Project Fairytales

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  1. This will be guy x guy
    Looking for dominant

    Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Aurora...
    Your character was obsessed with fairytales ever since he was young. So was his father. He was told every fairytale that could ever be taken a hold of. Your character is a prince of a large and modern city. He is talented, loved, strong. When his father first mentions 'Project Fairytales', he is enthusiastic and can't wait to hear the details.
    But when he hears it, he's horrified. His father, who he saw as kind and gentle, is now twisted and sickening. People will be taken, experimented on (though his father claims they are controlled surgeries and tests), and thrown into a duel. A modern day hero vs villain.
    There were, however, a few extras.
    They are labeled 'exotic servants', used as toys and looked at in a mix of aw and sickness.
    My character is one. Bumping into the prince, he mumbles about being a 'dove from Cinderella'.
    It is this dove that is assigned to be a servant to the prince and warns him:
    The prince (your character)'s own father is planning on including his son into this project... as a character.

    The king will have you experimented and you can choose which hero or villain. You can have magical abilities after the experiments.

    My character:
    Name: Semira
    Age: 19
    Abilities: Night vision, limited wind powers, helps the royal black magician
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