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  1. [​IMG]

    Basic Information

    Game Masters: Optimistic Potato & OmegaVelociraptorsaurus
    Status: Open for character creation. One more allowed.
    OOC Open Date: 2014-08-28
    IC Open Date: N/A
    Genre: Science fiction, mystery, and survival.
    Rating: Mature for possible violence, strong language, death and gore.
    Romance Level: No higher than PG13 allowed.
    Notes: Please completely read through all the information given before posting up a character. Also make sure to read and abide by all the rules set forth by the GMs. And finally, all characters must be accepted by GMs before you can post in the IC.

    Project Evolutionary Progress (EP)

    > The local government had been testing people for years now, constantly coming up with some bullshit way of hiding their intentions for a little while later. Always under the radar of public knowledge. But lately the disappearances have become more and more noticeable. More and more people would go missing and no bodies were ever recovered. The mystery would continue to spark the imaginations of local conspiracy theorists.
    > But where were these people being taken, and for what reason?
    > A new group had been taken, this one seemed very promising. The scientists working with Project EP were very excited about this next group of candidates. Their tests showed almost perfect compatibility to their new drug. The scientists were hoping that this would help force humanity to take the next evolutionary step. The drug would force changes in the candidates that would change their mind or body, or as seen in rare cases, both. Unfortunately, until recently, finding candidates with the proper compatibility was a very difficult task. Up until now the drug had a 95% mortality rate, those that the drug did not kill wound up going insane.
    > So employees were tasked with bringing in these individuals for full experimentation. The group would be prepped for injection of this dangerous drug once they arrived at the facility that housed Project EP. They'd be locked in the facility together and remotely monitored as the drug took hold of the host and forced these 'evolutionary' changes.

    Character Sheet

    > (name)
    > (age 16+)
    > (gender)
    > (evolutionary trait)
    > (downfall to trait: to be given by GM after your character is approved)
    > Likes: (3+)
    > Dislikes: (3+)
    > Favourites: (2+)
    > Fears: (2+)
    > (physical description)
    > (personality)
    > (history)

    CS Code (open)
    [imga=right]CHARACTER PICTURE IMAGE URL HERE[/imga]> [size=1](name here)[/size]
    > [size=1](age here)[/size]
    > [size=1](gender here)[/size]
    > [size=1](evolutionary trait here)[/size]
    > [SIZE=1](downfall to trait here: to be given by GM after your character is approved)[/SIZE]
    > [size=1]Likes: (3+ likes here)[/size]
    > [size=1]Dislikes: (3+ ldislikes here)[/size]
    > [size=1]Favourites: (2+ favourites here)[/size]
    > [size=1]Fears: (2+ fears here)[/size]
    > [size=1](physical description here)[/size]
    > [size=1](personality here)[/size]
    > [size=1](history here)[/size]


    > Chandra Mayer - Played by Optimistic Potato
    > Danny Palmer - Played by PlayingMonster
    > Kite Kirusagi - Played by OmegaVelociraptorsaurus
    > Katrina Montgomery - Played by Adira
    > Kyle Lovard - Played by Sashakiki
    > Nichole Sherrell - Played by Zaira
    > Amaya Howard - Played by TyratheTyrant
    > Vandel Tetrial - Played by JextheShadow
    > Exavior Abernathy - Played by Shadicmaster


    > Follow all of Iwaku's rules!
    > Read all information given before making a character.
    > Keep all OOC information out of the IC, your character doesn't know what we are talking about there.
    > Do not control or kill another player's character without their permission.
    > Be respectful to other players, if you are having a fight with one of them, keep it out of the RP.
    > Don't spam the OOC.
    > In the IC wait for two or more people to post after you before posting again.
    > If you are leaving for any period of time, please notify a GM so that they can deal with your character accordingly.
    > If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please either PM a GM or post it here in
    > If you break the rules you will receive a strike. You will be allowed a total of three strikes until you will be barred from the RP
    > GM word is law here.
    > Remember that romance is going to be kept at a rating of PG13, the rest of the RP is M.
    > Rules may be changed at any time, I will let everyone know in the OOC if that happens.
    > Remember that your character may die in this RP. A GM will notify you if this is to happen.
    > You may make a total of two characters per player.
    > Evolutionary traits must start small (physical example: character gains reptillian like features, first the claws would come in, then maybe the eyes or scales... etc until full change is finished // non physical example: character gains control over electronics, first electronics will act up around the character and then as the ability becomes stronger so does the character's control).
    > Only one evolutionary trait per character.
    > Once a trait is taken, it is taken. No overlapping traits please.
    > Trait downfalls will be given by the GMs.
    > Have fun!
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  2. > Chandra Mayer
    > 22
    > Female
    > Intangibility - She will eventually be able to move through solid objects and make herself intangible. It will start off that only a small portion of her body (hand or foot) can pass through any object and she really can't control it. As time passes and she discovers her ability she will slowly gain more control.
    > Chandra's ability comes with a dangerous risk, the ability to become intangable is an unstable one. Her powers will not always work for the time that she wishes them to. She could very well get herself stuck inside of a wall, or get a brick stuck on her hand. If she over uses the power, these objects will be perminitly stuck on her. And of course there is the risk of getting somthing stuck on the inside of her body and destorying internal organs.
    > Likes: Books, the paranormal, chinese takeout, and nighttime.
    > Dislikes: Skeptics, being sick, and diet drinks.
    > Favourites: science fiction and fantasy books, clear nights,
    > Fears: Storms and blood.
    > (physical description here)
    > Chandra is a very energetic young woman who loves everything paranormal. She believes in ghosts, witches, aliens and fairies, and is always on the lookout for them. At home, her library has grown almost out of control with all the books she owns, there is a little bit of every genre in there, romance, science fiction, biographies, fantasy, non fiction. Chandra believes in being very open minded and doesn't understand why other's can't be the same way. Within her small circle of close friends, she is usually the one proposing the crazy ideas, but around people she doesn't know that well, she is a bit quieter, still friendly and kind, but less energetic.
    > Chandra grew up in a very close family, her mother, father and older brother. They'd often spend the long weekends out camping at the lake together. It was Christmas holliday one year, Chandra was six. There was quite the storm, but her father insisted on going out that day anyways, half way to the cabin they had an accident. It was fairly bad, they'd lost control of the car and rolled over into the forest. Her father and brother were killed, her mother and herself sustained pretty serious injuries but were alive. Her mother lived without any lasting physical damage but Chandra's leg had been injured severely. Even to this day, she has a slight limp in her left leg. If she is tired or stressed, the limp gets worse. Being the upbeat person she is, Chandra didn't let that stop her. She moved out of her home with her mother to go and make a life for herself in the city. During the day she works as a personal assistant in a doctor's office. During the night she often explores abandoned buildings to see if they are haunted.
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  3. Looks interesting.

    > Danny Palmer
    > 19
    > male
    > Pain manipulation. Ultimately, Danny will be able to induce and remove pain from other people, as well as transferring a certain amount of the pain he is feeling onto someone else. Depending on the level of pain, he may experience the pain that he removes from another person. He will also be able to reduce the amount of pain he is in for short periods of time, but will not be able to completely remove it. It will start with experiencing other people's pain, but being unable to do anything about it, before developing into being able to reduce it, then inducing it, and eventually gaining perfect control over it. Painkillers will not affect the pain controlled by this power, meaning that he cannot just absorb someone else's pain and take painkillers to get rid of it.
    > Phantom pain - The phantom pains can occur while both awake or asleep. Random pains will occur after power use and will become increasingly stronger the longer the ability is used. This pain has nothing to do with the pain he may absorb from another. The pain may cause heart problems in the future.
    > Likes: Running, Coffee, playing most musical instruments, being outdoors, playing concerts
    > Dislikes: Being stuck inside, being in pain, people bashing other people for the music they like, people saying that being a musician or playing an instrument is easy
    > Favourites: Playing guitar, alternative rock and metalcore, doing backing vocals
    > Fears: Heights, large dogs
    > Danny stands at 6'1". He's slightly underweight, thanks to a relatively healthy diet and an inability to keep still. His hair is brownish-blonde, and he has big blue eyes. His nose is pierced, as are both of his ears. He's muscular, but far from bulky.
    > Danny can't stand still. He's constantly moving. On stage, he's running around while playing. He does some backing vocals, but he finds it hard even just to remain at the mic for more than a minute at a time. He's incredibly musically talented, being able to work out how to play an obscene amount of songs just by ear. He picks up any new instruments incredibly easy. He isn't chatty as such, but he's well able to hold a conversation. A lot of people expect him to have a short attention span, but he surprises a lot of people with how long he's able to pay attention to certain things. He'd be able to hold a conversation for as long as the next person, but he'd be tapping out a drum beat on his legs all the while. He's an incredibly friendly person, always having time to give someone a hug or talk to them about anything.
    > Danny's parents were constantly arguing when he was growing up. When he was twelve, his father was arrested, and it emerged that he'd also been assaulting his wife and his oldest son, Danny's older brother. All of this had slipped by Danny, who used to shut himself up in his room as soon as the fighting started. At the age of ten, he had taught himself how to play guitar. From there, he started to teach himself to play other instruments. When he was scared, or angry, or sad, he'd go and drum or play bass. When he was fifteen, he became depressed, and had to stop himself from doing something dangerous on more than one occasion. But things improved, and he found himself in a band, playing guitar and doing harsh vocals and some backup clean vocals. They picked up popularity pretty quickly, thanks to posting regular covers on YouTube and getting asked to support a few larger bands. They toured a little bit during their school breaks, and the moment they graduated, they did a proper tour, supporting a band that they'd become friendly with. They'd heard from a few label reps, and things were starting to look good for them. To pay for his equipment and the cost of touring and such, he works in a local coffee shop that his band also sometimes play gigs in.
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  4. Looks good to me. I will get it up in the accepted area after work. And yep you get to choose your ability, I am just having a hard time choosing mine. We will also get you a downfall soon too.
  5. Hello there! This is a very interesting rp concept! I'd love to join but since it is rated M would people under 18 be allowed? The reason I ask is because I'm 16 but I promise I'm very mature.
  6. Yep it is okay for you to join. I just had to make sure that I wasn't breaking any rules first. Feel free to put up a character anytime.
  7. Awesome! I'll get a character sheet up no later then tomorrow!
  8. Can't wait to see it.
  9. > Nichole Sherrell
    > 18
    > Female
    > Evolutionary Trait: She can just stop feeling. She enters in a state where she doesn't care about anything and can think objectively. She stops being sad, nervous, scared, happy and having any human emotion. The disadvantages of her hability are that she can't control which feelings she wants to feel and which ones she wants to turn off, she may became dangerous and it is difficult to her to turn back on her feelings when she knows she'll suffer. Additionally, she can turn off others emotions by touching, but she won't do it without their permissions
    > Downfall: Overwhelming Emotion - After her ability is used and no longer in effect, she will feel overwhelming emotion. Sometimes it will be so strong that it can cause mental damage be it perminant or temporarally. The effect will be worse the longer she uses her ability.
    > Likes: animals, chocolate and reading books.

    > Dislikes: being ignore, losing at anything.
    > Favourites: being in contact with the nature, specially if there are animals involved. She enjoys long walks.
    > Fears: loneliness, losing the ones she loves.
    > She is a 5'3'' skinny brunette. Her hair goes a little bit lower than her shoulders and is completely straight. She has gray/green eyes and she is always wearing a little make up. Nichole hates calling attention by her clothes, so she just wears a pair of jeans and a dark sweater or a tank.
    > She cares a lot about everyone, no matter if they are family or strangers. She is constantly helping others and she can't stand watching people, or animals, in pain, which led her to be a vegetarian. Additionaly, Nichole is calm and doesn't get angry easily, but she can get grumpy when she loses at any game. She spends a lot of time reading, but she doesn't prefer a specific genre: she loves Shakespear, Stephen King, John Green and Fitzgerald, among others, even if they are completely different authors.
    > Nichole was an ordinary girl, who never excelled in anything. She had nice and loving parents, and an over-protective older brother. Nichole was always complaining how annoying he was, even though she secretly loved being her little girl. Nothing extraordinary happened in her life until she turned 17, and, the same day as her birthday, her brother disappeared. She and her parents spent months looking for him without stoping. Anyways, with all the disappearing that were going on, her parents just lost hopes. At that time the fights started, and it didn't take a lot for them to get a divorce. In spite of everything that was going on with her parents, Nichole still didn't give up on her brother. And she never will.
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  10. > Amaya Howard
    > 16
    > Female
    > Evolutionary Trait: Emotion manipulation. Amaya can brighten, darken, or ultimately change emotion. She can't "turn off" emotions, though. Also, she can't control her own emotions. If she is angered, something nearby will turn red, and if someone comes into contact with that something, they will go insane with rage. It's the same with every color, but the effect of touching that color is always extreme.
    Blindness - After using her trait, her sight will be damaged to a degree. Usually this will reverse itself, but this may not always be the case. The blindess can range anywhere to a dimming of vision, colour blindness, or full blindness in one or both eyes.
    > Likes: Flowers, the color green, and animals.
    > Dislikes: The color red, death, and loneliness.
    > Favourites: Anything naturally beautiful, or anything colorful.
    > Fears: Spiders, the dark.
    > Lithe, short, well built.
    > Distant, secretive, calming, odd.
    > Amaya was always a strange girl. She hardly ever spoke to anyone besides her mother, who understood her strangeness. Her father was a drunkard, and always beat her when she didn't speak to him. Her older brothers followed in his footsteps, and soon it was only her and her mother, since her father and brothers spent most of their time at bars or in jail. Eventually, after doing time once again, her father came home and ended up fatally wounding her mother, and took Amaya away with him. For several years they were on the run, and multiple times she was beaten when she refused to obey her father. But she still loves him.
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  11. You do realise that your characters know nothing of their powers going into the rp? If you are going to do emotion control, there is no controlling any aspect of another character without the player's permission. And there is only one power per character, also I don't want overlapping powers please.
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  12. Yep, that was what I was guessing.
  13. [​IMG]
    >Kyle Lovard
    > 16
    > Male
    > Can control the temperature of any given place. It will start out small, being influenced by emotions only, over time he will become able to control the temperature just by wanting it to happen and his emotions will only take over if he becomes overly emotional or stressed. He will tend to use this to help with things. Such as warming a cold room or cooling down a room to get let out early. But if his emotions aren't in control, he won't be rational when doing things.
    > (downfall to trait: to be given by GM after your character is approved)
    > Likes: (3+) Reading, animals, music
    > Dislikes: (3+)Loud noises, bright lights, losing
    > Favourites: (2+)listening to music, running
    > Fears: (2+)being alone, getting left behind
    > 5'11, Skinny, Brown hair and eyes. Is most comfortable in jeans and just a regular shirt
    > Can be fun to be around and happy to talk to anyone, but once he reaches a point, he likes to just be by himself and listen to music.
    > Kyle was born into a family that was already dysfunctional. His parents had had him, hoping to restore their marriage but that only lasted a few years before the fighting started again. He has 3 older siblings, 2 brothers (Jason and Zach) and a sister (Emily). His parents got a divorce when he as 5 and his mom raised him and his siblings alone. His siblings have now all left and he is the only one left in the apartment with his mom. He works part-time at a book store to help out his mom with the bills
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  14. Oops, sorry, I'll just change a little bit my character then.
  15. @ Sashakiki, I'd like you to be a bit more descriptive on your ability. How it will start off small and how it will progress. How your character will typically use it.
  16. Alright, i edited it
  17. > Kite Kisuragi
    > 22
    > male
    > non organic manipulation/transmutation-Due to the strange experinments that were done to him, kite now will have the ability to absorb non organic material and transmute it into his body. (such as giving himself rock fists)
    > (downfall to trait here: to be given by GM after your character is approved)
    > Likes: Freedom, Cookies, Sleeping
    > Dislikes: Small spaces, being trapped in one place, Peanuts
    > Favorites: Sleeping, Sleeping in high places
    > Fears: Death, Forgetting himself
    > He stands about 5'6, with a skinny build. Blueish black short hair.
    > He can't seem to take anything seriously, He is one of those guys that kind of just breeze through life. He isn't mean or anything he just doesn't let the small stuff bother him.
    > Kite has been living his life as a drifter for most of his post high school life. He has done mostly odd jobs to keep money on him for food and drink, but he doesn't like to stay in one place for very long so he never settles and gets a place to live. He loves the open free life of being able to go anywhere and do just about anything. He usually likes to sleep up in trees or high up on tall buildings, he just loves being free.
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  18. Well the color is more like a signal for how she is feeling... I should fix that shouldn't I?
  19. [​IMG]
    > Katrina Montgomery
    > 17
    > Female
    > Cat-Human. Katrina was injected with tiger DNA, her body and mind started to bend to be more cat like. Her trait starts off small with her retractable claws that grow under her finger nails. Her next trait is her eyes, they turn to cat like glowing eyes, (but only for a small period of time), One blink and they are gone. She starts to grow furry ears beneath her black hair. Her senses will heighten and she will be able to jump higher. Her mind takes on a cat like nature, while still remaining some what human. She grows a tiger like tail and her senses of hiding become increased. She will slowly be able to gain control of when she turns cat like, over time.
    > Tiger Trait Dominance - The more she uses her ability the more the tiger dna takes over her human side. This will cause her to become more and more animalistic the more she relies on her traits. This animalistic side can be subdued after some time but can force itself to the surface without notice too.

    > Likes: Animals, Beaches, Coffee, Hair Dye
    > Dislikes: Smoking, Snakes, Sexist people
    > Favourites: Riding Horses, laughing with friends, shopping
    > Fears: Needles and Public Speaking
    > Katrina is 5'6 and unusually skinny as she's only 100 pounds, she's always been self conscious and used to struggle with an eating disorder. She has light blue eyes and tattoos that include a pair of angel wings on her back, an anchor on her hip and a few others. Her hair is currently jet black, shiny and hits her chest in length. She likes to dye her hair a bit. Including her tattoos she has her ears pierced as well, including her double cartilage, her industrial, and her triple. She also has her belly button pierced.
    > Katrina is a happy go lucky girl, who was cursed with being painstakingly shy. She's always been a wall flower and is very shy when talking to others. Her few number of close friends have always supported her though thick and thin. When you get to know her she's really funny and a great friend. Her appearance gives off a tough girl, she's a big baby who is very sensitive to what people think of her. She can get pretty heated and she's very hot headed and stubborn.
    > Katrina was given up by her birth mother for adoption when she was born. Katrina was adopted by Laura and Ken Montgomery, a young happy couple looking to start a family together. Laura couldn't have children after an accident and the couple decide on adoption. It was love at first sight for the two young parents as they held their new baby girl in their arms. As Katrina grew up se started to wonder why she didn't look like her parents, who were of asian descent. But Katrina was gifted in intelligence, like her parents, and became top of her class. She began to struggle with being accepted at her school by her peers and as such began an eating disorder called Anorexia. Her friends finally coaxed her enough to tell her parents and they helped her thug her problem, but now she is always watched when she eats. Her parents allowed her to get her tattoos as a sign of moving on from her depression and anorexia. She found comfort in her horse and began riding more and more until she was a state champion.
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