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  1. The Setting: Everywhere in the world of an alternate, highly technologically advanced version of the year 2012

    ZodiaQuest is the most popular game of the year 2012. A fantasy game with the highest definition graphics, [so and so]. It runs on Virtual Reality Avatar System that enables a player to transfer his or her consciousness into a fully customized Avatar of their choice. The gameplay is basic, kill monsters, level up, do quests, interact, uncover secret items and join parties.

    The Annual Guild Battle is the game's largest event and is to begin on 21st of December [yep, the so-called apocalypse] where all servers are linked into a massive network of "dimensions" as the whole game world becomes the stage of a competition between all guilds to be named ZodiaQuest's Guild of the Year.

    On the day however, the game glitches for some reason, and the players are stuck in their avatars until one guild beats all the others.

    I need 2-3 other guild masters. Name your own guild!
    I also need people to pick guilds for themselves.

    [a picture is very much appreciated. i just drew my own, but you don't have to.]
    ZodiaQuest Username:
    Class: [you're free to name your own class]
    Guild: [while there's currently only one guild named, you can edit this later on]

    Build: [in detail, height, weight, body type]
    Gaming History: [how your character ended up playing ZodiaQuest, what their RL is like and how it affects their gaming]


    ZodiaQuest Username: Lorchenne "Lory"
    Gender: female
    Age: 25
    Level: 75
    Class: Assasin
    Guild: A-1

    Eyes: Yellow/Orange
    Hair: Blond
    Build: hourglass shape, slightly on the heavy side, busty
    Description: Lorchenne is a headstrong leader with a sisterly doting demeanor to her guild members.She is very perceptive, predicting opponents' moves by analyzing their character. She's idealistic, optimistic and lighthearted and her percipient nature gives her a fair and open-minded view of things.
    Gaming History: She started out as a game artist for ZodiaQuest. Proud of her first major project, she tried out the game herself but got stuck in the game prior to the guild war. She then discovers a lot of mysterious aspects of the game, such as NPC's resembling real people who have died and a mysterious AI entity that seems to control the world of ZodiaQuest.

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  2. This sounds rather interesting, I am assuming you will have another page where we submit characters but I am wondering what sort of races we will be able to chose from. I hope to see the actual signup/character submission post/page soon.
  3. I wonder if other people thought the same so skipped over this thread. orz
    I've edited the synopsis and added a sheet.
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  4. Profile-
    ZodiaQuest Username: Nadrojo "Nadro"
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Level: 22
    Class: Mage
    Guild: A-1
    Eyes: Bright yellow-white orbs
    Hair: None that you can see
    Build: Short, around the height of a teenager, with a slim build
    Description: Nadro is an energetic motor-mouth, with a penchant for thrill seeking. Due to his personality, even when he's in danger he's able to keep a smile on his face (even if you can't see it)
    Gaming History: He's been playing all different varieties of games since he was 5, he was introduced to the game by his cousin, and managed to snag a copy of the game before she did . . . lucky him.
    (Done I think, tell me if there's anything you want me to change)​
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  5. [you're in! :D sure you don't want to be guild master or to sign up for my guild?]
  6. I'd rather not be a guild master XD but I will sign up for your guild, if you don't mind?
  7. Awesome! Welcome to A-1, Nadro!
  8. Thanks :D
  9. I need the other guildmasters to start. ^^;;
  10. Alright, sorry about my late reply to this. I was a little busy yesterday and today. I also have to warn you I don't have a picture yet and I am probably going to draw one but for the moment I can only describe my characters appearance. I also have a few questions about how this will play out. I know that there are levels but how much does that effect a characters power? What I mean is does a lower leveled character have a chance of beating a higher level character or will this mainly be a fight between the high leveled characters? Also, if two people are of the same class would they have the same special abilities? Like the same spells or poisons? Would it be possible for a character to have one distinctive ability or would all people of he same class have that ability as well?

    ZodiaQuest Username: Siatlan (Lan)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Level: 59
    Class: Shaman, specifically lightning shaman. He can summon a lightning elemental or two but he has trouble getting them to do what he wants. They kinda just attack anything that moves with the exception of him. He keeps a few earth elementals around also either just in case something needs moving or someone needs a beating.
    Guild: Lightning Rats, it is a relatively new guild but it has gained a noteworthy reputation. They aren't the nicest people around and enjoy messing with people but they take their jobs very seriously. Although they are known for picking fights and starting trouble they are still respected, more for brute force than anything else. I was hoping he could be guild master, you said that you needed a few.

    Eyes: Light brown, he spends a lot of time in the morning putting on special eye make up in the morning. It primarily consists of swirls (mainly because that is all he knows how to do)
    Hair: Dark blond, cut short with the exception of his bangs which she has been growing out. He uses a small pin to keep it out of her eyes, either a yellow one or a white one.
    Build: He has a relatively small and skinny build, despite being an active adventurer he isn't very muscular (probably because he makes his elementals do the heavy lifting) he has olive skin and there is almost always a sunburn across the bridge of his nose and onto his cheeks.
    Description: Eager to show off his hard earned skills he is always looking for fights. He has enough confidence for ten men but behind his near constant boasting there is a tactical mind that would surprise most people. He treats the elemental creatures he summons better than most of the people he meets, he has a near unwavering faith in their abilities He enjoys picking on people (although the quality of his insults is debatable).
    Gaming History: He started playing video games when he was 8 and started playing ZodiaQuest when he was 12. For his first few years he only focused on leveling, making a point to avoid the more social aspect of the game however once he decided to try it he found himself enjoying it more than he expected. He went on to start his own guild, gaining a following of people who respected his abilities and his way of running his business. He was almost always online due to having dropped out of school and having a single mother who cared more about his health than his education.
  11. Hey it's okay, it's still being discussed and i still need a guildmaster and members for the three guilds.

    Power, skill and hp are tied to the level. the higher your level, the higher the level of your skills and so on. It's a game basic.

    It's also a game basic that there is a possibility for a player to beat a higher level player. With tactics!

    Because I'm not particular with class, attacks are unique to each person. remember, we couldn't leave the game. we're definitely to learn a thing or two about combat on our own.

    thanks for joining!
  12. still looking for a Guild Master?
  13. ZodiaQuest Username: Exce"X"
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Level: 63
    Class: Runner
    Guild: Excemyr
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde
    Description: He's a a skilled strategist and a bright thinker, but he doesn't have the initiative to really do anything. He's lazy and uninspired, but the recent competition will force him to come out of his shell and lead his Guild to victory.
    Gaming History: In real life, he's a gamer. He has his own circle of friends at school that get the latest MMO's and try to run a guild. This time around it was his time to run the guild.
    Other: Daring 2.jpg
  14. Yes! That should do, it's time to recruit a member or two! thanks!
  15. so quick question. When the RP starts, are we going to start off a bit before the guilds clash or in the middle?
  16. With my guild, I'll be doing something else but there's tons of pvp that can happen.
  17. is this still gonna happen?
  18. This is supposed to happen, honestly. But we can't be guilds without members. :(
  19. I wouldn't mind joining as a member, but I am curious, what races are available to play in this game?
  20. Are you still accepting?