Project Freelancer: A New Generation

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  2. Hiya! Can I reserve Montana, please? I'll get started ASAP.
  3. Yes you can ^^
  4. Name:
    Ashley Dunning


    Ash, Lee, Dun-Dun, Ninja

    Armor Type:

    Armor Color:
    Primary: Dark Orange
    Secondary: Dark Green
    Main Weapon:
    BR55 Service Rifle (Bullpup Battle Rifle)

    Secondary Weapon:

    Magnum, Combat Knife


    Raised by a generally quiet and boring family, consisting her mother, Ashley, and her younger brother. Ashley was the only one who stood out. When she was 17, she would always cause trouble and get into fights; which led to her getting grounded and punished a lot. Most of that had changed when her mother caught an illness and soon passed away just months after getting sick. Thereafter, she dropped everything to take care of her brother, Aaron, who was 3 years younger than she was. She stopped getting into fights and worked non-stop, trying to support her sibling. Years passed and when she was 22-years-old and Aaron was 19-years-old, Ashley soon decided to join the force to serve and protect civilians to make herself feel useful. She left her brother to do what he wanted with the money she had left him, hoping he would do what he thought was best.


    Ashley is pretty much a chill person inside and out. Usually, she doesn't take things as serious as most do, but when she is angry, she tends to go on a rampage and sometimes affects those around her. She tries not to take her anger out on anyone, so she secretly keeps those feelings inside until she can't take it anymore. Ash likes talking when spoken to. If not, she is usually quiet. She can be goofy at times, and enjoys making new friends. She would do anything for her friends.


    Working covertly, Close Combat.

    A.I Name:

    A.I Appearance:
    But her armor color is yellow.

    A.I Ability:

    Chi allows Ashley to heighten her 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. It can only last for 5 minutes at a time and takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours before it can be used again.
    Ashley isn't perfect when it comes to fighting, and is quite reckless. She tends to fail a lot, but she tries her best.
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  5. Accepted, i'm gonna start working on a banner for this btw ^^
  6. Name: Atlas Cambell

    Codename: Colorado

    Nickname: The All-Rounder

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual


    Armor Type:

    Armor Color: White Primary Grey Secondary

    Main Weapon: M99 SAR Sniper Rifle (for Long Distance fights), Duel Pistols

    Secondary: 2x Tomahawks/Combat Knife

    History: Atlas was lonely kid growing, most of the time it was because any planet he lived on was soon invaded by the Covenant, or had to be evacuated because of some disease called the Flood. Thus he grew up paranoid, thinking that he was bad-luck and that he couldn't make friends or else they die soon. For a long time, from when he was 8 to 22, he lived this way, and when he joined the UNSC forces and was converted into a SPARTAN unit his paranoia only grew more. With the new 'Freelancer Project - Only accepting the Best of the Best' poster he had heard of started recruiting he joined readily, hoping beyond hope that if he made any friends in this new ultra-advanced unit that they would survive his 'bad luck'. Though, once he was granted his AI, Mercury, his paranoia grew steadily once more, resulting in him 'conversing' with his clone.

    A.I. Name: Mercury

    A.I. Appearance:

    A.I. Ability: Mercury allows Atlas to create a solid clone of himself. This clone is an exact copy of himself, and dissipates after 2-3 hits. Atlas also can Teleport to his clone no matter the distance, allowing Atlas to go solo on some missions if he wants to.

    Personailty: Atlas is very paranoid, not trusting others most of the time, which often times leads him into accepting missions that he would need a partner, and thus he would need back-up sometimes because of this. Atlas is also very loyal once you become his friend, if your his friend than he would gladly die for you if it helps you to live another day, though often times he will use his clone if he can to take the hit for him. Atlas is also a little insane, as he will often be seen chatting with his clone when he can, if he's bored, or if he needs to brainstorm.

    Speciality: Atlas is an All-Rounder, he's decent at everything, meaning he's not great at anything but he's not terrible at anything either, this allows him to fill multiple roles and combined with his AI's ability it allows him to solo a few missions that would otherwise require a partner.

    Other: Atlas likes to keep his helmet on most times, only taking it off if ordered, he's alone, or he's around friends.
  7. Also, you don't have to put limitations on their AI ability, unless you want to, since we're supposed to be a new Generation of Freelancers ^^.
  8. I want to reserve Connecticut, because that's where I am from so represent! xD. I will have cs up either tomorrow or friday, depending on my work schedule and stuff^^.
  9. pshh i chose cali because i've lived in cali my entire life.
    still do. :P
  10. Same reason why i chose Colorado XD
  11. I'm saving up money and planning on moving to Cali. Going to become a great Actor. That's what I've wanted to do since I could remember. It's not a dream it's my destiny. Some people just say it just to say it, I mean it^^. Maybe I will see you or you'll see me on the big screen xD.
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  12. Pfft. Picking our own states FTW!!
    And we'll see, Shattered!
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  13. Yes, Represent!

    And i wish you all of the luck Shattered ^^.
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  14. Yeah my acting teacher said that I'm a natural. He's usually a hard I was shocked xD.

  15. Aela Trevalian
    Code name: Montana
    Nickname: Yojimbo, Brick
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: bisexual

    Armor Appearance: [​IMG]

    Primary Weapon/s: M739 Light Machine, Unarmed

    Secondary Weapons: Dual Magnums

    Past: Alex is no stranger to death and destruction. As a kid, she was taken from her home and was forced to suffer through the Spartan program. She was later assigned to a squad of Marines whom helped her feel human. As she grew into a leadership position, she learned to bear the weight of ordering her men and herself into the line of fire. Despite her being ready to give her life for the cause of her commanders, her heart grew heavy as she listened to her men's fears. As such she developed empathy for their plight, in spite of her orders and training.

    Before the move to Freelancer, Aela had been retrofitted and deployed from the newest Spartan program. Being the Close Quarters specialist that had managed to kill quite a few Convenant with her bare hands, she was sent to the "Best of the Best" Program to further hone her skills.

    Personality: Aela is an adrenaline junkie. She is pretty sociable, but can become introverted should she be introduced to too many people at one time. She prefers to listen rather than talk, and will say few words unless prompted or if an opinion is on her mind. She enjoys music and working out/training; so she will be seen with one (or doing both) when she is stressed out. Aela is loyal to a fault, and can blindly follow the orders of someone she trusts immensely. However, she doesn't give her trust easily. She is a pretty good leader, but she would
    rather act as a support to the team leaders than lead herself.

    Specialty: Close Quarters, Vanguard

    A.I. Name: Xi
    A.I. Appearance: [​IMG]
    A.I. Ability: DRACULAS (DRAining CUrrent for LAtent Sabotage) Gauntlets. Using advanced technological and cyberwarefare suites, Xi is able to remotely siphon electricity to power an EMP device that is housed in the left gauntlet. The right is equipped with a sophisticated bug that allows Xi to hack remotely.
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  16. I shotgun Indiana again, because, well, Indiana Jones.
  17. Alrighty then XD
  18. All done
  19. Nice character, accepted ^^. Once @The_J and @Shattered♦Secrets™ make their characters i'll make the IC ^^. People can still be accepted into this a join even though it started already FYI ^^.
  20. Okay I should have my char up tomorrow night. I get out of work at like 9:30 PM Est so I should have char up around 10-11pm est. For now good night.
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