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  1. Any other fans of this franchise or Vocaloids in general? I'm glad SEGA finally brought it over to the West and I hope they continue to do so! I can't wait for Project DIVA X and I gotta get Mirai DX for the 3DS. I already own F and F 2nd and damn are they fun! My favorite Vocaloid is this one!

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  2. (Megurine Luka)

    I always liked Haku.
  3. Oh yes~

    Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro is easily my favorite song!

    And also, this mindfucky one by Cosmo-P.

    Oh yes, this thread is an obligatory call for @Hatsune Candy! :D
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  4. I cannot grasp what is even going on in this thread.
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  5. I like Cosmo but I don't really know much about then aside from they sing? <_<...I'm a terrible weebo :(
  6. Cause all you listen is Mike Tyson rapping. :P
  7. I was just playing Project diva F yesterday. That game gets hard o.o I just can't keep up sometimes. I'm trying to break my minds habit of sticking to patterns and this game is doing an amazing job of that.

    Project diva F 2nd is suppose to be MUCH harder than diva F 1, so I decided not to get 2nd till I can at least do hard mode fairly well. Though I don't play project diva F much, don't want my dad walking in, ESPECIALLY on a Len/Rin song >.<

    Although the one I like the most is Miku flick on IOS. I got all S ranks through normal and easy on 2, and still high scores on hard (if I remember correctly) miku flick 1 data was deleted when I switched phones -.- but I have cloud data for it now so yeah, won't happen again ^^

    I played the demo for project Mirai DX and it was pretty fun. I really like both its gameplay styles. Too bad I hate chibi's DX It's especially odd when chibi's try to look cute. Why? Because they just end up looking creepy.

    As for my favorite vocaloid, Either Miku or Luka. I gear more towards Luka though. She heavily reminds me of someone else I think is why my attention gears more towards her.
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  8. I've been trying to get my hands on the 3DS game. I had to get digital copies of the Project Diva F and F 2. I finally SAW a physical copy of 2 though. I got over excited and nearly bought it >.<
  9. There's GAMES for them now?? Sheesh... I gotta catch up with the world. I used to really love Vocaloids, but I've fallen in love the the UTAU voices recently, as well as with the characters. If you haven't, you should check them out ^^

    Sekka Yufu is one of my favorite (and way underrepresented). This is a cover by her~

  10. There's something I don't quite understand.

    You have the option to choose a different performer in project diva F. So I can put Luka in place of Miku. But the voice doesn't change from Miku to Luka. It's all voice synthesized, so why can't it switch to a new synthesized voice depending on character? Or is my mind a bit too far in the future?
  11. If you'd want to have a Vocaloid singing a specific song, you'd have to upload a file of them singing it and edit the song map with Edit PV. Otherwise, it stays on the default Vocaloid's voice, regardless of who it was.
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  12. I'll have to do that some time.

    Still though, why couldn't Sega have just done that themselves for the songs? It's REALLY awkward changing to Luka's model yet it's Miku's/Ren's voice DX

    Guess I can't complain too much, project diva F 2nd has English subtitles. So baby steps till my perfect miku game :D
  13. Make sure you unlock everything in F before moving onto F 2nd. Your items carry over so you'll have over half of the things in F 2nd unlocked if you do that. Diva Points don't carry over but it's not really that big of a deal.
  14. Huh? Wha...? How in the bloody hell did I manage to completely gloss over this? Oh my goodness, I should be ashamed of myself, everyone knows how much I love Miku.

    Unfortunately, the only Miku game I have is Miku Flick 2 on my iPhone. I'd like to get a more proper Project Diva game, but as far as I can tell they only ever come out on PlayStation, which is the one console I don't have.

    There is that one for the 3DS, I'd like to get that as soon as I have the money. Although, to be honest, I am really awful at rhythm games. >_>
  15. About time you showed up LOL! There's a tutorial in the DIVA games to help you and you'll get better with practice! The one for 3DS that just came out is called Project MIRAI DX. I want it myself :(
  16. Don't rub it in >_>

    Ah, yeah, Project MIRAI DX, that's the one I was thinking of. I'd get it, but I'm pretty much broke right now.
  17. Nah, I getcha, it IS a little awkward. With the right song and the right module it can be pretty hilarious, but for new players it probably comes off as a surprise (it did for me at least!)

    But I think its less Sega not being able to change the voice for each song physically and more that they can't do it legally. Cause remember, Sega isn't the producer behind each song, they probably only have the rights to use the original version commercially (Like, wowaka for instance, a bunch of his songs have been used throughout the PD series, all with Miku as the original voice, because that's how he sold the songs originally on his album. Sega didn't produce the album, so they have no say.)

    It could also be a factor of how recognizable the song+voice are together too, since a more familiar song might be easier to play, but I pretty sure it's all just a legal issue. But hey, that's why we have the Edit PV option! The hard part is just figuring out how it works. :Ua
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  18. So I'm doing hard mode and I don't comprehend how some of that is possible. I don't understand how people can POSSIBLY get perfects. And I don't mean things are too fast to press, I mean things are too fast to even follow. Having to switch X to triangle and then hold left and square all within a second and STILL do button masher part right after? (Which I either go too slow are too fast. You can't expect someone to find the right timing with 13 notes in less than a second)

    Some Japanese people hate the stereotype that they're computers. But stereotypes have a start. When you produce THAT! Then you shouldn't even wonder WHY XD
  19. Hard mode was tough for me too but with practice, I can pretty much get an Excellent or Perfect on most of the songs. Although some songs I still have a VERY hard time on! You gotta have lightning reflexes and fast eyes! Be Sonic The Hedgehog!
  20. Yeah, just don't be human, gotcha XD

    Allot of songs I do are great even on hard mode. (Even a few excellents) but a few of those are just redicules. I don't even want to attempt worlds end dance hall.
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