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  1. We all know that governments and military's will go far to get what they want from each other, often leading to long and bloody wars. But how far would they go to attain victory? Nothing as far as nuclear warfare, all aware that using such weapons cause nearly permanent damage to the Earth surrounding large areas of the places it's used. With destructive weaponry no longer a reasonable option, they have turned to one thing rarely explored.


    For years, scientists have been experimenting with the human genome, editing it to attempt to create loyal and productive human weapons. With little to no success in surviving and useful weapons, they found their solution within the genetic codes of predatorial animals. It took years, but they found a way to graft it into the DNA of children and embryo's to grow their weapons as half human, half predator, to create the Apex Predators.

    These experiments range in physical and mental ages, not all a complete success, though when they were caged and imprisoned together there was a mastermind plotting their escape. They were given a chance, just a mere slip of a guard being late for duty, a flicker of the power and they were gone.


    No footage of their disappearance and no clues left inside of the facility as all the research was moved to new places that they didn't know about. They are currently trying to apprehend these weapons; but they were harder to find than they should have been. They had underestimated them.

    The Evolution had Begun.


    Looking for enough players to purposefully begin the lengthy process of finishing characters and putting up the first post.

    Interest Check
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  2. Sounds pretty cool, I could be interested
  3. Well did you have any questions/concerns/suggestions?
  4. Well what kind of character would I be able to play? The experiments?
  5. An experiment, a scientists or a human. There's lots of variety actually.
  6. Metal, well id be a experiment or human if you want me to
  7. Whatever you like :)
  8. This has peeked my interest.
  9. This is something I'd definitely be interested in. Reminds me of one of my favorite series Maximum Ride!
  10. Indeed. I'll check it out.
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