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    Project Freelancer StoryMany years ago way before red vs blue, there was a project called, Project Freelancer. Project Freelancer is a Special Operations program created to study soldiers with A.I. implants in order to win the war with the Covenant. It was said to be the harshes of projects to get into. This program being run by Dr. Leonard Church, mostly known to the freelancers as the Director. These agents were given codenames of the states of the United States of America. The project at first was limited to just several agents at the time, the project has been such a giant help in many wars and such that the Director has decieded to finally expand and that is where new agents come in, new A.I, and new enemies as well as the shady things the Director does on the side, leaving the agents wondering, is what they do really the right thing?

    Ooc PlotAlright if you haven't been able to tell this is a RedvsBlue, or better known as a Project Freelancer roleplay, so to make it so we just didn't have to have Cannon characters I just made it so the Project wasn't shut down and introduce new chracters, (Before C.T left and Tex appeared)and everything was just fine and dandy, at least for know it is. Either way the plot while it seems it is going to be the divide between morals the current plot is simply everyone getting to know people as this rp -hopefully- will be running long enough to where I can have a lot of plots and even side stories, and not every moment of this Roleplay will be action, it is a bit of a sand box as the mother of Invention has many different areas so ineract with people do things until the plot rolls around.

    Rules-No godmodding, I known Freelancers are pretty much the best of the best but not every time will you dodge a punch or out run a bullet so try and make the fights even get hit once when in coat through posts.
    -No gary/mary sues, like I said Freelancers are pretty good, but don't just try to make in this case a Tex, (When she first joined the Freelancers at least) someone who can just do everything, what is the point of a team at that point, as well you just joined you should be able to just do everything.
    -Please post at least every three days, inactivey kills threads trust me I should know, because I cringe at how much of an ass as I say this due to the fact sometimes I myself am inactive, so that is why I give three days instead of two or everyday.
    -No one liners, come on guys I love a few one liners eery once and a while, butttttt it makes the Roleplay boring if nothing happens.
    -When in Missions I will be gm'ing, so there will be a posting order I will post here, and I will be fighting and deiceding what happens around the area.
    -When on missions you must have you character sign up for it, I don't want someone to go inactive on a mission, nor do I want someone showing up halfway through.
    -Characters will die it happens, (Just don't end up like Georiga) so if they happens hey just make a new character, one thing though please only make one at a time until you character dies.
    -Have a fun time, I mean that is what we are here for right?

    Player ListAlabama
    California- Ashley Dunning@MarMar
    Colorado- Atlas Campbell @AllThePasta
    Illinois- Deacon Fletcher @Charitil Ballister
    Louisiana- @SPARTAN Bennett (Reserved)
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    Rhode Island
    Vermont- Achilles C. Hammond [Celane]
    West Virginia

    Oc Creation
    To help out a bit here I am going to use my character as a template feel free to ask questions on this part.

    Name: Achilles C. Hammond
    Codename: Vermont
    Nickname: Monty
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Appearance: (Picture or Description works here, picture can be Real or Drawn just a general appearance really)
    Armor Type: ODST Standard (Please use from Halo Three and Up, Reach/ODST Included)
    Armor Color: Primary White, Secondary Black
    Main Weapon:BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle (Battle Rifle)
    Secondary: Two Collaspible Tomahawks/Pistol
    History: (Optional)
    Personailty: You know that one laid back ass that is so lazy he doesn't do anything until he has to? That is Achilles in a nutshell, he is laid back and sarcastic making it hard to actually rely on him as a teammate as it is extremely hard to tell if he is going to take something seriously or not, he is one of the only guys around that be beaten up and keep a straight face, not only that but he seems to be able to keep a calm mind no matter what.
    Speicality: Close Combat/Melee Weapon use
    A.I(You don't have to use a greek letter, you also don't get these right away): Eta. Eta allows Achilles to almost in a way relase full potental as for as long as it is going, he moves much quicker, thinks quicker, and is a little stronger making him overall much more deadly than before almost as if it is a manual Adrenaline rush.
    Other: You can often find him sleeping around

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  2. This seems very interesting, though i do have to ask, can my AI allow me to make 1 singular solid copy of myself that acts like i do, i can switch places with it, but if it gets hit 2-3 times it disappears?
  3. Hmm yeah that could work.
  4. Well, before i continue i want to clarify (As to me it seems my the switch places thing is confusing), when i say Switch Places with it, i mean that i teleport to where it's standing and it teleports to where i'm standing, while we are both doing the same action we were doing before. (So for example, my Copy is punching someone and i myself am kicking someone, than i activate the switch, so now i am Punching the person my clone was punching, and my clone is now kicking the person i was kicking.)
  5. Yes that would work, but the clone has to do much less damage than the freelancer itself.
  6. How do you mean?
  7. Well the idea is overall good, but having two fully trained freelancers fighting throughtout the field that can teleport can make for an op thing even if the clone is not very durable, i would suggest one more weakness like, maybe it can't be that far away or something like that.
  8. So how about he can only teleport to it if its in a 100 foot radius to the original? So it can go as far away as it wants but they can only switch places if its inside a 100 foot radius around the original.
  9. Reserving for Louisiana!
  10. Also, yea, i'mma take Colorado :3.
  11. Remember reservations only last two days. So yeah.
  12. Also, @Celane you never did answer me on the 100 feet thing for his ability :3.
  13. May I reserve Agent CA?

  14. Oh yes that works, and yes you can reserve.
  15. Alright, will have a sheet soon then ^^.
  16. Name: Atlas Cambell

    Codename: Colorado

    Nickname: The All-Rounder

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual


    Armor Type:

    Armor Color: White Primary Grey Secondary

    Main Weapon: M99 SAR Sniper Rifle

    Secondary: M6C SOCOM/ Melee Tomahawk

    History: (I will add history to this sheet as it is revealed ICly)

    Personailty: Atlas is very paranoid, not trusting others most of the time, which often times leads him into accepting missions that he would need a partner, and thus he would need back-up sometimes because of this. Atlas is also very loyal once you become his friend, if your his friend than he would gladly die for you if it helps you to live another day, though often times he will use his clone if he can to take the hit for him. Atlas is also a little insane, as he will often be seen chatting with his clone when he can, if he's bored, or if he needs to brainstorm.

    Speciality: Atlas is an All-Rounder, he's decent at everything, meaning he's not great at anything but he's not terrible at anything either, this allows him to fill multiple roles and combined with his AI's ability it allows him to solo a few missions that would otherwise require a partner.

    A.I(You don't have to use a greek letter, you also don't get these right away): Mercury. Mercury allows Atlas to create a physical copy that moves, acts, and thinks exactly like Atlas himself. Atlas can also switch places with this clone, allowing him multitudes of options while in combat, though he can only switch with it when it is within a 100 feet radius of the real Atlas himself. Another drawback is that if this clone takes 2-3 hits than it will disappear, and cannot be called upon again for 5-10 minutes.

    Other: Atlas likes to keep his helmet on most times, only taking it off if ordered, he's alone, or he's around friends.
  17. Name:
    Ashley Dunning


    Ash, Lee, Dun-Dun, Ninja

    Armor Type:

    Armor Color:
    Primary: Dark Orange
    Secondary: Dark Green
    Main Weapon:
    BR55 Service Rifle (Bullpup Battle Rifle)

    Secondary Weapon:

    Magnum, Combat Knife


    Raised by a generally quiet and boring family, consisting her mother, Ashley, and her younger brother. Ashley was the only one who stood out. When she was 17, she would always cause trouble and get into fights; which led to her getting grounded and punished a lot. Most of that had changed when her mother caught an illness and soon passed away just months after getting sick. Thereafter, she dropped everything to take care of her brother, Aaron, who was 3 years younger than she was. She stopped getting into fights and worked non-stop, trying to support her sibling. Years passed and when she was 22-years-old and Aaron was 19-years-old, Ashley soon decided to join the force to serve and protect civilians to make herself feel useful. She left her brother to do what he wanted with the money she had left him, hoping he would do what he thought was best.


    Ashley is pretty much a chill person inside and out. Usually, she doesn't take things as serious as most do, but when she is angry, she tends to go on a rampage and sometimes affects those around her. She tries not to take her anger out on anyone, so she secretly keeps those feelings inside until she can't take it anymore. Ash likes talking when spoken to. If not, she is usually quiet. She can be goofy at times, and enjoys making new friends. She would do anything for her friends.


    Working covertly, Close Combat.


    Chi allows Ashley to heighten her 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. It can only last for 5 minutes at a time and takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours before it can be used again.


    Ashley isn't perfect when it comes to fighting, and is quite reckless. She tends to fail a lot, but she tries her best.
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  18. Name: Deacon Fletcher

    Codename: Illinois

    Nickname: Bull Dog

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual


    Armor Type: MJOLNIR GEN2 Operator

    Armor Color: Primary Brown, Secondary Blue

    Main Weapon: M739 Light Machine Gun

    Secondary: MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System, Bowie Knife

    Personality: Friendly as hell, and loyal to boot, Deacon usually takes the loss of team members hard. Because of this he is the first one to rush to help anybody. Deacon is also a man to confide in, he will bear your problems for you and give you advice...... or help hide the body, he is flexible like that.

    Specialty: CQC/Pointman
    AI: Xi ΞΎ. Xi can create rounds out of particles pulled from the atmosphere around the suit, allowing almost unlimited ammo for a short period of time.

    Other:Enjoys helping out people in mock combat trials.
  19. All three of you are accepted.
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  20. Name: Aaron Wolf

    Codename: Louisiana

    Nickname: Wrath/ Agent Louis/ Louis

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Unarmored (open)

    Armor Type:
    Armor (open)


    Armor Color: Primary- Steel/ Secondary- Rust

    Main Weapon:
    BR85HB Battle Rifle (open)

    M6H Magnum (open)

    While Aaron is known for being a jack of all trades, he specializes mainly in close quarter combat. While training along the other in Project: FREELANCER, he took the time to study and master several deadly martial arts; Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Wushu, Choy Lay Fut, Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin Fist, Tai Chi, Mantis, and Indonesian Silat.

    Personality and Traits:
    Aaron is always calm and collected, ever since his childhood when his mother and father were killed in the Great War before his eyes. He's possessed a veteran mindset since then after taking time to train with his adopted family. Nothing really bothers him or scares him, but there are times where he's shown to be bashful or embarrassed at times when caught off guard. One of the more wiser team members, and a childhood mathematical prodigy, Wolf has a calculative mind with an outstanding IQ of 225. Along with his genius he's also strikingly clever. At age 6, he hacked into a secret UNSC Communications array and was able to broadcast his favorite antique anime, "Tokyo Ghoul". Under pursuit, he was able to hack the the defense systems in order to lock out personnel so that he could remain and enjoy his show. While there, he reprogrammed drones to route in and out of the control room to bring him food and utilities, while keeping disclosure to the UNSC.

    In combat Aaron has nerves of steel and guts of glory. A savvy tactician, he can organize a defense plan to hold a position as a single man for three consecutive days.

    Along with his expert CQC conditioning, Aaron's reflexes are 150% faster than the average FREELANCER; making him one of the fastest and more agile of the group. His long terms of training have conditioned his body with a significant amount of stamina and endurance- enough to where he can run a rate of 64 mph. The fastest recorded speed Aaron ran was up to 103 mph for three minutes before tearing both tendons. After a week's recovery in surgery, his top speed since then has only been a maximum of 80 mph for ten minutes.
    After losing his parents to the Great War,Aaron was taken in by a distant branch of his family. They were a traditional line of martial artists hailing from all ends of Asia and the eastern islands. He was brought to a family monastery where he was trained with the monks there, but exclusively in order to maintain urban values. This lead to him reading books, analyzing technology, studying engineering of all branches, and arithmetic. They taught him the ways of Zen and kept him home schooled. Upon reaching puberty, Aaron was discovered by the Director and educated into the project without haste.

    Among the younger members, but one of the most skilled, Aaron quickly rose along the leaderboards to becoming a candidate for being a top-tier Freelancer.

    REN enhances Aaron's reflexes and agility, temporarily, by an added 150%, making his reaction time increase by a total of 300% and much more nimble. She can also enhance his physical output by 75%, allowing him to hit harder and endure harsher injuries.

    Other: N/A​
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