tell me who are you?"
Rhiannon 06

How many bodies had she seen today? With every gunshot she was getting more used to the sound. When this latest body actually stood back up seemingly unarmed Rhiannon wasn't sure if she were glad or alarmed. The man wasn't normal. He was like her.

And she was the enemy.

"I don't want to hurt you." she said, not answering his question. Instead, she changed her footing and adjusted the positioning of her fingers. She was already beginning to draw out the oxygen from the air. Unlike the rebels she was working for, Rhiannon had no desire to murder anyone. Anyone she came across she would render them unconscious until she claimed who she came for.

"There is something I must do. Step out of the way."
"Stay here." Yuri said to his squad as he ran from the bridge. He only stopped at the sight of his recent gun-battle. He knelt next to one of the dead crusader guardsmen arranged the bloody corpse so that it rested peacefully, closing the eyes and putting his hands on his chest clutching one of the misleading pamphlets he had been carrying. He moved about the upper sections of the Tesla until he heard voices.

"I don't want to hurt you." "There is something I must do. Step out of the way."

He rounded the corner his gun raised, the barrel scanning the scene before him. A dead brother lay on the floor, a sister stood facing someone who didn't seen to be a guard. Yuri stepped forward barrel locked on the stranger.

He stopped noticing the water hanging in the air, he hesitated, trying to figure out what was causing it. In the end he decided it didn't matter. They had a job to do.

"Better listen to her." he said stopping a few meters away barrel still pointed at the stranger. "We will not hurt those who don't try to stop us. We are soldiers, not monsters." he was reciting a personal oath he had taken when he joined the brotherhood. "Now.... please... Listen to her."
Setem was about ready to start the fight with Rhiannon when another soldier rounded the corner into the hallway. He spoke of forfeiting to these people and their plans. Never in his entire career as a body guard had he ever backed down from a fight. Instead he turned his head to Yuri. "Hmph, I am not afraid of your weapon. I can see it in your eyes, the curiosity and slight fear you have of my potential. But do not be afraid, so long as you leave now you probably will not get hurt." Setem now focused his attention on Rhiannon. "Sorry but I did not quite catch your name? I like to know who I am fighting against before we start." Setem said with a smile. He had taken notice of how Rhiannon's eyes looked when she said she did not want to hurt him. She was quite truthful, in fact her eyes looked like a mirror image of himself, a self forgotten in the land of community service. Although it did contradict the meaning of guard Setem had this feeling deep inside of him, he did not want to hurt Rhiannon either.
Circa 1825 ECC: The Infinity Rebellion. Not one child goes through school anymore without knowing that event. Nine years ago, the genetically enhanced "Savior" of humanity known as 01 rose up against the government a year after his escape. That day he rocked the world with four simple words broadcast over the entire city through the Tower of Solon.

"I am Zero One."

Though only sixteen at the time of the rebellion, his powers and charisma made him into a beacon of hope to those who believed the world had lost its way, and thus marked the creation of the rebellion group known as Infinity. For a long year the government waged a bloody battle against Infinity

However at every turn, Infinity seemed to have another trick up their sleeve, all because of 01. The people soon learned that 01 was motivated by the death of his mother and was enraged when he learned his sister was undergoing the same fate under orders from Leopold the Red. What wasn't known was how this was relevant to Infinity. Despite this at the end of the bloodshed Infinity had captured the northern region and was on the verge of bringing the government to its knees...until 01 disappeared. For the greatest strength of Infinity was its greatest flaw. Without 01 Infinity was unorganized. When 01 left during his decisive final battle, Infinity was utterly beaten. At the height of what came known to be the Battle of the Infinite Rebellion, 01 vanished.

With no one to hold their leash the overzealous members would lead his allies on suicide missions. The others would be captured and tried as criminals or would scatter back to the winds and rejoin the society they loathed. With the loss of 01 came the question. Why did he leave? Where did he go? Three months later, 01 was declared executed by the government. However to this day Infinity still holds hope that their savior still lives.

Present Day

"Are teams three and four in place?"

"Yes, sir."

"Linette? You and the hacker teams ready for go?"

"Y-Yes, sir."


"Huh? Yes?"

"I know you're nervous. Most of you guys are. This isn't exactly a small feat we're undertaking."


How long had this plan been in progress? No one knew for sure. What was about to unfold would mark a joyous occasion.

"Teams A-1 and 2, B-1 through 4. Are you in position on board the Tesla?"

"Yes, my lord. Our guns are still firing blanks. No one has noticed."

"You may switch to live rounds when you get the signal."

"Yes sir."

As the communications clicked off, Jason looked over to Altair.

"How's it feel to be back in the field, Altair?"

"It feels great. I'm worried about Linette though."

"Relax. You know my sister. She'll come through."

"Has the Tesla been grounded?"


"Is my hoverbike ready?"

"Of course, isn't it always?"

"Point of Entry established? Location of Genesis confirmed?"



Five Minutes later

"This is it…get ready."

"This is Team 1. All systems ready for go."

"This is Team 2."

"Team 3!"

"Team 4!"

"Team 5!"

"Change to live fire and neutralize all government troops and Brotherhood agents! Lethal force is not authorized until I say otherwise!"

The cry came from all teams in unison: "Yes, sir!"

"Open the hatch!"

[ame=""]YouTube - Code Geass OST 2 Track 20 "Avalon"[/ame]

The old dirt roads below the Tesla rose up to reveal a small hangar underneath. Apparently, much like the old discarded military bases had indeed proved themselves to be a perfect hiding place for rouges. Water and ancient moss beds were displaced as a hatch began to open. Ready to launch was a lone hoverbike with Altair on it, painted in a "leopard" camouflage to allow for greater protection.

"All troops! Change to live fire now!"

At that moment, the chaos on the Tesla intensified. Suddenly Government and Brotherhood troops alike were turning on everyone, slamming the butts of their guns into the faces of both sides, knocking them out cold. At that same moment the security cameras in and around the Tesla simultaneously went out to static, and Altair sprung into the streets towards the back of the Tesla. Warning light and sirens blared as Altair came up on the hangar. Moments later the Tesla's PA sprung to life.

"Alert! We have an unidentified target in the hangar! We need reinforcements! He's wiping us out with a pistol! He's- Oh, Jesus! No! Please stop! Wait…it can't be! You can't be!!! Oh Jesus Christ you ARE! We have to stop this guy! Its- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

The PA cut out mid scream. Whatever Altair was doing down there was not only terrifying, but more than likely incredibly agonizing. Government and Brotherhood troops converged in the hangar, now strewn with bodies and blood, before kneeling before Altair.

"We await your command, my lord."

"Spread out! What is the situation?"

"The lower level is completely under our control at this point. We're ready to advance through the ship."

"Very well. I'm taking an alternate route! Do not harm the target or anything vital to flying this ship."

"Yes sir!"

The troops went one way, Altair another. As he ascended the stairwell to level two he smirked.

"Its time. All this planning, all this waiting, and its finally time!"

[Summary: Among the chaos unfolding, an unknown group lead by Altair springs into action turning on the government and brotherhood with non-lethal force and secures the first level of the Tesla as Altair himself gets on board. A ship wide warning signals his arrival and what sounds like a massacre. With the Brotherhood and government neutralized on the first level. The two groups spread out and begin to take over the Tesla further. As Altair arrives on the second level, he is overjoyed that its finally time to bring his plan into action.]
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