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    a fallen soul - uppermost
    P R O J E C T : F I R E F L Y comprises a group of criminals who have been given one last shot at life by working for the government. The alternative? Banishment to the Outlands, where a gruesome fate at the hand of mutant creatures await them.

    Behind the scenes, however, the government has little to no power, and BioTech Incorporated--the company that engineered the project--holds the reigns. The Fireflies are brainwashed, physically altered with cyberparts according to the needs of BioTech, and are essentially used as weapons against rival companies who wish to overthrow BioTech from its seat of power.

    All this unfolds in S A L V A T I O N C I T Y also known as New Vegas. A place decked with neon holograms and skyscrapers, where time is an infinite stretch of night and indulgence reigns supreme.

    GENRE: Cyberpunk
    POSTING EXPECTATIONS: Adept/Casual (1-2 paragraphs)
    FACE CLAIMS: Not required. Semi-realistic art only (No anime, no real people pictures)

    Let me know if you're interested below!
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  2. Damn, I'm going to get hooked, aren't I? Yep. Guess I'm in
  3. nwn you have caught my eye. i await more info~
  4. Didn't expect this to garner so much interest in two days! Thanks for getting involved, everyone. The Info Dump (which is really not much of an info dump at the moment) and SU thread have already been posted. Please don't post OOCs in any of the aforementioned threads. I made a Discord server where all the OOC chatter can take place, so feel free to hop in any time.

    @darkflames13 @Nemopedia @Spectre of the Fade @Daz @EmperorsChosen @TheTechnologicVampire @RedArmyShogun @beautie @Rax Rosetta @Arbellus @mango @Boo Girlie BoomBoom @rissa @RaineSensei @Eon @Jehuti @Petricus Euryale @CloudyBlueDay @Razzmatazzical

    As long as it doesn't go into moe territory, it should be fine. :D The moe aspect is honestly the only thing I am not too thrilled about.

    Unfortunately, I don't think this can work out. :( Fireflies don't even own their lives. Their body, the bed where they sleep, the food they eat--everything comes from BioTech. Fireflies are expensive enough to fund as it is; giving each of them cars would be luxurious.
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  5. Hu, OK. I'm game
  6. That music really set the mood, I'm interested. Very.
  7. Uppermost is great like that! :D

    Anyway, @Himilo @Queen_Nobody In case you guys missed the announcement, the lore and sign-up threads have already been posted. Also, here's the link to the Discord server where most of the OOC takes place. Welcome aboard!

    That said, officially closing this interest check from now since, holy balls, I think we have more than enough people.
  8. Darn.. I was too late in noticing this RP. Well, have fun ya'll :D

    Or.. Err... You can't squeeze in one more, can you?
  9. @Akashi Oh, crud, why not. Join in!
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