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    "Dragonflies are important predators that eat mosquitoes, and other small insects like flies, bees, ants, wasps, and very rarely butterflies." - Wikipedia

    The Story of your Life

    “Where goes the line between man and monster, you ask? Well… that is a hard question to answer. It all depends on your own thoughts and values, doesn't it? After all, what we call ‘monster' could be anything, really. So how to know whom to apply this term to? I say, let me tell you a story, stranger. Oh, don’t worry. It’s a fun one! With tons of blood, gore and death… I can assure, you shall find it quite interesting. It is the story about you.”


    It all started in the year of 1993. A child with 'extraordinary' abilities was born. To be more precise, he was a pyrokenetic, which was quickly discovered as he just a few hours after his birth had set a whole hospital on fire. Although he was the first, this boy was far from the last child born with such mutations. Many, many more children with this kind of 'special condition' were to follow. In order to prevent global panic and that the children came to harm, they were taken into custody by the government. Some parents agreed to sending their children away to 'safety', but some had their children taken by force.

    Everything happened behind the scenes. The general public was never informed about any of this. It was a top secret operation. Of course, this was all for the safety of humanity. Secluding the children from normal society was for the better. Not only could they pose a danger to normal individuals, but they could also possibly pose a danger to themselves.

    Yet, after they were taken away by the government, what happened to these children?

    At a very young age they were sent to a secret training camp of the organization Dragonfly. Some were no older than a few weeks, others had already reached the age of five. You were one of them.

    Yes, for as long as you can remember Dragonfly has been your home, your everything. Not only did they teach you how to handle your abilities, not only did they train you to become an agent... but they are also your life, your family... don't you agree? You love them. Together with the other dragonflies you have had your fair share of hardships, but they have also given you love and friendship. Dragonfly is the only safe place for people like you. After all, your whole life you have been warned about the dangers of the world outside, about how the people would treat you if they ever found out. So you stayed with the organization without question, you know you are a chess piece to be moved, a pawn in their game to make the world a better place. You are the 'hunting dog' if you so like. You know that your efforts are for the best. That your sacrifice will not be in vain. Dragonfly is and has always been your world.

    Depending on your special ability and natural skills, you were trained in a certain area of expertise. Someone with the camouflaging ability, for example, would most likely be trained in spying, while someone with the ability of pyrokenesis would be trained more offensively. This is with the plan in mind that you will eventually be assigned to a team where your area of expertise is required. The structure of the Dragonfly teams drives from the mechanics of the SWAT system. Naturally you were also thought in ever subject a normal child would be educated in at a normal school.

    On your fourteenth birthday there was a dragonfly tattooed onto your left shoulder blade. This meant that you had officially completed your training at the camp and finally ready to face the outside world. After graduating at the end of the year, that is. During the graduation ceremony you were told which team you would be assigned to and where in the world you would be stationed... and two months after that... well... that is where we are now.

    The newly 'hatched' dragonflies are sent to whatever team where they are required, usually replacing a team member which has...previously perished. Thus, the teams consist of both experienced as well as inexperienced members. The disappearance of agents is not at all unusual. Considering your line of work is espionage and assassination, it is only to be expected. Simultaneously the same time these teams pose as families and alongside their secret agent life, live as relatively normal people. Just like normal humans you attend school and/or work for a living. You seem completely normal. At first glance... no one could never guess that you are in fact a deathly weapon, a danger far beyond their imagination... and it better stay that way.

    "Okay, I suppose there wasn't too much blood, gore and death... but believe me. There will be. Do not underestimate the life of a Dragonfly... yes, indeed... this is where your true story begins...


    Although it might also be your end..."

    Important Information

    1. This RP will be a small group.
    2. I am looking for long term, dedicated players.
    3. You must be able to write a minimum of two good paragraphs per post.
    4. Proper grammar and spelling is expected of you.
    5. This RP has limited spots.
    6. I want characters of different ages, level of experience and genders. Make them diverse!
    7. No two powers are exactly alike.
    8. Normal human characters are also allowed, though they should be few.
    9. One power per character.


    Medic- Majem
    Chemist/Bomb Expert- Vio
    Swordsman- Otouto
    Hacker- Gladis
    Strategist/Analyst- ERode
    Infiltrator- Reserved by Aka~Kitsune
    Assassin- Edgey
    Technician- Voltin
    Gunman/Distraction- Reserved by Sinopa
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  2. I'm soo in. (\(*^*)/)

    I wanna be an infiltrator!!
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. That's a really cool pitch you've got there. I don't know if I can meet all of the expectations, so I don't think I'll push to join in. I do wish you luck with it, however.
  5. That you. ^^
    Hmmm... which ones is it you think ou wouldn't be able to meet?
  6. Mostly, the long-term reliability. I can't say if I'd eventually end up a bit too busy with school next (and any) semester and suddenly need to disappear for a while.
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  8. Lovely. Would anyone object to a medic? I've got something fun in mind.
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  9. That's understandable. I'd say you're still qualified to join. If you ever feel like it becomes to much, no one will blame you for dropping it. If you poof for a while but tell me beforehand that you will so we can put your character on standby mode, that is fine too. I don't require too frequent posting. One post a week is perfectly fine.

    Of course, hun. :3

    The GM doesn't mind so feel more than welcome to join. ^^
  10. That's good to know. I'll think about things and see if I want to give it a try.
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  12. That's nice. XD

    Okay. ^^
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  13. I'm taking chemist/ bomb maker.
  14. I would like to reserve the role of Assassin, if you don't mind.
  15. Hai!

    I don't mind. ^^
  16. Strategist pl0x.
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  17. Hai! :3
  18. So I'mma hop in and reserve technician.
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  19. DONE. :3
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  20. I'll set up the group later today. Thank you everyone for showing interest! ^^
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