Project Genesis - Episode 3: Close to Comfort

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  1. "It keeps getting worse."
  2. Somewhere in the swamp.

    Sloshing through thick muddy water made movements for everyone in the group slow. Worse, the few times the prisoners had tried to escape resulted in loss of supplies and loss of men. The Mother would periodically struggle, getting cuffed for the effort - but the result would anger the Child. The first time several men had dropped screaming in agony and writhing in pain.

    Now there was an argument breaking out.

    "That's it, I'm just going to fucking kill her!" After another attempt, one was grabbing Dr. Sherriden and pulling out a pistol to press against her head.

    "Don't. Touch. My. MOMMY." In a blink of an eye, and without anyone seeing how it happened, the man holding the doctor sudden lit in to flames! He flailed wildly, giving a shriek as he stumbled backwards. Several others lept in to motion, one to grab Sherriden and others all aiming their weapons and preparing to subdue Genesis again. The little girl couldn't even see with that burlap sack over her head, but she still managed to target people for attack!

    "Step back from her!" shouted Rhiannon as she swung an arm, pushing a wave of the muddied water at the burning man with a gust of wind. He landed with a plop, gasping for breath. Most of his clothes were filled with burned holes and his skin was singed with burns.

    "SILENCE!" The booming voice of Dante gave everyone pause, except for Genesis who was still seething with anger. He continued. "Let the child keep her mother. We want her to be happy, don't we?" The smile he gave could hardly be described as kind.

    Dr. Sherriden shrugged a rebel off her arm, easing towards Sahar. "Sahar, sweetie, I'm fine. Lets just get where we're going."

    Unknown Brotherhood location, just outside of the swamplands.

    When the rebels arrived, Genesis and Dr. Sherriden were immediately taken to a small unfurnished room. It contained a couple chairs and a table, but there was nothing else. The sacks were removed from their heads, but their hands remained tied. The door was slammed and locked, leaving the two ladies alone.

    "Why can't I just KILL them. I want to kill all of them!" Sahar was shouting pacing back and forth as she was trying to wriggle her hands out of her bindings.

    Amy was feeling much the same, but despite the circumstances was trying to remain as calm as possible. For both their sakes. "These people murder and destroy anything in their way without thinking about consequences or effects. Innocent people like crew on the Tesla or our friends and coworkers. You aren't a killer, sweetie. Just because you can doesn't mean you should."

    Sahar paused, looking thoughtful. As she was about to reply, the door swung open. Dante Luxemburg walked in to the room with a wide smile, behind him stood 06 with a much less amused expression. Sahar prepared to lunge!

    "Ah, ah!" with a quick motion, he had pulled out a gun and aimed it at the Doctor. Sahar stopped. "I am not here to hurt you, Genesis. I am not an evil man. The Brotherhood only wants to fight for freedom. For everyone, even you."

    Amy snorted. "I wasn't aware that freedom and terrorism went hand in hand. What do you really want?"

    The smile on Dante's face disappeared, being replaced with a serious expression. "Project Genesis is a valuable weapon. If you cooperate with us, The Brotherhood will succeed in it's goal and make a better world without the tyranny of the Church."

    "I'm not helping ANYBODY! I want to go home!" replied Sahar.

    Dante cocked his pistol, nodded his head for 06 to step around him and approach Dr. Sherriden. Rhiannon's frowned deepened, but as instructed she did so. Stopping to stand next to the doctor and holding up a hand. There was a soft breeze of air. The oxygen being siphoned off from near the woman. Amy was coughing for breath!

    "Your mother is very important to you. If you don't do as we ask and be a good little girl, something may happen to your mother. She may even die." Dante explained. As quickly as it started, Rhiannon lowered her hand, allowing the air to return.

    Sahar was mad. But... Dr. Sherriden's words came to mind. "Fine. Don't hurt my mommy."

    "Wise choice." Dante smirked, exiting the room with 06.

    The meeting room.

    "Didn't I tell you she'd do an excellent job?" Val Mancini was practically oozing with pride, but there was something else to his expression. A cat-eat-canary look that suggested there was more that he wanted. In the meeting room was several of the Brotherhood members, including the rebel commander Dante. They were to discuss their next movements.

    "Yes. 06 has been vital to keeping Genesis under control. I trust you're satisfied with your payment." replied Dante.

    Mancini's grin widened. "As a matter of fact, I just got to thinkin'. Here I get for you information about that airship, lend you my impressive weapon so you can grab, what is she again? The Messiah? And all I get is a few million measly dollars? I don't think that's fair, do you?"

    With an eyebrow raised, the Brotherhood leader leaned back in his chair. "What do you want? More money? We negotiated the price and it stands. We don't have the resources to waste on you."

    "Too bad. I'm not above compromising though. I think giving me the girl as collateral until you come up with the money sounds reasonable." From the look on his face, it must have been an idea Mancini was tossing around for awhile! Scowling with annoyance, Dante moved a finger, signaling one of his men to start shooting.

    "Rhiannon." Mancini shouted, and in a split second before the man could even pull a gun his body was hitting the far wall. Mancini turned back to Dante. "You forgot who this one belongs to. Give me the girl for collateral or... Or I could have my weapon here suffocate every single one of you."

    Dante had seen what Mancini's weapon was capable of. And without her to help control Genesis it would be an issue. Yet, if it were done right, he would have a place to keep the girl where no one would think to find her... "It will be done, then. You may keep Genesis temporarily."

    Dante pointed at one of his men, Yuri. "You will take Yuri to make sure you don't go back on your word. The rest of us will move out. Separate. Blend in with the civilians. The Crusaders will be sending their best to search for Genesis and we do not know who the additional parties are that also attacked the Tesla. We need to regroup after the loss of so many men."

    "Go. Prepare to leave."
  3. The Tesla

    The new crew of the Tesla was very pleased with the outcome of their little mission. They'd secured not only a powerful battle ship, but it was also high class carrier ship originally designed for Genesis. The rooms were all private quarters...or would have been had were able to get away with the entire ship/eyesore. Those tired by the assault had gotten permission to exersize their new two person rooms and rest. Altair on the other hand...


    Was nowhere near as pleased. Now in the hangar, he continued to tweak his hoverbike. The water had done little damage to it luckly. As he grabbed his spanner, footsteps approached.


    "Little waterlogged is she?"

    "What is it Jason?" the scientist practically flopped down into the chair Altair was using for breaks.

    "The government is on its way. We left the data behind like you asked. They won't have a clue what's going on or who in their right mind would leave data that sensitive behind."

    "You're saying we're clear to have Linette-"

    Before he could finish, Altair felt his cell phone vibrate. Putting his spanner down, he looked at the image on his cell.


    "Its Linette."

    A press of a button brough up a text message.

    "Are we ready to go?"

    Altair quickly typed a response.

    "Change of plans. I need you to do a little data manipulation in the tower using the Tesla's camera footage. I'm transmitting it now."

    Three minute later came the response.

    "kk. Just let me know when to do it."

    Altair tucked his phone away and turned to Jason.

    "Is this thing ready to fly?"

    "Yup. Unfortunately we're only able to get away with navigation and crew quarters."

    Altair continued workign unphased.

    "It'll have to do for now. Those are big parts we're leaving behing. Even with the sister ships, those parts are not going anywhere any time soon. We'll come back for them over time after things cool off. They're not about to alter a terrorist site without investigating the area extensively. That'll take weeks. Now I need to get going."

    "Following our anarchist friend? You realize there's a 00 with him right? You might have to-"

    "I know. I'm prepared for that."

    With those words the hangar gate opened and Altair mounted his bike which came to life with a quiet hum and a "whoosh".

    "This ship ready to fly?"


    "Altair reached over and pressed the button on the wall."

    "Attention, all staff. As soon as I launch from the hangar, you are to retreat to these coordinates!"

    Five Minutes later

    As Altair's bike flew from the hangar, the Tesla's engines roared to life. The ship ascended rapidly before flying away. Altair looked at his PDA and set his course before placing it into its socket on the control panel of his hoverbike. With preperations complete, he set off to find Sahar.

    [Summary: Altair and Jason confirm the Tesla as ready to fly, though they can only get away with two of the main pieces: Navigation and Crew Quarters. Undaunted, Altair simply states that they'll come back and steal the parts back steadily over time. Altair instructs Jason's twin sister Linette to prepare to use data from the Tesla's cameras. Altair leaves to pursue the people who managed to secure Sahar. The Tesla launches and flies away.]
  4. 30 minutes after the Tesla took off

    -Medical Room, St. Leopold Hospital

    The machines were tracking Setem’s vitals seventy times per second. The constant beeping in the room was enough to drive someone insane. They were very cautious in keeping Setem alive as he was the only 00 with tolerable loyalty left to Crusade. Through a one way glass window the doctors there observed him keeping track of every movement. His body was not too badly injured, but the energy used on his water attack drained him quite a bit. The sun started to shine through the blinds brightening the pearl white of the walls and floor of the room. The covers rustled on the bed as Setem rested himself from his self induced comatose. Rubbing his head he looked around taking notice of the large glass mirror in front of him. “Hey, can I get a glass of water?” He asked knowing that he was being watched.

    Once he had his water he swigged down half of it leaving the rest inside. He began to swirl it with a rotational motion and eventually stopped holding the glass still, but the whirlpool remained just as strong. “Good to see I can at least do that.”
    “Good to see that you at least woke up.” Tobias’s voice came from the door. He seemed slightly annoyed but at something other than Setem. He motioned his hand toward the glass having the doctors leave that room.
    “So what happened?” Setem asked.
    “Well our team is still searching the area for Sahar. Dr. Amy Sherridan is missing from the scene as well. Shortly after your attack the Tesla managed to take off. We are currently trying to track down the Tesla.”
    “How are the politicians? I am sure they will see this as a reason to blame you.”
    “Curse them; they have no right to blame others as it was the Old Guard’s decision to perform this plan anyway. We are currently trying to get evidence of their negligence.” Tobias said seeming to relieve a bit of frustration. There was a brief silence before Tobias explained the rest. “However, they will not be satisfied with going down alone. They want to drag someone with them even if they are just a bodyguard.” Setem now looked toward Tobias waiting to hear what punishment he would receive. “They are pushing for imprisonment but luckily for you, you are protected by Crusade Project Secrecy. After hearing that they opted out for the death penalty; once again you are the only one with tolerable loyalty to us.”
    “Loyal to the peace provided by Crusade, Tobias.” Setem corrected.
    “Yes, yes. But seeing as they could not get you imprisoned or put to death they decided to make you go on your own suicide mission. They want Sahar back, as does the rest of us. The media will be told that you were imprisoned, you will be a single man with no back up. I suggest you keep to the shadows and you have no relation to Crusade after this. Even if you do succeed you will be stripped of your authority and allowed to live in the city with a monitor on your powers. That is what they wanted at the very least and that is what we had to give to keep them quiet.” Tobias explained.
    “Heh, so a suicide mission it is. Me against the entire force known as the Rebels. That is certain death no matter what way you look at it.”
    “Setem, good luck.” Tobias said leaving the room as he had time to think over his sentence. No good was to come of it, no good at all.

    [Summary: Setem awakes in the hospital and is given a suicide mission courtesy of the Old Guard. He must find and return Sahar by himself with no relation to Crusade as he does. Now he sits thinking over the fate given to him.]
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  6. [​IMG]

    <table><tr><td valign="top">[​IMG]</td><td><p>"This is a disaster."</p><p><b>"Nonsense,"</b> replied Thaddeus Dayne. <b>"Every Messiah must walk in the Wilderness for a time. The break will do her good."</b></p><p>"You talk as if you planned all this," snapped Colonel Gustave, cracking his knuckles as he glared through the viewing window.</p><p><b>"Not at all,"</b> replied Dayne. <b>"<i>Plans</i>, by their very nature, fail. I do not make <i>plans</i>. I make <i>certainties</i>. And the most certain thing that remains at the moment is this..."</b></p></td><td valign="top">[​IMG]</td></tr><Tr><td colspan="3"><p>The Minister steadied himself on the flight deck and lifted both hands theatrically.<p><b>"... wherever Genesis is, she is being told and taught precisely what she needs to know."</b></p><p>Gustave clasped his hands behind his back and scolwed. But this was just his manner. Despite his complaints, Gustave knew precisely what his friend, Thaddeus Dayne was doing, and moreover he trusted him with his very life.</p><p>The two men stood on the viewing deck of a Crusade Paladin-Ship, one of a squadron of seven circling the Tesla crashsite. They had picked up Setem and the other survivors on the first sweep, shipping them back to Semile, and now the squadron that remained was in the process of combing the nearby swamps and wetlands.</p><p>"I told you Setem would fail us," grunted the Colonel, not content to let the silence rest.</p><p>Dayne carried on reading the data slides that were being super-imposed over the viewing window - topographical reports, survivor bios, energy readouts. <b>"Setem did precisely what he needed to. He became the big brother, and now he is bound on a quest of loyalty. Whether he dies or succeeds, the lesson cannot be disputed."</b> He paused to flash his trademark smile at Gustave. <b>"<i>Certainties</i>, my friend."</b></p><p>The Paladin Ship swept low, moving over the groundteams deployed around the different sections of the Tesla airship. The pieces of the Tesla lay strewn amid the swamps - the main air capsule, the wing thrusters, the rear cabins and hanger-bays. Everything was still here, with the exception of Forward Navigation.</p><p>"And are you <i>certain</i> where the rest of the Tesla has gone?" asked Gustave.</p><p><b>"Not a clue,"</b> replied Dayne jauntily, pressing his mechanical finger to the window and moving streams of data around. <b>"But whoever took it was well-prepared, as were the ones who took out our cyborgs on the perimeter."</b></p><p>The Minister smiled in awe as he watched the footage from various external cyborgs and internal cameras. <b>"But what a prize we have here! Mutliple breaches of security and intelligence. We have true Norfolkians, fake Norfolkians, Brotherhood rebels, and a host of renegade 00s all exploiting the Old Guard's failings. There is no doubt now that every player on this board wants a piece of our dear Messiah."</b><p>Two more ships swooped down in front of Dayne's vessel, spiralling towards landing sites on the ground. They were darker than the other Paladins and sleeker. Inside, they carried a treasure both innocent and terrible. Five members of the Old Guard had been arrested since the attack, and their whole staff of servants, concubines and child sex-slaves lay dead inside those black ships. They had been executed with firearms matching those used in the attack on Captain Williams, and now their violated bodies would be planted amongst the crashsite, ready for the film crews.</p><p><i>The Tesla, a ship carrying women and children... brought down by murderous rebels...</p><p>The Messiah... dragged away by the same deviants... her 'mother' killed or likewise captured.</p><p>It would be a day of darkest tragedy for the people of Semile.</p><p>And only Thaddeus Dayne, right-hand of the High Priest, could bring the light.</i></p>Dayne ordered the film crews to set up and open the link to the Tower of Solon. Then he transferred all recorded information on the 00s to his personal data slate and returned to his flight seat.</p><p><b>"The game has begun,"</b> he remarked, pouring himself a sherry.</p></td></tr></table>

    [SUMMARY: At the Tesla crashsite, Dayne sets up another perversion of truth for the news reports. He is already eliminating his political enemies and using the bodies of their servants to implicate the rebels. What little information there is on the 00s, Dayne has taken into his personal possession.]
  7. Sodika:Pardon me?What does that mean?I don't understand.
  8. Yuri was almost ecstatic, he had given up hope that they could get Genesis, but as always Dante had made sure thing worked out. Yuri had a lot of respect for the Brotherhood leader, now more than ever. This was a great victory. He was changing out of the gray overalls and back into his customary outfit when he paused. The locker next to his had belonged to another of the bridge team, a man who Yuri had looked in the face as he had shot himself under the orders of an enemy. It had already been emptied, he had know the dead brother had kept a picture stuck to the inside of the door but that was gone too. Victory had come at a cost and it was his job to make sure this criminal's greed didn't take it away from them

    A short time later in the mobster's hovercraft Yuri sat next to Rhiannon as they guarded the prisoners, he had been silent the whole trip but his eyes had not left Sahar. Could this little girl really be the most important person to the crusade, their messiah? Even if she wasn't the very fact that she was important to the Crusade meant that she was more important to the Brotherhood. To Yuri she was just a girl, and a little bit of a brat at that. He glanced at Rhiannon, another one of those who had strange powers, but to Mancini she was just a weapon, a tool to be used for his own gain, she even meant less to him than a gun to a soldier. And the doctor, the true tragedy here. She had done nothing except be a mother the the girl and yet she would be hurt to control Sahar.

    He leaned forward. “I'm sorry.... Amy, is it? I would have preferred to leave you out of this.” his tone was sincere. “And please.” he said turning to Sahar, “Don't make us hurt her, I promise we are doing this for your own good, for everyone's good.”
  9. [ame=""]YouTube- Code Geass R2 OST 2 Track 17 "Cheese"[/ame]

    Mancini’s Home; Park Heights, 1:35 EST

    “Make your empty threats, rebel.” Sahar glanced up at Yuri, “We have no reason to fear you or kind. "

    Her silver toned hair was a mess, so now she was wearing a small beret to cover this up. Although a Messiah, she still had all the vanity of a teen her age.

    “Where are we going anyways? This trip is boring the hell out of me.”

    “Now little girl…” Yuri said.

    “Don’t you dare call me that again, rebel scum.” Sahar said while clenching her teeth, “I don’t know what is with you people but I am no longer a little girl! I’m fourteen years old. Note, once again the teen aspect of that word.”

    However, Sahar’s red eyes where not focused on Yuri but the brown haired woman that looked just as unhappy as she was about being in the limo-like hovercraft.

    “You’re one of them. Aren’t you?” Sahar said icily. “An 00 working for these uncultured swine? You should be on my side. At least we have such things as baths and books. I bet this guy over here can’t even read or write.”

    “That’s enough coming out of you!” Yuri snapped.

    “I don’t have to listen to you, buddy. You’re only armed with a pistol because your big sniper weapon was smashed in two when my dumb old body guard decided flooding the Tesla was a smart idea. The real weapon on this ship is our little silent friend.” Sahar pouted.
  10. (Musical Ambience: Cowboys from Hell, Pantera, The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! Disc 1)

    Charlie Niner
    Naval Station Norfolk...

    Pirates on their own are destructive enough. When alcohol is added they become even worse, trying to destroy their environment and others. Sometimes they even try and destroy themselves. The fact that they get back up afterward is a testament to the resilience of the Norfolkian Pirate, a man forged at sea and tested in the heat of battle. For most of the pirates alcohol consumption is a past time, coming as naturally as breathing. For others it quickly becomes an acquired taste. Naturally pirates don't like to be disturbed when drinking but they tend to recognize the higher rungs of the ladder when they make themselves known.

    Such as what is happening to Steiner and Lonestar right now. The officer, a Lieutenant Commander from DESRON*, had entered the bar in his dress blues, a manilla folder tucked under his arm. He looked too clean to be a pirate, his shoes reflecting the poor light off of them and his face clean of stubble. He approached Steiner and Lonestar, dropping the folder on the table in front of them.

    "Senior Chief Howard Steiner, I'm Lieutenant Commander Connors and I have a job for you." Connors said, Steiner and Lonestar focusing on him.

    "Something particulary interesting that I have brass from DESRON seeking me out?" the Chief asked, Lonestar pouring himself another shot of rum. Connors snatched the glass away and downed it, slamming it down on the table. This was to show both men that he was serious.

    "One MA1 Heydrich went AWOL with a small squad of men." the man started, Steiner opening the file. He was staring at Heydrich's service record and those of a few others. "We have reason to believe he went up against the Yankees**."

    "You're shitting me, right? That's a suicide mission."

    "Which is why we're sending a SEAL team to get them. Since he's from your ship your team will recover him." Steiner and Lonestar looked at eachother then to Connors.

    "How long till we deploy?"

    "Four hours. Get your team together and report to Chambers Field immediately." Connors replied. Steiner handed the folder back.

    "You wanted the best, sir. We'll do you proud." he said with a sneer. Connors turned and left, Lonestar picking up the tab.

    "Ya think Heydrich's gittin' himself into somethin' big?" he asked when he came back.

    "I hope not. The worst he can get right now is NJP***. If he starts a war, then it's a firing squad." Steiner replied as the two men walked out of Charlie Niner. Steiner pulled his cover on and lit up a cigarette.

    "We are the best. We can do this." he mused.


    -Steiner is given an assignment to retrieve Heydrich and his men.

    *DESRON: Destroyer Squadron. There are several DESRON offices in Norfolk. The Wasp falls under DESRON 22
    **Yankees: Norfolkian slang for citizens of Semile
    ***NJP: Nonjudicial Punishment. The UCMJ comes into play whenever a Captain's Mast is held. If a situation warrants it then a Courts Martial will be held instead. These usually end in death sentences.
  11. I think the dress will get him most of the way there, haha. He might have a hard time believing that she actually wants him and not just the internship, so that could be something holding him back too. Because he's not going to let himself be played for a fool.
  12. When I next get time Sorey and Zaveid are potential characters from Zestiria I'll use. as for the rest, i'll fix this when at my PC.
  13. *Crashes through wall*


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  14. The Kulthum (Tobias’ home), 1: 55 PM

    Tobias rested his chest on his chamber slave’s back, he kissed her neck. Her soft flesh always had the ability to make his woes subside. She was such a simple woman, like the one’s he had known back in the village. Yet Tobias knew that Leila was more than just a simple peasant from the Norfolk Zone. She was a devout daughter of God and therefore a devout follower to him. Any sinful man would never harm her and Tobias would see to that.

    The touch of his lips, made the young woman’s toes curl. She laughed, "The Will of my feet, the little devils have minds of their own."

    Tobias chuckled, and Leila gave a mental sigh of relief, he wasn't worried. Tobias smiled as his lover spoke of her feet being as little devils.

    “Well, for what it’s worth, I am glade they brought you to me, I was hoping for some friendly company.”

    He said as he patted her on head and then stepped back. “I am sorry for not spending more time with you Leila, you mean so much to me.”

    Moving his hand onto her bare hip, it seemed that once again they would embrace in their idyllic dance. That was until a small device started beeping. It was his private phone, a device Tobias loathed at this point in time.

    Sighing, Tobias stood up and picked up his dark blue tunic and pulled out the machine.

    “Hello? I see….Thank you for informing me Marianne. Yes, I am resting. The doctor’s orders. Whatever, I’m going to hang up now. Good-bye Marianne."

    Tobias then snapped the phone shut causing the screen returned to its default image - the holy insignia of the High Priest, a white halo on a black background, encircling a half-open eye.

    Leila quirked an eyebrow when he said nothing else, “Seems like your subordinate is more flustered than normal.”

    “She just informed me that the Nephilim have captured Grazer. He will be tried as an enemy of the state. A traitor and an Atheist.” Tobias spoke a loud, more to himself than to his nude lover.

    These were the exact words he told Dayne to use. Genesis was in the hands of the enemy, he felt strongly to blame for allowing this to happen. That girl was the key to everything, and without her, they were lost, and doom to fail. Thinking over the past images he saw, he found it all hard to believe; Counselor Grazer with the rebels. However, this was the only way to set things in motion to save the young teen and restore the promise of a Messiah.

    The High Priest lowered his face, revealing the stress in his eyes. The comfort he felt with his lover had slowly slipped away as his anger and sadness resurfaced once again. He hated that things had to be this way.

    “One cannot stop what the Lord has set in motion.
    One cannot stop what the Lord has set in motion.
    One cannot stop what the Lord has set in motion.
    One cannot stop what the Lord has set in motion.
    One cannot stop what the Lord has set in motion.”

    It had only been a month. 30 days and already his reign was off to a horrid start. He hardly ever got to go for simple walks with his love because of politics. The way she looked at him at that very moment made him feel terrible. He was slowly forgetting how to be a human because of his duties as the High Priest. Even if she claimed to understand, he knew that it must hurt her so much that he abandon her like this time after time.

    “Tobias?” She called out to him.

    “Heh, Dammit. I hate it when Dayne‘s right. Politics really screws your life over as a Spiritual Leader.”

    Show Spoiler
    Summary: Tobias remains second guessing himself about if the current actions will really bring comfort to the nation. He dislikes the concept of putting Grazer to death but knows it has to be done.
  15. read Illusion II: School Daze and Murder XIV: Monokuma's Awakening

    all of it
  16. Like, literally? As in, they're solid constructs?
  17. crow what the fuck we just--
  18. ...

    fuq, and i have a bunch of maybes as well in that category.
  19. [​IMG]
    Origin: Arrowverse
    Name: Nate Heywood
    Age: *shrugs* Late 20s, possibly early 30ds
    Race: Human/ Serum-powered human
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Power level: Enhanced
    Power grid
    Intelligence: 5
    Strength: 4
    Speed: 2
    Durability: 5
    Energy Projection: 1
    Fighting skill: 3
    Powers: Organic Steel Transformation: He can transform his entire body into steel.
    Accelerated Healing Factor: He can heal slightly faster than a normal human.
    Superhuman Durability: Nate can hold off knife stabbings, explosions and Ray's Blaster
    Superhuman Strength: He has quintple his strength in his steel form
    Skills: Acrobatics: He can successfully evade Security guards.
    Genius Level Intelluct: He manage to noticed minor changes to history and figure out Oliver Queen's identity and track down all of the Legends.
    Multilinguigal: He knows in English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, and Latin fluently.
    Equipment: N/A
    Bio: Nate Heywood, the grandson of Commander steel was born with hemogloblia and was sheltered most of his life due to this. At the age of 16, he left for college and got his degree and became a historian. He also helped to save the Legends and nearly died after meeting his grandfather but was saved by an enhancer allowing him to turn him to steel and helped numerous times. He arrived in this universe, clearly confused, but noticed that certain people are here. He is trying to figure out what had changed still.
    Origin: Daxam, Super Girl verse
    Name: Mon-El ( Alias: TBA, I should know it by Next Monday/Tuesday)
    Age: 24
    Race: Daxamite
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Power level: Superhuman ( May eventually change to Global)
    Power grid
    Intelligence: 3
    Strength: 6
    Speed: 4
    Durability: 7
    Energy Projection: 4
    Fighting skill: 4
    Powers: Daxamite Physiology
    Invunerlability: He is impervious to diseases and damages. A needle also couldn't pierce his skin
    Superstrength: Mon-El has super strength that is slightly weaker than Kara's
    Super speed: Mon-El is able to think faster and reacter faster too.
    Super leaping: He can do somersaults in mid air
    Photosynthesis: He can absorb energy to heal himself on a celluar level.
    Skills: Unknown
    Equipment: ( To be updated)
    Bio: Mon-El is an ex- palace guard who worked for the Daxamite prince. He helped to keep the man safe and was ultimately saved by him in a Kryptonian pod. He wound up on Earth and was held in DOA custody. He eventually became friends with Winn. He is still there, waiting to see if Kara was serious about taking charge of him.
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